S.O.S. Emergency Water 5 year shelf life - 62 Individual 4.22 Oz Packets (With Tips)

S.O.S. Emergency Water 5 year shelf life -

Even if you haven't witnessed a disaster firsthand, you've seen the devastation they cause and you know that you can never be too prepared. If you are out on the water; preparation is even more important. Safe drinking water is probably the most important thing to have in reserve when disaster strikes. 125 ml sachets of SOS purified water are easy to dispense and loss is minimalized due to the durable packaging. USCG, Canadian Coast Guard, EC and NZ approval, with a five year shelf life. Contains (64)- 125 ml sachets.

  • Brand: FHS Retail/Sos Food labs
  • ASIN: B071RR4H19
  • UPC: 733520638193

Datrex Emergency Water Packet - 3 Day/72 Hour Supply(12packets)

Datrex Emergency Water Packet - 3 Day/72 Hour

With a 5 year shelf life to match our Rations, our Emergency water packets provide a full meals hydration to one individual and are purchasable by the case of 64 or by the three-day supply (12 packets). Balanced with our rations to provide adequate hydration without over-burdening a carrier in case movement during a disaster is required, our Emergency Drinking Water is Coast Guard approved as sanitary and safe, unlike bottled water which is subject to absolutely no federal standards. Tough packaging stands up to weather and shields water against inhospitable conditions. Available for purchase by the 3-day pack or by the case. Case contains 12 individual water packets, to be consumed with meals, one packet four times a day. Shelf life: 5 years.

  • Color: clear
  • Brand: Datrex
  • ASIN: B001CS53E2
  • UPC: 766359169095

Datrex Emergency Water Packet - 3 Day/72 Hour Supply (24 Packs) (1 Pack)

Datrex Emergency Water Packet - 3 Day/72 Hour

Emergency purified water for immediate use; lightweight and extremely compact

  • Brand: Datrex
  • ASIN: B0134DAXM4
  • UPC: 707152645379

Datrex Emergency Water Pouches 125 ml each, Case of 64

Datrex Emergency Water Pouches 125 ml each, Case

Datrex® Emergency Water Pouches Case of 64 Case of 64 - 125 ml (4.227 oz.) Pouches Purified water for immediate use. Superior packaging materials for optimum durability. Easy to dispense from a premeasured pouches Lightweight and extremely compact Loss potential minimized due to individual pouches approved by the U.S. Coast Guard and Canadian Coast Guard and exceeds their specifications. The pouches can withstand 600 pounds of pressure per square inch Pouches can be frozen and used as "cold packs." Has a five year shelf-life is five years Date of manufacture is stamped on each package. Keep emergency water rations in your home, office, in the glove compartment of your vehicle and in your backpack.

  • Brand: Datrex
  • ASIN: B0014EOW96

Ready America 3000 The Survival Box

Ready America 3000 The Survival

Get the basic life supplies in a convenient, easy to store box. Provides enough food and water to sustain 1 person for 3 days. Each kit contains 6 individually sealed water pouches, 1-2400 calorie food bar and 1 lightweight, compact blanket which retains 90% body heat and can double as a rain poncho or shelter. 5 year shelf life, from date of manufacture, US Coast Guard approved food and water. Box is bilingual in Spanish and English. Keep one handy wherever you spend the most time.

  • Brand: Ready America
  • UPC: 753962030003

73011 Mayday Pouch Water 4.225 Oz/125Ml 100 Pack

73011 Mayday Pouch Water 4.225 Oz/125Ml 100

These individual ready to drink purified water pouches have a 5 year shelf life. Minimum 2 pouches per person per day recommended. Purified by reverse osmosis to meet U.S. Pharmacopoeia standards and sealed in leak-proof pouches to prevent bacteria growth, these 4.225 oz emergency purified water pouches are U.S. Coast guard approved. Purified, sterilized, and sealed in airtight pouches, these emergency water rations can withstand temperatures ranging from 40 F to 230 F and offer a dependable potable water supply for up to five years without the need for rotation schedules and additional purification. Can be frozen without any adverse effects, and it can also be used as cold compress. U. S. Coast guard approved.

  • Brand: Mayday
  • ASIN: B06Y3K69D1
  • UPC: 753962730118

Wise Company Survival Kit, Food and Emergency Supply Backpack, Camo

Wise Company Survival Kit, Food and Emergency Supply

Be prepared when disaster strikes with a convenient grab-and-go emergency backpack loaded with the essentials to get you through the worst. Whether a natural disaster, pandemic, evacuation or otherwise, this survival kit contains the food, water, and supplies needed to keep you safe in a survival situation. Includes 1 backpack, 5 Water Pouches, 42 Piece Bandage Kit, 1 Squeeze Flashlight, 5-in-1 Survival Whistle, Waterproof Matches,Mylar Blanket, Emergency Poncho, Playing Cards, N95 Dust Mask Portable Stove, Stainless Steel Cup, Pocket Tissues, Wet Naps, Waste Bag, 32 Servings of Wise Food-Southwest Beans and Rice (4 Serve), Creamy Pasta and Veggie Rotini (4 Serve), Brown Sugar Multi-Grain (4 Serve), Apple Cinnamon Cereal (4 Serve), Hearty Tortilla (4 Serve), Whey Milk (12 Serve)

  • Color: Camo
  • Brand: Wise Company
  • UPC: 851238005059

Augason Farms 50 Year Ultra Purified Water 11.5 oz Cans

Augason Farms 50 Year Ultra Purified Water 11.5

Augason Farms 50 Year Ultra Purified Water gives you the ultimate in water security and fresh taste for up to 50 Years. Water goes through an eight-stage ultra-purification process and is contained in easy-to-store aluminum cans that have been sterilized to 185 Degree degrees, eliminating all traces of bacteria. Make sure your family (and pets) are well prepared with a minimum of one gallon of water per day per person (2 quarts drinking, 1 quart food prep, 1 quart hygiene). Up to 50-year shelf life 99.999% free of biological and chemical contaminants Canned water heated to 185 Degree to ensure no bacteria remains 100% protection from oxygen, light, moisture, and other contaminants Cans crush resistant up to 250 pounds and rust proof Cans are recyclable Family owned and operated since 1972, Augason Farms products arefor their great taste and superior quality. Include Augason Farms in your pantry for everyday use or in your emergency food supply for the unexpected.

  • Brand: Augason Farms
  • ASIN: B07GM5Y7DB
  • UPC: 078716086021

S.O.S. Food Labs Millennium Assorted Energy Bars (6 Count) - Long Shelf Life Fruit Flavored Bar Bundle - Survival Pack for Calamity, Disaster, Hiking and Meal Replacement - with Emergency Guide

S.O.S. Food Labs Millennium Assorted Energy Bars (6

Looking for a high-quality, great-tasting emergency food bar? If so, the New Millennium Energy Bar is a great option for your emergency supplies. This emergency food bar has a five year shelf life, is US Coast Guard approved and holds up to hot and cold temperatures. Simply put, it’s the best emergency food ration you can have. These emergency food bars are designed to provide a quick, nutritious source of energy in an emergency. Make sure to add these calorie food bars to your survival kit list. They're about the size of a regular candy bar and ideal for school, office and home kits.

  • Color: MULTI COLOR
  • Brand: S.O.S. Food Labs
  • ASIN: B01CD7URX2
  • UPC: 707152646413

Mainstay Emergency Drinking Water 4.225 oz (60 Pack)

Mainstay Emergency Drinking Water 4.225 oz (60

Each case contains 60 (4.224 ounce) packs.

  • Brand: Survival Ind
  • ASIN: B000GFJV7M

Life Gear Emergency Food, Water & Thermal blanket for 1 person, 3 days, add to emergency or survival kit

Life Gear Emergency Food, Water & Thermal blanket

Every family member, student, or co-worker needs to be protected in case of an emergency. The Life Essentials kit from Life+Gear provides the basic "Essentials" of life: food, water, and warmth. For even greater safety and protection, Life Essentials kits will fit into the Wings of Life Backpack for complete protection of a family of four or extended days of protection for a smaller family. The survival kit includes a 3 day supply of water and a 3 day supply of food. Both are made in the USA, US Coast Guard approved and have a 5 year shelf life. In addition to food and water, the kit includes a thermal blanket that is capable of capturing 80 percent body heat. Instant portability for a safety kit that is ideal for the home, office, car or for exploring nature. Life+Gear: Peace of mind, wherever you go.

  • Color: Yellow and Black
  • Brand: Life+Gear
  • ASIN: B003QCJ1QS
  • UPC: 898639003291

Mainstay Emergency Drinking Water 60 Packets/case 5yr Shelf Life

Mainstay Emergency Drinking Water 60 Packets/case 5yr Shelf

Emergency Drinking Water 60 Packets

  • Color: silver
  • Brand: Mainstay Water Packs-60
  • ASIN: B0078FXCZK
  • UPC: 054931437213

Emergency Water Pack -3 Day Survival Rations (6x4.2oz. Pouches) 5 Year Shelf Life USCG Approved

Emergency Water Pack -3 Day Survival Rations (6x4.2oz.

Emergency Water

  • Brand: Mainstay
  • ASIN: B0075ZH3SU

Emergency Food & Water For Your Car - Live Life Ready, On the Go, Wherever You Go

Emergency Food & Water For Your Car -

Ready Project's Emergency Food & Water For Your Car is the perfect companion to any car or existing car kit. Don't be caught unprepared if you are stranded in your car! Perfect for your car Won't burst when frozen Fits in glove box or under your seat 400 Calorie Emergency/Energy Food Bars 8.45 oz Emergency Drinking Water Pouches

  • ASIN: B014T97V22
  • UPC: 819222012957

Expedition Research LLC TAC-H2O - 100 Aquatab 49mg Water Purification Tablets - by Tac-Bar Tactical Food Rations

Expedition Research LLC TAC-H2O - 100 Aquatab 49mg

Safety heat sealed in 4-layer 140 micron thick Mylar TAC-H2O pouch. Resealable z-lock and waterproof. Aquatabs are the world's no.1 water purification tablets. They are effervescent tablets which kill micro- organisms in water to prevent cholera, typhoid, dysentery and other water borne diseases. Aquatabs are used in emergency situations and also for continuous use in households that do not have access to safe drinking water. Aquatabs are used by all major aid agencies, NGOs, and peacekeeping/ defence forces worldwide for the treatment of human drinking water in emergency situations. 15 billion litres of water were treated using Aquatabs in 2008. Aquatabs water purification tablets are used by NATO, British army, French army, German army, Russian army, American Special forces, and many more defence and peace keeping forces. Aquatabs are ideal for the treatment of water for international travellers and for camping situations. Water treated with Aquatabs is ready to drink within 30 minutes. Extensive worldwide trials on efficacy, health impact studies and acceptability have seen Aquatabs become the fastest growing water treatment product worldwide. Aquatabs are a sustainable, very low cost solution to long term point of use household water treatment problems. (a) Pharmaceutical man...

  • Color: Matte Black
  • Brand: Expedition Research LLC
  • ASIN: B019KZ0GVI
  • UPC: 703546079539
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