Ridgid 55808 PowerClear Drain Cleaning Machine 120V Drain Cleaner Cleans Tub, Shower or Sink Blockages from 3/4" to 11/2" diameter, Red

Ridgid 55808 PowerClear Drain Cleaning Machine 120V Drain

The powerful, compact and versatile power clear drain cleaner effortlessly cleans tub, shower or sink blockages from 3/4 in. To 1-1/2 in. Dia. It's auto feed technology keeps your hands clean and free from touching the cable while advancing and retrieving. The heavy duty inner core cable for long life, increased strength and kink resistance.

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Ridgid
  • ASIN: B0716HLZB7
  • UPC: 095691558084

RIDGID 71722 K-40AF Sink Machine with 5/16 Inch Inner Core Cable and AUTOFEED Control, Sink Drain Cleaning Machine and Bulb Drain Auger

RIDGID 71722 K-40AF Sink Machine with 5/16 Inch

If you are looking for a RIDGID drain cleaner for small lines such as kitchen sinks, lavatory sinks, slop sinks and laundry lines, then this may be an ideal choice. It sits flat on the floor or counter top and also tips onto its back for easy access to sink drains and bathtubs full of water. The RIDGID K-40AF Sink Machine is a drain cleaning machine with AUTOFEED system that practically eliminates job cleanup thanks to the patented guide hose and system to advance and retrieve the cable with the flip of a large lever. The two-piece "twist-lock" canister with interchangeable inner drum makes cable change-out simple and easy to match the right cable for the job. Depending on cable choice, the drum will hold up to 50 feet of cable. Spinning at 320 RPM (Rotations per minute), the 35-foot of 5/16-inch cable and bulb auger rip through the clog. The C-13 Inner Core (IC) Speed Bump drain snake cable has a compression-wound inner core to provide good flexibility while resist kinking and is perfectly suited for sinks laundry lines Lightweight and compact for easy transportation around worksite and loading into service trucks or vans. Excellent for small line cleaning. Opens clogged lavatory, sink lines, tub or shower drains.Includes: K-40AF Sink Machine with AUTOFEED, 4-foot Guide Hose, Mo...

  • Color: 1
  • Brand: Ridgid
  • ASIN: B002FCO7M8
  • UPC: 095691717221

Vastar 19.6 Snake Hair Drain Clog Remover Cleaning Tool, 19.6 Inch, Orange, 3 Pack

Vastar 19.6 Snake Hair Drain Clog Remover Cleaning

Here's your perfect buddy in getting rid of slow running sink. Introducing Vastar drain cleaning snake, a zip-it clean plastic device that guarantees no-hassle cleaning of sink and tub drains which are frequently obstructed by dirt and hair. This drain cleaner is flexible enabling it to clean hard-to-reach sink pipes. An amazing addition to your household equipment and must-have for every home. Features: 1) Drain & hair removal cleaner hook 2) Quick & easy way to clear slow-moving or clogged drains 3) With tiny hooks for hooking up hair clogs to remove and free the drain instantly 4) A loop on one end for easy operation 5) Simply insert the device into a pipe and pull out 6) Widely used for your bathrooms, sinks, tubs, dredge pipe, clean drain, sewers etc. 7) Length: about 50cm 8) Handle width: 4cm 9) Hook width: about 0.8cm 10) Material: ABS plastic Package included: 3 x Vastar Drain Clog Remover Warranty: 18-month warranty. Any questions you have, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will get you back within 24 hours.

  • Color: Orange
  • Brand: Vastar
  • ASIN: B01DP87IF8
  • UPC: 733430700904

FlexiSnake Drain Millipede Hair Clog Tool for Drain Cleaning

FlexiSnake Drain Millipede Hair Clog Tool for Drain

FlexiSnake Inc is the inventor of the hook & loop hair-clog tool for instantly opening slow bathroom drains. The Drain Millipede is our toughest tool with over 4000 hair-snagging micro-hooks. It features a flexible steel core, allowing it to coil up like the original FlexiSnake into a handy pocket size. The Millipede adds an Easy-Spin handle sleeve making it very easy to use. In addition, instead of just a hook-and-loop tip, the Millipede’s full 18 inch length is covered with micro-hooks making it possible to tackle even the toughest bathroom hair clogs. Save on chemicals and plumbers and do-it-yourself. If hair is causing your slow bathroom drain, The Drain Millipede will snag it.

  • Color: Yellow
  • Brand: FlexiSnake
  • ASIN: B00871R9Z8
  • UPC: 778295424763

RIDGID 87582 C-32 Integral Wound (IW) Drain Cleaner Cable for Drum Machines such as K-400, K-400AF, and K-3800, 3/8-Inch x 75-Foot Drain Cleaning Cable for Drum Machines

RIDGID 87582 C-32 Integral Wound (IW) Drain Cleaner

Top-Of-The-Line Genuine RIDGID CableRIDGID C-32IW Integral Wound Cable is a drain cleaning cable for drum machines such as K-400, K-400AF, and K-3800, and is ideal for kitchen sinks, lavatory sinks, slop sinks and laundry stacks. It has good flexibility, and as torque builds the outer spring tightens on wire core causing the cable to stiffen and transfer greater torque to the cutter. Includes: (1) 3/8-inch x 75-foot integral wound (IW) drain snake cable for 1-1/2 inch to 3-inch plumbing lines up to 100 foot. Since 1923, RIDGID has remained the symbol of certainty to dedicated professionals of the expert trades. Every tool that bears the RIDGID brand is engineered to the same high standards of quality, strength, and endurance, as was that first heavy-duty pipe wrench more than 80 years ago.

  • Brand: Ridgid
  • ASIN: B001HWL7CK
  • UPC: 095691875822

General Pipe Cleaners KR-A-WC Kinetic Water Ram Drain Cleaning Tool with Accessories, Small

General Pipe Cleaners KR-A-WC Kinetic Water Ram Drain

Opens closed pipes up to 4" | Includes extension hose, 4" rubber cone, 5 rubber plugs, and carrying case | Uses a burst of compressed air to create a shock wave that travels through water to break up a stoppage | Great for sinks, tubs and toilets - Manufacturer: General Wire Spring.

  • Color: NA
  • Brand: General Wire
  • ASIN: B001U6ES7E
  • UPC: 093122115028

Mophorn 3/4"-4" Sectional Pipe Drain Cleaning Machine 400PRM Snake Cleaner Pipe Drain Cleaning Machine with 66' x 2/3'' Galvanize Cable Heavy Duty (Yellow Color)

Mophorn 3/4"-4" Sectional Pipe Drain Cleaning Machine 400PRM

3/4"-4" Dia Sectional Pipe Drain Cleaning Machine Widely used at Home Office and Publice places Professional industrial quality electric rigid's style portable sewage drain pipe cleaner is multifunctional, heavy duty, light weight with aluminium alloy frame with hight strength engineering plastics side cover and adjustable floor stand. Specifications and Features Fit for 3/4 inch to 4inch pipe Come with 66' x 2/3'' GALVANIZE CABLE Protection class: IP44 Come with four cutters and four augers Aluminum alloy frame,Heavy duty,Light weight,Portable Hight strength engineering plastics side cover Adjustable floor stand Packing Size: 46x41x47cm (18"x16"x18.5") Gross Weight: 39kg (86lbs) Package Content 1X Drain Pipe Cleaner Machine 1X Cable holder 1X 66' x 2/3'' Cable 1X key 8X Cutting tool bits

  • Color: Yellow Color
  • Brand: Mophorn
  • ASIN: B074W564FC
  • UPC: 719034825656

Drain Auger, TACKLIFE Automatic Cordless Drain Clog Remover Perfect Replacement for Drain Snake, Ideal Plumbing Snake Power Tool,20-Volt MAX Li-Ion, 25Ft(7m) Replaceable Flexible Shaft - HGDDC1A

Drain Auger, TACKLIFE Automatic Cordless Drain Clog Remover

Key Features of Tacklife HGDDC1A 20Volt Sink Drain Cleaner Machine: ► Powered by Tacklife 18-Volt battery, the Tacklife drain auger can be used in pipes from 3/4" - 2" wide. Designed for use in sinks, toilets, and bathtubs, a 25-foot cable that's reinforced to prevent kinking. ► Its variable speed trigger gives you a great range of speeds, Tacklife drain cleaning machines offer a more powerful alternative for homeowners and professional plumbers to clear out clogged drains than traditional snakes. ►With one 20Volt battery, you can use our Tacklife PCD04B, PCD06C cordless drill, PMT03B cordless oscillating tool and our other 20Volt tools. This makes sense to join Tacklife 120Volt tool family. OPERATION STEPS: 1. Firstly, turn the forward & reverse switch to left or right to unlock operation trigger; 2. Then push the operating knob forward; 3. Press the trigger to work with the machine, choose different speed according to control power; 4. After finishing cleaning job, push the operating knob backward to roll up auger automatically. NOTE: 1. Once your drain is clear, it's a good idea to clean the drum and cable before you put the Tacklife drain auger away as the cable has the potential to be covered with some pretty nasty, smelly, bacteria-laden stuff.2. When it's clean, ta...

  • Color: Black & Orange
  • Brand: TACKLIFE
  • ASIN: B07DN6Q7TZ
  • UPC: 680666915322

FATHER.SON Hair Drain Clog Remover Drain AND Snake Cleaning Tool (4PCS)

FATHER.SON Hair Drain Clog Remover Drain AND Snake

Resilient material, soft and bendable, flat with burrs, and relatively long, easy to turn a few deep clogging pipes, clogged hair can be easily taken out of equilateral, easy cleaning, convenient for placing furniture with hooks, essential good helper Usage method remove the drain cover if needed simply lower the tool into the drain as far as possible slowly remove the drain tool and be amazed at what comes pulls out. Because of Pipelines SPECIALLY designed barbs, the hair and debris get hooked and as you remove the tool, also taking care of the clog.

  • Brand: FATHER.SON
  • ASIN: B01N1Z6IFJ
  • UPC: 611536363165

Zodiac 5820 White Unibridge Main Drain Cover Replacement

Zodiac 5820 White Unibridge Main Drain Cover

This Unibridge main drain cover is fits over most raised anti-vortex main drain covers to create a surface for pool cleaners to travel over without obstruction. Allows for flow to the drain while allowing a smooth surface for any pool cleaner to travel over easily. Available in white color.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Zodiac
  • ASIN: B002SG7NQI
  • UPC: 738919006881
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