One Dwarf Weeping Willow Tree Cutting - Burning Bush Weeping Willow - Unique and Small Indoor/Outdoor Tree Shrub Plant - Excellent Bonsai Tree - Ships Bare Root, No Pot or Soil

One Dwarf Weeping Willow Tree Cutting - Burning

You get one Dwarf Weeping Willow Tree. This is a rare Dwarf Weeping WIllow Species and only a limited amount of clones are available. These woody bushes will top out around 8-9 feet tall and 8 feet across. Can live 50+ years. These Burning Bush Willows thrive on water and full or partial sun. Leaves are vibrant green in the summer and turn Gold in the fall. *** If the weather is below freezing or above 90 degrees the starts may be shipped dormant to protect them from damage.***

  • Brand: CZ Grain
  • ASIN: B07F3GT4BY

Nanking Dwarf Cherry red fruit tree shrub bush edible berry HARDY LIVE PLANT

Nanking Dwarf Cherry red fruit tree shrub bush

Nanking cherry (Prunus tomentosa) is a great dwarf 6-10' cherry tree that produces many great tasting red cherries. Extremely hardy and one of the most if not the hardiest cherries available. Great planted as a hedge or planted double( requires 2 for pollination) or just 1 for a great flowering shrub without fruit. Cherries are great right off the tree or terrific in pies! They also make an excellent edible hedge plant! Plants are sent bare-root. These seedlings are 18-24 inches tall. Since these are cherries that grow to shrub size, they bear early usually in about 2-3 years No Shipments to California or Hawaii due to regulations.

  • Brand: skygardenLG
  • ASIN: B077X25MP2



NTRODUCING THE 'SCARLET PRINCESS' Japanese Maple a new red dissectum dwarf variety of Acer Palmatum which was developed as a witches broom. The new variety has been named Acer palmatum dissectum 'Scarlet Princess'. There is no other comparable dwarf red dissectum in the world. It has compact nodes and color holds equally well to Crimson Queen. Uniform Grower. Perfect specimen for containers, small spaces, patios

  • Brand: Japanese Maples and Evergreens
  • ASIN: B00YI641HA

Improved Meyer Lemon Tree- Dwarf Fruit Trees - Indoor/Outdoor Live Potted Citrus Tree - 1-2 ft. - Cannot Ship to FL, CA, TX, LA or AZ

Improved Meyer Lemon Tree- Dwarf Fruit Trees -

Now You Can Grow Delicious Sweet Meyer Lemons Anywhere in the Country! Do you love lemons, but find that store-bought lemons are often too tart? Try the Improved Meyer Lemon Tree, a hybrid lemon tree that produces sweet citrus fruits that are sure to be the most amazingly delicious fruit you've ever tasted. These lemons are not grown and sold commercially- you must have your own lemon tree to get this rare citrus fruit. Improved Meyer Lemon Tree fruit is naturally sweeter than most other lemon citrus tree varieties. If you've ever been to a state fair, you've probably tasted freshly-squeezed, ice-cold, sweet lemonade. That's what Meyer Lemons taste like! Your Meyer Lemon Fruit Tree produces fruit that is actually a cross between a lemon and a Mandarin orange. Because these lemons have the typical lemony flavor, but are more naturally sweet, they are a favorite of chefs and bakers all over the world. Indoor Fruit Tree or Outdoor - Your Choice! Now, you can grow your lemon tree in any part of the country. This improved variety is naturally pest and disease-resistant. In cold climates, just plant your lemon tree in a large pot and move it indoors during the winter. It will become your favorite houseplant because it adapts beautifully and becomes a great conversation piece. The brigh...

  • Brand: Brighter Blooms

Barbados Cherry Plant - Malpighia punicfolia - Acerola - Indoors/Out - 6" pot

Barbados Cherry Plant - Malpighia punicfolia - Acerola

This small shrub has arching dark brown stems with green leaves and pink flowers followed by red berries throughout the year. Excellent bonsai or house plant specimen. The creeping stems and sometimes exposed roots can create really interesting shapes. The Dwarf Barbados Cherry is a small tree or shrub that grows up to 15 feet in height in the dry deciduous forest and can be found growing wild and under cultivation on the sandy soils throughout Northeast Brazil. It is native to the West Indies and is also found in northern South America, Central America and Jamaica. Acerola is the fruit of the tree. It is bright red and 1 to 2 cm in diameter with several small seeds and has an appearance similar to the European Cherry. Acerola is also known as "Antilles Cherry" or "Barbados Cherry." The mature fruits are juicy and soft with a pleasant tart flavor and they contains about 80% juice and a large amount of vitamin C as well as iron, calcium and phosphorous.

  • Brand: Hirt's Gardens
  • ASIN: B00C3P5ZOG
  • UPC: 612068959130

AMERICAN PLANT EXCHANGE Dwarf Pomegranate Bush Indoor/Outdoor Air Purifier Live Plant, 6" 1 Gallon Pot, Fruit Producing!

AMERICAN PLANT EXCHANGE Dwarf Pomegranate Bush Indoor/Outdoor Air

While most pomegranates growup to 30' Tall, this indoor miniature version will only reach 3'! Small Pomegranate fruits take Between 1-2 years to appear, & are preceded by ruffled, fragrant, trumpet-shaped flowers in rich red-orange. This plant loves warm temperatures in full sun, so while you should move it outdoors in late spring & summer, keep it indoors in wintertime. Be sure to find a place for it in front of a sunny window. It thrives when potted in well-drained sandy soil. Before & after the flowers bloom, this shrub is shaped of many narrow branches with long, glossy, bright green leaves, making it a cheerful addition to any indoor space.

  • Color: Fruit Producing!
  • ASIN: B07M7PPK27
  • UPC: 640970863214

TONTO Dwarf Crape Myrtle, 1 Plant, Striking Dark Watermelon Red, Matures 8'-10' (3-4ft Tall When Shipped, Well Rooted in Pots with Soil)

TONTO Dwarf Crape Myrtle, 1 Plant, Striking Dark

A popular seller, TONTO is often used when you want a tree about 8'-10' tall in a Dark Watermelon Red. It can be easily trained as a small tree or as an upright shrub. The Crape Myrtle Company has been exclusively growing Crape Myrtles since 1977. We have specialized in online sales, packing and shipping for over 20 years. The Crape Myrtle Company specializes in rare and unusual plants that are difficult to propagate. You will receive 1 Beautiful Plant and detailed growing instructions. Thank you for your interest in our Beautiful Crape Myrtles, and Happy Planting!

  • Color: Watermelon Red
  • Brand: The Crape Myrtle Company
  • ASIN: B076KPLK6P

Little Sango Dwarf Coral Bark Japanese Maple Acer palmatum 'Little Sango' Coral Red Bark is Bright Red, Year Round Beauty 1 - Year Live Plant

Little Sango Dwarf Coral Bark Japanese Maple Acer

Acer palmatum Little Sango (Coral Bark Maple) * Part shade * Zones 5-8 * 5ft tall * 5 ft wide A dwarf colored-bark Japanese Maple tree with an upright form. Foliage is light green in spring and summer, turning to yellow and orange in fall. Vivid coral-red shoots blaze in winter. Companion Plants: Goes well with Shishigashira and Beni Schichihenge Japanese Maples as well as Black Mondo Grass. Check out our store for these great plants

  • Brand: Japanese Maples and Evergreens
  • ASIN: B00Y7VU9EA

9GreenBox - Dwarf Pomegranate Tree - 4'' Pot

9GreenBox - Dwarf Pomegranate Tree - 4''

The Pomegranate is a fruit-bearing deciduous shrub or small tree in the family Lythraceae that grows up to 8 m tall. The Wonderful pomegranate is sensitive to cold, and in the South, may freeze to the ground but will come back vigorously from the roots. It produces red, round and looks kind of like a red apple with a flower-shaped stem fruit that is about 5-12 cm in diameter. The skin of the pomegranate is thick and inedible. There are hundreds of edible seeds called arils that have an impressive nutrient profile that consists of Fiber,Protein., Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Folate, and Potassium, but one year plant growth rarely produces pomegranate fruit. It is said that pomegranate trees can live for over 200 years. Easily sliced for fresh eating.

  • Brand: 9GreenBox
  • ASIN: B003EZ7UTW
  • UPC: 797734700107



  • Brand: SVI
  • ASIN: B07KX4TM8N

Chicago Hardy Fig w/Edible Fruit - Well Rooted Fig Tree Plant in 2.5" Pot | Ships as Starter Plug Plant from Easy to Grow

Chicago Hardy Fig w/Edible Fruit - Well Rooted

CHICAGO HARDY FIG TREE | COLD HARDY FIG TREES | FIG TREE HARDY TO ZONE 5! If you have ever tasted the sun sweetened fruit fresh from a garden grown fig tree, you know what a treat it is! Now you can enjoy your own home grown figs - even in a large container for your patio! How exciting - fresh, sweet, home grown figs grown in even cold regions! The Chicago Hardy fig is winter hardy to zone 5 with some protection. In the chilly areas, the plant may die back to the ground in late fall but will re-sprout in the spring. Because the Chicago Hardy Fig fruits on new wood (current season's growth) this cycle doesn't impact fig production. As another option, grow your fig in a beautiful large container and park it in a cool garage during the winter months. Because the Chicago Hardy Fig fruits on new growth, even a bitterly cold winter does not ruin its ability to produce delicious, sweet and juicy figs! We have come into a bumper crop of these wonderful fig trees. They are growing fast in the Southern California sunshine, and are eager to join your garden and grow! This variety is self pollinating so one tree can produce without having a partner. Imagine sweet, ripe figs with paper thin prosciutto and glasses of wine on the back deck late this summer. Ahhh...

  • Color: Chicago Hardy Fig
  • Brand: Easy to Grow
  • ASIN: B00JV6B6HK

Nature's Blossom Bonsai Garden Seed Starter Kit - Easily Grow 4 Types of Miniature Trees Indoors: A Complete Gardening Set Organic Seeds, Soil, Planting Pots, Plant Labels & Growing Guide. Unique Gift

Nature's Blossom Bonsai Garden Seed Starter Kit -

Everything you need to grow 4 beautiful Bonsai trees from seed. Complete seed starter set for nature lovers.Bon·sai - The art of growing ornamental, artificially dwarfed trees or shrubs. Grow 4 types Of Tree Seeds:☘ Jacaranda Mimosifolia - Mind-blowing purple leaves.☘ Pinus Aristata - A unique tree with beautiful ‘needle’ leaves. Beautiful tree to grow at home.☘ Delonix Regia - Known for its famous flamboyant display of flowers.☘ Picea Mariana - A.K.A Black spruce. Super fun to shape when grown! Your Kit Includes:- 4 Packets Of Organic Seeds- 4 Biodegradable Growing Pots- 4 Compressed Soil Pellets- 4 Plant Markers- Step-by-step Instructions - also sent via emailWhy Should You Choose This Kit?✔ All seeds are ready for sowing. No stratification (refrigeration) is needed.✔ Makes an awesome gift - You can't go wrong with this unusual gift!✔ Great as an indoor plant decor.✔ 100% Organic. 100% Non-GMO. -----PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA---- Get your bonsai kit today!

  • Color: Bonsai Trees
  • Brand: Nature's Blossom
  • UPC: 646223852899

9GreenBox - Truly Tiny - Tiny Musa Banana Tree - 4" Pot - Great Fruit

9GreenBox - Truly Tiny - Tiny Musa Banana

This unique super dwarf allows for growing inside the home, on the porch, or close confines of a patio. Has a very symmetrical and compact appearance. Can produce tasty fruit inside or out. Hardy in zone 8 and higher. Top Quality.

  • Brand: 9GreenBox
  • UPC: 616932936449

Murasaki Kiyohime Japanese Maple 2 - Year Live Plant

Murasaki Kiyohime Japanese Maple 2 - Year Live

Acer palmatum 'Murasaki Kiyohime' (Murasaki Kiyohime Japanese Maple) * Full sun to Part shade * Zones 5-8 * 6' tall * 5' wide A beautiful dwarf reaching only 6 feet tall! Dazzling new growth is pale green with a brick red edge! Acer palmatum 'Murasaki Kiyohime' has a dazzling Spring display, the tiny new leaves are pale yellow-green with a brick red edge. Murasaki Kiyohime is frequently used in bonsai, very low and wide with no weeping, the branches grow horizontal to the ground. With a profusion of branches, this tree provides many opportunities for creating a beautiful bonsai or container tree. Companion Plants: Goes well with 'Nuresagi' and 'Beni Otake' Japanese Maples as well as Black Bamboo. Check out our store for these great plants! We combine shipping charges on multiple orders

  • Color: GSW108
  • Brand: Japanese Maples and Evergreens

Brighter Blooms Nules Clementine Dwarf Fruit Tree - Large Trees - Grow Delicious Clementine Oranges Anywhere in The USA (Live Potted Plant) - 1-2 ft.

Brighter Blooms Nules Clementine Dwarf Fruit Tree -

Dwarf tree, perfect for patios Drought-tolerant, requires no additional water Pest & disease-resistant- that means no spraying Grow it organically! Adapts to many soils and conditions Often confused with mandarin oranges, clementines are either seedless or have very few. Nules Clementines are considered the best because of their sweet taste and premium flavor. This is a great citrus tree for even the smallest spaces. Clementines are heavy-yielding, even when maintained at a bush size. Your entire family will love this sweet, juicy citrus treat packed with important vitamin C. Enjoy them fresh as a snack, or in baking, canning or marmalades Nules Clementines make great landscape plants. From their thick canopy of large leaves to the ornamental brilliance of the late-season fruit ripening, they'll look amazing! Clementines will ripen in November and should be harvested right away. Like all citrus fruits, youâ€ll enjoy an excellent shelf life if you store your harvest of Nules clementines in a cool, dry place. The Clementine tree is rapid growing and easy to grow. Nules Clementine trees will readily adapt to most soils and a wide variety of regions in the warmer states. In cooler states you can still enjoy the sweet delicious taste of Clementine fruit when growing them in a conta...

  • Color: Green/Orange
  • Brand: Brighter Blooms
  • ASIN: B01M9ABW42
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