Flat Panel Display Manufacturing (Wiley Series in Display Technology)

Flat Panel Display Manufacturing (Wiley Series in Display

An extensive introduction to the engineering and manufacture of current and next-generation flat panel displays This book provides a broad overview of the manufacturing of flat panel displays, with a particular emphasis on the display systems at the forefront of the current mobile device revolution. It is structured to cover a broad spectrum of topics within the unifying theme of display systems manufacturing. An important theme of this book is treating displays as systems, which expands the scope beyond the technologies and manufacturing of traditional display panels (LCD and OLED) to also include key components for mobile device applications, such as flexible OLED, thin LCD backlights, as well as the manufacturing of display module assemblies. Flat Panel Display Manufacturing fills an important gap in the current book literature describing the state of the art in display manufacturing for today's displays, and looks to create a reference the development of next generation displays. The editorial team brings a broad and deep perspective on flat panel display manufacturing, with a global view spanning decades of experience at leading institutions in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the USA, and including direct pioneering contributions to the development of displays. The book includes a...


OLED Display Fundamentals and Applications (Wiley Series in Display Technology)

OLED Display Fundamentals and Applications (Wiley Series in

This new edition specifically addresses the most recent and relevant developments in the design and manufacture of OLED displays Provides knowledge of OLED fundamentals and related technologies for applications such as displays and solid state lighting along with processing and manufacturing technologies Serves as a reference for people engaged in OLED research, manufacturing, applications and marketing Includes coverage of white + color filter technology, which has become industry standard technology for large televisions

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Introduction to Flat Panel Displays

Introduction to Flat Panel

Flat Panel Displays (FPDs) are a frequent feature in our daily lives, used in mobile phones, laptop computers, desktop computer monitors and TVs. Several display technologies have been developed for FPDs, such as liquid crystal display (LCD), plasma display panel (PDP), light emitting diode (LED), organic light emitting device (OLED) and field emission display (FED). Introduction to Flat Panel Displays describes the fundamental sciences behind each display technology: LCD, PDP, LED, OLED and FED including carbon nanotubes. It contains a comparative analysis of the different display technologies in which detailed overviews of each technology are linked together so as to provide a comprehensive reference for students and display engineers, alike. Solved problems as well as homework problems are provided in each chapter to help consolidate students’ reading, as well as solutions hosted on an accompanying website. Features include: the classifications and specifications of display technologies as guidelines for developing a display and judging their performances; principles for designing color displays with good color saturation and wide color gamut; basic operating principles of thin-film transistors (TFTs) and their applications to state-of-the-art TFT-LCD and TFT-OLED; an overv...

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Flat-Panel Display Technologies: Japan, Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus

Flat-Panel Display Technologies: Japan, Russia, Ukraine, and

Large scale manufacturing of liquid crystal flat panel displays (LCDs) by Japan brought the world's attention to the existence of an enormous market potential exists when there are alternatives to the cathode ray tube (CRT). The Japanese have recognized that new display technologies are critical to making their products highly competitive in the world market. The CRT is losing market share to the solid-state flat panel display. Japan currently holds 90% of the market, and this book outlines opportunities in the former Soviet Union, where companies with the necessary technology are seeking partners, investment, and manufacturing opportunities. Entire cities that were once not even on the map due to their military mission, are now appearing, filled with state-of-the-art electronic technology. The book is developed from the reports issued by investigators based on their field visits to 33 sites in Japan, and 26 sites in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

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Liquid Crystal Flat Panel Displays: Manufacturing Science & Technology

Liquid Crystal Flat Panel Displays: Manufacturing Science &

We live in the silicon age, and the quintessential item that defines our world is the computer. Silicon chips power the computer as well as many other products for work and leisure, such as calculators, radios, and televisions. In the forty years since the transistor was invented, the solid state revolution has affected the lives of almost everyone in the world. Based on silicon, solid state devices and integrated circuits have revolutionized electronics, data processing, communica­ tions, and the like. The computer, especially the personal computer, would be impossible without silicon devices. Only one computer was ever built using vacuum tubes, and the tubes had to be constantly replaced because they generated too much heat and burned out. Silicon devices allowed for reliable switching operations in arrays of hundreds and thousands of discrete devices. As a result, the very substantial industrial base that existed for producing vacuum tubes disappeared -with one exception. That exception is, of course, the CRT, which is evident in televisions, computer displays, and a host of other information display terminals. Until recently, there was nothing that could take its place, and it seemed that the CRT would remain as the electronic medium for all except the simplest displays. The...

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Mobile Displays: Technology and Applications

Mobile Displays: Technology and

The mobile display industry has witnessed rapid growth, in both volume and diversification, in recent years. This trend is expected to persist with continued consumer demand for mobile communications and computing applications. Mobile displays are now integral to a wide range of devices such as MP3 players, digital cameras, PDAs, GPS map readers, portable DVD players, and electronic books, as well as the ubiquitous mobile phone and laptop computers.  This proliferation of products has fuelled a significant investment into the research and development of the mobile display, with key research laboratories across the display industry and academia producing many exciting technological advancements. With contributions from well-known experts, in both industry and academia, this book presents a comprehensive coverage of the mobile display in a single volume. Ranging from an in-depth analysis of the requirements that the displays must meet, through current devices, to emerging technologies, the text features: mobile environment and human-factor considerations for the display; advances in the incumbent active matrix liquid crystal display (AMLCD) technologies; backlighting and light manipulation techniques; mobile display driver electronics and interface technologies; emerging technolo...

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Handbook of Visual Display Technology

Handbook of Visual Display

The second Edition of this remarkable Handbook offers readers a comprehensive overview of the science and technology of visual displays and the economic and human interface factors associated with the displays industry. Unique in the displays field, the Handbook serves as a single reference source with expert contributions from over 150 international display professionals and academic researchers.The Handbook contains extensive coverage of established and emerging display technologies, with discussion of physical principles, materials science and processing, device technologies and particular areas of application. The wide-ranging content also encompasses the fundamental science of light and vision, image acquisition and manipulation, display materials and processing techniques, TFTs, display driving and metrology. Prominence is given to liquid crystal displays, with later chapters devoted to emerging technologies including flexible displays, electrophoretic, electrowetting and electrofluidic displays and MEMS-based displays. Other sections consider 3D display solutions, projection systems and head-worn displays.Updated and extended throughout, major changes in the 2nd Edition include: • Significantly expanded section on touch and human-computer interaction• Reworked and up...

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Flat Panel Display Technology and Display Metrology: 27-29 January 1999, San Jose, California (Proceedings of Spie--The International Society for Optical Engineering, 3636.)

Flat Panel Display Technology and Display Metrology: 27-29

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Advanced Flat Panel Display Technologies (Spie Proceedings Vol. 2174)

Advanced Flat Panel Display Technologies (Spie Proceedings Vol.

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Flat Panel Display Technology and Display Metrology II (Proceedings of Spie)

Flat Panel Display Technology and Display Metrology II

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Samsung 4K UHD 2160p LED-Backlit LCD Flat Panel Display with Touchscreen 65" Black (QB65H-TR/US)

Samsung 4K UHD 2160p LED-Backlit LCD Flat Panel

QBH-TR e-boards offer a versatile, all-in-one arena for improved collaboration. Enhanced touch technology, the intuitive MagicIWB S5 solution and UHD picture quality come together to boost productivity and collaboration by facilitating engaging, efficient interaction. Leverage heightened touch functionality for a smooth and versatile digital writing experience. Up to four users can write simultaneously using the provided pen or virtually any other tool.

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Significant exploration trip - Modern flat-panel display technology. high-tech science books(Chinese Edition)

Significant exploration trip - Modern flat-panel display technology.

Paperback. Pub Date: 2011. Pages: 145 Publisher: Guangdong Science and Technology Publishing House has long been of human perseverance in pursuit. hope can be invisible information into visible visual information. Variety of other information. this will be converted to the process of the visual information. referred to as display; various information into visual information technology. called display technology; products created by the display technology . they are called to display products. Explore the remarkable journey: Modern flat-panel display technology in this book. so we can close into them and understand them. Probe significantly trip: Modern flat-panel display technology. illustrated a vivid metaphor and personification tactics were vivid and detailed introduction to the technology and features of a variety of display products. I believe readers friends after read...

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Flexible Flat Panel Displays (Wiley Series in Display Technology Book 3)

Flexible Flat Panel Displays (Wiley Series in Display

Flexible displays are currently one of the most researched topics within the flat panel display community. They promise to change our display-centric world by replacing bulky rigid devices with those that are paper-thin and can be rolled away or folded up when not in use.The field of flexible flat panel displays is truly unique in the sense that it is interdisciplinary to the display community, combining basic principles from nearly all engineering and science disciplines.Organized to bring the reader from the component level, through display system and assembly, to the possible manufacturing routes Flexible Flat Panel Displays:* outlines the underlying scientific theory required to develop flexible display applications;* addresses the critical issues relating to the convergence of technologies including substrates, conducting layers, electro-optic materials and thin-film transistors;* provides guidance on flexible display manufacturing; and* presents market information and a chapter dedicated to future market trends of flexible flat panel displays.Flexible Flat Panel Displays is an essential tool for scientists, engineers, designers and business and marketing professionals working at all levels of the display industry. Graduate students entering the field of display technology w...

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The TVs of Tomorrow: How RCA's Flat-Screen Dreams Led to the First LCDs (Synthesis)

The TVs of Tomorrow: How RCA's Flat-Screen Dreams

In 1968 a team of scientists and engineers from RCA announced the creation of a new form of electronic display that relied upon an obscure set of materials known as liquid crystals. At a time when televisions utilized bulky cathode ray tubes to produce an image, these researchers demonstrated how liquid crystals could electronically control the passage of light. One day, they predicted, liquid crystal displays would find a home in clocks, calculators—and maybe even a television that could hang on the wall.   Half a century later, RCA’s dreams have become a reality, and liquid crystals are the basis of a multibillion-dollar global industry. Yet the company responsible for producing the first LCDs was unable to capitalize upon its invention. In The TVs of Tomorrow, Benjamin Gross explains this contradiction by examining the history of flat-panel display research at RCA from the perspective of the chemists, physicists, electrical engineers, and technicians at the company’s central laboratory in Princeton, New Jersey.   Drawing upon laboratory notebooks, internal reports, and interviews with key participants, Gross reconstructs the development of the LCD and situates it alongside other efforts to create a thin, lightweight replacement for the television picture tube. He shows...

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Introduction to Thin Film Transistors: Physics and Technology of TFTs

Introduction to Thin Film Transistors: Physics and Technology

Introduction to Thin Film Transistors reviews the operation, application and technology of the main classes of thin film transistor (TFT) of current interest for large area electronics. The TFT materials covered include hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H), poly-crystalline silicon (poly-Si), transparent amorphous oxide semiconductors (AOS), and organic semiconductors. The large scale manufacturing of a-Si:H TFTs forms the basis of the active matrix flat panel display industry. Poly-Si TFTs facilitate the integration of electronic circuits into portable active matrix liquid crystal displays, and are increasingly used in active matrix organic light emitting diode (AMOLED) displays for smart phones. The recently developed AOS TFTs are seen as an alternative option to poly-Si and a-Si:H for AMOLED TV and large AMLCD TV applications, respectively. The organic TFTs are regarded as a cost effective route into flexible electronics. As well as treating the highly divergent preparation and properties of these materials, the physics of the devices fabricated from them is also covered, with emphasis on performance features such as carrier mobility limitations, leakage currents and instability mechanisms. The thin film transistors implemented with these materials are the conventional, in...

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