Anti-Spit Milk Baby Crib Pillow Wedge Infant Reflux Reducer Nasal Congestion Reducer High-Density Stereotype Sponge Pillow Newborn Baby Sleep Positioner with Cotton Removable Cover Pregnancy Pillow

Anti-Spit Milk Baby Crib Pillow Wedge Infant Reflux

Baby on its back? If its a newborn, we can almost guarantee is. Utilizing an amazingly pure BASF memory foam design, we not only help round out your child's noggin, but keep them comfortable as well! It's quality that every new mother or father can appreciate, and it's right here with the Memory Foam Head Shaping Pillow! Forget polyester and other synthetic materials. We use only the finest organic materials for our cushion cover! It's gentle on baby's skin, and brings an untouchable softness to the equation. As parents ourselves, we believe that every design can be made better with just a little bit more attention to the details. We've researched other pillows like this, and have innovated on an idea specifically to meet the needs of the mother that truly wants the best for their little one. Give your friends and family Peace of Mind. Knowing that their new bundle of joy will keep a nice round head through the fragile newborn and infant stages. Too many other pillows out there have holes or just don't offer the full spectrum support.Your child deserves every chance to grow unhindered, and this is a step towards their proper development that you can be confident in. Many of those other pillows just don't allow for the comfortable positioning of your baby's shoulders. Without that...

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Baby Crib Pillow Universal Memory Foam Crib Wedge Infant Reflux Reducer and Nasal Congestion Reducer Newborn Baby Sleep Positioner with Cotton Removable Cover also used as Pregnancy Pillow Wedge

Baby Crib Pillow Universal Memory Foam Crib Wedge

Perfect Sleeper Crib Wedge helps safely elevate baby's head and torso for easier breathing and better digestion. Product Specificatons: Material:100% pure premium quality memory foam. Material of Cover: Organic Cotton cover. Weight:1.5pounds for the set Size: 13.7'' x 19.6'' x 2.8'' BEST PILLOW TO IMPROVE YOUR BABY SLEEP 12 degree incline angle is recommended by pediatricians for newborns,help to elevate your baby head and torso,reduces acid reflux and spitt-up,the raised place make them sleep soundly. Our incline crib wedge can be placed under the bedding mattress which raises the angle of your baby's head to allow baby to rest in an optimal place. Never again will you have to worry about the danger of your baby getting choked while asleep due to wrong way. Fits most of cribs and toddler beds, and can be used boppy lounger, floor mat, co-sleeper. Please see the size before you order the baby crib wedge pillow. Care Instructions Inner cover -Wipe clean with soapy warm water Removable outer cotton cover - Machine wash gentle cycle in cold water and air dry (to prevent shrinking) Our Policy and Services: 1.Contact us if you have any questions and we will respond you within 24 hours. 2.We will try our best to make you satisfied with our product and service.

  • Color: Light Yellow
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Bassinet Wedge and Baby Sleep Positioner with Handcrafted Cotton Removable Cover | this memory foam pillow has 12 degree incline for Better Night's Sleep also used as Pregnancy Pillow Wedge

Bassinet Wedge and Baby Sleep Positioner with Handcrafted

●ELEVATE BABY'S HEAD & TORSO - Our perfect 12 degree incline props up your child's head and body. This raised position adds comfort which leads to better sleep● SAFE FOR YOUR BABY - Free from all harsh chemicals, including BPA, phthalates, and PBDEs , the bebemad Safe-lift wedge cover and foam are ultra-safe. ●NON-SKID BOTTOM - holds wedge firmly in place for safety and convenience. The universal Safe Lift Crib Wedge is safe for all cribs and toddler beds ●EASY TO CLEAN, WATERPROOF, STAINPROOF - No laundering required. Our waterproof cover makes for easy cleanup of baby spit-up, drooling, and diaper leaks. Wipes clean with a warm rag or disinfectant wipe.● FOLDABLE FOR EASY TRAVEL - Take our foldable wedge with you anywhere. Our attractive packaging makes it a great gift for new parents

  • Brand: bebemad
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Baby Pillow - Preventing Flat Head Syndrome (Plagiocephaly) for your newborn baby,Made of Memory Foam Head- shaping Pillow And Head Positioner Neck Support (0-12 Months) 100% GUARANTEE and FREE DELIVE

Baby Pillow - Preventing Flat Head Syndrome (Plagiocephaly)

The Pillow Is Designed To Prevents Plagiocephaly ("FLAT HEAD SYNDROME") About 20% of babies under 12 months are affected by a flat or lopsided head. Doctors recommend that babies should always sleep on their back. However, this can deform the back of the head, a condition known as 'flat head syndrome'. + Clinically proven to head shape development can be aided by the use of a special baby pillow.and highly recommended by doctors and physicians, internationally. + pillow eases the pressure on your baby's head and has been shown to get great results, particularly when introduced before 12 months of age. Why choose of the our memory foam baby flat head pillows: * Ideal to prevent and avoid flat head syndrome and plagiocephaly * High quality material specially designed for newborns by its ergonomic shape and inclination, keep your baby's spine in the correct alignment. * excellent pressure distribution and body adaptation: viscoelastic foam (memory foam) makes sure there is not too much pressure on the baby's head * The pillow also provides relief for babies whose sensitive skin is easily irritated at pressure points. * less hair loss due to reduced friction on the hair at the back of the head * Very practical, it can be used both in the cradle, bed, stroller, rocking * It can...

  • Color: Yellow
  • Brand: Hidetex
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ModTickles Premium Universal Deluxe Baby Bassinet Wedge Pillow & Newborn Swaddle Blanket Set - Firm Memory Foam Mattress Pad Incline - Infant Acid Reflux & Nasal Congestion Relief

ModTickles Premium Universal Deluxe Baby Bassinet Wedge Pillow

Provide Your Baby All The Comfort & Support, Starting Today! ModTickles Premium Bassinet Baby Wedge Pillow ensures the perfect elevation and the most comfortable sleep position for your infant so that you (or your loved ones) will also be able to get some much-needed rest.The optimal incline with an angle of approximately 12-14 degrees provides your little one relief from nasal congestion and acid reflux.The extra firm high-density memory foam pillow provides maximum support to your baby's head, neck and torso. ModTickles Premium Baby Bassinet Wedge Pillow & Muslin Swaddle Blanket Bundle As a bonus,the ModTickles Bassinet Wedge Pillow comes with an Extra Large 47 " * 47" 100% Muslin Cotton Swaddle Blanket so that you can safely place your swaddled baby on the pillow! Universal Design - Made To Perfectly Fit In All Standard & Deluxe Sized Bassinets! ModTickles Bassinet Wedge Pillow is specially designed to fit perfectly in mini crib and deluxe bassinets, like the Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper, Fisher-Price's Soothing Motion Bassinet, Snoo Smart Sleeper, Dock A Tot, Monte Ninna Nanna, Baby Bjorn Baby Cradle, & more! Multi-Purpose This pillow can also be used as pregnancy cushion. It is an amazing baby shower gift idea any pregnant mother would love to receive! Easy Care Instruc...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: ModTickles
  • ASIN: B078LZX6Z4
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Baby Head Shaping Pillow for Newborns Premium Memory Foam & 2 Bamboo Pillowcase Prevents Rolling Over & Plagiocephaly or Flat Head Syndrome Luxury shower Infant's Gift+Ebook Sleep Guide By SA

Baby Head Shaping Pillow for Newborns Premium Memory

During the first years of life, baby's head changes rapidly and can be easily deformed by pressure against hard surfaces. Most of the newborns spend time on their back and asymmetric flattening of the back is quite common. We at, Sleeping Angel for better sleep deeply researched on this and came up with an innovative idea to meet the needs of mothers and parents that truly wants the best for their precious bundle of joy. Introducing memory foam pillow for newborn by Sleeping Angel for better sleep! It is made from 100% baby friendly memory foam and features an interesting design to prevent your baby from rolling over while sleeping on the back. Meantime, this baby head pillow distributes the pressure evenly and keeps baby's head and spine in the correct alignment to prevent flat head. Need more reasons to choose our Baby Nursing Pillow - Gentle on baby's skin and brings an untouchable softness and comfort. - Hypoallergenic. Absorbs bacteria and prevents the development of respiratory diseases such as Asthma. - Super easy to clean. Spot clean with a damp cloth is recommended. - A luxury Christmas or baby shower gift that you can choose for new moms and infants. Newborns create excessive sweating due to their high blood flow and they can be messy with countless spills and leaks. Fo...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Sleeping angel for better sleep
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Baby Wishes Universal Bassinet Wedge Incline Pillow for Better Baby Sleep | Premium Breathable Cover, Waterproof Inner Cover, BPA Free | Safe Memory Foam

Baby Wishes Universal Bassinet Wedge Incline Pillow for

Universal Bassinet Wedge for Better Baby Sleep Baby Wishes brings you a premium universal bassinet wedge that will easily fit standard basinets and give you the 12-degree incline that doctors do recommend for better baby sleeping. The basinet wedge is a baby sleep pillow that will comfortably and safely elevate baby's head. Fits easily With its original design the wedge baby sleep wedge fits all standard basinet wedges. Ultra-safe Built from memory foam, all materials used in this high quality bassinet wedge for better baby sleep is BPA Free and free from ALL harsh chemicals. Comes with a hand bag Your baby will sleep comfortably wherever you go as this universal bassinet wedge comes with a handbag enabling easy transportation. Waterproof & Stain-Proof = Very Easy to Maintain The little angles can be messy, but the universal bassinet wedge will offer protection and is easy to clean/maintain. No matter if it is a surprising baby spit-up or unwanted diaper leak just use wipes to clean the mess. Easily put it with your other clothes too as it is machine washable. ▶ Stain, odor, mold & bacteria resistant Why this baby bassinet wedge? ✔️ fits all standard bassinets ✔️ soft and comfortable ✔️ breathable memory foam free of BPA & all harmful chemicals ✔️ waterproof ...

  • Brand: Baby Wishes
  • ASIN: B075VF2NFN
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Baby Head Shaping Memory Foam Pillow - 2 Organic Cotton Covers Included - Prevents Newborn and Infant Flat Head Syndrome - Organic - Breathable - Protective (Grey&Yellow)

Baby Head Shaping Memory Foam Pillow - 2

baby pillow for sleeping correction flat head girl acid reflux

  • Color: Grey-yellow
  • Brand: Tic Tic Baby
  • ASIN: B06XRB2TH3
  • UPC: 780150966059

Wedge Pillow for Newborn Infants – 12 Degrees Inclination to Prevent Acid Reflux – Multifunctional Baby Positioner that Can be Used as Belly and Lumbar Support during Pregnancy

Wedge Pillow for Newborn Infants – 12 Degrees

Safe and Sound Through the Night Comfort and safety combine in this comfortable infant wedge pillow that helps your baby sleep safe and sound through the night. Featuring an external cover made of natural cotton and a waterproof layer to protect it from baby spit-ups, diaper leaks, and drooling, the infant positioner pillow is both breathable and hygienic. With a 12 degrees inclination, as recommended by doctors, the reflux wedge pillow: Reduces reflux and nasal congestion Promotes better sleep, with less awakening Prevents babies from rolling when asleep Makes a spectacular baby shower gift Versatility at Its Best! The shape and firmness of the sleeping wedge pillow make it much more than a head wedge for babies. Breathable and lightweight, happy4baby Wedges for Babies can be used by future mothers as belly or lumbar support and is an excellent choice whenever you need a: Pregnancy wedge pillow Bassinet positioner Back wedge pillow Maternity back support pillow Acid reflux wedge pillow Infant sleep positioner From Parents for Parents Designed by the mother of two, the infant wedge is perfectly safe and suitable even for babies with allergies. No chemicals such as BPA, phthalates, formaldehyde, lead, and BPDEs (flame retardants) have been used in manufacturing the sleep wedge pi...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: happy4baby
  • ASIN: B07635W495
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Baby pillow Crib Bumper nursing pillow Positioner Anti-rollover Baby Cushion Anti-rollover Memory Foam Cute Cartoon Anti-roll Sleeper Sleep Positioner Insurance

Baby pillow Crib Bumper nursing pillow Positioner Anti-rollover

Comfortable Cotton Anti Roll Pillow Lovely Duck Baby Toddler Safe Cartoon Sleep Head Positioner Anti-rollover Baby Cushion ....................... Shipping Takes about 12-22 days

  • Brand: Lovetosell123
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