SportDOG Deluxe Hunting Beeper Collar, DSL-400

SportDOG Deluxe Hunting Beeper Collar,

Know when your dog is pointing birds, even when you can't see it. The sportDOG DSL-400 beeper locator is the smallest and lightest beeper on the market.

  • Color: Orange collar, black beeper unit
  • Brand: SportDOG Brand
  • ASIN: B000A2RT0C
  • UPC: 637459162159

Sport Dog Deluxe Beeper

Sport Dog Deluxe

The Sport DOG Brand DSL-400 add-on dog collar beeper locator gives you maximum flexibility with a high and low volume option, three settings for beep duration and four different tones. The DSL-400 beeper uses a 3-volt lithium battery that provides hundreds of hours of "on" time. A battery-check feature means you won't get caught off guard with a dead beeper battery in the field. Our lightweight hunting dog beeper fits most 1-inch-wide dog collar straps, so you can put it on or take it off your dog as needed. Features: Sport DOG Brand add-on dog collar beeper locators give you the most options in beeper functions to help you keep track of your dog in heavy cover. Standard Beep (S) Trill Tone (T) Hawk Scream (H) Battery Check (4) Bobwhite Call (B) Contents: Owner's Manual Adjustable Orange Collar Strap

  • ASIN: B006YXY36Y
  • UPC: 729849105232
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