Dying on the Vine (The Gourmet Detective Mysteries Book 3)

Dying on the Vine (The Gourmet Detective Mysteries

“Frolic through the vineyards and fine restaurants of Provence” in this delectable mystery set in French wine country, where the time is ripe for murder (Publishers Weekly). The vineyards of the Willesford Wine Group occupy a particularly choice section of French wine country. From the grapes of Provence, the owners of this impeccably managed syndicate have squeezed international fame and fortune. Next to their spectacular estate lies the petite Peregrine Winery, whose shadowy owners suddenly make repeated requests to buy Willesford’s property—raising their offer each time. Unable to discern Peregrine’s motive for these persistent attempts, the Willesford group sends for London’s gourmet detective, a sleuth with impeccable reasoning and an even finer palate. When he arrives in Provence, he doesn’t even have time to sample the pâté before he finds a dead man leaning against a cart, dripping blood into the fine French terroir. For the winemakers of Provence, this will be an excellent year for murder.

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Winemakers of the Willamette Valley: Pioneering Vintners from Oregon's Wine Country (American Palate)

Winemakers of the Willamette Valley: Pioneering Vintners from

In a relatively short span, Willamette Valley wineries have made good on the tempting recipe of rich soils, mild climate and an extended growing season to produce world-class wines while leading the industry in sustainable practices. Like the wines they produce, Willamette Valley vintners are bursting with character. Visit the valley's cellars and tasting rooms with authors Vivian Perry and John Vincent as they share insightful portraits of eighteen local winemakers who have helped shape the most recent chapters of Oregon's wine story. Like countless others throughout Oregon, these winemakers blend passion with knowledge, intuition with experience and business acumen with a relentless pursuit of quality. Overflowing with illustrations and color photographs, this book is a must for the resident, the traveler or the connoisseur.



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Home for the Harvest

Home for the

Jordon Dexter is a screenwriter in a troubled marriage with an uncertain writing career. He has a darling trans son, who his wife is dubious about accepting. As she struggles to accept the boy’s gender identity, Jordon and his wife’s lives are filled with hate-filled screaming sessions until Jordon learns some unsavory facts about his wife, and she reveals that she knows some unsavory facts about him. It appears there is no way for them to find peace except through an uncomfortable divorce.Meanwhile, Jordon’s birth family has a struggling vineyard north of Santa Barbara. His sister calls him and insists he come home to deal with a family crisis with his father in the hospital. As he struggles with his own crumbling family, it’s difficult to see how he can get away. But his own secrets have been begging to be expressed, and he sees that going to his family home may be a way to escape, at least temporarily, from the stress of his Los Angeles life. Finally, it is clear he must leave, and so he heads homeward. Up in Reno, Nevada, an unconscious John Doe is discovered beaten and dumped in a ditch by the side of a county road. The investigating detective has no clues and no idea how to find out who this guy is, let alone how to solve the crime and catch the perpetrators. The J...

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Judgment of Paris

Judgment of

The only reporter present at the mythic Paris Tasting of 1976—a blind tasting where a panel of esteemed French judges chose upstart California wines over France’s best—for the first time introduces the eccentric American winemakers and records the tremendous aftershocks of this historic event that changed forever the world of wine.The Paris Tasting of 1976 will forever be remembered as the landmark event that transformed the wine industry. At this legendary contest—a blind tasting—a panel of top French wine experts shocked the industry by choosing unknown California wines over France’s best. George M. Taber, the only reporter present, recounts this seminal contest and its far-reaching effects, focusing on three gifted unknowns behind the winning wines: a college lecturer, a real estate lawyer, and a Yugoslavian immigrant. With unique access to the main players and a contagious passion for his subject, Taber renders this historic event and its tremendous aftershocks—repositioning the industry and sparking a golden age for viticulture across the globe. With an eclectic cast of characters and magnificent settings, Judgment of Paris is an illuminating tale and a story of the entrepreneurial spirit of the new world conquering the old.

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Hungry for Wine: Seeing the World Through the Lens of a Wine Glass

Hungry for Wine: Seeing the World Through the

Get ready to find some things you never expected to find in a book about wine.Things like regrets, migrant labor, war, financial crises, and post-apartheid economics.Things, too, like following a calling, and doing something even though it makes no sense, and creating the life you imagine for yourself.For the people you’ll meet in these twelve chapters, wine does so much more than quench thirst. Wine is how they express themselves to the world. It’s how they put food on the table for their families. It’s how they carve their niche. Sometimes it’s even their tool to fight repression and discrimination.Hungry for Wine is also a memoir about how the author went from simply liking the taste of wine, to tasting it every day, to writing about it 365 days a year, to traveling the world in search of the people and the stories in this book.Some people see the world in a grain of sand. Now you can see it in a glass of wine.This book will change the way you look at wine. Forever.

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Hawkes Bay



Episode Six


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Sulfur Springs: A Novel (16) (Cork O'Connor Mystery Series)

Sulfur Springs: A Novel (16) (Cork O'Connor Mystery

In William Kent Krueger’s latest pulse-pounding thriller, Cork O’Connor’s search for a missing man in the Arizona desert puts him at the center of a violent power struggle along the Mexican border, a struggle that might cost Cork everything and everyone he holds most dear.On the Fourth of July, just as fireworks are about to go off in Aurora, Minnesota, Cork O’Connor and his new bride Rainy Bisonette listen to a desperate voicemail left by Rainy's son, Peter. The message is garbled and full of static, but they hear Peter confess to the murder of someone named Rodriguez. When they try to contact him, they discover that his phone has gone dead. The following morning, Cork and Rainy fly to Coronado County in southern Arizona, where Peter has been working as a counselor in a well-known drug rehab center. When they arrive, they learn that Peter was fired six months earlier and hasn’t been heard from since. So they head to the little desert town of Sulfur Springs where Peter has been receiving his mail. But no one in Sulfur Springs seems to know him. They do, however, recognize the name Rodriguez. Carlos Rodriguez is the head of a cartel that controls everything illegal crossing the border from Mexico into Coronado County. As they gather scraps of information about Peter, C...

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Favorite Recipes of California Winemakers. Wine Cookery at Its Finest

Favorite Recipes of California Winemakers. Wine Cookery at

Compiled by the Wine Advisory Board of California. This is a book of elegance and distinction that capitalizes on a simple truth: Good food tastes even better with wine. Here are 300 prize recipes, developed and perfected with loving practice over the years by California winemakers, their wives and families, their colleagues and companions. The use of win in cooking is surely the happiest- and probably one of the oldest- of mankind's culinary discoveries. This delectable assortment of wine-flavored dishes brings home another truth: It's easy to cook with wine. Wine blends with a variety of foods, inevitably improving the taste. Here is a moth-watering collection of recipes for you to serve and savor. c 1963, Published by Essandess Special Editions, a division of Simon & Schuster Inc.

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Wine Enthusiast February 2011 Magazine WORLD'S BESTVINTAGE CHART 2011 Atlas Peak Wines: Napa's Next Big Cabernets

Wine Enthusiast February 2011 Magazine WORLD'S BESTVINTAGE CHART


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Wines of the Languedoc (The Infinite Ideas Classic Wine Library)

Wines of the Languedoc (The Infinite Ideas Classic

  • Brand: Infinite Ideas Limited
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Wine Enthusiast November 2010 Magazine WINES FOR $15 OR LESS RATED 90 + Top 100 Best Buys 2010

Wine Enthusiast November 2010 Magazine WINES FOR $15


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