Mars Professional Grooming Pin Brush for Dogs and Horses, 1" Stainless Steel Pins, 9" Length

Mars Professional Grooming Pin Brush for Dogs and

The Mars pin brush has 1-inch stainless steel pins that penetrate deeply into the coat. Pins are demagnetized to decrease static. Superior pad design allows pins to rotate with tangles, reducing discomfort. Features a sustainable birch wood handle. This brush is designed to last for years and years. All Mars products are made of the best materials and built by highly skilled craftsman in Germany.

  • Color: 1" Stainless Steel Pins
  • Brand: Mars Coat King
  • UPC: 701470446380

Andis Pet Premium Pin Brush - Large (80590)

Andis Pet Premium Pin Brush - Large

The Andis Premium Large Pin Brush removes tangles, dirt and loose hair. The large pin brush stimulates skin and hair follicles while helping spread natural oils through the coat to promote growth & healthy looking hair. Pinhead bristles provide greater pet comfort during grooming while the soft-grip handle for reduced hand fatigue.

  • Color: Kkk
  • Brand: Andis
  • UPC: 040102805905

GoGo Pet Products Palm Style Pin Pet Grooming Brush

GoGo Pet Products Palm Style Pin Pet Grooming

The GoGo Palm Style Pin Brush is ideal for all pet breeds. This brush will help remove tangles and loose hair while distributing your pet's natural oils for a healthier coat. The Brush's 10mm Rounded end stainless steel pins sit on a flexible rubber backing. The hand strap will adjust to fit comfortably on any hand.

  • Color: gray
  • Brand: GoGo Pet Products
  • ASIN: B00GTI0U3Y
  • UPC: 879349008271

AtEase Accents Natural Bamboo Eco Friendly Pet Grooming Dog and Cat Dual Sided Pin and Bristle Pet Deshedding Hair Brush by

AtEase Accents Natural Bamboo Eco Friendly Pet Grooming

ECO FRIENDLY: -AtEase Accents is committed to providing the No.1 Eco Friendly pet grooming brush solution for your cat or dog. Gone are the days of brushing your long or short haired pet with an inferior plastic pet brush. Delight your puppy, dog, kitten or cat with a natural option for deshedding and detangling. A wonderful choice for environmentally conscious eco friendly pet product consumers! MODERN CHIC UNIQUE DESIGN-AtEase Accents' Dual sided bristle brush for dogs or cats is a unique gift for any pet lover. This beautiful professional quality wooden pet brush is made of all natural two tone bamboo that boasts sustainability for the environment while pampering your pet. Each soft pin brush for pets is beautifully unique in its own design due to the natural material used. The compressed Bamboo best dog and cat brush boasts an extremely high hardness rating to fight dents from pet claws and continued use DURABLE, SAFE & EASY TO USE-The Natural Bamboo material provides a beautiful, durable pet grooming options for dog and cats. This dual sided deshedding and dematting bristle brush provides a comfortable grooming tool for your pet. The soft pin brush will be stimulating blood flow and bringing out the natural oils to create a shiny coat. Treating your fur baby to a regular ...

  • Color: brown, wood, yellow red
  • Brand: AtEase Accents
  • ASIN: B01M7Z063X
  • UPC: 648620603647

GoPets Professional Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush for Dogs & Cats Grooming Comb Cleans Pets Shedding & Dirt for Short Medium or Long Hair

GoPets Professional Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush

Your Search For The Perfect Pet Brush Is Finally Over! Comfortably and Quickly Get A Professionally Groomed Look in Minutes!★ BRUSHING HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER - With a double sided brush you can meet all of your grooming needs. The bristle brush side helps knock off loose hair or dirt and the pin brush side helps with finishing and combing. ★ MAKE GROOMING A COMFORTABLE EXPERIENCE - Our soft bristles with rounded ends is easy on your pet's skin and our handle is made of silicone filled gel so it won't slip, plus it's soft and contours to your hand. ★ GREAT FOR SHORT OR THICK DOUBLE COATS - Bristle brushes are the way to go for your short haired pals while the long pin brush is great for your long haired friends. Either way,it will leave your pets looking so soft and shiny that all you will think is "It's so fluffy I'm going to die!". Benefits of pet grooming go beyond just looking great. It improves your pets mental state and behavior. It's also important for their health! What Separates GoPets & Our Products From The Competition?★ OUR PRODUCTS ARE THOROUGHLY TESTED FOR QUALITY - We believe in our products and use them with our own pets. We are founded by a group of pet owners and have committed ourselves to bring you best products. ★ GoPets UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME SAT...

  • Color: Orange
  • Brand: GoPets
  • ASIN: B0132D485E
  • UPC: 787421391985

Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush, 27mm

Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush,

The Chris Christensen Original Series 27mm Pin Brushes feature quality and durability, all in an affordable, premium pin brush! A brush like no other, the Chris Christensen pin brushes feature ground and polished tips on the pins for comfort. They glide through the coat easily. .

  • Brand: Chris Christensen
  • ASIN: B000ES6DJ0
  • UPC: 913083000006

Safari Wire Pin Brush, Medium/Large

Safari Wire Pin Brush,

Featuring a New easy grip plastic handle, our Safari Wire Pin Dog Brush is excellent for general grooming. The Pin Brush helps to lift out loose hair and debris. Brushing distributes natural oils, leaving a shiny, healthy coat. If the coat tends to be heavily matted, a Safari comb, rake, or slicker can be used to break up the mats. The Wire Pin Dog Brush can also be used to fluff the coat by brushing against the direction of hair growth.

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: Safari Pet Products
  • ASIN: B0002ARQYG
  • UPC: 076484512940

BV Pet Brush, Dog Brush & Cat Brush, Pet Grooming Comb, 2 Sided Bristle & Pin for Long Hair & Short Hair Dog, Removing Shedding Hair

BV Pet Brush, Dog Brush & Cat Brush,

BV Pet Grooming Bristle and Pin, Comb and Brush Combo Multi-purpose Grooming Tool This double side combo is an ideal brush for pets.Brushing feels good to pets, massages skin, and releases natural oils into fur to bring out its shine.Ergonomic handle is secure and comfortable in your hand and gives you more control when going through repeated motions. Use and Instruction - Use the Bristle to help remove tangles, dirt, and loose hair.- Use the gentle round pin tip side to evenly distribute natural oils for smooth shiny hair.- Great for all breeds and coat types and will have your pet cleaner and shiny than ever before! BV is continuously improving and evolving for our customer needs. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction.We offer every customer a limited one-year product warranty on every item purchased

  • Color: Black and Blue
  • Brand: BV Pet
  • ASIN: B0743XVCMX
  • UPC: 813076024982

Chris Christensen Long Pin Slicker Brush, Large, Coral

Chris Christensen Long Pin Slicker Brush, Large,

Big g has 40 percent more pins than big k. Has long pins to penetrate deep into longer coats. Special pin bend to create lift and movement, to pick up more coat. Flexible cushion that is gentle. Extra long ergonomic handle for reducing arm and hand fatigue.

  • Color: Coral
  • Brand: Chris Christensen
  • ASIN: B00KAJQJ74
  • UPC: 704660918315

Master Grooming Tools Ergonomic Double-Row Undercoat Rakes - Efficient Tools for Grooming Dogs, 39 Pins

Master Grooming Tools Ergonomic Double-Row Undercoat Rakes -

Designed by groomers specifically to increase comfort and reduce the risk of repetitive motion injury, the Master Grooming Tools Ergonomic Double Row Undercoat Rake allows you to groom in comfort as hardened steel teeth glide through the coat to remove undercoat and loose, dead hair with speed and efficiency. The wide girth and contoured shape of the ergonomic handle allows the hand and wrist to remain in a more natural position, reducing tension on the muscles and joints and dramatically reducing the risk of repetitive motion disorder. • Ribbed rubber is permanently double-molded onto the handle • Provides gentle cushioning and non-slip reassurance for greater control — even when hands are wet! • The angled handle keeps your hand in a more natural position to reduce fatigue Material: Hardened steel teeth; Permanently double-molded ribbed rubber Size: Measures 5½"L x 4½"W. The back row of 20 pins measures ¾" L, the front row of 19 pins measures ½" L.

  • Brand: Master Grooming
  • ASIN: B000F247JS
  • UPC: 523160017300
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