Freedom Trail Boston - Ultimate Tour & History Guide - Tips, Secrets, & Tricks

Freedom Trail Boston - Ultimate Tour & History

FREE KINDLE VERSION - FREE COMPANION APP - FREE STREAMING NARRATION!Now includes Boston Harbor Islands - great day trip for all ages!KINDLE Version FREE w/print purchase through Amazon MatchBook!FREE COMPANION APP for iPhone and Android w/MULTILINGUAL Option - Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, & Japanese!FREE STREAMING NARRATION w/web access - a tour guide in your pocket! (Accessed via QR Codes)Now with information on Harvard Sq., Lexington-Concord, & Adams NHPUpdated history sections with Native Americans & early explorersIncludes free Web-Updates with happenings, budget tips, maps & moreGoogle Auto-Translate to Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese and Others with embedded QR-Codes! Whether you are a first time visitor or you've lived in Boston for years, the Freedom Trail Boston Ultimate Tour & History Guide provides everything to make your visit to The Freedom Trail and Historic Boston a smashing success.Read all important chapters in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean and other languages via exclusive links to web-based auto-translation features.Use it to plan, brush up on background information, or as a personal, interactive, multi-lingual tour guide when walking The Freedom Trail. It covers all 16 "official" Freedom Trail Stops as...

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The Mystery on the Freedom Trail: The Boston Marathon Mystery (2) (Real Kids Real Places)

The Mystery on the Freedom Trail: The Boston

One if by land! Too many tombstones! Four funny friends! Spooky old places! Lots of clues and it's a race to the finish! When their schoolteacher cousin disappears in the middle of running the Boston Marathon, four kids wind their way through the perilous maze of Boston streets along the Freedom Trail to discover what happened! Take your mark and race with Christina, Grant and their cousins - Derian and C.F. - as they try to track down the mysterious whereabouts of their schoolteacher cousin who has disappeared from the famous Boston Marathon - right in the middle of the race! MORE than a race, a mystery! MORE than a mystery, there's real history about the Freedom Trail and the Boston Marathon history, too! MORE THAN ENOUGH REASONS TO RACE TO READ... The Mystery on the Freedom Trail The Boston Marathon Mystery. LOOK what's in this mystery - people, places, history, and more! History of Patriot's Day • History of the Boston Marathon • Revolutionary War patriots Paul Revere, Sam Adams, John Hancock, and Ben Franklin • Rules of the Boston Marathon • History of competitive running • Pheidippides, and the start of marathons • Life in the 1800s • History of Boston • History of Paul Revere, his house and the "Midnight Ride of Paul Revere" • History of Old North Church ...

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Freedom Trail Pop Up Book of Boston

Freedom Trail Pop Up Book of

Award-wining book!  Boston's iconic Freedom Trail® has long been the best way to discover the city's integral role in the dawn of American independence. Now there is an extraordinary pop up book to commemorate the 2.5 mile walking tour through the birth of the nation. Bursting with incredible architectural detail, exquisite craftsmanship, and fascinating profiles of each landmark on the trail, the Freedom Trail® Pop Up Book of Boston will delight readers of all ages whether they are from near or far. Author and creator Denise Price and the Freedom Trail Foundation invite you to watch the city's rich heritage come alive with each brightly illustrated pop up and to experience Boston history in an entirely new way.  Awarded the Moonbeam Children's Book Award, Gelett Burgess Award, the Independent Publishers Award and the Benjamin Franklin Award.

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The Boston Freedom Trail: In Words and Pictures

The Boston Freedom Trail: In Words and

A Moving and Informative Guidebook and Keepsake Worthy of Coffee Table Display! Through lyrical paragraphs and poignant black and white images, The Boston Freedom Trail reveals the essence of each site along the Freedom Trail, thereby allowing the reader to be moved and to connect more intimately with the splendor of liberty itself. Said to be the soul of the city, Boston’s Freedom Trail embodies the remarkable and courageous spirit of America’s unyielding quest for Independence and makes Boston a popular and endearing tourist destination. Beginning within the elegantly manicured grounds of Boston’s Common, this trail takes an estimated four million visitors a year on a fascinating 2.5-mile walk through its historic sites—sites enveloped within the city itself, and dotted with cafés, restaurants, bars, hotels, and commerce. In this book, each of these sites, and each name associated with America’s independence, whispers endless stories and inspires great dreams. This city’s captivating past—and that of the entire American experience—can be discovered on each page, making it an absorbing and everlasting book, one dedicated to the absolute beauty and the luminous tradition of freedom.

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Urban Sketching The Freedom Trail: Walking and Sketching Boston's Famous Trail.

Urban Sketching The Freedom Trail: Walking and Sketching

Each year over 3.2 million people visit Boston Massachusetts and walk The Freedom Trail, making it one of the most visited historical attractions in the United States. In the summer of 2013, I walked the trail carrying my small backpack filled with my art supplies and sketched anything I found attracting along the way. In total I ended up walking for 11 weeks sketching the entire 2.5 mile journey and enjoyed every bit of it! This 74 page book captures my journey and hope it may want to make you walk The Freedom Trail! Note: The Freedom Trail® is a registered trademark of The Freedom Trail Foundation, Inc. This book is independently published and is not affiliated with the Freedom Trail Foundation.

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Boston's Freedom Trail: Trace The Path Of American History

Boston's Freedom Trail: Trace The Path Of American

A thorough yet concise walking guide to one of America's most important historic destinationsRelive the birth of America along Boston's historic two-and-a-half-mile Freedom Trail with this guide to twenty-six legendary landmarks―including the site of the Boston Massacre and the Bunker Hill Monument. This new edition is fully updated to include the most current information on the sites, including admission fees, hours of operation, and more. It also features a fresh cover treatment and a new, travel-friendly trim size. Put on your walking shoes and visit:- Faneuil Hall, where the citizens of Boston voted their “opposition to Tyrants and their Minions”- Paul Revere's house, the only seventeenth-century wooden dwelling still standing in any major American city- The Old South Meeting House, where Sam Adams's December 16, 1773 oration led to the Boston Tea Party- The Old State House, the site of Boston's first public reading of the Declaration of Independence

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The Complete Guide to Boston's Freedom Trail

The Complete Guide to Boston's Freedom

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Freedom Trail: Boston: A Guided Tour Through History (Historical Tours)

Freedom Trail: Boston: A Guided Tour Through History

Residents and visitors alike can journey back in time as they follow Boston's 2 ½-mile Freedom Trail past twenty-six historic landmarks that embody pivotal events in the formation of America―including the site of the Boston Massacre and the Bunker Hill Monument. Timeline BooksThese one-of-a-kind guides allow readers to move through time as never before, bringing them face to face with the people and events behind some of America's most important historical landmarks and locations. No other guidebooks draw so much on the first-hand accounts of those involved in the historic events that transpired in the areas covered―making readers feel as if they are experiencing living history. Each book features:* Two popout® maps―a historical map showing the area as it once was; and a modern map marking every stop on the tour and place mentioned in the text. * Additional color maps and up to 40-60 photos, both historical and modern * An introduction by an expert that sets the area in historical context * A timeline showing key historical events * A detailed walking tour of the present-day site, interspersed with first-hand accounts interspersed in the text or included as sidebars * Concise and colorful biographies of key historical figures * Where to stay and eat, and places to visit ...

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Boston Freedom Trail: Revised 2007

Boston Freedom Trail: Revised

This visual guide combines contemporary photography, historic imagery, and engaging text to provide a colorful introduction to Boston's Freedom Trail. Exclusive access takes the viewer inside Faneuil Hall and Paul Revere's house, to ""Old Ironsides"" at dawn, and to Park Street Church at sunset. Paintings by J. S. Copley and engravings by the multi-talented Revere illuminate the key players and events of Boston in the revolutionary period.

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The Lost Art of Reading Nature's Signs: Use Outdoor Clues to Find Your Way, Predict the Weather, Locate Water, Track Animals_and Other Forgotten Skills (Natural Navigation)

The Lost Art of Reading Nature's Signs: Use

Turn Every Walk into a Game of DetectionWhen writer and navigator Tristan Gooley journeys outside, he sees a natural world filled with clues. The roots of a tree indicate the sun’s direction; the Big Dipper tells the time; a passing butterfly hints at the weather; a sand dune reveals prevailing wind; the scent of cinnamon suggests altitude; a budding flower points south. To help you understand nature as he does, Gooley shares more than 850 tips for forecasting, tracking, and more, gathered from decades spent walking the landscape around his home and around the world. Whether you’re walking in the country or city, along a coastline, or by night, this is the ultimate resource on what the land, sun, moon, stars, plants, animals, and clouds can reveal—if you only know how to look!

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Freedom Trail (Symbols of Freedom)

Freedom Trail (Symbols of

While reading The Freedom Trail, students will learn about some of Boston's most notable sites that relate to the American Revolution. This 32-page title uses a variety of teaching components to help young readers strengthen their reading comprehension skills. The Symbols of Freedom series will allow students to explain events or concepts in a historical, scientific, or technical text, using language that pertains to time, sequence, and cause versus effect. Each title features photographs, maps, and informational sidebars that work with a Show What You Know section to help readers build their understanding of the topic.

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The LOOK Book, Freedom Trail, Boston MA

The LOOK Book, Freedom Trail, Boston

A scavenger hunt picture book with stickers

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On the Road to Freedom: A Guided Tour of the Civil Rights Trail

On the Road to Freedom: A Guided Tour

This in-depth look at the civil rights movement goes to the places where pioneers of the movement marched, sat-in at lunch counters, gathered in churches; where they spoke, taught, and organized; where they were arrested, where they lost their lives, and where they triumphed. Award-winning journalist Charles E. Cobb Jr., a former organizer and field secretary for SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee), knows the journey intimately. He guides us through Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee, back to the real grassroots of the movement. He pays tribute not only to the men and women etched into our national memory but to local people whose seemingly small contributions made an impact. We go inside the organizations that framed the movement, travel on the "Freedom Rides" of 1961, and hear first-person accounts about the events that inspired Brown vs. Board of Education. An essential piece of American history, this is also a useful travel guide with maps, photographs, and sidebars of background history, newspaper coverage, and firsthand interviews.

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Freedom Trail Mystery : Going to Boston

Freedom Trail Mystery : Going to

Serena Marlowe and Carly Heiser attend a two week field hockey camp at Boston University and have an exciting time, tracking down historic sites and stolen artifacts. They make new friends, learn about some of the most important people and events in the formation of our country and even get to play hockey.

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Freedom Trail Boston - El Recorrido Más Completo y Guía Histórica (Spanish Edition)

Freedom Trail Boston - El Recorrido Más Completo

Incluye la versión Kindle gratis.Traducido por un hablante nativo, la Guía de Recorrido e Historia de Boston ofrece todo lo necesario para hacer de su visita a la Freedom Trail (Ruta de la Libertad) y Boston Histórico un éxito rotundo. Utilícela para planificar, poner al día la información de fondo, o como una guía personal conforme visite la Ruta. Esta cubre las 16 Estaciones "oficiales" de la Ruta de la Libertad, así como sobre otros 50 puntos de referencia "no oficiales". Bellamente ilustrada, la Guía cuenta con más de 80 fotos, ilustraciones y mapas. También hay acceso a aplicaciones gratis complementarias para teléfonos inteligentes desarrolladas por autor e información de Internet incluyendo videos, consejos para ahorrar dinero, y más. Hay descripciones detalladas de todos los hechos de notable importancia e historia, incluyendo la masacre de Boston, la Fiesta del Té de Boston, el paseo de Paul Revere, las batallas de Lexington y Concord, y la batalla de la Colina Bunker. Se proporciona información para ayudar a recoger las mejores excursiones que incluyen: La Ruta del Patrimonio Negro, la Harvard Square y Cambridge, Lexington y Concord, El Parque Nacional Histórico de Milicianos, El Parque Nacional Histórico de Adams, y las islas del puerto de Boston...

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