The Flying Machine Book: Build and Launch 35 Rockets, Gliders, Helicopters, Boomerangs, and More (Science in Motion)

The Flying Machine Book: Build and Launch 35

Calling all future Amelia Earharts and Chuck Yeagers—there’s more than one way to get off the ground! The Flying Machine Book will show you how to construct 35 easy-to-build and fun-to-fly contraptions that can be used indoors or out. Better still, each of these rockets, gliders, boomerangs, launchers, and helicopters can be made for little or no cost using recycled materials. Rubber bands, paper clips, straws, plastic bottles, and index cards can all be transformed into amazing, gravity-defying flyers, from Bottle Rockets to Grape Bazookas, Plastic Zippers to Maple Key Helicopters.            Each project contains a materials list and detailed step-by-step instructions with photos, as well as an explanation of the science behind the flyer. Use this information to modify and improve your designs, or explain to your teacher why throwing a paper airplane is a mini science lesson.

  • Brand: Chicago Review Press
  • ASIN: 1613740867

Flying Machines (Inside Vehicles)

Flying Machines (Inside

Discover the inner workings of eight of the most incredible flying machines of all time in this lift-the-flap book by the best-selling, award-winning illustrator Stephen Biesty. With amazingly detailed drawings and more than forty flaps, young readers can meet some of the early aviators and their pioneering aircraft, peek inside a luxury flying boat, and see the technology of a rocket space plane. Packed with fun facts, this is the perfect introduction to planes and helicopters from all over the world.

  • ASIN: 1536202819

Flying Machines


Ready to take off? Learn all about aerodynamics and find everything you need to make five fabulous flying machines.Do you love machines that fly? Can you name some key aviation inventions, from balloons to solar-powered planes? Do you know how flight forces such as gravity, drag, thrust, and lift work? Kids who are raring to make their own flying machines can pore through the theory and history of flight, build five different models — a galactic glider, a deadly dart, a whirlybird helicopter, a single-prop Starlite, and a twin-prop SuperStar — and pick up some expert tips on flying them like an ace. Special features include: • Tear-out printed sheets for making two paper planes • Materials for making three propeller-powered machines, including balsa wood body parts, neoprene wings, plastic propellers, wheels, and an elastic band

  • ASIN: 076367107X

A History of Aerodynamics: And Its Impact on Flying Machines (Cambridge Aerospace Series)

A History of Aerodynamics: And Its Impact on

Aerodynamic principles that make flight possible were little known or barely understood as recently as one hundred years ago. Although their roots can be found in the fluid dynamics of ancient Greek science, it was not until the scientific breakthroughs at the beginning of the twentieth century that it became possible to design successful flying machines. This book presents the history of aerodynamics, intertwined with a review of the aircraft that were developed as technology advanced. Beginning with the scientific theories and experiments of Aristotle and Archimedes, the book continues through the applied and theoretical aerodynamics in the early 1900s, and concludes with modern hypersonic and computational aerodynamics. Students, fluid dynamicists, aeronautical engineers, and historians of technology will find this book a thoroughly engrossing account of the role of aerodynamics in the development of science and technology in this century.

  • Brand: Brand: Cambridge University Press
  • ASIN: 0521669553

High-flying Helicopters (Amazing Machines)

High-flying Helicopters (Amazing

Hover in the air with some wacky animal pilots in this cheerful picture book all about helicopters. Spirited wordplay, vibrant art, plus a visual dictionary, make this title a must have for bookshelves everywhere. This book is filled with lively rhyming text by the award-winning poet Tony Mitton that perfectly complements Ant Parker's bold, bright illustrations. A picture dictionary identifying helicopter parts builds vocabulary and makes learning about helicopters exciting and fun.

  • ASIN: 0753472910

Adventures Of Adam Raccoon: Flying Machine

Adventures Of Adam Raccoon: Flying

The Adventures of Adam Raccoon take place in the heart of the Master’s Wood. Adam Raccoon, along with his animal friends, find both danger and beauty in the woods filled with streams, waterfalls, and tall trees. Kids will easily relate to Adam who is playful, curious, a little mischievous, and tender hearted. Whenever Adam gets himself into trouble by going his own way, King Aren comes to the rescue.

  • Brand: GEG
  • ASIN: 1937212181

Those Wonderful Women in Their Flying Machines: The Unknown Heroines of World War Two

Those Wonderful Women in Their Flying Machines: The

A narrative history, from first-hand interviews, of the valiant American women pilots of World War II.

  • Brand: Brand: Four Directions Pr
  • ASIN: 0962765902

The Flying Sewing Machine

The Flying Sewing

Sewing is magic, creative, and fun,it's meant to be shared with a special someone.Let's fly off to Sewland and stitch something newwhere all the town sews at a quarter to two.This delightful children's picture book, written by Nancy Zieman of PBS's Sewing with Nancy, takes kids on a fun and exciting adventure to a magical land where everyone sews. (no patterns are included)

  • Brand: Martingale
  • ASIN: 1604689099
  • UPC: 744527114559

Amazing Airplanes (Amazing Machines)

Amazing Airplanes (Amazing

Buckle up to learn all about flying! Amazing Airplanes follows the animal crew, as they become pilots, baggage handlers, and air stewards. Each page is filled with details that machine-mad kids love, such as the cockpit, landing gear, and much more. This book is perfect for budding pilots or happy vacationers!From airplanes to fire engines, the internationally bestselling Amazing Machines series is the perfect way for children to learn about all sorts of vehicles! Each book introduces a new vehicle and the jobs it can do. Bright, engaging artwork and simple, rhyming text combine to make these fantastic books for young children. Kids will love getting to know the friendly, animal characters who feature throughout the series and reading about their fast-paced adventures!

  • Brand: Kingfisher
  • ASIN: 0753459159
  • UPC: 046442459150

Birds: Nature's Magnificent Flying Machines

Birds: Nature's Magnificent Flying

Hovering, gliding, diving -- how do birds do it? BIRDS: NATURE'S MAGNIFICENT FLYING MACHINES looks at how feathers, body structure, and wings vary from bird to bird. Readers will learn the mechanics of bird flight from takeoff to landing and discover how wing types meet the survival needs of each species. Popular science writer Caroline Arnold infuses this informative look at avian flight with her love of birds. Patricia J. Wynne's exquisitely detailed illustrations show these amazing creatures in action.

  • ASIN: 1570915725

Ultimate Sticker Book: Airplanes and Other Flying Machines: More Than 250 Reusable Stickers

Ultimate Sticker Book: Airplanes and Other Flying Machines:

Kids can let their imaginations soar and learn about the world of aviation, from helicopters to hot-air balloons, with this ultimate sticker book filled with powerful flying machines.With information about the amazing feats of aviation that have launched humans up into the clouds, Ultimate Sticker Book: Airplanes and Other Flying Machines is packed with fascinating photographs, cool facts, and fun activities, and includes more than 250 reusable stickers. Kids can create their own scene, test their knowledge with a fun sticker quiz, discover how rockets have transported humans up into the skies, the atmosphere, and beyond, and much more.Ultimate Sticker Book: Airplanes and Other Flying Machines is perfect for young aviation lovers and explorers, and is sure to keep them busy for hours.

  • Brand: DK Children
  • ASIN: 1465456953

My Father's Flying Machine (Peter Rabbit Animation)

My Father's Flying Machine (Peter Rabbit

Celebrate Father’s Day with a flying adventure!Peter, Benjamin, and Lily are looking through a photo album of their fathers’ old adventures. Peter misses his dad, but seeing pictures of his father’s adventures is comforting. One picture shows Peter’s dad standing by a flying machine that disappeared after a crash landing. Peter is determined to find it. Let’s hop to it!

  • ASIN: 0723295646

You Wouldn't Want to Be on the First Flying Machine! (You Wouldn't Want to...: Adventurers and Explorers)

You Wouldn't Want to Be on the First

Orville and Wilbur Wright are only bicycle mechanics in Dayton, Ohio, but they have a dream.This interactive series will enthrall young and reluctant readers (Ages 8-12) by making them part of the story, inviting them to become the main character. Each book uses humorous illustrations to depict the sometimes dark and horrific side of life during important eras in history. Orville and Wilbur Wright are only bicycle mechanics in Dayton, Ohio, but they have a dream. They plan to fly-not in a balloon or a glider, but in an airplane made of wood and cloth, powered by its own engine. Most people don't believe this is possible; do you?

  • ASIN: 0531230422

Leonardo da Vinci's Flying Machine Kit

Leonardo da Vinci's Flying Machine

Painter, architect, scientist, inventor—Leonardo da Vinci ranks as history's consummate innovator. Consumed with a boundless desire for knowledge, he investigated technical challenges that were hundreds of years ahead of his time. The power of flight was a particular source of fascination for him, and his close studies of bird anatomy and movement informed his development of the ornithopter — a winged, human-powered aircraft. With Leonardo's da Vinci's Flying Machine, you can create a fully working model of the inventor's amazing creation. This self-contained model kit features a 48-page book with details from Leonardo's notebooks plus full-color, easily joined components. Once assembled, the wings flap by turning a crank. Like the prototype, your model won't actually fly, but you'll have an amazing replica of one of the Renaissance genius's most famous futuristic inventions.

  • ASIN: 0486836479
  • UPC: 800759836475

Sekret Machines Book 2: A Fire Within

Sekret Machines Book 2: A Fire

Tom DeLonge—award-winning creator and accomplished researcher, who made history by releasing the first official military footage of a UFO that has been through the US government declassification review process—and New York Times bestselling author A.J. Hartley continue their thrilling Sekret Machines saga of archeological adventure, government conspiracy, historical mystery, and unimaginable technology with Sekret Machines Book 2: A Fire Within.  They have witnessed what is beyond the bounds of possibility. Lights sailing across Nevada’s desert night sky in fluid and rapid motions that are impossible for even the most technologically advanced aircraft. They have encountered those responsible for the unexplained.  Men in black suits, white lab coats, and military uniforms who do not want their secrets exposed. Brought together by fate—or phenomena—heiress Jennifer Quinn, journalist Timika Mars, pilot Alan Young, and ex-Marine Barry Regis are bonded by the incidents they’ve witnessed, hunted by agents of a wealthy corporate cabal desperate for unimaginable power, and possessed of extraordinary abilities they do not understand, much less control. Now, they’re on a mission of their own. As Alan and Barry test the limits of their strange gifts inside the military comp...

  • ASIN: 1943272344
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