RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager for Muscles, Back, Foot, Neck, Shoulder, Leg, Calf Pain Relief - Cordless Electric Percussion Full Body Massage with Portable Design

RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager for


  • Color: White
  • Brand: RENPHO
  • ASIN: B01N4B6VY4
  • UPC: 768390264784

Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump with Stimulation and Expression Modes, Single Pump Included, Hand Pump for Breastfeeding, Quiet for Travel, Pumping Essentials

Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump with Stimulation and Expression

The Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump offers a convenient and quiet pumping solution at an affordable price. Manual breast pumps are great for the mom who is pumping occasionally. A manual breastmilk pump gives mom the ability to pump anywhere because it’s compact, lightweight and doesn’t require electric power. The Lansinoh Manual breast pump uses innovative two-phase technology to conveniently and comfortably express breastmilk. The handle of the pump adjusts to easily switch between Stimulation and Expression phases. The Stimulation phase allows more rapid suction, similar to baby’s suction pattern at the beginning of a breastfeed, to elicit a letdown. Once milk starts flowing, it’s easy to switch to the Expression phase which provides slower cycles with more suction to efficiently express breastmilk. The ergonomic easy-express handle allows for comfortable positioning to reduce hand fatigue, and two flange sizes, standard (25mm) and large (30.5mm), ensure ideal suction and pumping comfort. The soft rim on the flanges provides a more comfortable experience and creates a better seal when pumping. Lansinoh milk collection bottles are designed to fit the full Lansinoh breast pump, milk storage and baby bottle feeding range. Includes a storage lid for convenient breastmilk bottl...

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: Lansinoh
  • ASIN: B00GY1SCW2
  • UPC: 042200108353

Electronic Breast Massager, Frequency Vibration Massager Bra Enlargement Enhancer Ghest Bust Muscle Machine

Electronic Breast Massager, Frequency Vibration Massager Bra Enlargement

Some typical questions about the breast massage : -Is the material durable? ※The answer is definitely Yes. The product made of close-fitting fabric and Wearable Size. You DON'T need to worry about the quality. - Is it easy to use? ※As we mentioned above, it's easy to wear and adapt to different environment. Wherever you go and whatever you do, the breast massage is working. - what kind of people can use it ? ※The product fit to all dimensions and size. -Does it effective? ※Yes and yes. Different massage modes and speeds available for your demands. This type of massage will enlarge and enhance you Breast, Re-balance endocrine. Like Healthy Breast Care Enhancer, keep the Breast away from Sagging, shriveled and some Breast diseases. Specification: Condition: 100% Brand New Item Type: Electronic Breast Massager Color: Black Material: Brushed fabric Upper Bra Size: Approx.39cm / 15.3in Lower Bra Size: Approx.32cm / 12.5in Package Weight: Approx.330g Package List: 1 x Battery 1 x Bra 1 x USB Cable 1 x Bra Connecter Note: 1. In the process of use, goods such as quilts cannot be used to cover products to prevent local overheating 2. Do not sleep while using 3. If local red heat occurs after use, please stop observing for a few days. Do not use continuously 4. Drink plenty o...

  • Brand: Semme
  • UPC: 792117421938

Portable Electric Breast Pump - Dual Use Battery Baby Milk Pump Rechargeable Single Breastfeeding Pump with Adjustable Massage & Suction Level and Backflow Protector,10pcs Free Storage Bags Included

Portable Electric Breast Pump - Dual Use Battery

SUPER QUITE The working noise of this breastmilk pump is only 48 dB, is just like quiet indoor whisper which is very quiet and you do not worry about wake baby up and disturb your colleges anymore.

  • Brand: YIHUNION

TEC.BEAN Dual Channel TENS Unit with 8 Electrode Pads, Rechargeable Muscle Stimulator TENS Machine Mini Massager for Pain Relief

TEC.BEAN Dual Channel TENS Unit with 8 Electrode

Relax any time! Anywhere! Total body relaxation: use for back, knee, shoulder, ankles, wrist, elbow and so on. LCD DISPLAY FOR EASY TO READ 1. Adjustable 10-60 minute timer by using "T" button, default timer: 20 minutes. 2. Adjustable 20 levels of intensity by using "+"&"-" button. 3. 12 modes totally 2-4 massage methods under each mode (convert by using center & M button). SELF-ADHESIVE REUSABLE PADS The unit is designed so you can get multiple outputs through the 8 adhesive conductive reusable pads and no gels are needed. RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM BATTERY Built in rechargeable lithium battery-- up to 10 hours of continuous use. It can be connected to wall unit or computer USB port to charge. Don't worries about treatment interruption for dead AA batteries any more.  EASY TO READ LCD DISPLAY Easily adjustable settings can be seen through the animated display which gives you massage mode, intensity and time control with an auto-off function. Note: 1.Please use right USB cable and do not use this item while it's charging.this item needs to be put it in state of "on" when charging it. Not suitable for pregnant women and hypertension patients.

  • Brand: TEC.BEAN
  • ASIN: B074NXJWN2

Heated Vibration Massage Bra, USB Rechargeable Breast Enhancement Massager Shaping Beautiful Chest For Improve Breast Health

Heated Vibration Massage Bra, USB Rechargeable Breast Enhancement

★USB cable charging is very convenient, do not need annoying cable 1.Enlarge chest and nursing breast  2. Shaping the body beautiful  3.Gather together  4. Restore of Round and busty  5. Eliminate hard fast  6. breast health care  7. Improve sexual desire  8.delaying aging  9.As ordinary wear bra. 10.the breast soft and fluffy on the next morning  Specification: Condition: 100% Brand New Item Type: Electronic Breast Massager Color: Black Material: Nylon Upper Bra Size: Approx.39cm / 15.3in Lower Bra Size: Approx.32cm / 12.5in Package Weight: Approx.330g Package List: 1 x Battery 1 x Bra 1 x USB Cable 1 x Bra Connecter

  • Brand: Semme
  • UPC: 798382952740

Medela, Harmony Breast Pump, Manual Breast Pump, Portable Pump, 2-Phase Expression Technology, Ergonomic Swivel Handle, Easy to Control Vaccuum, Designed for Occasional Use

Medela, Harmony Breast Pump, Manual Breast Pump, Portable

Recommended by doctors, Medela breast pumps are the #1 Physician Recommended Breast Pump Product in the U.S. The Medela Harmony is a manually operated breast pump that has been designed for occasional use when you’re away from your baby. This breast pump is designed for moms who breastfeed. It is great for travel or as an occasional backup to your double electric pump. The small, portable, and lightweight design makes it easy to transport discreetly when you're away from your baby for a short time. It has been designed to deliver easy and convenient breast pumping at home, at work, or anywhere you travel. It includes a soft-touch, ergonomic swivel handle that makes it easier to operate. This manual breast pump is infused with our patented and research-based 2-Phase Expression Technology. Through research, Medela has learned that there are two distinct phases to how babies breastfeed. The stimulation phase is when babies first go to the breast, where they suck faster to start milk flowing. The expression phases occur after milk flow or “let-down” begins. During this phase, babies breastfeed with a slower suck rate to remove milk. This is the key to efficient breast pumping – and a major reason why Medela is the leading breast pump recommended by doctors for new mothers. T...

  • Color: Harmony
  • Brand: Medela
  • ASIN: B0006HBS1M
  • UPC: 020451671864

SABRE RED Pepper Spray Keychain with Quick Release for Easy Access - Max Police Strength OC Spray, Finger Grip for Accurate Aim, 10-Foot (3M) Range, 25 Bursts (5x Other Brands) - Practice Spray Option

SABRE RED Pepper Spray Keychain with Quick Release

Model Number: HC-14-PK-US (Does Not Include Practice Spray) About This Pepper Spray One of SABRE's best selling pepper sprays, this police strength keychain pepper spray features a hard case and our reinforced trigger twist lock to prevent accidental discharge. Included in the packaging is SABRE’s Quick Release Key Ring which provides easy access to spray, whether attached to your purse, backpack or keys in a locked door. Available in a selection of colors. Keep your daughter, wife, son and college students safe with SABRE - THE BRAND THOUSANDS OF POLICE DEPARTMENTS TRUST. Product Details Formula: SABRE RED Spray Pattern: Powerful Stream Bursts: 25 (Up to 5x the Amount of Other Brands) Distance: 10 Feet (3M) SABRE's Exclusive Guarantee. Providing the world’s most reliable protection, SABRE’s maximum strength pepper spray is backed by our exclusive in-house high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) lab, which eliminates the 30% heat failure rate experienced with other pepper spray brands (Source: Univ of Utah). This technology is the only way to ensure there are no pepper spray failures on the basis of heat inconsistency. Our HPLC technology is the industry’s #1 advantage - and it’s exclusive to SABRE. Your pepper spray will contain maximum stopping power when you...

  • Color: Pink
  • Brand: SABRE
  • ASIN: B001F0GBEI
  • UPC: 023063105420

SoulBay 12W Universal Muti Voltage AC/DC Adapter Switching Power Supply with 6 Selectable Adapter Plugs, Suitable for 3 V to 12 V Device

SoulBay 12W Universal Muti Voltage AC/DC Adapter Switching

Product Description: Feature: This universal charger AC/DC adapter has selectable outputs: 3/4.5/5/6/7.5/9/12V. That's to say, you need to measure your appliances if suitable for this adapter before your purchase. With 6 connection tips, the various size can satisfy your different need, and the different ac adapters can bring you much convenience on your daily life. Specification: This is a universal power supply for all your pedals, effects, wireless receivers, printers, games consoles and many other household electronics. Product Weight: 3.1 ounces Cord Length: 43.3 inches(about 110 centimeters) 6 Connection Tips Spec.: 2.5*0.7mm, 3.0*1.1mm, 3.5*1.35mm, 4.0*1.7mm, 5.0*2.1mm, 5.5*2.5mm Adapter Input: AC 100V~240V 0.25A 50/60Hz Adapter Output: 3V/4.5V/5V/6V/7.5V/9V/12V Instructions: 1.Connect the correct adapter tip and make sure that it's firmly attached to the dc input port of your device. 2.Set the right DC output voltage. There are 7 options for you, DC 3V/4.5V/5V/6V/7.5V/9V/12V. (PLease use the little screwdriver to choose the ACCURATE voltage, if the arrow is in the middle of the two voltages may also lead to no output issue) 3.Connect the adapter to the electrical socket. 4.Now you are ready to power up your device! Caution: 1. NOT compatible with laptop or other hig...

  • Brand: SoulBay
  • ASIN: B01ISM267G
  • UPC: 712809492138

Tarascon Pocket Pharmacopoeia 2016 Deluxe Lab-Coat Edition

Tarascon Pocket Pharmacopoeia 2016 Deluxe Lab-Coat

Used by prescribers around the world, the Tarascon Pharmacopoeia 2016 Deluxe Lab-Coat Edition continues its tradition as the leading portable drug reference packed with vital drug information to help clinicians make better decisions at the point of care. The Tarascon Pharmacopoeia 2016 Deluxe Lab-Coat Edition is an expanded version of the Classic Shirt Pocket Edition, containing more drugs, black box warnings, evidence-based off-label indications for adults and pediatric patients, and additional tables. This reference also includes typical drug dosing (all FDA approved), available trade and generic formulations, metabolism, safety in pregnancy and lactation, relative drug pricing information, Canadian trade names, and an herbal & alternative therapies section. Multiple tables supplement the drug content, including opioid equivalency, emergency drug infusions, pediatric drug dosing, and much more. New to the 2016 Edition: * New Anti-Hepatitits subclasses * FDA guideline updates * Added

  • ASIN: 1284095282

Breast Enlargement Massage Medicomat-15BB Breast Enlarge Weight Loss Treatment

Breast Enlargement Massage Medicomat-15BB Breast Enlarge Weight Loss

Fully Automatic Home Treatment Apparatus Medicomat-15 everything works itself automatically - detects and treats the appropriate ear acupuncture points, thus achieving the greatest possible efficiency of treatment. * Easy to use * 5 Treatment Modes: A. Tapping is a system of electrochemically tapping on energy meridian to release your body B. Kneading gives a massage effect C. Rolling firm pressure effect done D. Pinching gives a feeling of deep vibration E. Complex is including the Tapping, Kneading, Rolling and Pinching automatic switching *Breast Care For age: 12-18 years old (breast development), 19-28 years old (breast slow period), 29-38 years old (breast stagnation), Above 39 years old (breast recession). *Package Includes: Main device: 1 piece + Four-pin wire × 1 piece + Two-pin wire × 1 piece + Ear-fitting electrode × 4 pairs + Breast electrode × 1 pair + Ear Clip electrode × 1 pair + Weight Loss Electrode × 1 pair + Elastic belt × 1 piece + Electrode pads × 1 pair + Two-pin wire × 1 piece + Colour box × 1 box + Manual × 1 copy.

  • Brand: Medicomat
  • ASIN: B00N86302S

Oster Double Tiered Food Steamer, 5 Quart, White (CKSTSTMD5-W-015)

Oster Double Tiered Food Steamer, 5 Quart, White

Make healthy, delicious meals quickly and easily with the Oster Double Tiered Food Steamer. This steamer cooks meat, fish, poultry, and vegetables with steam to retain nutrients while eliminating the need for calorie-rich cooking oils, sprays, and butter. Featuring a double-tiered design with two 5-quart bowls, the food steamer lets you simultaneously prepare up to two types of food separately. A 60-minute auto shut-off feature and a power indicator light make operating the steamer easy, while the dishwasher-safe components mean you can clean up in a snap. Ideal for smaller spaces, the food steamer's bowls nest for compact storage.

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: Oster
  • ASIN: B00519EDIA
  • UPC: 751663521899

HFXFM Breast Cancer Ribbon Travel Pouch Carry-on Duffel Bag Waterproof Portable Luggage Bag Attach to Suitcase

HFXFM Breast Cancer Ribbon Travel Pouch Carry-on Duffel

INTENDED USE: Gym, Sports, Travel, Luggage, Carry-on Bag, Hiking And Camping. Comfortable And Convenient To Carry. Perfect Size, Easy To Carry .Suitable For Women, Men, Teens And Big Kids As Personal Bag.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: HFXFM
  • ASIN: B07RQRC4K2
  • UPC: 667589381526

Philips Avent Breast SCF330/30 Pump Manual, Clear

Philips Avent Breast SCF330/30 Pump Manual,

Philips Avent SCF330/30 Comfort Manual Breast Pump is uniquely designed for a more relaxing and comfortable expressing position to promote milk flow. Unlike breast pumps that only operate properly when you lean forward, the Philips Avent Comfort Manual Breast Pump allows you to sit comfortably upright as you pump, while the pump's angled neck lets milk flow naturally from breast to bottle. When you are able to relax, you can produce more milk. This manual pump is great for moms who want to pump either at home or on the go. It features a soft massage cushion with 5 textured petals intended to help gently stimulate milk flow by mimicking your baby's natural suckling patterns. An ergonomic handle and lightweight, compact design makes it easy to operate with one hand. The collection container that connects to the pump also works as a bottle with the included natural, breast-shaped nipple. The nipple makes transitioning between breast and bottle easier for your baby by encouraging comfortable latch on. The breast pump also features an uncomplicated design with only a few parts that can all be washed in the dishwasher. Stages -0 - 6 months

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: Philips AVENT
  • ASIN: B0767KMGRK
  • UPC: 075020072993

PUQU Label Printer | Portable Bluetooth Thermal Label Maker Q20 with Rechargeable Battery, Apply to Labeling, Shipping, Office, Cable, Retail, Barcode and More, Compatible for Android & iOS System

PUQU Label Printer | Portable Bluetooth Thermal Label

Print The Perfect Labels For All Your Needs! The Best Thermal Label Printer Has Been Released...... to save you the headache of label makers that stick ... to save you money on ink replacement... to offer you easy Bluetooth connectivity through your mobile... to follow you on your travels... to make printing of your address, price, cable, shipping or office folder labels a most enjoyable task!Please STOP & READ This Before Placing Your Order!Most suppliers of similar Bluetooth label writers DON'T want you to know that custom label makers are often cheaply made, with flimsy unit lids that get popped up in a breeze or break after a while.Also, poor Bluetooth connectivity is a common pain, making it hard to print more than a couple of labels in a row, as the device gets stuck and consistent printing becomes a torture!Get The Thermal Label Maker That Stands Out For Its Quality!Committed to providing you the BEST QUALITY printing devices, PUQU thermal label maker offers you now MORE than any printable label maker:· Print method: thermal printing· Output mode: black and white· Print resolution: 203 dpi· Dot each row: 384 dot/line· Print speed: 10-35mm/s· Stand-by time: 100 days· Locate mode: reflecting· Print command: LPAPI、ESC/POS command· Print content: Character, picture/...

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: PUQULABEL
  • ASIN: B0757JG57P
  • UPC: 652508813677
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