Eminence Apricot Body Oil, 8.2 Ounce

Eminence Apricot Body Oil, 8.2

A soothing and moisturizing body oil. Formulated with Apricot Kernel Oil. high in Vitamins A. C and E. Helps soften and clarify skin while enhancing its flexibility. Contains Grape Seed Oil and Jojoba Oil for rejuvenating. restructuring and hydrating actions. Effectively minimizes the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Loaded with Sea buckthorn Oil. rich in vitamins and nutrients that shield skin cell membrane. Body skin appears smoother. relieved and younger looking. Perfect for normal to dry skin.

  • Brand: Eminence
  • ASIN: B002KA4PMW
  • UPC: 885312916443

Eminence Eminence Apricot Body Oil

Eminence Eminence Apricot Body

Eminence Eminence Apricot Body Oil

  • Brand: Eminence
  • ASIN: B002X3VJ8E

NOW Solutions, Apricot Kernel Oil, Hair Moisturizer, Rejuventaing Skin Oil, Softens Fine Lines, 16-Ounce

NOW Solutions, Apricot Kernel Oil, Hair Moisturizer, Rejuventaing

Condition:  Dry, aging skin or brittle hair in need of treatment. Solution: 100% Pure Apricot Oil is a rejuvenating natural oil that’s ideal for softening fine lines and restoring a healthy glow to skin. Rich in essential fatty acids, this gentle oil has excellent restorative properties that promote soft, radiant hair and help to soothe dry skin. Similar in structure and function to almond extracts, oils derived from apricot kernels will naturally nourish and moisturize your skin. NOW Solutions products are not tested on animals.

  • Brand: NOW Foods
  • ASIN: B00028MLG6
  • UPC: 885110727425

Eminence Apricot Body Oil - 240ml/8.2oz

Eminence Apricot Body Oil -

Apricot Body Oil - 240ml/8.2oz - 226735

  • Brand: Eminence
  • ASIN: B0087DTZSK
  • UPC: 699107698847

Sweet Almond Oil for Hair and Skin, 100% Pure and Cold Pressed, Hexane Free, Skin Moisturizer, Nails, Therapeutic Massage, Carrier Oil - by Pure Body Naturals 16 Fl. Ounce (Label Varies)

Sweet Almond Oil for Hair and Skin, 100%

Non-toxic Sweet Almond Oil is selectively sourced from Spanish artisans, then tested and bottled in the USA. It is cold pressed to retain healthy antioxidants that are otherwise damaged by being exposed to heat. Sweet Almond Oil is a non-greasy, multi-purpose solution for hair, face, body, nails and diluting aromatherapy essential oils. It is an emollient and absorbs easily into the skin, refreshing and hydrating tissues without clogging pores. These features combine to make Sweet Almond Oil an effective natural solution to relieve dry skin, itching, soreness and inflammation, especially when these issues arise from skin conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema. Equipped with a mild, pleasant scent, almond oil is perfect for household and personal care products, such as moisturizers, hair conditioners, and massage oils. Hair Care Conditioner: High in Vitamin E, which is essential for healthy hair, Sweet Almond Oil is a great choice for locking moisture into hair strands with little mess and fuss. After shampooing, massage Sweet Almond Oil into hair and scalp. Leave in for 3-5 minutes and rinse or leave in hair. Hair Growth: When used regularly, Sweet Almond Oil can improve blood circulation, promoting stronger, thicker, healthier hair. The Vitamin E found naturally i...

  • Brand: Pure Body Naturals
  • ASIN: B01LK643T6
  • UPC: 712038210282

Apricot Kernel Oil by Sky Organics - 100% Pure, Natural & Cold-Pressed Apricot Oil - Ideal for Massage, Cooking and Aromatherapy- Rich in Vitamin A - 8oz

Apricot Kernel Oil by Sky Organics - 100%

Apricots are succulent fruits that are filled with vitamins and minerals, but did you know that its tiny seed also contains a lot of nutrients? When extracted to oil form, apricot kernels not only serve as a nutritional supplement but also offer cosmetic and aromatherapeutic purposes. Let your body and skin experience a much-needed boost with Sky Organics Apricot Kernel Oil. This organic product is made of 100% pure apricot kernel oil extracted from apricot seeds. Using the cold press method, the apricot seeds are squeezed in a hydraulic press to extract its juice while retaining all the nutrients, so one would get the full benefits from the source. This all natural kernel oil is loaded with oleic acid and linoleic acid, as well as saturated, unsaturated, and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Along with beneficial acids, this apricot kernel oil also contains Vitamin A. The versatile vitamin helps in nourishing all skin types.. It can be used as a facial toner applied at night. It softens and moisturizes dry and irritated skin. What's more, it also rejuvenatess prematurely aged skin. This pure carrier oil can also be used as a food ingredient and a natural supplement. It can also be used as a massage oil or an substance for soap making. Love your whole body and treat it well. Give your...

  • Brand: Sky Organics
  • ASIN: B01I435FKO
  • UPC: 647356291111

Eminence Organic Skin Care Rosehip Triple C+e Firming Oil, 1 Ounce

Eminence Organic Skin Care Rosehip Triple C+e Firming

Eminence Organic Skin Care Rosehip Triple C+e Firming Oil, 1 Ounce

  • Color: ppo295
  • Brand: Eminence Organic Skin Care
  • UPC: 781549281159

Eminence Apricot Body Oil --240ml/8.2oz WOMEN

Eminence Apricot Body Oil --240ml/8.2oz

Eminence - Body CareProduct Size: 240ml/8.2oz

  • Brand: Eminence

Eminence Coconut Firming Body Lotion, 8.4 Ounce

Eminence Coconut Firming Body Lotion, 8.4

Coconut Firming Body Lotion from Eminence Organics is a rejuvenating body lotion that infuses the skin with deep moisture for lasting hydration. Luxuriously creamy and deliciously aromatic, this body lotion also tightens and firms the skin for a more contoured appearance. To say that the Coconut Firming Body Lotion is gravity-defying is an understatement. This amazing body lotion takes it to another level, stimulating collagen production for better skin elasticity and a tighter appearance. Maybe your just starting to notice some loose skin here an there - get on it quick with this amazing lotion. The sooner you start treating the problem, the less quickly it will advance! Eminence Coconut Firming Body Lotion will revive your skin from head to toe, tightening loose areas, toning its overall appearance, and improving the luster of its surface.

  • Brand: Eminence
  • ASIN: B007XN9HLK
  • UPC: 884428026756

Eminence Facial Recovery Oil, 0.5 Ounce

Eminence Facial Recovery Oil, 0.5

Eminence Facial Recovery Oil 0.5 oz

  • Color: ppo244
  • Brand: Eminence
  • ASIN: B0722RQRVX
  • UPC: 885371095660
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