Early Medieval Art (Oxford History of Art)

Early Medieval Art (Oxford History of

In the first millennium, a rich and distinctive artistic tradition emerged in Europe. Early Medieval Art explores this tradition and tracks its development from c. 300 AD through c. 1000 AD, revealing forms of artistic expression ranging from brilliant illuminated manuscripts to decorative chairs, rich embroidery, and precious metalwork.Nees explores issues of artist patronage, craftsmanship, holy men and women, monasteries, secular courts, and the expressive and educational roles of artistic creation. Instead of treating early Christian art in the late Roman tradition and the arts of the newly established kingdoms of northern Europe as opposites, he adopts a more holistic view, treating them as different aspects of a larger historical situation. This approach reveals the onset of an exciting new visual relationship between the church and the populace throughout medieval Europe. Moreover, it restores a previously marginalized subject to a central status in our artistic and cultural heritage.

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Early Medieval Art 300-1150: Sources and Documents (MART: The Medieval Academy Reprints for Teaching)

Early Medieval Art 300-1150: Sources and Documents (MART:

An anthology of medieval texts on art. It includes descriptions of lost monuments, theoretical and technical texts which reveal intentions of artists and patrons, liturgical texts which describe the use of medieval artifacts, and other texts which reflect the tastes of the literate public. First published in 1971.

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Early Medieval Art

Early Medieval

Overview of Early Medieval Art and Its Role in Medieval Culture.

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Early Medieval Art: Carolingian, Ottonian, Romanesque (World of Art)

Early Medieval Art: Carolingian, Ottonian, Romanesque (World of

Beginning with the coronation of Charlemagne as Emperor of the West in A.D. 800, John Beckwith guides us through the architecture, painting, sculpture, illuminations and ivories of the three great periods of early medieval art. The Ottonian period, perhaps best known for the great center of art and craftsmanship attached to the court, presented an artistic style which had developed from early Christian and Carolingian sources--a style which was the gateway to the great artistic revival in the eleventh and twelfth centuries--the Romanesque period. 206 illus., 53 in color.

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Early Medieval Architecture (Oxford History of Art)

Early Medieval Architecture (Oxford History of

The early middle ages were an exciting period in the history of European architecture, culminating in the development of the Romanesque style. Major architectural innovations were made during this time including the medieval castle, the church spire, and the monastic cloister. By avoiding the traditional emphasis on chronological development, Roger Stalley provides a radically new approach to the subject, exploring issues and themes rather than sequences and dates. In addition to analysing the language of the Romanesque, the book examines the engineering achievements of the builders, focusing on how the great monuments of the age were designed and constructed. Ranging from Gotland to Apulia, Stalley explores the richness and variety of European architecture in terms of the social and religious aspirations of the time. Symbolic meanings associated with architecture are also thoroughly investigated. Written with style and humour, the lively text includes many quotations from ancient sources, providing fascinating insight into the way that medieval buildings were created, and in the process enlivening study of this period.

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Masterpieces: Early Medieval Art

Masterpieces: Early Medieval

This beautiful volume presents a history of Europe and the Mediterranean from the end of the Roman Empire to the twelfth century, as told through objects in the British Museum. Richly illustrated, this book will showcase some of the collection's most outstanding and internationally renowned artefacts, such as the Projecta Casket, the treasures from the Sutton Hoo ship burial and the Fuller Brooch. The discussion of each object will provide a fascinating insight into their makers and owners as well as the world in which they were created. Drawn from all the major cultures of the period and covering an extensive geographical and chronological sweep, this publication celebrates the artistic accomplishment of objects made from a varied and attractive array of materials such as gold, silver, precious stones, ivory, glass, ceramics and textiles. This approach bridges the gap that is commonly presented between the Mediterranean and the North of Europe, the Empire (whether Roman or Byzantine) and the ‘barbarian' world in a period that saw Christianity established as a major religion as well as the rise of Islam.

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Cosmos and Community in Early Medieval Art

Cosmos and Community in Early Medieval

In the rapidly changing world of the early Middle Ages, depictions of the cosmos represented a consistent point of reference across the three dominant states—the Frankish, Byzantine, and Islamic Empires. As these empires diverged from their Greco-Roman roots between 700 and 1000 A.D. and established distinctive medieval artistic traditions, cosmic imagery created a web of visual continuity, though local meanings of these images varied greatly. Benjamin Anderson uses thrones, tables, mantles, frescoes, and manuscripts to show how cosmological motifs informed relationships between individuals, especially the ruling elite, and communities, demonstrating how domestic and global politics informed the production and reception of these depictions. The first book to consider such imagery across the dramatically diverse cultures of Western Europe, Byzantium, and the Islamic Middle East, Cosmos and Community in Early Medieval Art illuminates the distinctions between the cosmological art of these three cultural spheres, and reasserts the centrality of astronomical imagery to the study of art history.

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Medieval Art


This refreshing new look at Medieval art conveys a very real sense of the impact of art on everyday life in Europe from 1000 to 1500. It examines the importance of art in the expression and spread of knowledge and ideas, including notions of the heroism and justice of war, and the dominant view of Christianity. Taking its starting point from issues of contemporary relevance, such as the environment, the identity of the artist, and the position of women, the book also highlights the attitudes and events specific to the sophisticated visual culture of the Middle Ages, and goes on to link this period to the Renaissance. The fascinating question of whether commercial and social activities between countries encouraged similar artistic taste and patronage, or contributed to the defining of cultural difference in Europe, is fully explored.

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Early Times: The Story of the Middle Ages 2nd Edition (Early Times Series)

Early Times: The Story of the Middle Ages

From the sacking of once-mighty Rome, to the Crusades, the meteoric rise of Christianity, and the Holy Roman Empire, The Story of the Middle Ages examines the tumultuous times of medieval history spanning over 1,000 years and several continents. Often overshadowed by the historic epochs before and after it, the saga of the Middles Ages has often been dismissed as a stagnant and unimportant period of European history. Fortunately, this narrow view was abandoned, and the significance of the medieval or Middle Ages was brought to light. Despite its unfortunate missteps, many advances were accomplished amidst the chaos and upheaval, and a colorful diversity of cultures and beliefs slowly transformed into forward momentum for change and innovation. Explore the Middle Ages:Meet Charlemagne and his knightly court, the barbarian hordes of Attila the Hun, Leif Erikson's stern seafaring Norsemen, and a host of other warring factions that invaded, conquered, and ruled for a time in the ever-changing medieval landscape.Follow the rise of Christianity as incredible ornate churches were constructed, brutal wars were waged to root out non-believers, and religious leaders grew to hold more power than Kings!Witness the ultimate medieval soldiers: the legendary order of knights. These elite fighte...

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The Medieval World at Our Fingertips: Manuscript Illuminations from the Collection of Sandra Hindman (Studies in Medieval and Early Renaissance Art History)

The Medieval World at Our Fingertips: Manuscript Illuminations

No manuscript is an island. We may consider medieval illumination as a single characteristic of the whole Middle Ages, but every manuscript is part of the evolving history of European art and culture, and every one belongs to a place and period. The Sandra Hindman Collection is a remarkable journey through time and location. Every illuminated cutting described here is a microcosm of a larger history. A sublime initial from a twelfth-century Bible from France is part of a setting which includes Chartres Cathedral, the Crusades and Abelard; two late thirteenth-century narrative miniatures of saints from northern Italy have stepped from in a world inhabited by Giotto and Dante and the basilica of Santa Croce in Florence; a miniature by the Berlin Master of Mary of Burgundy belongs in age of Rogier van der Weyden and Hans Memling; a painting from a choir book by the Master B.F. can hold its place with Leonardo da Vinci and Palestrina. Manuscripts were always at the heart of intellectual and visual culture. For thirty years Sandra Hindman has been selecting and refining a collection of perfect medieval miniatures which are the quintessence of their time. Each is a window which illuminates a world. The history of stained glass, architecture, fresco painting, tapestries and wood carving...

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