The Golden Triangle: Inside Southeast Asia's Drug Trade

The Golden Triangle: Inside Southeast Asia's Drug

The Golden Triangle region that joins Burma, Thailand, and Laos is one of the global centers of opiate and methamphetamine production. Opportunistic Chinese businessmen and leaders of various armed groups are largely responsible for the manufacture of these drugs. The region is defined by the apparently conflicting parallel strands of criminality and efforts at state building, a tension embodied by a group of individuals who are simultaneously local political leaders, drug entrepreneurs, and members of heavily armed militias.Ko-lin Chin, a Chinese American criminologist who was born and raised in Burma, conducted five hundred face-to-face interviews with poppy growers, drug dealers, drug users, armed group leaders, law-enforcement authorities, and other key informants in Burma, Thailand, and China. The Golden Triangle provides a lively portrait of a region in constant transition, a place where political development is intimately linked to the vagaries of the global market in illicit drugs.Chin explains the nature of opium growing, heroin and methamphetamine production, drug sales, and drug use. He also shows how government officials who live in these areas view themselves not as drug kingpins, but as people who are carrying the responsibility for local economic development on th...


Thailand, The Golden Triangle

Thailand, The Golden

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Mrs. Pollifax and the Golden Triangle

Mrs. Pollifax and the Golden

A relaxing holiday in Thailand turns into a nightmare when Emily loses Cyrus to kidnappers.

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Experience India's Golden Triangle 2019 (Experience Guides)

Experience India's Golden Triangle 2019 (Experience

Experience Travel Guides, The Guides the Travel Industry trust, are unique in that they are designed to be read in the same way as a novel. They are a valuable resource for those planning to visit a destination, a source of information for those just interested in finding out more about a country or city, and a pleasure for those armchair travellers who just enjoy a good read.Experience India’s Golden Triangle highlights the more rewarding parts of the area so that those planning a visit can quickly and efficiently plan an itinerary. We locate and detail the best places to see and the top experiences to enjoy, and recommend accommodation options in all areas. All are based on the personal experience of the author.We capture the personality and the underlying cultural and historical significance of the region. We explore the wonderful temples, mosques, forts and museums, and recommend things to buy, eat, and experience. In the process we meet friendly, helpful people, buy fascinating handicrafts, try tantalizing cuisine, and enjoy charming hospitality.As more people travel to new destinations, guidebooks grow in importance. Hard-copy books, however, are often out of date before they are printed and users are frustrated by experiences contrary to what is described. This book has ...

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StreetSmart Delhi Map by VanDam - City Street Map of Delhi & Golden Triangle, India - Laminated folding pocket size city travel and planning map for Delhi, Agra & Jaipur

StreetSmart Delhi Map by VanDam - City Street

VanDam's STREETSMART® Delhi & Golden Triangle maps all top attractions including archeological sites, museums, temple cities, forts, hotels, national parks and more at an immensely legible scale complete with 3-D building illustrations. Clear information design allows users to read the map from three feet away and has earned VanDam maps a place in the MoMA Collection. The map is film-laminated, accordion folded and pocket size. Coverage: Golden Triangle & Rajasthan Map 1:350,000; Greater Delhi Map: 1:15,000; Delhi Street Map: 1:44,000; Old Delhi Detail Map: 1:22,000; Connaught Place Detail Map: 1:22,000; Jaipur & Pink City Map: 1:35,000; City Palace Museum Map: 1:3,500; Taj Mahal 3D map illustration: 1:500. Dimensions: 4 x 9 folded, 9 x 32 unfolded, easily fits into shirt pocket or purse. STREETSMART® Delhi & Golden Triangle is so clear and legible you will instantly understand how all the parts of the Golden Triangle and Rajasthan connect. The map presents a comprehensive overview with critical details of the places you are likely to visit on your Northern India journey. A little Mughal family history: Take delight in the sublime geometry of Emperor Humayun's Tomb in southern Delhi as you proceed to Mathura, the city of Krishna. On the outskirts of town pay homage to the ...

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The Golden Triangle

The Golden

Welcome to the golden triangle—a gateway of sorts to hidden worlds so much like our own with unique differences that are wholly theirs. Some have termed it parallel worlds or a multiverse; others have named it the island universe theory. The golden triangle is a hidden doorway to all these and so much more.Not found on any map and seemingly nomadic, the triangle is almost sentient, avoiding all eyes that search for it as few have tried to locate it, yet no one have been successful. Until now.The golden triangle has now opened again and chosen you as the witness. Step forward and don’t be alarmed. The triangle wishes to show you something, and now all you can do is be swept along the currents and bear witness to all you see.

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Golden Triangle: JAIPUR, AGRA & DELHI

Golden Triangle: JAIPUR, AGRA &

★ ★ ★ This Book is FREE – for Kindle Unlimited Users ★ ★ ★Golden Triangle: JAIPUR, AGRA & DELHIIn this Sam's Travel Guide on Golden Triangle, you will find all the information you need to know about three beautiful cities of India: Things to Know About Jaipur, Agra and DelhiBest Places to VisitThings to AvoidTravel TipsFamous Architectural WondersHaunted Places in JaipurBest Restaurants to VisitBest HotelsBest Weekend DestinationWhen you download Golden Triangle: JAIPUR, AGRA & DELHI you will be well prepared to visit the places of your dreams ! Buy this book today!Would you like to start today? If you do, just scroll up and hit the BUY button. Enjoy Sam's Travel Guides!

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Bdellium Tools Professional Makeup Golden Triangle Stand-Up Pouch (Brushes Not Included)

Bdellium Tools Professional Makeup Golden Triangle Stand-Up Pouch

The Golden Triangle Stand-Up pouch is an innovative accessory that not only stores your makeup brushes, but keeps your brushes standing upright to provide easy access and neat organization. The top edges of the pouch can also be folded down to turn the pouch into a brush cup. Within the pouch is a removable velcro strap that gives you the option to make another section to help you divide your bigger brushes from your smaller ones. Whether you are on vacation or traveling for work, this case will definitely keep your brushes safe and secure.

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My Life in the Golden Triangle

My Life in the Golden

This is a true story of our once peaceful life in Thailand. Our life was thunderously disrupted and then destroyed by local drug runners. These smugglers appeared to be seeking to expand their lucrative money making drug operations. They eliminated all who stood in the path of their operations. They showed no mercy towards anyone. They killed everyone who stood in their path, bar none. They thought I would be an easy mark. The reality was to be a cliff hanger of a battle. A good ole boy from Kentucky, taught me how to shoot. I put those lessons to good use.

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Peoples of the Golden Triangle: Six Tribes in Thailand

Peoples of the Golden Triangle: Six Tribes in

Looks at the six distinct tribes that live in northern Thailand, and describes their homes, clothing, jewelry, crafts, culture, and customs

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Dear, eccentric Emily Pollifax, New Jersey's garden-clubbing grandmother and part-time CIA agent, is back for another fast-paced and suspenseful escapade, filled with danger and intrigue.

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The Road to Chiang Mai - Hill Tribes, Poppy Culture and Ancient Khmers

The Road to Chiang Mai - Hill Tribes,

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A Hundred Summers

A Hundred

As the 1938 hurricane approaches Rhode Island, another storm brews in this New York Times bestselling beach read from the author of The Summer Wives and The Golden Hour. Lily Dane has returned to Seaview, Rhode Island, where her family has summered for generations. It’s an escape not only from New York’s social scene but from a heartbreak that still haunts her. Here, among the seaside community that has embraced her since childhood, she finds comfort in the familiar rituals of summer.   But this summer is different. Budgie and Nick Greenwald—Lily’s former best friend and former fiancé—have arrived, too, and Seaview’s elite are abuzz. Under Budgie’s glamorous influence, Lily is seduced into a complicated web of renewed friendship and dangerous longing.   As a cataclysmic hurricane churns north through the Atlantic, and uneasy secrets slowly reveal themselves, Lily and Nick must confront an emotional storm that will change their worlds forever...READERS GUIDE INCLUDED

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Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai & The Golden Triangle: 50 Tips for Tourists & Backpackers (Thai Travel Guide Book 6)

Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai & The Golden

Chiang Rai & the Golden Triangle - probably the most under-visited and underrated region of Thailand. Way up on the northern tip of the country, the Golden Triangle is an astounding mix of cultures, scenery, and history. The Golden Triangle refers to the point where Mynmar, Laos and Thailand meet. The book begins by talking you through the options to get to Chiang Rai from Chiang Mai, and lists ways to arrive in from Bangkok economically and quickly. Infamous at one time due to the drug warlords that held sway in the opium business, the terrain that was their natural protector against the authorities has now been transformed into tourist-friendly area of outstanding beauty. Chiang Rai is home to two of the greatest art projects in the world, with the stunning White Temple, and fascinating Black Village. Set among the rolling hills and mountains of the north, this little city has a very laid-back feel to it. Other Thais will tell you that the Thai Northern food is the best the country has to offer, and that comes from the fusion of cultures in this area. The Mountain People are a large presence in the north, and on your travels you'll meet Akha, Tai Yai, Hmong and Karen people among others. Mae Salong, a one-time epicenter of the drug trade, is a visually stunning part of the worl...


KCHIES Pearls Hair Clips for Women Gold Hair Barrettes Pins for Girls Decorative Hair Accessories for Wedding Bridal Bridesmaid Faux Beauty Snap Clips Headpiece for Ladies Thick Hair Birthday Gift

KCHIES Pearls Hair Clips for Women Gold Hair

KCHIES is a Registered Trademark in US and We have not Authorized any other seller to use our brand and all our package are Fulfilled by Amazon!! So please order items from KCHIES Store to Ensure Certified Products!!Specification Material: Acrylic pearls, zinc casting. Shiny gold plating Color: Golden Faux Pearl Hairpins Quantity: 2 PCS Hair Clip for girls and women Triangle clip: Length: 3.54". Width: 1.05"/Square clip: Length: 3.15". Width: 1.05" Gold Hair Clips Bobby Pins for Women and Girls, attached to a metal hair clip , making them comfortable to wear and easy to style.Holds nice all day, easy to put on and take down Best Meaningful gift for your girlfriend, wife, sisters, daughter, mother or friends to express your love or friendship or just as one encouragement gift for yourself to be happy and enjoy the life Handmade Hair Clips Perfect for the bride, bridesmaids, prom, anniversary,wedding, birthday, engagement, party,beach wedding,dating,dinners,meeting,daily wear,Halloween,sandy beach,seaside or any special occasion! The headpiece is vintage and fashion, It will make you grace and elegant on any occasions. Package Includes 1 x Rectangle Hair Clip 1 x Triangle/Drop-shaped Hair Clip Note 1. Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement. pls make sure you do not ...

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