Wax Dye - DIY Candle Dye - Dye Flakes for Candle Making Supplies Kit - Soy Dye for Candle Molds - for Soy Candle Wax Kit - for Hemp Candle Wicks - for Making Scented Candles

Wax Dye - DIY Candle Dye - Dye

The offered high quality colored wax for candle making is suitable for wax and paraffin bases. Soy flakes dyes are completely dissolved, there won't be any clots in the candle mass, and staining will be even. In addition, the finished candle keeps the brightness of the color, the surface is not flaked, does not tarnish with time. These organic soy wax beads could be used as scented 16 pack of wonder dyes, and as Christmas candle supplies, for pillar and glass candle making, candle molds of different shapes and sizes Our products have the best safety rating. We care about our customers and stand behind our products. That's the only way to go about it. When you buy from us, know, that no matter what, we have your back. Please, be sure to contact us with any questions you might have and we will promptly answer them Important to know: 1. How to increase the number of shades? The dye for candle making supplies is easily crushed into small pieces, which allows you to mix it with other dyes, thus creating a variety of colors and shades 2. Acceleration of dissolution. To accelerate the process of dissolution of the dye mix with the mass of the candle at a temperature of at least 150 - 170 °F degrees 3. How to calculate the required amount of candle wax dye Dosage depends on the fat con...

  • Color: 16 colors
  • Brand: Candle Shop
  • ASIN: B06Y3T5RV4
  • UPC: 646412948662

Wax Dye,16 Colors DIY Candle Dye Flakes, Soy Candle Wax Dye for Candle Making Supplies, Candle Molds, Hemp Candle Wicks, Scented Candles - Candle Making Guide Included

Wax Dye,16 Colors DIY Candle Dye Flakes, Soy

16 color wax candle dyes Our candle dye chips offer 16 high concentrations colors that you can bold to unleash creativity. Get the wax pigment you are free and easy to make a various brilliant candle. Wax dyes may be used individually, or create unique colors by crush and mixing colors together to achieve custom colors. The finished candle keeps the depth and brightness of the color, and won't dull over time. Our wax formula is vegan, non-toxic, harsh chemicals free, stain-free, and gentle on skin. The high-quality wax coloring that suitable for Soy Wax, Paraffin, Beeswax and Palm wax.We've also included a quick start guide to help you to making your candle. How to calculate the required amount of candle wax dye? Only 0.02 - 0.06 oz of dye is needed to fully color 1 pound (1LB) of candle wax. Dosage depends on the fat content, hardness and purity of candle mass. Depending on the type of wax, the colors may finish differently. Paraffin wax may exhibit the most bright, vivid colors while beeswax and soy wax may have a more subdued color. (The dyes are best dissolved at the temperature 180°F. Mix them carefully for 2-3 minutes) Tips: The richness of colors depends on the amount of dye used, you can control the richness of the color on your own. Add more chips if you prefer a d...

  • Brand: TopMoon
  • ASIN: B07RGTG32M
  • UPC: 632088445697

Candle Dye Flakes for Making Candles - 16 Popular Colors, 0.21 oz Per Bag (Total 3.6 oz) - Work Well with Soy, Paraffin Wax, Beeswax - Non-Toxic, Skin Safe, Cruelty-Free - WIKs Candle Making Supplies

Candle Dye Flakes for Making Candles - 16

What does a soy candle making kit for beginner include? - Candle Wicks (Cotton or Wood) - Soy Wax - Wick Centering Device - Wax Thermometer - Pouring or Melting Pitcher - Wick Stickers (Optional) - Candle Dye Flakes - Fragrance Oil, Scents - Glass Jars, Tin Containers or Molds for Pillars - E-book Guide What includes in the box? ▶ 16 Colors Dye Flakes Bags: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Pink, Purple, Bright Purple, Black, Dark Orange, Dark Yellow, Dark Green, Dark Blue, Dark Red. 0.21 ounces per bag How to Calculate the Amount of Dye Flakes Required? ▶ For your Reference, follow the formula below: Amount of dye flakes = Total weight of wax used x Percentage of dye flakes Percentage of Dye Flakes: - For lighter shades - 0.1% of total weight of wax - For medium shades - 0.15% of total weight of wax - For darker shades - 0.25% of total weight of wax How to achieve the desired color? ▶ Add a smaller amount of dye at first and then increase the dosage until you have achieved your desired colour. ▶ To check the color of the wax while melted, take a spoon and scoop out a small amount of melted. Run this under a tap or place it in cold water, the wax will cool on the spoon revealing the final color. TIP for Mix the Dye Flakes ▶ Dye flakes dissolve best when ...

  • Color: 16 Color
  • Brand: WIKs Candle Making Supplies
  • ASIN: B07L6G65G6
  • UPC: 099854948828

All-Natural Washing Soda (1 Gallon (9 lbs)) by Earthborn Elements, Soda Ash, Sodium Carbonate, Laundry Booster, Non-Toxic, Hypoallergenic

All-Natural Washing Soda (1 Gallon (9 lbs)) by

Earthborn Elements Natural Washing Soda has many uses. Safe on skin, Hypoallergenic & Non-toxic. Color-Safe, Effective in Hot or Cold Water, & Leaves Clothes Soft, Fresh, & Residue-Free. It's also Septic & High Efficiency (HE) Machine Tested & Approved! MULTIPLE USES: i. Add Extra Cleaning Power to Detergent ii. Natural Water Softener and Conditioner iii. Clean Everything from Toilets to Dishes iv. Balance pH in Pools and Hot Tubs v. Raise pH in Water vi. Provide Alkalinity FREE FROM: i. Petroleum derived ingredients ii. Sodium laurel sulfate iii. Synthetic Fragrance iv. Optical brighteners v. Masking agents vi. Animal testing vii. Gluten viii. Dyes To make your own laundry soap: Ingredients: ½ Cup Earthborn Elements Soap Flakes (For extra cleaning power) 1 Cup Earthborn Elements Washing Soda (To soften & condition the water) 1 Cup Earthborn Elements Borax (To brighten colors & whites) 1. In a large bowl, mix Washing Soda, Borax, and Soap Flakes. 2. Store in closed container. 3. Use 2 Tablespoons to 1/4 cup per load of laundry. *We seal our buckets in the most secure way possible to keep the contents in and any contaminants out. A bucket opener for a food storage or paint bucket may be needed to open these buckets. Bucket openers can be purchased from online retailers such as Am...

  • Brand: Earthborn Elements
  • ASIN: B07C5SC335
  • UPC: 742309344286

ICE Resin Opals, Fire Opal

ICE Resin Opals, Fire

Art Mechanique Inclusions, Shattered Fire Opal: Fire Opal is the perfect Shattered Inclusion when you want to add dazzle to your designs under ICE Resin or on top of any of the Relique Powders in our Cold Enameling System. Also in Opal.

  • Color: Royal Blue
  • Brand: ICE Resin®
  • UPC: 818506012195

J.E. Moser's 848215, Finishes, Wood Stains & Dyes, Flake White Fresco Colors

J.E. Moser's 848215, Finishes, Wood Stains & Dyes,

Allows you to create custom colors easily. J. E. MOSER'S Fresco Colors are super refined, pure dry pigments designed for coloring, mixing and tinting most paint, enamel, epoxy, fillers, shellac, stains, lacquer, varnish or other liquids: Very useful for touch up work when quick color matching or changes are required. Because of the fineness of their texture, they mix readily to produce a smooth, opaque finish. Compatible with most oil, solvent and water based products - even concrete. 1 oz., 4 oz. or 8 oz. containers (please test for compatibility before using). USA.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: J.E. Moser's
  • UPC: 847667027939

Hearts and Crafts Soy Wax Candle Dye - 20 Color Wax Chip Dyes for DIY Candle Making Supplies

Hearts and Crafts Soy Wax Candle Dye -

Hearts and Crafts' Candle Wax Dye Chips offer 20 highly concentrated colors to deliver bold results. From beginners to experts, you can personalize your candles with beautiful, vibrant colors that add depth and style to each of your pieces. Unlike liquid dyes, you can crush and mix the chips, giving you complete control over the shade and intensity of your candles. Once your candles fully set, they will keep the brightness of each color, and won't dull over time.Our wax formula is vegan/animal-friendly, non-toxic, irritant/stain-free, and gentle on skin. Each color is in a resealable bag to prevent bleeding and staining, and contains 0.1 oz of hyper pigmented, high-quality dye. We've also included a quick start guide to help you get your candles just right.Directions:Only .02 - .06 oz of dye is needed to fully color 1 pound (1LB) of candle wax. This amount is enough to give your candles a bright, vivid color. Depending on the type of wax, the colors may finish differently. Paraffin wax may exhibit the most bright, vivid colors while beeswax and soy wax may have a more subdued color.1) Measure out the amount of candle wax dye you need and set aside2) Heat your choice of raw wax to its required temperature3) Once the temperature reaches about 160 - 180 degrees (160 - 180 °F), add ...

  • Brand: Hearts and Crafts
  • UPC: 370393001664

Slime Supplies Stuff [Rainbow Kit add ins] Making Slime for Girls and Boys. Kit Supplies Floam and Fishbowl Beads, Flake Glitter, Pigment, Sequins. No Glue or Activator Included.

Slime Supplies Stuff [Rainbow Kit add ins] Making

Original Stationary Slime Supplies Stuff Rainbow Kit Add Ins Full box content list : 11 Packs of Flake Glitters6 Rainbow Pigments7 Packs of Foam Balls6 Tubes of Sequins1 Bag of Fishbowl Beads Our set is kid tried and tested, we've made sure it's fun, simple and everything is in one box. There are safety instructions and the product should always be used under adult supervision as some of the ingredients could cause harm if inhaled or come in contact with eyes. Don't stop at the instructions. We love to see kids experiment and have loads of fun. Most of the time that's when they have thrown the instructions away and are doing their own thing. Try adding other ingredients. Think of all the different slimes your kids can make. They can make unicorn slime. Crunchy slime. Rainbow slime. The options are endless. Grab the kit now and keep the kids entertained.

  • ASIN: B07CBZMC98
  • UPC: 635146926565

neon nights 100g Phosphorescent Glow Pigment - Self Luminous Pigments - Neon Glow in The Dark Pigment Powder - Blue Colored Neon Pigment

neon nights 100g Phosphorescent Glow Pigment - Self

neon nights Glow in the Dark Pigment Powder - Make Any Paint Glow in the Dark! Have you been looking for ways to make your art more unique? Are you trying to find fun and interesting ways to excite your kids with arts and crafts? If so, then neon night's self-luminous pigment is just what you've been looking for! Our neon pigments have been designed to perfectly mix with most paints and binders in order to give many of your art projects a brilliant and long-lasting glow when it's dark out. We ensure that each pack of blue glow pigment powder we sell is rigorously tested to ensure they meet or high-quality standards. Some of the things we test for are how vibrantly the pigment glows, how easily and thoroughly it mixes, and how long the glow lasts once fully charged. Make your next art project one to remember with neon nights' fluorescent pigment! Blue Glow PigmentOur glow in the dark pigment is perfect for making your next DIY arts and crafts project a little more unique and colorful. Just adding this glowing pigment powder into one of your favorite paints or binders can make a world of difference to how your next piece turns out. Each package of glowing pigments comes in 100 grams. A Variety of ApplicationsWe've made it so that you can add our pigment to all different types ...

  • Color: Sky - Blue
  • Brand: neon nights
  • ASIN: B00H4SPSU8

Non-GMO Gochugaru, Korean Red Pepper Powder Flakes, Coarse Grind 6 OZ

Non-GMO Gochugaru, Korean Red Pepper Powder Flakes, Coarse

Non-GMO Korean pepper flakes powder, coarse ground 10 Mesh, 8000-12000 SHU. Crazy Korean Cooking Non-GMO Gochugaru is one of the highest quality gochugaru in the market. The flavor is spicy and the color is vibrant. It consists of 100% red chili pepper and does not contain salt or dye (red coloring). Perfect for making kimchi. Some people mix coarse grind gochugaru with fine grind gochugaru when making kimchi because it can give more vibrant color (especially for radish kimchi). Red chili pepper flake ("Gochugaru" in Korean) is one of the key ingredients in Korean cooking. It cannot be replaced with chili flakes or sauces from other cultures when cooking authentic Korean food. Best for making kimchi, korean fried chicken, spicy rice cake (tteokbokki) and spicy chicken, spicy pork marinade.

  • Brand: Crazy Korean Cooking
  • UPC: 856192005206

Wardley Premium Goldfish Food Flakes - 6.8oz

Wardley Premium Goldfish Food Flakes -

Wardley Premium Goldfish Flakes are a scientifically developed, high-quality protein diet that is formulated with fish meal, a highly digestible protein source, for better nutrition, less waste, and cleaner water. The immune support formula with vitamin C and other high quality nutrients help to support the health and vitality of your finned friend.

  • Brand: Hartz
  • ASIN: B000F5DR5U
  • UPC: 043324015275

Jacquard Pearl Ex Powder Pigments, Assorted Metallic Colors, Set of 6

Jacquard Pearl Ex Powder Pigments, Assorted Metallic Colors,

Add luminous color to paintings, drawings, collages, pottery and more. Incorporate into oil, acrylics, gouache, varnish or any viscous medium. Can also be used dry and then sealed. Made from powdered mica, these rust and tarnish proof pigments are highly colorfast, stable and suitable for interior, exterior and archival applications. Can be fired in a kiln to 600 F. Set includes one each of Pearl White, Super Copper, Sparkle Gold, Antique Silver, Interference Blue and Duo Violet-Brass. Non-toxic.

  • Color: Assorted Metallic Colors
  • Brand: Jacquard
  • ASIN: B0042SWXUG

Candle Dye Flakes for Candle Making Kit - 16 Piece Coloring kit for Scented Candle Making - Wax kit for Colored Candles - Candle Wax dye Flakes

Candle Dye Flakes for Candle Making Kit -

SOUL SOY 16 Colors Candle Dye Flakes Kit for Candle Making Our premium quality candle making kit for adults is suitable for wax and paraffin-based candles. Completely dissolvent to avoid any clots and staining in the candle mass. With 16 highly vibrant colors for a bold effect, this candle kit perfectly complements all candle molds, glass pillars, and candle jars. Description:- ideal for soy and paraffin-based candle wax- Vegan-friendly, animal cruelty-free and safe for the skin- Made from 100% natural plant, eco-friendly- You can mix colors to achieve unique shades- Dye load calculator APP for best-desired results Specification:- Material: Eco-friendly soy wax- Optimum dissolve temperature: 90 - 110°C / 195 - 230°F- Weight: 4g/0.14oz per each color bag - Total 64g/2.24oz- Color: 16 color bags: Silver Grey, Green, Bright Orange, Royal Blue, White, Lemon Yellow, Dark Green, Lime Green, Gold, Black, Teal, Super Red, Fuchsia, Deep Cherry, Bright Blue, Purple How to use:- Heat wax to optimum dissolve temperature- Gradually add dye stirring until it dissolves - Check the color by cooling small amount on spoon or spatula- Keep adding the dye for desired shade if needed- Ensure all dye dissolves to avoid streaks and patches- Due to varying difference in color intensities of the dye, t...

  • Brand: Soul Soy
  • UPC: 758475516709

ColorBond (105) Sea Ray White LVP Leather, Vinyl & Hard Plastic Refinisher Spray Paint - 12 oz.

ColorBond (105) Sea Ray White LVP Leather, Vinyl

ColorBond Leather, Vinyl & Hard Plastic Refinisher is a multi-surface, car interior paint that won't flake, crack or peel. A urethane solvent-based coating, ColorBond L, V & HP Refinisher is automotive interior paint that bonds to leather and plastic surfaces. Perfect for dashboards, door panels, car seats and almost everything else, ColorBond Leather, Vinyl & Hard Plastic Refinisher is car interior paint that looks great and lasts.

  • Color: Sea Ray White
  • Brand: Colorbond
  • ASIN: B00G6II7NM
  • UPC: 017064901051

Half Ounce Natural No Dye Snowflake Obsidian Inlay Powder Sand Painting

Half Ounce Natural No Dye Snowflake Obsidian Inlay

ONE HALF OUNCE OF NATURAL NON DYED SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN POWDER! The picture shows a pour of the actual Snowflake Obsidian powder You Are Purchasing. This is QUALITY Natural Snowflake Powder - THIS MATERIAL IS VERY FINE. Material Is Fantastic for those Inlay Or Sandstone projects you are working on. This crushed stone is perfect for inlay work or filling natural voids found in your carving projects. Uses include all types of inlay such as knife handles, antler and bone. It can also be used to enhance a signature on a carving or inlay a small scroll saw Or Sand Painting Projects . This material has an unlimited number of uses.

  • Brand: Lapidary Gem Roughs Crystals
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