Hella Cocktail Co. | Ginger Bitters, 1.7 oz | Craft Cocktail Bitters Made with Real Ginger and Whole Spices|Perfect for Holiday Cocktail Recipes

Hella Cocktail Co. | Ginger Bitters, 1.7 oz

Wicked flavors. Mad skills. Hella Cocktail Co. The best times seem to happen around great drinks. Friendships are forged; memories are made; schemes are hatched. This is the original inspiration of our company: a love of bold flavors, real ingredients and genuine hospitality. Our line of premium mixers, syrups, bitters and DIY kits was born out of a good old fashioned passion for delicious cocktails made of all natural elements. To some of our friends who have been with us from the beginning, we may always be known for our obsessive quest to create truly original craft bitters. And you know what? We’re okay with that. It’s a reminder that every detail is important, and that often (if not always) it’s the little things that make all the difference. Named Best Locally Made Bitters by Liquor.com, our potent, handcrafted alcohol-based extracts take 30 days to make and a long time to use, so you always get your money’s worth. Elevate your home bar with these small but mighty mixtures. Ginger has become a go-to cocktail ingredient, and for good reason. Our ginger bitters packs a punch, with just a few dashes. Spicy and earthy, with subtle lemon notes, our Ginger bitters goes well with anything. We promise to never stop working to make sure your next cocktail—and every one aft...

  • Brand: Hella Cocktail Co.
  • ASIN: B01N9Y7NPB
  • UPC: 850001070157

Shrub & Co Spicy Ginger Shrub - Fruit-Driven Mixers for Cocktails, Sparklers, and Club Sodas, 16 fl. oz.

Shrub & Co Spicy Ginger Shrub - Fruit-Driven

The flavor of Shrub & Co Spicy Ginger can't be compared to its cousins - ginger beer, ginger ale, or ginger liqueur. Our shrub is more complex and layered: the spice of the ginger comes through, its bite enhanced by the vinegar, but balanced perfectly by the cane sugar. Shrub & Co is passionate about bringing shrubs back to your glass. They are simply an amazing way to deliver flavor. We craft our shrubs from their most basic elements - organic or non-GMO fruit, cane sugar, vinegar and aromatics. Achieving balance and bright flavor with minimal ingredients is a challenge we embrace.

  • Brand: Shrub & Co
  • ASIN: B00DY7B10E

Tiptree Lemon Curd, 11 Ounce Jar (312g)

Tiptree Lemon Curd, 11 Ounce Jar

Tiptree has been growing fruit & making preserves since 1885 in Essex County, England. We grow a wide range of traditional fruits on the farm right next to our factory, producing some of the highest quality preserves & marmalades the world has tasted.

  • Brand: Tiptree
  • ASIN: B00XMZ8E3K
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Fee Brothers Falernum Cocktail Mixer: 32 oz

Fee Brothers Falernum Cocktail Mixer: 32

Add Falernum to your favorite cocktails for new levels of flavor! This Caribbean favorite has flavors of lime, almond and ginger. Once a lost ingredient, it's making a comeback in the cocktail community. This Tiki staple is used in many rum-based drinks, but is also great with gin, vodka and bourbon. Makes a killer Rum Punch! In stock and ready to ship. Features: Cocktail mixer with lime, almond and ginger flavor. A main ingredient in many rum based drinks. Contains no alcohol. Specs: Available in 12.7 oz and 32 oz size bottles.

  • Brand: Fee Brothers
  • ASIN: B000VYP3PW
  • UPC: 791863041445

Crafted Cocktails Ginger Shrubs Cocktail Enhancer, Soda Flavoring or Culinary Ingredient, 2 Counts

Crafted Cocktails Ginger Shrubs Cocktail Enhancer, Soda Flavoring

Shrubs were developed centuries ago to preserve seasonal fruits for use year-round. What's old is new again. Shrubs are sweeping the globe as the custom cocktail ingredient of choice for mixologists everywhere. Ginger shrub is an all-natural aromatic cocktail enhancer made from ginger, champagne vinegar and agave. Use with your favorite spirits to create your own incredible cocktail, or use with sparking water to create all natural sodas for the whole family.

  • Brand: Crafted Cocktails
  • UPC: 861379000233

The Ginger People Organic Ginger Juice, 32 Ounce

The Ginger People Organic Ginger Juice, 32

Our organic ginger juice is made from fresh organic ginger, juiced and bottled.

  • Brand: The Ginger People
  • UPC: 734027504073

Al Wadi Pomegranate Molasses 100% Natural

Al Wadi Pomegranate Molasses 100%

All natural pomegranate molasses, made from pure 100 percent pomegranate juice. Pomegranate molasses is an essential ingredient in the Middle Eastern cuisine. Its flavor is sweet sour; it can be used in place or with lemon juice. Famously used in marinades, glazes, dressings and sauces with salads, mezze or savory dishes. Pomegranate molasses is also used in desserts.

  • Brand: alwadi alakhdar
  • UPC: 015883154986

Pratt Standard Cocktail Company Old Fashioned Authentic Ginger Syrup for Cocktails, 16 oz

Pratt Standard Cocktail Company Old Fashioned Authentic Ginger

TRUE makes cocktail syrups, garnishes, and ingredients the way they were made in the pre-prohibition era. Real ingredients, no artificial chemicals, no nonsense. We want your cocktails to knock your socks off. Founded in November 2014, our cocktail products are carefully researched and engineered to pair with your specialty liquors, and to make your cocktails authentic and delicious.

  • Brand: Pratt Standard Cocktail Company
  • ASIN: B0783RHBLD
  • UPC: 859740005031

The Twisted Shrub - Apple Ginger - Apple Cider Vinegar Drink Mixers for Healthier Sodas & Cocktails

The Twisted Shrub - Apple Ginger - Apple

What are Shrubs?Shrubs date back hundreds of years to colonial times when vinegar and sugar were used to preserve fruits. The resulting mixers were then used to flavor drinks.About The Twisted Shrub:The Twisted Shrub uses a time-intensive process to bring you the most zing-filled, yet balanced shrubs on the planet! Our shrubs create intensely complex, delicious, better-for-you cocktails and sodas without any muddling or infusing. We'll make you a Bartending Hero at home!Ingredients:We use just three simple, all-natural ingredients in every batch:1. Apple Cider Vinegar. Always. ACV is the best vinegar on the planet with known health benefits like helping balance blood sugar levels and aiding digestion!2. Real fruits & vegetables. We never, ever use concentrates, additives or preservatives.3. 100% cane sugar for sweetness to balance the tart of the vinegar.That's it!Process: We take our time, too. Every batch of The Twisted Shrub is produced and bottled by hand and takes three days to craft! How to use:Shrubs make equally amazing sodas and cocktails all in the comforts of your own home!COCKTAILS: Become a 'Bartending Hero' in seconds by adding equal parts shrub + spirit + soda water to ice.SODAS: Simply add 3 to 4 parts sparkling water to 1 part shrub for a better-for-you, low suga...

  • Brand: The Twisted Shrub
  • UPC: 856796006036

Monin - Blackberry Syrup, Soft and Succulent, Great for Cocktails, Lemonades, and Sodas, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Non-GMO (750 ml)

Monin - Blackberry Syrup, Soft and Succulent, Great

A satisfying and rich berry flavor, with a honey aroma that brings vibrant coloring to iced teas, lemonades, sodas, and cocktails. Our Blackberry syrups are always allergen-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, Halal, Kosher, contain no artificial colors, no artificial preservatives, no artificial sweeteners, and are non-GMO and vegan.

  • Brand: Monin
  • ASIN: B000BH3K6I
  • UPC: 012919750082

Keto Happy Hour: 50+ Low-Carb Craft Cocktails to Quench Your Thirst

Keto Happy Hour: 50+ Low-Carb Craft Cocktails to

Listen up, low-carb libation lovers! Kyndra Holley, the evil genius behind the popular food blog Peace, Love and Low Carb, is at it again with her new book, Keto Happy Hour: 50+ Low-Carb Craft Cocktails to Quench Your Thirst. Readers rely on Kyndra for healthy, keto-friendly versions of their favorite carb-laden foods. With this book, she shows you how to up your cocktail game, too. Kyndra knows that navigating alcohol can be tricky on a low-carb diet, so she takes all the guesswork out of it for you, showing you how to indulge while sticking to a healthy ketogenic lifestyle. Think you can no longer enjoy a refreshing Moscow Mule at happy hour with your friends, or that you have to skip the margaritas on Taco Tuesday? Think again! Keto Happy Hour puts your favorite drinks back on the menu—the low-carb menu, that is. Whether you are craving a cocktail after a long day at work or looking to entertain guests, this book has you covered. From mixers to drinks and even some pub grub, it’s all here! Mixing up cocktails should be fun, and it shouldn’t come at the cost of your health and weight-loss goals. Keto Happy Hour bridges the gap between feeling deprived and feeling mighty fine. With recipes like these—and even Strawberry Margarita Gummy Worms!—there is something in t...

  • ASIN: 1628602813

MCCLARY BROS Lemon Ginger Vinegar, 16 FZ

MCCLARY BROS Lemon Ginger Vinegar, 16

McClary Bros Vinegars are handcrafted for shrub cocktails, craft sodas and for cooking; and showcase the freshest flavors of the season. They use old-fashioned cold-steep preservation techniques to bring out the richest, most-complex flavor profile possible. Lemon and Ginger are, individually, two amazing flavors. Together they are incredibly complementary, imparting a bright spiciness that works so well with the citrus flavor of lemon. Whether you're mixing a flavorful cocktail or marinating a favorite meat Lemon and Ginger adds a delicious tangy spice complexity that is unparalleled.

  • Brand: McClary Bros.
  • ASIN: B010IU1HC6
  • UPC: 864310000057

The Twisted Shot - Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Shots with Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon, Honey & Cayenne - 16oz Bottle

The Twisted Shot - Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

The Twisted Shot is a delicious daily dose of organic Apple Cider Vinegar, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, cayenne and honey. Tired of choking down your daily dose of Apple Cider Vinegar?The Twisted Shot is the answer to your taste buds' prayers!

  • Brand: The Twisted Shrub
  • UPC: 856796006258

Liber & Co. Fiery Ginger Syrup (17oz)

Liber & Co. Fiery Ginger Syrup

FIERY GINGER SYRUP Our Fiery Ginger Syrup starts with whole ginger root, juiced fresh to capture the best possible flavor Organic ginger sourced from the Andean highlands of Peru Top with soda for a superior ginger beer Full ginger flavor unrivaled by extract-based alternatives THE COMPANY OF LIBER LIBER & CO. is devoted to the art of making exceptional cocktails. We craft a suite of essential bar syrups to help you, the cocktail lover, enjoy a world of better drinks. WHAT'S IN A BETTER SYRUP? To satisfy today's discerning drinker, we knew we wouldn't be cutting any corners. From the start, we've crafted our syrups to be at once excellent and authentic in flavor. These commitments mean that our raw ingredients are supremely important to us. The quality of our products depends directly on what goes in them, so sourcing the best raw ingredients available is absolutely paramount. Our ingredients come from a variety of growers and farmers, from world-renowned Texas grapefruit orchards, to a small, family-run pomegranate farm in California. We seek out these best suppliers and foster great relationships with them. WE USE: Real fruit and vegetable juices Pure cane sugar Natural flavors and botanicals WE AVOID: High Fructose Corn Syrup Artificial Sweeteners Arti...

  • Brand: Liber & Co.
  • ASIN: B00W62DB8I
  • UPC: 700697229745
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