Blue Christmas


“Wonderful….A must read come holiday time.”—Roanoke TimesNew York Times bestselling author Mary Kay Andrews's rollicking Christmas tale featuring the beloved characters from Savannah Blues and Savannah Breeze, now with a new cover and additional holiday recipes!'Tis the week before Christmas, and antiques dealer Weezie Foley is in a frenzy to do up her shop right for the Savannah historical district decorating contest, which she fully intends to win. Her motif is Graceland Blue Christmas, with lots of tinsel, an aluminum tree, and enough tacky retro doodads to fill the Grand Ole Opry. But no sooner is she certain she's one-upped the trendy shop around the corner when Weezie notices things going strangely missing from her display.Despite the petty burglaries of her mysterious midnight visitor, Weezie still has high hopes for the holiday. Perhaps even an engagement ring is in the offing from her chef boyfriend, though Daniel, usually moody around the yuletide, seems even more distant than ever. Throw in some seasonal eccentricities from Weezie's decidedly odd family, a miraculous 1950s Christmas-tree pin, and a little help from the King (Elvis!) himself, and even Scrooge would have to agree there's real magic in the Savannah air this Christmas. 

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Archmage (Forgotten Realms)

Archmage (Forgotten

The pall that had descended over the North is gone, and a new day has dawned on a victorious Mithral Hall, but no matter how bright things seem on the surface, Drizzt and his companions know that what lurks just under their feet remains steeped in evil and charged with unimaginable power.   The dark elves of Menzoberranzan, including the powerful Archmage Gromph, aren't done with Drizzt yet. And consumed by their own power struggles, feeling backed into a corner, the drow may just be desperate enough to call on demonic forces from the deepest reaches of the Abyss, and unleash a disaster even the Underdark could never have prepared for.   Archmage has everything Drizzt's fans crave: action, adventure, characters that resonate with equal measures of warrior spirit and deep compassion, and no shortage of wicked dark elves!

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Ravenous: The Kingsley Brothers Duet

Ravenous: The Kingsley Brothers

Raven: To seek, plunder, or prey. To devour ravenously. To seize as spoil. I am Raven. I knew what it meant to fight my way through life. To be the victim, the spoil, the prey. I decided long ago I would take control of my future. No more bug infested couches. No more drug-addicted mothers or absentee fathers.No more welfare checks or moldy bread. No more settling. I thought I had it all figured out, a way out of the hand I’d been dealt. Until my life got turned upside down by two very different men who look at me with mirrored lust in their eyes. Their want is palpable, heady. Their desire makes me reckless.I no longer know who I am or who I want.The only thing I do know is, I am ravenous.Voracious. Intensely eager for gratification or satisfaction. Despite the fact I know it is a disaster waiting to happen, I can’t stop it. I’m afraid I will never be sated.**FULL LENGTH STANDALONE NOVEL**

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One Urge, One Plea, Keep Me Trilogy: One Urge, One Plea, Keep Me

One Urge, One Plea, Keep Me Trilogy: One

“Tie me up so I can be free.” –Alayna.Erotica romance author and owner of one of the largest publishing companies, Damon Lear, has secrets that keep him out of relationships and into behavior that is taboo to many. He is willing to set his strict rules aside for one memorable night with romance writer, Alayna Wynn, who he meets at his friend’s wedding. He fails at propositioning her, but they share one heated kiss, and he assures her they will meet again.Damon gets his opportunity to seduce her when he rescues Alayna, keeping her from being stranded in an airport during a snowstorm. Unable to leave his penthouse for days, she discovers it is impossible to resist the handsome, mysterious man who wants nothing more than to give her pleasure and make her submissive. Alayna’s heart encounters feelings she wasn’t expecting, and when her needs are not met, they both attempt to move on. Damon sees that living the way he did before she walked in and out of his life is now impossible as thoughts of her consume him. He lures her back, and Alayna falls deeper into his world of BDSM. She is surprised to find it thrilling and wants to please Damon more than ever, being a willing participant in his hot fantasies. Their relationship is soon threatened when details from Damon’s pas...


The Art Of Contemporary Travis Picking

The Art Of Contemporary Travis

By mastering all techniques described in the book, you will be on your way to elevating the Travis pick from a basic chordal accompaniment to a complex solo style!

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The Black: Arrival

The Black:

The crew of the deep-sea exploration rig Leaguer discovers oil sweeter, purer, and sure to be more easily refined than anything that’s ever existed. To confirm their own analysis of their billion dollar find, a test barrel is flown from the drill site off the coast of Papua/New Guinea to Houston Analytical Laboratories (HAL). As the unsuspecting scientists at HAL await the arrival of the oil, they ready their lab for what they know is an important job. They’ve seen the test results from Leaguer; this find could make history.While the barrel is on its way to Houston, an “infection” breaks out on the far-away rig. And as life aboard the rig descends into chaos, the scientists at HAL make their own discovery—what Leaguer found is indeed historic; it just isn’t oil. Instead, they’ve brought up a dangerous organism that could threaten all life on earth.Trapped in their labs, the scientists must find a way to fight a creature that defies chemistry, physics, and biology.The Black: Arrival, a parallel story to the Amazon Horror Best-Seller The Black, is a page-turning suspense novel that will fill you with claustrophobic terror.Now that The Black has arrived, will humanity survive?

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The Siamese Suicides: A Duncan Dewar Mystery (Duncan Dewar Mysteries Book 6)

The Siamese Suicides: A Duncan Dewar Mystery (Duncan

For Scottish detective Duncan Dewar, do bad things really come in threes? People connected to the investigator keep dying, and he has to wonder. Will the past drag him from the promise of a bright future? Offered a chance to consult with his former employer, Duncan investigates the apparent suicide of an art dealer in Edinburgh. In a case right out of today's headlines, he learns that the art business has its shady side. Professionally successful once again and engaged, he's finally ready to move on to the next chapter of his life. However, the past has a way of haunting the Scottish detective, and things aren't always as they seem. Explore Old Town and see if you can solve the case of the Siamese Suicides. This stand alone novel is book 6 in the Duncan Dewar Mystery Series.


Where There's Fire (Panopolis Book 2)

Where There's Fire (Panopolis Book

A Panopolis StoryMaking a name for myself as a Villain in Panopolis is hard work. Six months ago, my boyfriend broke me out of jail. Now he’s spending most of his time defending our turf against other Villains he accidentally freed along with me. And my new psychic powers are not only impossible to control, but they’re also giving me migraines.But it’s not all doom and gloom. My skills are improving every day, and Raul — aka the Mad Bombardier — and I have never been happier. That is, until my first solo job is interrupted by a mysterious woman who tells me that Raul has been kidnapped by a ruthless new Villain. The only way to free him is to do a job for Maggot, a man with scary ideas and an even scarier superpower.I can’t go to the cops or a Hero for help. Odds are they wouldn’t listen to me anyway. If I fail, Raul will be killed. If I succeed, we’ll both be bound to a man who’ll stop at nothing to put Panopolis on the path to civil war.It looks like the only way to win is to take out the competition.* * * * * * *This novella can be enjoyed on its own or as part of the Panopolis universe.Word count: 31,900; page count: 119

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Takara Tomy Tomica PraRail Thomas & Friends Train Freight Loading Set (Model Train)

Takara Tomy Tomica PraRail Thomas & Friends Train

Tomica PraRail Thomas & Friends Train Freight Loading Set (Model Train)

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Big Red's Daughter

Big Red's

Chapter OneHE WAS DRIVING AN MG—a low English-built sports car— and he was a tire-squeaker, the way a wrong kind of guy is apt to be in a sports car. I heard the squeal of his tires as he gunned it, and then I saw him cutting in front of me like a red bug. My car piled into his and the bug turned over, spilling him and the girl with him out onto the street.By the time our iron touched I'd swung my car to the right, so it wasn't much of a crash. I climbed out in a hurry, angry and ready to go.The MG pilot was up and ready to go, too. The girl was beside him, brushing the skirt over her long legs. Nobody drew even a scratch out of the bump.This was a tall, lean lad with a pale face and hot, dark eyes. I saw that much before his left fist smashed into my face. Not a Sunday punch—a real fighter's hard, straight left.I was looking up at the cloud-rimmed blue sky. My face was numb; this boy had a solid, exploding punch. I tried to roll over fast—stomping on the down man's face is popular these days. I was right but I was slow. I saw the heel coming down and I brought my hands up. But the heel swung back from me and I pushed up into a low crouch.The girl had him from behind, pulling his jacket down over his wide shoulders, her right knee high in the small of his back. This was a...

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Ethan (Seduction Book 1)

Ethan (Seduction Book

A paranormal erotic romance novel. Meet the supernatural masters of passion and seduction, feeding upon the erotic dreams and pleasure of humankind.     Ethan is an incubus, cast out of the covey by his succubus queen, after his actions directly led to the death of another incubus. He adopts the business of a dead man, and attempts to live as a mortal.     When Ethan finds Madison, he knows he should just fly away and leave her to live a normal, human life. But the incubi are hive creatures, he struggles living alone, and allows himself to believe he might find love and happiness in the arms of this shy young woman.     Meanwhile, the demonic creature hunting the incubi will not stop with the death of just one black-winged male, he seeks the destruction of Ethan's entire species. After Ethan leaves, the covey is attacked again, and half of the remaining brothers are destroyed, leaving only two surviving males to protect their succubus queen. It is not enough.           The queen leads her mates in tracking down Ethan, hoping that the forsaken warrior might save them from starvation. It is a choice which will place the entire covey, as well as Ethan and Madison, directly into the path of the bloodthirsty monster hunting them.WARNING: This book contains explici...

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Named one of Kirkus Reviews Best Books of 2016Readers Favorite Book Award WinnerCHICAGO, 1921: Al Capone is on the rise, and a new music called jazz fills the speakeasies. When talented young pianist Eve Riser is caught in a drive-by shooting that kills the bootlegger standing next to her, she forms an unlikely friendship with the bootlegger's sister, Lena. Eve is looking for her missing stepsister, a popular night club singer who has been missing since the shoot-out, and Lena wants to find out who killed her brother. Together these two women navigate the back alleys and jazz clubs of the Roaring Twenties, encountering charismatic managers, handsome musicians, and a mysterious gangster called the Walnut who seems to be the key to it all.As they fight racial barriers trying to discover the truth, Eve and Lena must learn to rely on each other and trust no one else. SUGARLAND mixes the excitement of the jazz age with the darker side of Prohibition in a gripping story with "real suspense for anyone who likes a good mystery." (Kirkus Starred Review)

  • ASIN: 099161853X

Tracking the Beast (A Steve Martinez Mystery)

Tracking the Beast (A Steve Martinez

When the remains of three little girls turn up inside railroad hopper cars, Sheriff Steve Martinez faces a troublesome case, for the cars had sat for years on a siding deep inside his beloved Porcupine County. After Steve and his comrades do the spadework, the FBI moves in, thinking their Unsub is both rapist and murderer. But Steve believes the killer―or killers―instead hired someone to dispose of the bodies. With the help of lawmen of all kinds, including the Ontario Provincial Police, and even Detroit mobsters, Steve doggedly tracks “the Beast.” This intricate police procedural, set in the wilds of Upper Michigan, features not only an exciting high-tech chase around Lake Superior but also the revival of a clever World War II deception.

  • ASIN: 1432831151

New World Rising

New World

"Savage and raw, Jennifer Wilson pulls no punches in this blood tingling dystopian." Kimberly Derting, award-winning author of The Pledge Trilogy  Worlds collide in debut author Jennifer Wilson's graphic dystopian series where Divergent meets Mad Max. Since witnessing her parents' murders at the age of eleven, Phoenix's only purpose in life has been to uphold her mother's dying words - to be strong and survive. But surviving outside of The Walls - outside of The Sanctuary - is more like a drawn-out death sentence. A cruel and ruthless city, Tartarus is run by the Tribes whose motto is simple, "Join or die."  Refusing to join and determined to live, Phoenix fights to survive in this savage world.  But who can she trust, when no one can be trusted? Not even herself... The first of a trilogy, New World Rising is an epic tale of survival, instinct, trauma, and the extraordinary power of human connection. "An unstoppable freight train of guts, glory... and adventure!" - Laura L Fox, author of Initiate 

  • ASIN: 1519617720

On Track USA Battery Operated Action Rescue Trains, Includes 3 Motorized Engines and 6 Cars, Compatible for Wooden Tracks from All Major Brands (Batteries Not Included)

On Track USA Battery Operated Action Rescue Trains,

Get Ready to Roll with these Battery Operated Trains! Kids will Love this Motorized Set and be Busy Driving Them Around for Hours!

  • Brand: On Track USA
  • UPC: 789185827038
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