Fantastic Plastic Machine

Fantastic Plastic

As if we needed further proof that kitsch is the musical Esperanto, Tomoyuki Tanaka, the DJ behind Fantastic Plastic Machine, spins a blend of American consumerism, French savoir-faire, and Japanese engineering that's as frothy as a vacationer's cocktail. This artificially sweetened confection has a taste and consistency similar to Eurohipsters Dimitri from Paris and Stereo Total--as well as more obvious counterparts like Pizzicato Five. From the giddy romp "Dear Mr. Salesman" (featuring P5's Maki Nomiya) to the swirling beats, brass, and bubbliness of "Please, Stop!," Tanaka's nostalgia is broad enough to incorporate a bossa nova cover of Joe Jackson's "Stepping Out" to a Middle Eastern romp called "Allen Ginsberg" that's as authentic as heat-and-serve couscous. Despite the prefab aesthetic, it's fun all the same. --Erik Pedersen

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Like a Machine

Like a


2500 Vol. 1

2500 Vol.

2017 debut for Internasjonal. 1st in a 2 part series. Synth noodles & doodles incl. a rework by Prins Thomas


Slot Machine - Emperor's Fortune Free Vintage Casino Game

Slot Machine - Emperor's Fortune Free Vintage Casino

  • Brand: AchoPijo
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Space Baby Blast Off

Space Baby Blast

1 Fantastic Plastic Machine Bachelor Pad 2 Arling & Cameron We Love To Rock 3 Titan C'Mon Feel The Noise 4 Fantastic Plastic Machine You Must Learn All Night Long (DJ Swamp Remix) Remix - DJ Swamp 5 Arling & Cameron How About The Boys? (Gap Kids Version) 6 DJ Me DJ You Glassbong 7 Inner Thumb, The Citadens 'n' Sitars 8 Arling & Cameron We Love To Rock (Cornelius remix) Remix - Cornelius 9 Fantastic Plastic Machine Electric Lady Land 10 Apples In Stereo, The Avail En Mai 11 Takako Minekawa Milk Rock (Cornelius remix)

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Pop the Lid

Pop the

Jacques Renault on the remix for The Emperor Machine, available on a hand stamped, hand numbered 12"

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Space Beyond the Egg

Space Beyond the

2009 release, the third album from the British Psychedelic Electro act. Andy Meecham has travelled a long and deviant road through numerous musical incarnations to get to this point. From the childlike innocence of Bizarre Inc, to the adolescent fury of Chicken Lips, Meecham has passed through these guises and arrived, fully formed at last, as The Emperor Machine. Attempting to describe these tracks in words is, of course, academic and irrelevant when compared with the actual listening experience. Put quite simply, this is music for your insides that will help turn you inside out. This is the sound of the dream of whatever it is that lies inside the egg: it's near perfect conception of the space beyond. DC.

  • Brand: Dc Recordings
  • ASIN: B0021TVYWQ
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