Flowersong Bath Bomb, Egyptian Musk Scent

Flowersong Bath Bomb, Egyptian Musk

Simple skin balancing ingredients! Our bath bombs are gentle, natural, and contain no additives.A pleasing arrangement of sensual musks and floral powder notes. The ultimate in femininity; Subtle white flowers of jasmine, ylang ylang and honeysuckle delicately pair with an airy white musk that imparts a clean powdery finish.Using Bath Bombs Drop one of these bombs in the bath and watch the show! It fizzes and swirls and makes an underwater volcano. Each bomb is enough for one bath. Try a bath bomb in a fragrance to suit your mood.Bath bombs are more than just fun to use. They are a great way to soften skin and relax the body and mind. The combination of baking soda, salt, and citric acid is a triple power house of softening and refreshment for your skin. You can feel good about taking your "me" time in the bath!

  • Brand: Flowersong Soap Studio
  • UPC: 738283014864

Valentines day gifts for her 2 Large USA HandMade Bath Bombs Hearts Gifts For Women Mom Girls valentines day decorations Valentines Day bubble bath Anniversary Wedding Gift-bath bombs for kids

Valentines day gifts for her 2 Large USA

These beautiful bath bombs are handmade with premium ingredients, we prefer quality over quantity, our bath bombs don't contain skin-irritating mineral oil and cooking salt like our much other competitors. Our bath bombs are made with natural and organic ingredients such as coconut oil , shea butter, Epsom salt, Kaolin Clay, Organic Citric Acid just to name a few of our ingredients . We carefully pick out and create some of our own scents with Aromerthapy Essentials oils and a few Fragrance Oils .

  • Brand: Divine Goddess
  • ASIN: B078MH7LQY
  • UPC: 611188796731

Emma T's Bath Salt Gift Set Excite Collection

Emma T's Bath Salt Gift Set Excite

ROSE GERANIUM AND YLANG YLANG (Garden Goddess)As I slowly wandered through an outdoor market in the Philippines one spring morning, an incredible scent overcame my senses: little yellow flowers called ylang ylang and several dozen rose bouquets. This scent combines both beautifully.MAGNOLIA AND BASIL (Divine Inspiration)As a young teen, I once enjoyed a picnic lunch under a gorgeous magnolia tree with lilac tinged roses while biking through the French countryside. After I topped a piece of baguette with fresh basil and goat cheese, I breathed in the scent of magnolia blossoms, and together, this moment is immortalized in Divine Inspiration.ORANGE AND LEMON (Summer Solstice)I spent several summers with family in Southern California. They lived in a valley that was home to citrus growers, and as I took my morning walks, the scent of orange and lemon blossoms would fill my senses.FRANKINCENSE AND LIME (Enchanted Oasis)As we drove through the deserts of Egypt, it was the tiny oases that struck me as the most fascinating. These little lush patches of life seemed to defy all odds - and Enchanted Oasis reminds me that sometimes incredible beauty can blossom in the loneliest of places.PEPPERMINT AND EUCALYPTUS (Mountain Spring)My body buzzed after reaching the summit of Mount Rainier. As...

  • Color: Excite
  • Brand: Emma T's
  • UPC: 851319007002

Gotta Have It Pomegranate Bath Ice Cream Fizzy - 6 oz.

Gotta Have It Pomegranate Bath Ice Cream Fizzy

The most unique bath fizzies ever, Bath Ice Creams are filled with fragrant oils, mineral sea salts, milk, flowers and more to treat you to a pampering guilt-free indulgence. Simply drop into warm water for a carbonated skin-softening treat and delicious aromas. Each scoop measures approximately 2.5" in diameter and creates an aromatic and long-lasting mineral treatment bath.

  • Brand: ME! Bath
  • ASIN: B0008G26U8

Luxury Foam Antibacterial Handwash, 1500mL Refill, Fresh Fruit, 2/Carton

Luxury Foam Antibacterial Handwash, 1500mL Refill, Fresh Fruit,

Luxury Foam Antibacterial Handwash, 1500mL Refill, Fresh Fruit, 2/Carton

  • Brand: Gojo
  • UPC: 073852012217

Danielle Glam Goddess Relaxing Lavender Fizzy Bath Bombs, 6 Piece

Danielle Glam Goddess Relaxing Lavender Fizzy Bath Bombs,

Gift pack of 6 fizzy bath bombs infused with lavender for a relaxing spa-like experience. Looking for a fun and exciting line of beauty products that will satisfy all of your divine needs? You're in for a treat! The Glam Goddess line contains a wide range of bath and body products that will leave you feeling like a true beauty goddess! Upper Canada is committed to combining time tested traditions and ingredients with the latest in innovation and technology to bring customers nothing but the very best in bath and body care. Upper Canada is committed to excellence, ingenuity and quality - and to delighting the senses! No products or ingredients are ever tested on animals.

  • Brand: Danielle
  • ASIN: B078GR8KV3
  • UPC: 064323207133
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