Handmade Sword - Samurai Wakizashi Training Sword, Practical, Hand Made, Aluminum Alloy, Full Tang, Unsharpened, Black Wooden Scabbard

Handmade Sword - Samurai Wakizashi Training Sword, Practical,

Product details – 1. Blade: Aluminum. 2. Edge: Unsharpened. 3. Hi (blood groove): Long hi on each side. 4. Tsuka (handle): Genuine rayskin wrapped with Japanese cotton ITO and ornamented with menuki (ornament). 5. Tang: Full tang with 2 mekugi (peg). 6. Saya: Black piano lacquered wood with Japanese cotton sageo. 7. Condition: Brand new. 8. Blade length: 20.5. 9. Handle length: 9.7". 10. Saya length: 22.3". 11. Overall length (with saya): 32". 12. Weight (with saya): 1 lb., 9 oz. 1. Weight (without saya): 1 lb., 1 oz.

  • Color: Iron343
  • Brand: Handmade Sword
  • UPC: 065225020899

Handmade Sword - Japanese Samurai Katana Swords, Functional, Hand Made, Aluminum Alloy, Full Tang, Unsharpened, Black Wooden Scabbard

Handmade Sword - Japanese Samurai Katana Swords, Functional,

Blade: Aluminium blade;Edge: Unsharpened;Hamon(Tempered line): Obvious Hamon,hand polished on;Hi(Blood groove): Long Hi on each side;Tsuka(Handle): Wood covered in genuine same (rayskin) & then wrapped in the traditional diamond pattern with black cotton Ito;Saya: Black piano lacquered wood tied with black Japanese cotton Sageo;Tang: Full tang, signed with smith's signature;Fittings: Brass;Condition: Brand new & can be fully disassembled and assembledHandle Length: 11"Blade Length(with Habaki): about 28"Blade Length(without Habaki): about 27"Overall Length: 41"Sword Weight (with Saya): 1.95 lbs Sword Weight(without Saya): 1.35 lbs Package weight: 6 lbsPackage Includes:1 * Assembled Katana with Saya1 * Black Cotton Katana Bag1 * Tube Sword Box

  • Color: Iron
  • Brand: Handmade Sword
  • ASIN: B0031N25GA
  • UPC: 065225002321

Knights of Saint John Ivory Sword

Knights of Saint John Ivory

The Knights of St. John were both a religious and a military order. They were founded in 1048 A.D., around the time of the Crusades. These knights fought to defend the Christian religion and lands. They were loyal and entered difficult battlegrounds. The Knights of Saint John Ivory Sword is a definite eye turner. The sword has been equipped with a 440 stainless steel mirror polish blade with a double edge and a long central-ridge line on both sides. This Saint John sword has a beautiful ivory colored handle with a pommel mirroring a Knights Helmet. The guard is a well decorated piece with Red Cross and designs fit for a King. This ornamental sword comes equipped with a very detailed cross and shield design steel scabbard with Celtic style floral and vines. The scabbard that comes with this sword makes it a rare find, as most sword scabbards are wood or leather. This scabbard is made of high quality crafted metal. It also includes a hanging ring on both sides at the throat of the scabbard. This sword is intended for display purposes: not for actual combat use.

  • Color: Gold, Ivory, Silver
  • Brand: Armory Replicas
  • ASIN: B010RB7J1O
  • UPC: 744633190874

27" GOLDEN Ninja Machete Katana Sword Full Tang Gold Blade with Sheath | With Holt Multi Tool Key Chain

27" GOLDEN Ninja Machete Katana Sword Full Tang

This Gold Machete Ninja Sword is very impressive ninja sword for professional practicing and training. The blade is made of High Quality steel with GOLD finishing. It comes with Nylon Sheath w/ Belt Loop with includes Belt Loop. This Brand New all black knife makes a Great Gift! This Multi Tool Key Chain has Bottle Opener, Screwdriver (Phillips & Flat Head Combo), Key Ring, Blends in with your regular keys!

  • Brand: Hero's Edge
  • UPC: 674775250542

Handmade Sword Fully Practical Dragon Samurai Katana Sword, Dragon Tsuba, Fully Hand Forged, 1045 Carbon Steel, Heat Tempered, Full Tang, Sharp, White Scabbard

Handmade Sword Fully Practical Dragon Samurai Katana Sword,

Handmade Sword, is a well known and authentic hand-forge sword company. We are professional and specialized in hand-forging Japanese samurai swords.  We have a full range of Katana, Wakizashi, Tanto sword and other sword's accessories.  Swords from Handmade Sword are all handmade in traditional ways by skilled and experienced swordsmiths. Handmade Sword strives for making the highest quality swords in the past decades. Which makes us one of the best sword sellers in this industry. We believe in keeping customers happy and providing them with the best sword at a competent price. Traditional Forging Method:  Heat Tempered or Clay Tempered. Blade: All Handmade Sword’s blades are full tang, engraved with signature of sword smith. And it can be fully disassembled and assembled. Most of our functional blades are made of high carbon content steel. Also, there are blades made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy for Iaido training swords.  Tsuba and other fittings:  Most fittings are made by brass. For Tsubas, we use coper, or brass, or iron, or alloy. It depends on each tsuba. Handle and Saya (Scabbard): Wooden or other specified. Most handles covered by rayskin and Japanese cotton Ito. Package Includes:1 Assembled Katana Sword with ...

  • Color: White-dragon-951A
  • Brand: Handmade Sword
  • UPC: 065225031567

2018 Aluminum OW Oni Genji Skin Muramasa Replica Swords 1:1 Exclusive Props

2018 Aluminum OW Oni Genji Skin Muramasa Replica

ABS Plastic Scabbard About Genji Muramasa Swords: This Metal Genji Muramasa Swords are Made by Aluminum, Exclusive 1:1 Props Replica, Full Metal Casting, Unsharpened Edge, Placing Swords on Back When Wear Sword Backpack Strap. Perfect for Decoration, Gifts, Costume Prop, Cosplay, Christmas, Easter, New Years Eve Party, Halloween, etc. Products Feature: *Full Size Replica, Sword Unsharpened Edge *Length: 104CM *High Quality Painting Finishing *With Sword Backpack Strap *Brand Name:Gmasking *Occasion:Games,Decoration,Gifts,Halloween,Party,Cosplay,Collection ect *Color:As the Picture Show *Weight:About 2.50KG Package Included: 1x Genji Swords 1x Swords Backpack

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Gmasking
  • UPC: 783057914987

Umbrella, Samurai Sword Windproof Golf Umbrella, Hidden Self-defense And Waterproof, Sun&Rain Umbrella For Men Women 48"(Blade)

Umbrella, Samurai Sword Windproof Golf Umbrella, Hidden Self-defense

Package Included: 1x Original box 1x umbrella 1x Dagger Self-defense equipment: the stainless steel hidden dagger and the alloy handle can be an effective body armor. Sturdy and durable: the high-quality fiberglass umbrella bone is light,the umbrella frame made of aluminium alloy is light and durable. Fashion Modeling:Silvery alloy umbrella handle is noble,fashionale and elegant. Waterproof: the 210T Polyester pongee micro fabric has great water repellency and dries quickly.

  • Color: Blade
  • Brand: Scnvo
  • ASIN: B0797QYL3F
  • UPC: 664248821478

Warrior Craft Twin War Blades and Rune Frost Sword Letter Opener Set

Warrior Craft Twin War Blades and Rune Frost

The Warrior Craft Twin War Blades and Rune Sword Set are replicated after a very popular multi-player online role-playing game. The Rune Frost Sword was trapped in a frozen throne and was constructed for the purpose of containing and controlling the King. This blade has the ability to drain the life from its victims and the soul from whoever is connected to it. The Rune Frost Sword has impeccable detailing and is constructed from strong zinc aluminum. There is a bezel on the top of the hilt so this piece can be used as a necklace, keychain, or letter opener. The Twin War Blades is a one handed sword with twin blades that drops from Storm Rage. The blades can be disconnected to be used as separate weapons. These blades are also constructed on zinc aluminum and have a bezel on the end. Join in the limitless adventure with the Warrior Craft Twin War Blade and Rune Sword Set. Please Note: The edges are pointy and sharp.

  • Color: Pewter
  • Brand: Armory Replicas
  • ASIN: B015ZSS0XK
  • UPC: 744633188642

Chosera 5,000 Edge Pro Stone, 1"x6" with Aluminum Backing

Chosera 5,000 Edge Pro Stone, 1"x6" with Aluminum

Jende Industries, LLC pioneered the use of accessory stones for the Edge Pro. The Chosera stones were originally formulated for sword polishers, but these stones quickly became highly demanded by all sharpeners for their speed, precision, polish and ultra sharp edges. The Naniwa Chosera stones for the Edge Pro make a good thing better, bringing premium quality stones to one of the best guided sharpening systems on the market.

  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: Naniwa Chosera
  • UPC: 852848005170

Sword Art Online Kirito Kirigaya Dark Repulser Sword w/Leather Sheath

Sword Art Online Kirito Kirigaya Dark Repulser Sword

This is an awesome replica of Kirito's Dark Repulser Sword from the anime Sword Art Online. Dark Repulser was the sword that he had made from Lisbeth when he unlocked the Dual Wield skill. Though shy to use it at first, Kirito dual wields this sword and the Elucidator to bring his enemies to their knees. The Dark Repulser is a sword forged by Lisbeth from Crystallite Ingot, a rare mineral in the world of SAO. Crystallite can only be found in the dragon's lair, hence the risks and rewards for defeating a dragon. Kirito wielded this awesome beast of a sword throughout the 1st season of the anime and manga series. This version is green and has turquoise to match the Elucidator sword, also carried by Kirito. It is a perfect carbon steel cosplay replica with unsharpened edge and comes with a free wood scabbard and strap. Massive in size, the sword has an aura about it that unfolds the imagination. The sword has intriguing level of detail in the paint work. Each little detail is executed with precision and using automotive-quality paints to produce this striking replica sword. Comes with wood scabbard and back strap. This sword is a must-have for any SAO fan or collector!

  • ASIN: B013PKOB7O
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