English Burl Walnut 7ft Serpentine Sideboard

English Burl Walnut 7ft Serpentine

This exquisite serpentine sideboard was recently handmade by a third-generation English cabinetmaker as a reproduction of a neoclassical Georgian antique. The wood is a rich burl walnut, which is treated to an elaborate finishing process that ended in a fine coat of hand-rubbed wax. Along with the solid brass hardware, walnut cross banding around the top and face complements the burl walnut beautifully, while the serpentine shape itself is quite striking. The drawer and two cabinet doors lock with an accompanying set of keys, so you can store your things securely. Of course, because this sideboard is English-made by hand, it is remarkably sturdy, and the drawer features hand-cut dovetails, while the firm square tapered legs will keep this piece standing for generations to come. At an impressive 86.25″ in length and 40.25″ in height this is a real "wow" piece sure to impress all who see it! Overall dimensions: 86.25" w x 25" d x 40.25" h

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: English Classics
  • ASIN: B008Z283IG

English Classics Burl Walnut Pair of Bookcases

English Classics Burl Walnut Pair of

Made in a stunning burled walnut that has been finished a light, honey color, this pair of bookcases would look great in any office or home! They are brand new, hand crafted in England by a third generation furniture maker. He employs the finest techniques and gives each piece its own hand finish just like antiques were made hundreds of years ago. These are made with the quality to make them the antiques of tomorrow with the scale and function to make them perfect for today! Each piece in this pair of bookcases comes with four adjustable wooden shelves in the top area. They adjust via an alligator bracket system to a variety of heights. Inside each cabinet is another adjustable shelf as well. The cabinet doors are quite eye-catching and where you really get a sense of the beauty of the burled walnut combined with the maker's hand finish. The top is finished off with a molded cornice while the bottoms are a solid and study plinth base. Both bookcases are made to withstand being filled up with heavy books, decorations, and other things. The shelves were made thick so they won't bow over time and the bracket system is the strongest system for adjustable shelves. Each shelf in the upper section has a depth of 11.25″. The width of the bookcase including the molding is 51″ while th...

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: English Classics

CARVED Walnut Burl iPhone 6/6s Traveler Case

CARVED Walnut Burl iPhone 6/6s Traveler

All of our products are made from real wood, no fake printed wood grain. The grain pattern will react beautifully to lighting changes. The product you receive will have a different grain pattern than what is pictured. It will be one of a kind. Our unique finish is carefully sprayed onto our products. This finish maintains a natural wood feel and look while providing a very high level of protection for your device Our products are made from 100% real wood which reacts to lighting changes. Your case will look different in the sun than it will inside your house or car. That is what makes our products so beautiful and unique!

  • Color: Walnut
  • Brand: Carved
  • ASIN: B00R55SFBO
  • UPC: 810481028635

Burl Walnut Bookcase with Doors

Burl Walnut Bookcase with

This stunning burl walnut bookcase was recently handmade in England using the finest materials available. The result is a bookcase that is every bit as functional as it is beautiful-a true heirloom quality bookcase that would make an excellent addition to any period furniture collection. A popular wood throughout the centuries of English cabinetry, burl walnut remains a favorite in fine furniture today. It is prized for its distinctive grain and rich complexion, which both become more pronounced with an expert finishing process. Few burl walnut bookcases receive the care and attention that this one has, resulting in an impressive display. The cabinet doors especially showcase the lovely wood in all its natural yet refined splendor. From the cornice to the plinth base, every detail in this bookcase descends from a long and venerable tradition in English cabinetry. The top four shelves are fully adjustable with alligator brackets, an easy-to-use system that dates back hundreds of years. Each shelf is thick and sturdy, ideal for any office storage use: even the heaviest of books will not stress this strong bookshelf. The shelf depth is 11.25″. Finally the cabinet doors lock with an accompanying skeleton key; both the key and the locking mechanism were also made in England by a tra...

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: English Classics
  • ASIN: B00FAR2IV2

Meinl Slaptop Cajon Box Drum with Internal Snares and Forward Projecting Sound Ports - NOT MADE IN CHINA - Makah Burl Playing Surface, 2-YEAR WARRANTY (TOPCAJ1MB)

Meinl Slaptop Cajon Box Drum with Internal Snares

The MEINL Slap Top Cajon is a conceptual step up to a new level. This model is designed to bring the striking surface up nearer to the player, for a more upright playing style. The sound projects forward into the audience from the sound port located on the front of the instrument, which is also convenient for microphone placement. High and low tones as well as a snare effect are built into the sound board. This cajon has all of the outstanding acoustic properties of any standard MEINL cajon. Striking the sides and corners gives more slap and snap sounds, while playing in the middle of the surface delivers deep and boomy bass punches. Soft finger rolls are also easily achievable with its ultra-sensitive playing surface. Cajons are the perfect instrument to use for softer acoustic gigs when a full drum set cannot be used.

  • Color: Makah Burl
  • Brand: Meinl Percussion
  • UPC: 840553071696

Ultra-Modern Music Box with Fold-Up Photo Frame - Solid Wood Jewelry Box with Compartment - Musical Jewelry Box with Picture Frame (6 X 4) - Choose Custom Song for Music Box from 454 Song Choices

Ultra-Modern Music Box with Fold-Up Photo Frame -

Ultra-Modern Music Box with 454 Song Choices Let your beloved cherish her lovely moments with this beautiful musical gifts jewelry box. This jewelry box for the gift by Music Box Attic not only stores your jewelry but also displays your favorite memory with a fold-up photo frame lid that sits flush when closed. The lid fits a 6" x 4" photo, you can fold up the lid to open the jewelry box and display the picture. This Musical box for women is designed artistically with smooth rounded corners with a beautiful hi-gloss rosewood finish. The interior is lined with white velvet that helps your valuables to stay safe. It has 1 open compartment and vertical ring rolls to help you organise your rings effortlessly. With a cutting edge 18-note movement inside this photo frame for decoration, you can enjoy your music box with your favorite melody. Personalize the unique custom gift for her by selecting the song she would love to hear time and again, from 454 available song titles. It's a lovely home décor item the dressing table, chest of drawers and side table as well. Music Box Attic is the music box experts. With 30 years of experience in creating superior musical gifts, we bring you a tremendous variety of music gifts from around the world including mechanical, digital and newest cu...

  • Brand: MusicBoxAttic
  • ASIN: B0751X2J4Z

Pedestal Office Credenza in Burl Walnut

Pedestal Office Credenza in Burl

This stunning burl walnut office credenza was recently bench-made in England as a Georgian period reproduction. Every aspect of this piece speaks of the absolute highest quality, beginning with the wood itself. The solid wood structure is veneered with thick, quality burl walnut. The wood was hand-distressed for an elegant, antique look and feel that will make this credenza suitable for any period furniture collection. Later in the construction process it was stained, finished, and polished with several fine coats of hand-rubbed wax. The writing surface is inlaid with rich brown leather bordered by gold tooling, which contrasts beautifully with the burl walnut. Three standard drawers, a keyboard drawer, a file drawer, and a computer cabinet all provide convenient storage and lock with an accompanying set of skeleton keys. The pedestal desk design allows this credenza to be assembled or taken apart very quickly, sine the desktop simply sits on the two pedestals. With a kneehole that measures 26" wide and 25" high to the bottom of the middle drawer, there is also plenty of space to sit. Overall this credenza is quite a lovely piece and would make a fine addition to any office! Overall Dimensions: 74" wide x 25" deep x 31.5" high.

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: English Classics
  • ASIN: B00FAR1H4Q

English Design Mahogany Finish Spiral Library Steps JI-33350 ~ New

English Design Mahogany Finish Spiral Library Steps JI-33350

Offered for sale is the stunning set of spiral library steps made of Mahogany. They feature nice turned shaft, stretcher base and classic design. These English style steps are brand new, quality made and in excellent clean condition ready for your home. They measure 18"x29"x 62" high and the top step is 30" high. This set of steps can easily ship via UPS and will make a nice accent to any decor. Be sure to view our other offerings for quality items always feel free to email any questions. model JI-33350-CM

  • Color: Mahogany
  • ASIN: B00S1M601M
  • UPC: 881314225323

Burl Walnut File Cabinet with Brown Leather

Burl Walnut File Cabinet with Brown

This burl walnut file cabinet was recently hand-crafted in England by an Old World style cabinetmaker. Having plied his family trade all of his life--the third generation to do so--he has perfected an elaborate finishing process that enriches and protects the natural beauty of the wood. The burl walnut has been hand-distressed using iron and stones to lend it a genuine character. It was then stained, given several coats of finish, and finally hand-rubbed with several coats of wax, which can be reapplied twice a year for repair and maintenance. The solid brass escutcheons and swan neck pulls were crafted by another English craftsman for application in fine furniture--the same way that file cabinets like this have been made for generations. The brass hardware contrasts beautifully with the burl walnut, forming a lovely complement to the wood, with its complex grain and lustrous finish. As a final and crowning adornment, thick, brown cowhide leather has been inlaid into the top and given an embossed border traced on the outside by gold tooling. The result is a stunning array of details that would suit the finest of English furniture collections. In equal measure, this cabinet is also quite functional, combining antique style with modern usability. Each drawer slides smoothly on m...

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: English Classics
  • ASIN: B00CP89K0G

Walnut Hollow Arabic Clock Numerals .625", Gold

Walnut Hollow Arabic Clock Numerals .625",

WALNUT HOLLOW-Arabic Clock Numerals. This package contains 5/8in black and gold plastic numerals for clock makers. Made in USA.

  • Color: Gold
  • Brand: Walnut Hollow
  • ASIN: B000Y3GQLA
  • UPC: 433599045976

English Burl Walnut Writing Table Desk ~ NEW JI-33151-EM-AUB

English Burl Walnut Writing Table Desk ~ NEW

One of our best sellers is this stunning burl walnut English style writing desk on tall Sheraton style legs. The desk features high quality tooled leather top, fluted legs, brass hardware and stunning inlaid accents. Perfect desk for any home office or living room. Specifications Width: 49.75" Depth: 29" Height: 30"

  • Color: Walnut
  • Brand: Jansen
  • ASIN: B00S1JI1L2
  • UPC: 881314225279

Ty Beanie Clip - Marcel

Ty Beanie Clip -

This item is designed to fit specific vehicles. Please ensure correct part fitment before purchasing this project. Contact the seller directly for additional product information and availability.2D / Flat Dash Kits. 2D / Flat Dash Kits Kit Pcs: 19, Walnut Burl.2D / Flat Dash Kits Kit Pcs: 19.KIA OPTIMA 2011-UP, FITS MODELS WITHOUT NAV - DOES NOT FIT EX MODELS. WILL NOT FIT UVO RADIO, KIT PCS: 19, FOR 4 DOOR VEHICLE.Dash Panel OverlayMaterial Description: Walnut Burl.

  • Brand: Ty
  • ASIN: B0136SE47C
  • UPC: 008421366552

Queen Anne Dining Chairs in Burl Walnut

Queen Anne Dining Chairs in Burl

This pair of Queen Anne style dining chairs was recently hand crafted in England. They are made of solid walnut with burl walnut backrests and upholstered seats. These dining chairs were carefully crafted using several distinctive materials and techniques that are characteristic of Queen Anne style. Although the period lasted for only about the first 15 years of the 18th century, the style of that period was later taken up at the close of the Victorian period. In these dining chairs, it is reflected in the gently double arched backrests whose "pierced" design resembles a pair of wings framed by gorgeous burl walnut. Likewise, the legs are curved in a classic cabriole design. The overall effect is a stunning pair of Queen Anne dining chairs! The style of these Queen Anne dining chairs is commendable for its timeless beauty, but the wood itself is stunning in its own right. A careful selection of burl walnut, this aged wood displays a rich, luxurious complexion and a highly pronounced grain. Such remarkable quality burl walnut would be quite a prize for period English furniture collectors. Setting them apart from other sets even further is the fine hand finish each chair received in England. The upholstery on each removable seat cushion is a simple white muslin waiting to be covere...

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: English Classics
  • ASIN: B078NHW6X7

Charming Burl - Over 400 Song Choices - Walnut Flower in Heart Outline Sorrento Musical Jewelry Box English Country Garden

Charming Burl - Over 400 Song Choices -

A truly remarkable work of craftsmanship, this warm wood toned floral musical keepsake is a perfect gift for that someone special. It's timeless appeal is why it will be cherished for years to come. This amazing music box features a single traditional flower inside a heart outline. It sits in contrast to the gorgeous wood grain patterns of solid burl-walnut. This piece is entirely hand-made in Sorrento, Italy and is constructed using only the finest materials. The extraordinary exterior features is complimented by its plush interior. Listen as the wonders of sound fill the room with a melody only a traditional mechanical movement can produce. It will sure bring moments of tranquility time and time again. With over 380+ tunes available, you're sure to find that perfect melody. Please see "item options" for available tunes or visit our "listening station" for all song titles as well as sample clips. Thank you very much for your interest in our products! Your satisfaction is always guaranteed at the Attic!Dimensions: Length - 4.75" Width - 4.25" Height - 2.5"

  • Brand: MusicBoxAttic

Handcrafted 18 Note Ballet Pointe Shoes Inlay Music Box with Spinning Ballerina - Over 400 Song Choices - English Country Garden

Handcrafted 18 Note Ballet Pointe Shoes Inlay Music

Tune: 18 Note Movement (please see above for available song titles) Wood inlay: Ballerina Pointe Shoes and Ribbons Exterior: Glossy, natural wood tone Interior: Rotating ballerina with white dress spins to the melody Wood/Materials: Burl walnut and rosewood (trim), functional lock with key and tassel Handcrafted in Sorrento, Italy Dimension: 6.25 x 6.25 x 2.75 Please contact us if you would like this music box with a higher note movement.

  • Brand: MusicBoxAttic
  • ASIN: B07RYP2559
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