Corner-to-Corner Lap Throws For the Family (Annies Crochet)

Corner-to-Corner Lap Throws For the Family (Annies

Corner-to-Corner is a fun and unique way of crocheting! By following a pixel graph instead of a written pattern, you can incorporate virtually any character or image you want into a crochet blanket. This great book includes how-to instructions and step-by-step photos. Also included are instructions for 5 cute throws. All designs are made using #4 worsted-weight yarn.


Hats and Scarves for the Family

Hats and Scarves for the

Great for gifts, the cozy designs in Hats and Scarves for the Family offer fashionable styles for kids, teens, and adults. Clear instructions are easy to follow, and bonus online technique videos offer extra help. All featuring medium weight yarn, the designs include Houndstooth Set (adult hat and scarf); Lattice Stitch Set (hat and scarf for child and adult sizes); Everyday Set (hat and scarf for child and adult sizes); Team Colors Set (teen hat and scarf to make in any two colors); and Child's Rainbow Ripple Set (scarf and two hat variations). For the classic adult patterns, a color change is all it takes to make them just right for men or women.

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The Almanac of Crocheting

The Almanac of

The Almanac of Crocheting is the complete comprehensive A to Z guide on crochet. It will take you from a Beginners level all the way up to advance. And countless projects for the novice to all the way up to Expert.Includes Free Bonus Book: Learn How to Knit Basic Knitting Techniques and Stitches for Beginners Basic Crochet Stitches and Techniques, starts you out from the very beginning and guides you through the basic stitches and skills you need to learn to start to crochet. With clear instructions and instructional images you’re be crocheting in no time. If you have never picked up a hook or yarn this book is for you, or if you need a refresher on basic stitches and techniques you will find this book a valuable resource. She even guides you through reading patterns and shares a basic Granny Square and dishcloth pattern for you to practice. The Resource section of this book also has links to instructional videos and website to help you grow in your skills. Don’t miss out on this beginning crochet book! How to Crochet Corner 2 Corner and Ripple Afghans, Dorothy Wilks shares with you the basic stitches and techniques you need to learn these popular patterns. Corner 2 Corner has fast become a favorite technique, and the ripple or wave pattern has stood the test of time and rema...

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Crochet Patterns For Babies (2nd Edition): 41 Adorable Patterns For Baby Hats, Blankets & Clothes!

Crochet Patterns For Babies (2nd Edition): 41 Adorable

Make the most adorable baby hats, blankets & clothes with these easy crochet patterns (even if you're a complete beginner)This is the #1 Best Selling "Baby Crochet Patterns" Book on Amazon RIGHT NOW!Imagine having a full list of 41 crochet patterns for adorable baby hats, blankets and clothing, that you can make whenever you want (even if you're an absolute beginner)!What if you could quickly and easily make beautiful clothes, blankets, and hats for your own baby or to give as a gift?Multi-time best selling arts & crafts author and influencer, Kitty Moore, presents the most popular and best selling beginner-level crochet book on Amazon, specifically targeted to making baby hats, blankets, and clothing. It is so popular now that millions of Kitty's fans are making their own crochet items and sharing it all over the internet - on Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest!If you want to learn how to make the most adorable crochet items for babies...If you are looking to learn how to crochet or put your existing skills to great use...Or if the idea of receiving a full list of ready-to-go crafts appeals to you...THEN THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!This is the 2nd edition of my book and after months of feedback and editing, my team and I have produced the best collection on Amazon of baby croch...

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Dress Up Dolls Amigurumi Crochet Patterns: 5 big dolls with clothes, shoes, accessories, tiny bear and big carry bag patterns (Sayjai's Amigurumi Crochet Patterns) (Volume 3)

Dress Up Dolls Amigurumi Crochet Patterns: 5 big

The Dress Up Dolls are very cute, huggable and can change clothes, shoes and hats. They have a tiny teddy bear and sets of dresses, shoes, hats and bags. Also included is the pattern for the big bag to carry and keep them tidy. Patterns include: 5 Big Dolls Patterns (16 inches/ 41.5 cm ), Tiny Teddy Bear Pattern (2.5 inches/ 6.5 cm), 18 Clothing Patterns, 5 Shoes Patterns, 4 Hat Patterns, 4 Doll Bag Patterns, Watering Can Pattern, Big Carry Bag Pattern.

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Crochet Style: Over 30 Trendy, Classic and Sporty Accessories for All Ages

Crochet Style: Over 30 Trendy, Classic and Sporty

Beautifully Textured Accessories for the Whole FamilyWhen you’re looking for new patterns to crochet for yourself and others, Crochet Style provides more than 30 one-of-a-kind hats, ear warmers, cowls and more. Jennifer Dougherty is renowned for her crochet designs’ stunning textures, easy-to-follow instructions and stitch techniques that take your accessories from plain to extraordinary. In Crochet Style, she presents new patterns in three styles—trendy, sporty and classic—for sizes ranging from newborn to large adult. Fashion-forward women and teens will love the urban-style slouchy hats and chunky ear warmers with matching cowls and boot cuffs. For a practical, sporty look that stands out in a crowd, close-fitting beanies and fingerless gloves are perfect choices for men and kids. Timeless classics such as cabled ear warmers, woven hats and lacey cowls are sure to be favorites for many years.The patterns are designed for crocheters with knowledge of basic crochet stitches; they provide great opportunities to develop your skills and learn new stitches. With irresistible photography and a multitude of variations, Crochet Style is an essential source of inspiration, technique and instruction for high-quality, handmade items that are truly unique.


Fun Family Slippers (Easy To Crochet 2 Hour Slippers Book 3)

Fun Family Slippers (Easy To Crochet 2 Hour

These cute slippers are very quick and easy to make. The designs use a number 4 medium weight yarn. The pattern instructions are for 5 different styles of slippers. Sizes are for children and adults. These cute puppies, colorful owls, pink poodles, calico cats, and mischievous sock monkeys all are great for gift giving.

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The Big Book of Granny Squares: 365 Crochet Motifs

The Big Book of Granny Squares: 365 Crochet

The biggest collection of crochet motifs. Period. Crocheters can never get enough of granny squares--the cheerful, colorful motifs that are the basis of countless afghans, pillows, and baby blankets. The Big Book of Granny Squares is just that--the most comprehensive collection to date. Readers will enjoy 365 unique squares with swatches and step-by-step written instructions for each granny square pattern. A lay-flat binding makes it easy for readers to check the crochet pattern while they work. Easy to use and inspirational, this is a go-to reference that crocheters will reach for again and again. Crocheters love granny squares and are sure to adore this--the biggest and best compendium of granny square patterns ever.


Ammees Babies EDGIT-E101 Edgit Piercing Crochet Hook and Book Set, Fancy Crochet Edges

Ammees Babies EDGIT-E101 Edgit Piercing Crochet Hook and

Ammee's Babies Edgit piercing crochet hook and book set. Edgit is a piercing crochet hook that has a needle-like tip, this feature allows you to pierce through fabric without having to make holes first. This set includes the Edgit piercing hook, a crochet hook and book with Illustrated step-by-step instructions. Learn 6 quick and easy to crochet edges for beginners. Embellish aprons, pillowcases, bibs, blankets and more.

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Crafting Conundrums: Puzzles and Patterns for the Bead Crochet Artist

Crafting Conundrums: Puzzles and Patterns for the Bead

Designed for crafters, puzzle lovers, and pattern designers alike, Crafting Conundrums: Puzzles and Patterns for the Bead Crochet Artist provides methods, challenges, and patterns that offer a springboard for creative exploration. All are illustrated with beautiful color diagrams and photographs. Experienced bead crochet crafters looking for a project may choose to skip ahead to the pattern pages and begin crocheting from an abundance of unique, mathematically inspired designs. Those wishing to design their own patterns will find many useful tools, template patterns, and a new methodology for understanding how to do so even without using math. Puzzle lovers without previous knowledge of bead crochet will also find ample inspiration for learning the craft. The first part of the book describes the basic requirements and constraints of a bead crochet pattern and explains what makes designing in this medium so tricky. The authors present their new design framework and offer insight on how best to approach design choices and issues unique to bead crochet. The second part presents a series of bead crochet design challenges informed by colorful bits of mathematics, including topology, graph theory, knot theory, tessellations, and wallpaper groups. Each chapter in this section begins ...

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