Makita CA5000X 4-5/8" Aluminum Groove Cutter

Makita CA5000X 4-5/8" Aluminum Groove

Get the right solution for cutting grooves in aluminum composite materials. The Makita 4-5/8” aluminum Groove Cutter is engineered for smooth and convenient cutting, with features for precision and ease of use. The 12 amp motor has a variable speed control dial (2, 200 - 6, 400) so users can set the speed to the application. Adjusting the depth-of-cut is a snap with the depth adjustment dial, which has stops at 3 mm, 4 mm and 6 mm. For the most challenging cuts, the Cutter has an electronic controller that applies additional power to the motor to maintain speed under load for Constant and consistent blade speed. The electronic controller also provides soft start for smoother start-ups and longer gear life. The Cutter is constructed with magnesium components for less weight (only 11.3 lbs.) with a well-balanced design for increased comfort.

  • Brand: Makita
  • ASIN: B01JJ1W7FQ
  • UPC: 088381699815

JIAN YA NA Wall Groove Cutting Machine 220V 40MM Electric Wall Chaser Groove Cutting Machine Concrete Cutter Notcher Groover Slotting Machine Large 4KW (Slotting Machine)

JIAN YA NA Wall Groove Cutting Machine 220V

Parameter: Voltage: AC 220V 50HZ Power: 4000W Idling speed: 6500r / min Maximum slot width: 40mm Cutting depth: 35mm Saw blade diameter: 125mm Saw blade Quantity: 5 Net weight: 4.5kg Package Size: 59 * 29*21cm Package Include: 1 x wall slotting machine 1 x water pump 5 x 125mm saw blade 1 x 3m water pipe 1 x vacuum cleaner adapter (Vacuum cleaner is not included,you need to pay an additional $ 100 to get it. ) 1X helper 1X hexagonal helper 1 x box

  • Color: Slotting Machine
  • Brand: Jian Ya Na
  • ASIN: B07L3N9GHM

HIFROM Groove Sharpener with 6 Heads - Golf Club Groove Sharpener Re-Grooving Tool and Cleaner for All Irons Pitching Sand Lob Gap and Approach Wedges and Utility Clubs Gold Color

HIFROM Groove Sharpener with 6 Heads - Golf

The grooves in your irons are designed to enable ball control and spin.Frequent club use can not only fill the grooves with debris but can also damage the groove edge. Get the Newest Golf Club Groove Sharpener with 6 Heads v - Ideal for Optimal Backspin and Ball Control - Perfect Tool for all Irons - Precision ground and engineered to exacting tolerances to ensure that it does not compromise the R&A and USGA rules regarding width and depth. - Fantastic results on both V and U shaped grooves. - Works by sharpening the rolled over metal edges that have collapsed in the grooves of your club whilst at the same time removing the particles of dirt, sand and grit within the grooves that have built up over time. - Comes with two different cutting ends. One is U shaped, the other V shaped. You choose which one to use. - Made from a high grade vacuum heat treated precision tool steel with a maximum hardness of 65 Rockwell. -Run appropriate cutter tip down each groove 2 or 3 times to revitalize worn grooves. LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The Brand name & Model # (if listed) are for cross reference only. All Brands, Trademarks & Model Numbers remain the property of their respective owners.

  • Color: Gold
  • Brand: HIFROM
  • ASIN: B06XRT45HT
  • UPC: 753970788156

Tiger Claw TC-G R-5206-RB3W Slot Cutter

Tiger Claw TC-G R-5206-RB3W Slot

OMG R-5206-RB3W Tiger Claw Slot Cutter

  • Color: N/A
  • Brand: OMG!
  • ASIN: B0026SRHKA
  • UPC: 850925002715

Yonico 14912q 5/32-Inch x 3/8-Inch Top Bearing Slot Cutter Router Bit 1/4-Inch Shank

Yonico 14912q 5/32-Inch x 3/8-Inch Top Bearing Slot

This top bearing slot cutter router bit routes a 5/32" x 3/8" slot. The overall diameter is 1-1/4" and 1/4" shank. Top bearing slot cutting router bits are specifically designed for on-site deck board slotting to be used in conjunction with hidden deck board fasteners. The bearing's position allows for easy slotting on deck boards that are already positioned on the deck beams. There is no protrusion at the end of the bit that will interfere with any underlying wood.

  • Brand: Yonico
  • ASIN: B07G1JXZM9
  • UPC: 765573831061

Freud 63-160 3/16-Inch Slot Cutter Set 9/16-Inchdepth (1/2-Inch Shank)

Freud 63-160 3/16-Inch Slot Cutter Set 9/16-Inchdepth (1/2-Inch

Includes three wing slotting cutter, arbor and ball bearing. 2" Overall Dia (D), 3/16" Carbide Height (h), 1/2" Shank, 2-3/8" Overall Length (H) Ideal For: Producing slots and grooves in any wood or composite. Application: Producing slots and grooves 9/16" deep for T-moldings, Spline Joints, Tongue & Groove Joints, and other applications. Made In Italy.

  • Brand: Freud
  • ASIN: B0002TUD1A
  • UPC: 008925019367

Valiant Tongue & Groove Router Bit Set With Adjustable 1/2 Inch Shank - 2 T Shape Wood Milling Cutters For Professional & Beginner Carpenters - Woodworking Tools For Doors, Drawers, Shelves & More

Valiant Tongue & Groove Router Bit Set With

Upgrade Your Woodworking Equipment With This Premium Router Bit Set! Create unique and flawless woodwork with the help of this 2-piece woodworking router bit set that includes a...: ...tongue router bit ½ shank ...groove router bit ½ shank These two woodworking tools will help you create perfectly cut tongue and groove joints when you design or restore: kitchen and bathroom doors office and kitchen cabinets wood flooring tables and tabletops panels drawers bedroom shelves outdoor frames walls Our fine woodworking tools have a smart anti-kickback design that ensures an easy installation and your absolute safety. Router Bits That You Will Never Have To Replace! The groove and tongue router bits are made with premium quality hard alloy steel, using the heat treatment technology. Thanks to their heavy duty materials, robust construction and super smooth and sharp blades, the router bit tools can cut most materials, including: wood mdf particle boards plywood panels softwood hardwood and more However, we do suggest that you don't try using the router bit woodworking tools with ferrous metal and non-wood materials, such as steel, iron, sand, etc. Invest In This Carpenter Tool Set That Will Save You Time, Effort And Money! The tongue and groove router bits with the ...

  • Color: Silver & Yellow
  • Brand: Valiant
  • UPC: 704907988286

nU Groove Sharpener - Golf Club Groove Sharpener, Re-Grooving Tool and Cleaner for Wedges & Irons - Generate Optimal Backspin - Save Money by Restoring Your Old Irons - PGA Recommended - Made in USA

nU Groove Sharpener - Golf Club Groove Sharpener,

Instantly improve your game and restore each and every golf club with the field-proved nU Sharpener by Wedge Guys. Featuring a Maximum Spin Guarantee, the nU Groove Sharpener is a tool that should be in every golfer's bag! The nU Groove Sharpener is made from the highest quality metals in the USA and treated to ensure your nU Groove golf club restoration tool lasts and restores your clubs for years to come. In fact, the tip of the sharpener is made of hardened and heat treated steal. While you may not turn into Tiger Woods or Arnold Palmer overnight, the nU Groove will be sure to keep your clubs in tip top shape and ensure you perform your best every time you hit the golf course. The Wedge Guys nU Groove Sharpener is a premium product and goes through rigorous testing to ensure you receive a better spin every time. GROOVE SHARPENER FEATURES: Sleek and Stylish 4" Aluminum Handle with Cross Hatch Grip. Sharpener Tip is Heat Treated to Gain 9/10 Hardness. PGA Professional Approved & Conforms to USGA Regulations. Restores Any Golf Club to Improve Spin and Overall Golf Game. Includes Instructions and Protective End Cap for Portability. Water Proof. Save Money by Perfectly Sharpening your Golf Clubs in Minutes. 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee. **Wedge Guys LLC can...

  • Brand: Wedge Guys
  • ASIN: B00SQR4D0M
  • UPC: 617237605825

Amana Tool 61218 2-Piece Insert Carbide Adjustable Tongue & Groove 4 D x 1-3/16 CH x 1-1/4 Bore Shaper Cutter Set

Amana Tool 61218 2-Piece Insert Carbide Adjustable Tongue

Adjustable Tongue & Groove Insert Cutter - Set

  • Brand: Amana Tool
  • ASIN: B001MQ560A
  • UPC: 738685112182

60-Degree V-Groove Bit, 1/4-Inch Shank, 1/2-Inch Diameter, Carbide-Tipped

60-Degree V-Groove Bit, 1/4-Inch Shank, 1/2-Inch Diameter,

This bit lets you make delicate grooves and incisions with laser precision. Make one of a kind effects with single run 30° bevel edges. Three super sharp cutting edges and this perfectly balanced bit allow you to work with superior accuracy with no risk of burning. Raise the bit and produce a delicate fine point incision, or work the whole 1/2-Inch diameter to render bold highlighted lettering. Bit features super-strength superior steel body, Non-Stick Orange Shield Coating and cutting edges made of SinterHip Hi-Density Industrial Chrome Carbide for a long-lasting performance. After a test performed by Wood Magazine, CMT orange bits have been rated the first overall router bits compared to other brands.

  • Color: Micro grain carbide
  • Brand: CMT
  • ASIN: B000P4NSYG
  • UPC: 616806748321

Yonico 15228q Yonico 15228q Tongue and Groove Router Bit Set 1/4" x 1/4" 1/4" Shank,

Yonico 15228q Yonico 15228q Tongue and Groove Router

Cut versatile ¼” x ¼” tongue and groove joints with the Yonico 15228q Tongue and Groove Router bit set. This set is great for all types joinery applications. This set includes separate tongue and groove bits eliminating the need to reassemble the bits for the tongue and groove cuts. Use with stock up to 3/4" thick. High quality C3 carbide tipped, 3 wing cutters. Fully enclosed 7/8” outer diameter guide bearings. 1/4" shanks.

  • Brand: Yonico
  • UPC: 765573828801

GoGroove Golf Club Groove Sharpener Cleaner - 6 Cutter Heads for U Type & V Type Grooves - Improve Iron Backspin

GoGroove Golf Club Groove Sharpener Cleaner - 6

GoGroove Golf Club Groove Sharpener / Cleaner - 6 Cutter Heads for U Type & V Type Grooves Re-groove clubs effortlessly with our GoGroove Golf Club Sharpener:6 head golf sharpener - Various sizes with 3U and 3V styles. Simple, solid, and extremely durable and made with the highest quality materials. Features an ergonomic design with a knurled surface for enhanced grip. Perfect size and easily fits in any pocket size. Blades have chamfered tips to allow for golf club groove cleaning. Machined from highest quality aluminum and carbide. Heat treated for maximum strength and 60 HRA.A must have for all golf enthusiasts! Comes in several different radiant colors. Simply click the color type of your preference before checkout. Colors include: BlackBlueRedSilver Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed - Shop with confidence and purchase with a peace of mind. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed or money back. Prompt shipping. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

  • Color: GoGroove Red
  • Brand: GoGolf
  • ASIN: B06XZZ5T4C
  • UPC: 724884320886

OCGIG 6-60mm Large HSS Spiral Groove Step Drill Cone Drill Bit Hole Cutter,12 Steps

OCGIG 6-60mm Large HSS Spiral Groove Step Drill

Specification: Color: Silver Material: High Speed Steel Shank: Triangle round handle Usage: Cutting holes in materials, like iron plate, aluminum plate, insulation boards, PVC sheet, ect. Features: 1.The tapered design is suitable for drilling larger and deeper holes, or enlarging the aperture in areas where it has been drilled. 2 cutting blade design makes for cutting faster,automatic deburring from hole when drilling. 3.This step drill includes 12 steps, which meet your different hole drilling needs perfectly. 5.Ideal For DIY, Home and General Building/Engineering Using. Sizes: 6-60mm: 12 Steps (6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm, 60mm) Package includes: 1 x 6-60mm HSS Groove Step Drill

  • Color: Spiral Groove Oversize 6-60mm
  • Brand: OCGIG
  • ASIN: B07B7G4RY8

Freud UP176 1/4-Inch 8-Wing Groove Cutter For Shaper, 1-1/4 Bore

Freud UP176 1/4-Inch 8-Wing Groove Cutter For Shaper,


  • Brand: Freud
  • ASIN: B00004VWQY
  • UPC: 008925590675

HUHAO 3D CNC Engraving V Groove Router Bit 60 Degree Woodworking Cutting Tool 1/4 Shank And 9/16 Cutting Dia

HUHAO 3D CNC Engraving V Groove Router Bit

Description: This is a great router bit for the woodworker just starting out or anyone needing a router bit. Precisely machined sharp high-grade cutting edge makes clean and accurate cuts on wood. With 1/4 inch shank,this V Groove cutting bit fits CNC Machine or other power cutting tool well 45 Degree,60 Degree router bits are optional for your V groove cutting need. Specification: Material: Tungsten carbide Shape: V-groove Shaft Diameter: 1/4 inch Cutting Edge Dia:1/2, 9/16, 19/32, 3/4 Quantity: 1 Package Includes: 1 x Router Bit Note: Monitors are not calibrated same, item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different from the real object. Please take the real one as standard.

  • Brand: HUHAO
  • ASIN: B07DC2GF9S
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