Grooming Your Dog BASIC HAIRCUTS

Grooming Your Dog BASIC

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Dog Grooming: The How-To Video Guide

Dog Grooming: The How-To Video

If you really care about your pet, you shouldn t pass up this opportunity to learn how to groom your dog at home! Dog Grooming: The How-To Video Guide provides easy to follow step-by-step instructions for the pet owner. Dog Grooming: The How-To Video Guide is an award-winning sixty minute video which explains professional grooming techniques in detail that you can do right at home. Learn how to use brushes and combs effectively, properly bathe your dog, clean ears, brush teeth, clip nails, mix special recipes for ear cleaning and flea dipping, and much more! Knowledge of these grooming tips could make your life easier and keep your dog more well-adjusted, happy, and healthy. You don t have to be a trained veterinarian to recognize symptoms of common illnesses and health problems such as poor oral health, skin irritations, allergies, worms, and problems with anal glands. If you learn to recognize the symptoms of certain illnesses and minor problems, diagnosis will not take as long at the veterinarian s office. With some simple preventative methods you may be able to avoid costly medical problems later. A very well produced, comprehensive Home Grooming instructional package, that does an excellent job of covering every possible aspect... A real treat for pup lovers! Video File Maga...

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Show Off Your Dog GROOMING

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Special Kids Learning Series: Body & Grooming

Special Kids Learning Series: Body &

The Special Kids speech and skill development video modeling programs have been demonstrated to help many visually receptive learners acquire verbal, reading, writing, academic, motor, play, self-help, social and interactive skills. Special Kids Learning Series is designed to teach and promote quality, effective, integrated learning for children with autism spectrum disorder, pervasive developmental disorder, Down syndrome, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, Apserger syndrome, dyslexia and other developmental and learning disabilities. It has been proven that video is one of the most effective ways to reach and teach this audience. Each program focuses on teaching early academics, self-help, hygiene and socialization skills to help visually receptive learners acquire speech, reading, writing, fine motor, computer, play, human interaction and other important skills. This series employs the following teaching methods: Multi-Associative Learning: Special Kids combines video of an object, action or person through real-time video or photography, with the audio association of its identification through the spoken word. Modeling: The simple video modeling of actions, events and proper behaviors. Generalization: The grouping of objects, actions or events in their proper category or sequ...

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Grooming Giselle


A Saddle Ranch Pictures film. Starring Clark Koelsch, Jamie Hill, Just Giddings, Amy Lyndon, Bill Oberst Jr., Kristen Deluca, and Victoria Masina. Directed by Kate Cohen and Produced by Steffanie Siebrand. Blake is a talented acting student as well as an unrealistic dreamer when it comes down to how to make a living until he makes it "big". Continuously fired from minimum wage employment, Blake and his best friend Elliot get sucked into the dangerous world of gambling. Luckily, Blake's sister Angela has proven to be a reliable roommate and so far taken care of her irresponsible younger brother. When a car crash on the way to a job interview lands her in the hospital, Blake offers to start the job in his sister's place, which turns out to be more complicated than expected: His ward is the homely and socially inept 20-year-old agoraphobic Giselle, who insists on a *female* assistant. However, the girl and her mother have never met Angela in person, and thus Blake is able to transform himself into a convincingly enough version of his sister. Realizing this gives him an opportunity to not only hide from the bookies but also from his visiting alcoholic mother, Blake moves gladly in with the disabled Giselle. At first reluctant, but consequently learning "how to be a girl" first in ord...

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Gentle Grooming Techniques for Cats

Gentle Grooming Techniques for

Love Your Cat ... Hate To Vacuum. This DVD features time-saving grooming tips to help reduce shedding at it's source! From selecting the proper tools for your cat's coat type ... to brushing and combing demos on both longhair and shorthair cats ... plus training tips for uncooperative cats... it's all covered on this fun-to-watch DVD. Follow easy step-by-step brushing and combing lessons, plus tips on clipping nails and cleaning ears. Presented by an exhibitor of award-winning cats and owner of an exclusive cat grooming business, Judi Tintera shares her 35+ years of experience grooming and handling all breeds of cats in this fun, easy-to-follow instructional DVD. Judi shares her tips and techniques on training kittens and adult cats, and solving problems with cats who aren't thrilled about being groomed in the first place! Professionally produced in a commercial studio, this DVD covers topics including: Brushing and combing to help reduce shedding; establishing a grooming routine; gentle handling techniques for uncooperative cats; tool selection; nail trimming; and cleaning eyes, ears and faces. Note: This DVD does not show clipping or bathing.

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Yorkshire Terrier, Yorkie, Dog Grooming Instructional How To DVD Video and Equipment Guide

Yorkshire Terrier, Yorkie, Dog Grooming Instructional How To

This DVD is Performed and Explained by a Certified Pet Stylist! Why pay $45 and up to take your yorkie to the Groomer every 4-6 weeks? Buy this DVD and learn to do it all yourself at home with ease and confidence! You will learn how to express the anal glands and when you need to do this. I show in detail where the anal glands are located and what to expect while expressing the glands. You will learn how to bathe your pet without the struggle and the mess. I show in detail how to thoroughly bathe your pet to ensure the best results and proper maintenance of the skin and coat. You will learn how to use clippers, blades, shears, and more advanced grooming equipment. I show what is necessary for your pet and to get the desired groom so that you will not have to spend unnecessary amounts of money buying equipment you do not need. You will learn how to give your pet a haircut safely and how to maintain that cut. You will see how to easily cut out the lines for the cut, and how to make the cut look professional at home. You will learn how to do a thorough sanitary trim, how to get a smooth and detailed cut on the face and ears, and how to safely trim the face. You will learn the caution areas when cutting your pet and how to safely work around them. I show in detail all areas that are ...

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Grooming Lhasa Apso & Shih Tzu

Grooming Lhasa Apso & Shih

In this dog grooming video, award winning groomer Greg Kellas demonstrates how to groom Lhasa Apso's and Shih Tzu's. DVD shows how to manage and care for a full-coated dog, plus three clips; a Puppy Clip, a Utility Clip and a Pantaloon clip. Additionally, it shows how to trim the eyes and feet, topknots and other styles to finish the head.

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Grooming Poodles 2

Grooming Poodles

In this breed specific grooming video, award winning groomer Greg Kellas demonstrates how to use the Lamb Clip, the Puppy Clip and the Utiliey Clip. Various blades are used and scissoring techniques are discussed. All demonstrations are done on Standard Poodles for the benefit of viweing, but all clips can be accomplished on any sized Poodle. Note: If you do not have grooming experience, we recommend purchasing Basic Grooming-101 along with your breed specific DVD. Basic Grooming video covers all "basics," i.e. bathing, nail trimming, combing and brushing, etc. All other videos cover breed specific clipping techniques only, and they do not repeat the basic grooming needs.

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Standard Poodle Dog Grooming DVD - Miami Trim - How To Groom Video Guide

Standard Poodle Dog Grooming DVD - Miami Trim

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