12' Hanging Lantern Cord with On/Off Switch

12' Hanging Lantern Cord with On/Off

Each 12' hanging lamp cord is individually inspected for quality and for safety. E26 base (standard light bulb base). The cord has an on/off switch and a standard polarized plug for US and Canadian electric systems. Our cord kits will work with most paper lanterns and nylon lanterns. Many customers use our lantern cord kits for infinity lights, paper star lanterns, Chinese style round lanterns, pendants and other hanging decorative light fixures. WARNING: This product may expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Whirled Planet
  • ASIN: B007RPRYF0
  • UPC: 837654108246

Creativity for Kids Spark!Lab Smithsonian Invent A Stellar Solar Light Kit

Creativity for Kids Spark!Lab Smithsonian Invent A Stellar

You're camping with your family, and there's no electricity. You'll need a light for your tent when the sun goes down. Using the solar powered flashlight and components in this kit, what kind of light could you invent? How can you make the light travel further? Use the Spark!lab invention process to invent your own solar lantern light, flashlight or night light. Includes holographic foil, glow-in-the-dark stickers and string, a solar light and so much more to create a functional and fun new light. Necessity is often the spark of invention, so each spark! Lab Smithsonian activity presents kids with a unique obstacle to overcome. With the scenario in front of them and the materials provided as points of inspiration, kids use the sparkle invention process to create their own unique solutions. Watch as their ideas come to life! Spark!lab Smithsonian inventive creativity kits show children that they too can be inventors, and that the invention process can be fun and exciting even when it is challenging. This product line inspires both analytical and creative thought to show children they can do anything they set their mind to – igniting the spark of invention. Spark!Lab Smithsonian inventive creativity kits are designed to provide children with the same hands-on experience at home a...

  • Brand: Creativity for Kids
  • ASIN: B06XP8RXN1
  • UPC: 092633307717

LE Small UV Blacklight Flashlight, Portable Black Light with 9 LEDs, 395nm, Ultraviolet Light Detector for Invisible Ink Pens, Dog Cat Pet Urine Stain, AAA Batteries Included

LE Small UV Blacklight Flashlight, Portable Black Light

Authenticity judgment, such as bills and credit card passport. Hobby observation and quality inspection, etc. of the mineral and gem. Counterfeit art, checks for the presence of antiques of repair. And ultraviolet curing resin, curing such as gel nail. Help cleaning. It is possible to illuminate until the traces of urine bed was left to such as carpet. It can be captured scorpion outdoors. It can also be applied to the night fishing. > More

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Lighting EVER
  • ASIN: B00GU55270

UV Resin - 200g Crystal Clear Ultraviolet Curing Epoxy Resin for DIY Jewelry Making, Craft Decoration - Hard Transparent Glue Solar Cure Sunlight Activated Resin for Casting & Coating, DIY Resin Mold

UV Resin - 200g Crystal Clear Ultraviolet Curing

Try to do some unique and special resin crafts with your creativity and imagination. It will be a special and meaningful gift for your family, children, friends as well. You will get much fun and satisfaction of designing what you want! Curing Time: - UV Torch: About 1-2 minutes - Direct Sun (Sunny Day): 10-15 minutes - Direct Sun (Cloudy Day): 30-60 minutes Package Included : - 1 x 200g UV Resin Please note: 1. In most cases, it will dry sticky if you don't use 36w UV light. But it can also cure totally if you put it in the strong sunlight for a long time. 2. It is not recommended to use this epoxy resin to make large objects such as ashtrays.

  • Brand: Limino
  • UPC: 680580863143

attwood 14196-7 Water-Resistant All-Craft Portable Navigation Light Kit, Marine Gray Finish

attwood 14196-7 Water-Resistant All-Craft Portable Navigation Light Kit,

Be safe and be sure you are seen with Attwood’s most durable LED navigation lights. Versatile mounting options: C-clamp, screw down or use provided adhesive pads. Powered by 3 AAA batteries; marine gray color. Attwood Corporation has been an award-winning leader in engineering, testing, and manufacturing the highest quality marine products for over 100 years. We deliver safe and reliable lighting, fuel systems, water systems, seating & pedestals, swim ladders, custom upholstery, and general marine accessories that are easy to install and meet regulatory compliance.

  • Color: Marine Gray
  • Brand: attwood
  • ASIN: B077SQK6DD
  • UPC: 022697141965

NVTED UV Ultraviolet Flashlight Blacklight, 51 LED 395 nM Handheld Portable Black light Pet Urine and Stain Detector Flashlights

NVTED UV Ultraviolet Flashlight Blacklight, 51 LED 395

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: NVTED
  • UPC: 745360246728

Light Emitting Diodes, Elfeland 750pcs 3mm 2Pin LED Lamp Assorted Diffused LED Kit White Yellow Red Blue Green for Arduino & DIY (5 colors x 150pcs)

Light Emitting Diodes, Elfeland 750pcs 3mm 2Pin LED

What Makes our Products So Special? 【Products advantages】 ① High speed response, Low power consumption ② Industrial standard size, High insensity ③ Luminous evenly distributed on each segment ④ Provides excellent reliability in bright ambient light ⑤ Fits different LED displays size specifications ⑥ Easy to use, only a cell battery you could test the leds. The forward voltages are labelled on the sheet inside the storage box, you won't mess up! ⑦ Life based on Lumens depreciation test over 50,000 hours, Passed through the factory inspection 【Application】 * Indoor and outdoor commercial lighting, Decorative lighting * Architectural Lighting * Mood Lighting, LED module * Traffic Light, indicating lamps * Craft flashlights, headlights * LCD TV / monitor backlights * Advertising lighting, Signal indicator 【Specifications】 Head Diameter: 3mm Material: Plastic Lens Color: White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green Light Angle: 45-50° Forward voltage: Red/Yellow DC 1.8-2.3V; White/Green/Blue DC 2.8-3.6V Max. Current: 20mA Wavelength Range: Red: 620-630nm; Yellow: 580-590nm; Green: 520-530nm; Bule/White: 460-470nm Luminous Intensity: Red/Yellow: 2000-3000mcd; Green/Blue: 3000-4000mcd; White: 6000-8000mcd 【Note】 ✦Please mind the forward voltage for each compartment...

  • Color: 750pcs*3mm
  • Brand: Elfeland
  • ASIN: B01MU07JXX

CLC Custom LeatherCraft 5-Pocket Cell Phone/Tool Holder - 1105

CLC Custom LeatherCraft 5-Pocket Cell Phone/Tool Holder -

The cell phone, tool, and accessory holder you can hang, strap, or clip on workbelts, web suspenders, pants, etc. Holds most brands of compact cell phones. Securely holds small tools and accessories like pliers, mini-flashlights, screwdrivers, and multi-tools. Versatile 3-way attachment for pants, web suspenders, work aprons, and more.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Custom Leathercraft
  • ASIN: B0000DYVCX
  • UPC: 014445653363

The Don't Laugh Challenge - Stocking Stuffer Edition: The LOL Joke Book Contest for Boys and Girls Ages 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 Years Old - a Stocking Stuffer Goodie for Kids

The Don't Laugh Challenge - Stocking Stuffer Edition:

PARENT ALERT!! THIS CHILDRENS JOKE BOOK WILL MAKE THE CHILD THAT READS IT A MINI-COMEDIAN!!If you are open-minded about your kids learning new jokes and becoming more self-confident and developing a stronger sense of humor than this book is for you, ehr them!!  I’m sure by now you have heard of The Don’t Laugh Challenge™ Joke Books, but in the rare case, you haven’t, please allow me to explain what all of the fuss is about. The Don’t Laugh Challenge™ Joke Books are unlike any joke book before it.  It is not meant to be read in isolation, but instead, it is a game or a challenge that is to be played between friends, siblings, cousins, or any two people who like to tell jokes.  If you haven’t heard of the rules, here they are:The two jokesters go back and forth telling each other jokesWhen the person listening laughs or even cracks a smile, the joke teller gets a pointThe first person to five points wins!This is the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for children age 6-12. Enjoy and have a Happy Holiday Season!

  • ASIN: 1942915284

UV Resin - Crystal Clear Hard Type Glue Ultraviolet Curing Resin for DIY Jewelry Making Craft Decoration - Transparent Solar Cure Sunlight Activated Resin for Resin Mold, Casting and Coating - 120g

UV Resin - Crystal Clear Hard Type Glue

DecorRom resin adhesive is perfect designed for all your creative projects. You can make your creation more beautiful and stand out by using our colorants and mica powders. What will you create? Click 'ADD TO CART' now and be sure to share your projects with us when they're finished! Curing Time: - UV Torch: About 1-2 minutes - Direct Sun (Sunny Day): 10-15 minutes - Direct Sun (Cloudy Day): 30-60 minutes Package Included : - 1 x UV Resin

  • Brand: DecorRom
  • UPC: 737420878161

ESCO LITE Black Light UV Flashlight, Escolite UV Lights 51 LED Ultraviolet Blacklight Flashlight Pet Urine Detector, Matching with Pet Odor Eliminator

ESCO LITE Black Light UV Flashlight, Escolite UV

Bulb Type: 390 to 395 (nM) Bulb Life: 100,000 Hours Body Material: Aluminum with "O" rings for water resistance witch Type: Push On/Off button The applications is perfect for inspection applications, security control, rodent contamination, hotel room inspection, and much more. Emits 395 nanometer wavelength UV LED allow to cover a larger area Makes semen stains and other bodily fluids fluoresce! Perfect for outside use such as hunting scorpions and minerals! Water and shock resistant! Perfect for Leak Detection! Rugged, machined aluminum construction with knurled design! Due to the intensity of this UV LED device UV protective glasses are recommended. Do not look into this device while operating nor shine in any person's eyes. How The Black Light UV Flashlight Solve Your Problem? Important Thing: 1. Please confirm whether the batteries with correct polarity are installed correctly. 2. The black light UV flashlight will Not fluoresce Wet urine puddles or potty pads. 3. It works best in complete dark environment, the darker it is, the better it works. 4. For few dark color carpets, the reflected stain color may will be very close to the color of the carpet, making it harder to see.

  • Color: 51 UV LED Flashlight
  • Brand: ESCO LITE
  • ASIN: B07DRCT1H7
  • UPC: 700064853092

Tweezers - Surgical Grade Stainless Steel - Slant Tip for Expert Eyebrow Shaping and Facial Hair Removal - with Bonus Protective Pouch - Best Tool for Men and Women (Silver)

Tweezers - Surgical Grade Stainless Steel - Slant

It's simple really. You want something that works. Gets the job done. Efficiently. Precisely. Without the hefty price tag.    Shape eyebrows with professional precision    Remove unwanted facial hair at the root    Delicately remove splinters "How can Zizzili Tweezers actually do the job well?" It's the Essentials: Surgical Grade Stainless Steel. Precision-Aligned Tips. Calibrated Arm Tension. Tips are hand-filed, ensuring each tweezer is properly aligned and sharp to grasp even the small, fine hairs at the root instead of breaking. Correct tension allows flexible and gentle resistance so you have the best control to tweeze with precision. Highest quality materials give you ease of cleaning and sterilizing so you don't need to worry about dirt and germs. Sensitive skin? Surgical Grade stainless steel is hypoallergenic, a must-have for those with sensitivities. Keep your tweezers performing well with these Bonuses...    Bonus Protective Tweezers Pouch safely stores tweezers so you will be able to find it when you need it.    Preserve your tips from becoming dull and misaligned with Bonus Protective Tip Guards You are the expert. You should be pleased with your product. That's why Zizzili offers you a 100% Lifetime Guarantee. If you are unhappy in any w...

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Zizzili Basics
  • ASIN: B01ANA4T7G
  • UPC: 794168078277

Fine Handcrafted Solid Wood Magic Wand for Witches and Wizards, The Erratic Dark Brown

Fine Handcrafted Solid Wood Magic Wand for Witches

What adventures will your fine solid wood wand help you discover? Designed to be the best handcrafted magic wand this side of Diagon Alley, charming witches, wizards, and muggles of all ages. Our wands are handcrafted of only the finest hardwoods and are made to be the only wand you will ever need. The user of this wand will have limitless power - stimulating a growing imagination. Our magic wands are made from the exotic Terminalia chebula and the Milkwood tree. 100% handcrafted and handmade. Only you control the magic! The magical energy that flows from the will of the wizard or witch through the wand can become clogged and stale. Your wand should retire every night to a cool, dry place. A velvet wand pouch is provided with each purchase. Add some magic to your life! Whether it's to celebrate a birthday or attend a costume party, or buy something for that special witch or wizard; it's the perfect time to buy a magic wand. Order yours today!

  • Color: Dark Brown
  • ASIN: B0737Y2NQR
  • UPC: 856613007185

Scooby Doo Flashlight Cake Kit

Scooby Doo Flashlight Cake

Scooby Doo with Flashlight Cake Kit. Look Here Comes Scooby Doo! This vibrantly and fun colored Scooby Doo party theme is sure to please any boy or girl. Scooby Doo Cake Kit Includes: 3in Scooby Doo Figurine, when you press the button the flashlight glows, and a 2 1/2in x 4in 'Happy Birthday' background pick.

  • Brand: Scooby-Doo
  • ASIN: B005Z3SKAE

attwood 14180-7 Portable LED Navigation Light Kit

attwood 14180-7 Portable LED Navigation Light

Clamp-On LED Bow & Stern Light Kit - Grey/BlackBe seen and be safe with these small LED lights that shine much brighter than larger lights, while using up to 90% less energy. Multiple mounting options for horizontal and vertical attachment and easy to remove. Kit Includes: Red/Green LED bow lightWhite LED stern lightQuick-release mountsPoleC-ClampsHardwareRequires: 3 "AAA" batteries per light (not included)

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: attwood
  • ASIN: B008F91ME6
  • UPC: 400233812133
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