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EXECUTIVE TOY (#1) is a BDSM menage romance of 18,000 words. Contains multiple partners and BDSM elements in office settings. To stay alive, Lindsay has always relied on her looks and her wits. It’s not always enough, and underneath her carefully polished exterior is a desperate woman who will do anything to survive. When she’s called to account for her misuse of the company credit card, she hopes to flirt her way out of trouble. Instead she finds herself faced with a gorgeous stranger who is immune to her manipulation, and she’s shocked by the punishment he deals out.No one in the office can tell her who the stranger is, and when she encounters him again weeks later, things take another unexpected turn… times three. Three handsome, rich businessmen. In their arms, she almost feels safe. But she knows the truth: safe is an illusion, and staying alive is all that matters.This BDSM romance includes sexual dominance and submission, spanking, multiple partner, menage, and many other delights. For adults only. Romantic suspense.

  • ASIN: B00OMO36EM

Executive Toy: Feminized for the Very First Time

Executive Toy: Feminized for the Very First

Feminized for the Very First Time ...Jacob always wonders how his cute college friend Mia always has so much money. She's always dressed in designer clothes, and has her own apartment. And one drunk night she finally let's him in on her secret, with an offer to get him in on the action too. Before he knows it, this totally straight guy finds his head turned, as Mia initiates him into a whole new world of feminization fun ...

  • ASIN: B073NRBZX6

Speks Super Magnetic Balls Desk Toys. Big Balls, Even Bigger Fun.

Speks Super Magnetic Balls Desk Toys. Big Balls,

Fun, Supersized Speks Super takes all the fun of original Speks, and makes it BIG. We're talking really big, as in 33mm (that's 1.3 inches), so each magnetic ball fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. These big, bold balls are available with a green or gray base and are completely safety complaint. Super desk toys are ideal for office fidgeters, pen clickers, and cuticle pickers alike. Say goodbye to office stress when you clack, stick, and move these cool magnetic balls. And Speks Super is more than just a magnetic desk toy - it's an unusual desk sculpture and organizer, too! The powerful magnetic balls clack together to hold your most valued business cards, keeping 'em close at at hand and top of mind. Keep track of those pesky loose paperclips by sticking them on your Super for a modern spin on organization. We can't promise you'll be the envy of all your coworkers...but don't be surprised when people stop by to ask you where you got 'em! Product Details: - Five Magnetic Balls in Each Pack - Comes with Base in Green or Gray - Unique Desk Organization Idea - Sleek Magnets Make Desk Toys into Art - Ideal Gift for Coworkers - Perfect for Stress Relief and Meditation Let's do this! Add Speks Super to your cart and get clackin'.

  • Color: Grey
  • Brand: Speks
  • UPC: 760680175428

Dirtiest Lie (Executive Toy Book 5)

Dirtiest Lie (Executive Toy Book

DIRTIEST LIE (#5) is a steamy romance of 27,000 words. Contains gorgeous billionaire bosses who like to take charge.Lindsay needs to trust someone other than herself, and that means confiding her darkest secret to her billionaire bosses.The secret that turned her into a desperate runaway seven years ago.The secret that will destroy her innocent sister’s life.With her cruel grandfather now aware of Lindsay’s location, time is running out. He’s coming for her, and each of her options can only lead to disaster.Trusting Romeo, Slade, and Hawthorne will save her.It will destroy her, too.This office menage is a romantic suspense. Includes BDSM elements of dominance and submission.

  • ASIN: B00WJ1K61G

Forbidden Fix (Executive Toy Book 6)

Forbidden Fix (Executive Toy Book

FORBIDDEN FIX (#6) is a steamy romantic suspense of 38,000 words. It’s the final story in the series and is over twice the length of the first story! Contains sexy billionaire bosses and menage romance.Lindsay has made a terrible mistake. Her billionaire bosses are ensnaring her grandfather in an elaborate scheme, but Lindsay knows it’s too late. By confronting her grandfather, she accidentally revealed the one thing he can use to control her: her sister.She loves her bosses and her new life with them, but she won’t abandon her sister again.Romeo, Slade, and Hawthorne are powerful men, and they convince her to trust them just a little longer. They won’t let anything happen to her.Then, everything shatters again.This BDSM romance includes dominance and submission and many other delights.

  • ASIN: B00YO38PME

DESDK Kinetic Desk Toy Stress Relief Toys Office Executive Toys Metal Fidget Spinner Ball with Optical Illusion for Adults & Kids, Anti Anxiety ADHD Relieve Stress Inspire Inner Creativity(Gray)

DESDK Kinetic Desk Toy Stress Relief Toys Office

"We believe optical illusion is a unique way to bring excitement to anyone.A piece of kinetic art that invites you to transform it from precisely engineered still shape into hypnotic optical illusion. Want to surprise someone? We believe our visual illusion ball can be a truly great and original present for Christmas, New year , birthday or Other festival --Built for creators, makers, thinkers, and anyone who wants to release their inner creativity and imagination.Keep focus, relieve stress, eliminate anxiety, kill boredom, or simply relax during working hours or at home. --Also great for fidget, autism, depression, anxiety, ADHD, staying awake and other attention disorder issues, like nail biting, insomnia, smoking, leg shaking, etc --Made out of high-quality aluminum it has a helix-shaped groove milled alongside the whole surface. --Every globe has a rotating base equipped with high-quality bearing, guaranteeing a smooth and long-lasting spin. --With our precision CNC machines, every ball is able to achieve minutely milled lines and smooth surface texture upon. About the Product Diameter: 1.9 inches Weight: 0.36 pounds Optimal rotation time; 20 seconds Max rotation time: 45 to 90 seconds Package included 1×Visual illusion ball (The base and the ball body are desig...

  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: DESDK
  • UPC: 738598182593

ROBOTIME 3D Wooden Puzzle Brain Teaser Toys Mechanical Gears Kit Unique Craft Kits Tower Coaster with Steel Balls Executive Desk Toys Best Gifts for Adults and Kids

ROBOTIME 3D Wooden Puzzle Brain Teaser Toys Mechanical

Tower Coaster Patience is the key to finish all these kits. We recommend to take your time and enjoy every bit of it. Detail Specifications ● Product Size:252*227*203mm. ● Product Weight: 800g. ● Wooden Pieces: 227pcs ● Assembling Time: Approximately 20 hours. ● Recommended Age: 14+. ● Safe and non-toxic. ● Pretty decoration. Package Content ● All things shown in the pictures.(Need to DIY). ● English Instruction of assemble process. Order Now Before Inventory Runs Out! - Click Add To Cart Above! About Us ●ROBOTIME, founded since 2007, is a world famous brand focus on 3D wooden assemble puzzle & toys ,wooden handicrafts. We are dedicated to providing Innovative, Imaginative, Intelligent and Interactive products. Our fundamental mission is to supply "Total Puzzle Solution" to the world and make fun to all ages who assembling ROBOTIME DIY products. ROBOTIME, Building Things to Life !

  • Color: Tower Coaster
  • Brand: ROBOTIME

Professional Sin (Executive Toy Book 2)

Professional Sin (Executive Toy Book

PROFESSIONAL SIN (#2) is an erotic romance of 19,000 words. Contains sexy billionaire bosses and office romance. The skills that keep Lindsay alive are turning into liabilities. She needs to keep covering her tracks, which leads to lying to her bosses in order to hide her true identity.Hawthorne, Romeo and Slade are powerful men who have zero tolerance for what they perceive as disrespect. They spell it out clearly: no more lies. As much as Lindsay wants to walk away, she knows the three men give her something no one else can.When someone from her previous life recognizes her, her bosses demand to know who she really is and what she’s running from.Is a half-truth a truth? Or is it just another lie?This BDSM romance contains dominance and submission and many other delights. For adults only. Romantic suspense.


To Pixar and Beyond: My Unlikely Journey with Steve Jobs to Make Entertainment History

To Pixar and Beyond: My Unlikely Journey with

“Lovely and surprising . . . This delightful book is about finance, creative genius, workplace harmony, and luck.”—Fortune ”Enchanting,”—New York Times “I love this book! I think it is brilliant.”—Ed Catmull, cofounder and president of Pixar Animation, president of Disney Animation, and coauthor of the bestseller Creativity Inc.The revelatory saga of Pixar’s rocky start and improbable success After Steve Jobs was dismissed from Apple in the early 1990s, he turned his attention to a little‑known graphics company he owned called Pixar. One day, out of the blue, Jobs called Lawrence Levy, a Harvard‑trained lawyer and executive to whom he had never spoken before. He hoped to persuade Levy to help him pull Pixar back from the brink of failure.  This is the extraordinary story of what happened next: how Jobs and Levy concocted and pulled off a highly improbable plan that transformed Pixar into one of Hollywood’s greatest success stories. Levy offers a masterful, firsthand account of how Pixar rose from humble beginnings, what it was like to work so closely with Jobs, and how Pixar’s story offers profound lessons that can apply to many aspects of our lives.   “Part business book and part thriller—a tale that’s every bit as compelling as the ones Pi...

  • ASIN: B01912OSA0

Executive Package (Office Toy Book 6)

Executive Package (Office Toy Book

EXECUTIVE PACKAGE is an erotic romance novella of 26,000 words. M/f/m/m and M/f/m/m/m/m (multiple billionaires loving one submissive heroine). Elle’s domineering billionaire bosses introduce her to the world as theirs, unleashing public scrutiny that she’s not prepared for. As if that weren’t trouble enough, they want her to choose which of them to marry.Cunningham—brooding, controlling and dominant. Jonathan—confident and playful with movie star looks. Nolan—spoiled playboy who knows Elle better than she knows herself. It’s an impossible decision, one that’s destroying Elle. She’s been submitting to her bosses for months, but she’s never felt so helpless. Deep down, who does she love the most?This billionaire romance contains explicit sexual content and BDSM graphic language that may be objectionable to some readers. Includes office shenanigans, multiple partner, DP, gang bang, sexual dominance and submission, spanking, aggressive fellatio, sexy humiliation and many other delights. For adults only. Office Toy #6.

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