A Complete Spring Garden - 50 Bulbs for 50 Days of Continuous Blooms

A Complete Spring Garden - 50 Bulbs for

Tulips, Daffodils, Muscari, and other hardy perennial bulbs. The varieties may vary depending on the season. Spring Blooming

  • Brand: Hirts: Bulbs
  • ASIN: B00O02STE8
  • UPC: 612592708068

Asiatic Lily Mix -10 Perennial Flower Bulbs

Asiatic Lily Mix -10 Perennial Flower

Lilies are one of the truly great garden plants. Their beauty, diversity, ease of care, exquisite fragrance, graceful stature, and reliable disposition reflect the fruits of hundreds of years of selective breeding. Your garden should not be without them. Prefers well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade. 12-14 cm bulbs. Lilium Asiatic.

  • Color: Multi
  • Brand: Willard & May USA
  • UPC: 820572507826

ABI 12W Deep Red 660nm LED Bloom Booster Grow Light Bulb for Flowering and Spectrum Enhancement

ABI 12W Deep Red 660nm LED Bloom Booster

High efficiency, quality components, and sturdy construction make the ABI 660nm red grow light the best choice for enhancing your grow environment. The ABI 660nm deep red grow light is especially beneficial during bloom phase, promoting large bud growth and healthy flowers. 660nm is very close to the absorbance maxima of chlorophyl a. Many LED grow lights are deficient in 660nm red. Use this light to enhance and correct your light spectrum. This bulb is assembled in the USA and is backed by a 3-year manufacturer's warranty.

  • Color: Deep Red 660nm
  • Brand: ABI
  • ASIN: B01H2Y5U4M

Mixed Peony Value Bag

Mixed Peony Value

Mixed Peony Value Bag Peonies come in so many colors it can be hard to choose which one you like the best! With the Mixed Peony Value Bag you will get an assortment of pink, red and white peonies in one package making choosing which color you like best an easy choice! Enjoy the sweet fragrance and lovely cut flowers of this old time favorite! Try this Mix for a great start and addition to your garden! Item Information -Bloom Time: Early Summer -Light Requirements: Partial to Full Sun -Height: 24-36" -Size: 2/3 eye -Hardiness Zone: 3-8 -Suitable Zone: 3-10 -Planting Time: Spring -Planting Depths: 1-2" -Planting Spacing: 24-36" -Bloom Color: Mixed -Quantity Per Package: 3 roots

  • Brand: Holland Bulb Farms
  • ASIN: B00US43FGO

Beautiful Flowering 3-7" Tall Potted Plant Starter Blue Jacaranda Tree, Great Specimen Plant

Beautiful Flowering 3-7" Tall Potted Plant Starter Blue

Beautiful Flowering tree for warmer Areas. Easy to grow. You will receive a 3-7" tall potted plant

  • Brand: Blue Jacaranda Tree
  • ASIN: B013VNYKZ8
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Prized for large bouquets, stately gladioli (yes, that's the accepted plural form, and much more graceful than the alternatives) offer an enormous color range, including the most delicate pastels, bold hues and almost unimaginable bi-colors. Their sword-like foliage and tall impressive flower spikes, make striking accents in the mixed flower border. For best garden effect, plant in groups of six or more of a single color. Or grow dozens of them in a bed reserved for cutting. (Imagine the luxury of having armloads of glads to display around the house!) To enjoy blooms for many weeks through July and August, plant corms at two week intervals from early spring until the end of June. Glads are easy to grow, requiring only full sun and good drainage.

  • Brand: Netherland Bulb

Extra Large Bulb Size - 50 Dutch Grown Tulip Bulbs - Mid-Spring Flowering - Fall Planting - Triumph Tulip - Mixed Colours

Extra Large Bulb Size - 50 Dutch Grown

Triumph Tulips Mixed Flowering time: Mid-spring Plant height: 16" (40cm) Minimum planting depth: 4" (10 cm) Colours: Mixed colours Shape/form: One cup-shaped flower on a strong, medium length stem. Notes: Exceptionally beautiful flowers, Triumph Tulips flowers are single, cup-shaped and flower in an endless display of color in mid-Spring. Good for indoor forcing, cut flowers, beds, and borders. Triumph tulips are by far the largest group of tulips including many different colours. flowers are single and cup shaped and Bloom an endless assortment of colors in mid Spring. Growing to 16" in tall they offer a vibrant display of colors in the garden. Performs best in full sun and rich fertile soil medium moisture well-drained soils. Prefer areas with cool winters and warm dry Summers. Easy to grow these tulips are welcome additions to borders and containers. For best visual impact planting groups at least 10 to 15 bulbs or mixed with any other flowering bulb. Triumph Tulips are reliable performers ans are the best type of tulip bulbs for forcing. About us: Dutch Bulbs are sourced from our partner company in Holland which was one of the first companies in Holland to start growing and exporting bulbs. It is part of a group of companies with breeding facilities, produc...

  • Color: Multi
  • Brand: Eden Bulbs
  • ASIN: B07J2DR4R2

Freesia double flowering mix - 20 flower bulbs

Freesia double flowering mix - 20 flower

Mixture colors. Noted for their abundant delicate fragrance. Freesias make great cut flowers and add colorful cascades of flowers to the garden or home. One bulb can produce two flower stems. In cooler regions they can be grown indoors.

  • Brand: Fressia
  • ASIN: B00TQPE39E

Ranunculus Asiaticus, Mixed Colors (20 Bulbs)

Ranunculus Asiaticus, Mixed Colors (20

Large, double and semi-double flowers in a wide array of colors: hot lava orange, yellow zest, white light, cotton candy pink, and cherry red.. Ranunculus asiaticus: This plant grows with long straight stems, makes a great cut flower and blooms in a beautiful array of colors. . Hardy in zones 8-10 - in these zones, plant in the fall for early spring blooms. In zones 3-7, start indoors in February or March for blooms in the early summer. Treat as an annual or dig and store the bulbs once they go dormant, as they cannot tolerate northern winters.

  • Brand: BULBS
  • ASIN: B00975GA8U

Mixed Gladiolus Flower Bulbs - 50 Bulbs Assorted Colors

Mixed Gladiolus Flower Bulbs - 50 Bulbs Assorted

If you are interested in planting a mix of different colors of gladiolus this is the package for you! Great for those people looking to have beautiful cut flowers in there home this summer or to sell at the local farmers market! Colorful gladiolus also make a great background plant for shorter flowering perennials and annuals!

  • Brand: Willard & May
  • UPC: 820572520528

400pcs/bag Double Narcissus Flower Bulbs Scented Daffodil Garden Perennial Decor

400pcs/bag Double Narcissus Flower Bulbs Scented Daffodil Garden

Descriptions :Occasion:home,garden,yard,balconythis rare seeds will be best decoration.style:bonsai,potted,plant

  • Brand: Panpob68
  • ASIN: B074C4K3WL
  • UPC: 803986130217

15 Persian Buttercup bulbs--Ranunculus Tecolote Mixture

15 Persian Buttercup bulbs--Ranunculus Tecolote

  • Brand: Daylily Nursery
  • ASIN: B014RVATC6

(3) Simply Beautiful Flowering Bulbs Gladiolus Zizane Extra Large Bulbs, Plant, Start Gladioli

(3) Simply Beautiful Flowering Bulbs Gladiolus Zizane Extra

Can be grown in all zones, but can be left in the ground in zones 8 and higher. Prefers well drained soil, will rot in overwet or heavy clay soil Grows 30-50" tall Grows best in full to part sun Gladiolus come in a great assortment of colors

  • Brand: Seeds*Bulbs*Plants*&More
  • UPC: 636266023981

20 Landscape Mixture Tulip Bulbs - Tulipa Triumph

20 Landscape Mixture Tulip Bulbs - Tulipa

The rainbow of colors in this mixture will add the perfect touch to your garden this spring! 18"-20" Tall Blooms mid spring 12/+ cm Zone 2-8 Triumph: Medium height and mid-season blooming in a large selection of colors, make these tulips one of the most popular varieties. They have a strong stem which holds up well under windy conditions. Their height makes them an excellent choice for indoor forcing as well as cut flowers. When to plant your tulip bulbs for a colorful garden next spring: Plant bulbs from October to December; Tulip bulbs can actually be planted up until Christmas and still flower perfectly well in the following spring because they only need a short season of growth.

  • Brand: Daylily Nursery
  • ASIN: B00O08RML8

Mixed Daffodils (25 Bulbs) - Assorted Colors Daffodil Narcissus Bulbs by Willard & May

Mixed Daffodils (25 Bulbs) - Assorted Colors Daffodil

When you think of spring, daffodils are usually the first thing that come to mind. Our Mixed Daffodil is a traditional assorted colors of daffodils with a large trumpet and sturdy green stem. Blooming mid-spring, the Mixed Daffodils loves the sun and the partial shade and it will do well in beds, borders and under trees * Planting tip: daffodils can be planted in clumps, by placing 5 or more bulbs in one larger hole. This planting method provides a nice bouquet effect in the garden. Perennial in Zones 3 - 8. . Size 12/14 cm. This item will Bloom/Grow Mid Spring.

  • Brand: Willard & May
  • ASIN: B014G99TPW
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