The God Machine: From Boomerangs to Black Hawks: The Story of the Helicopter

The God Machine: From Boomerangs to Black Hawks:

From transforming the ways of war to offering godlike views of inaccessible spots, revolutionizing rescues worldwide, and providing some of our most-watched TV moments—including the cloud of newscopters that trailed O. J. Simpson’s Bronco—the helicopter is far more capable than early inventors expected. Now James Chiles profiles the many helicoptrians who contributed to the development of this amazing machine, and pays tribute to the selfless heroism of pilots and crews. A virtual flying lesson and scientific adventure tale, The God Machine is more than the history of an invention; it is a journey into the minds of imaginative thinkers and a fascinating look at the ways they changed our world.

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An Illustrated A-Z Directory of Military Helicopters: Featuring over 80 helicopters shown in more than 300 historical and modern photographs

An Illustrated A-Z Directory of Military Helicopters: Featuring

An expertly written and illustrated survey of this military transport, including specifications, and many rare images.

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An Illustrated History of Military Helicopters: Every Generation Of Rotorcraft, From Early Prototypes To The Specialist Models Of Today, Shown In Over 200 Photographs

An Illustrated History of Military Helicopters: Every Generation

A complete history of army and navy helicopters from first visionaries to unmanned aircraft systems.

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Helicopters: An Illustrated History of Their Impact (Weapons and Warfare)

Helicopters: An Illustrated History of Their Impact (Weapons

First envisioned by Leonardo da Vinci and first deployed in World War II, the helicopter is now a universal icon of modern warfare, a key component of combat planning around the world, and one of the military's most versatile and effective tools.• Approximately 70 photographs of helicopter models, including a number taken in combat situations• Glossary of terms unique to rotorcraft, including autorotation, translating tendency, and dihedral roll

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The God Machine

The God

Guy Salvatore can't get a break. After his girlfriend Sith died, he can't seem to go through a morning without monsters coming out of the bathroom mirror, or being pressed at school with his friends' concern over his well-being. All Guy wants is to be left alone. One night after a bad dream, Guy seeks solace in the graveyard by Sith's tombstone, and is confronted by an odd bunch of characters that will change his life forever with the promise that Sith might be alive! Meanwhile, a beautiful Goddess known as Good God has lost the key to heaven. She needs the help of her fellow compatriot, Evil God, to search for it down on Earth. But what starts off as a minor chore becomes more when Guy catches them in the graveyard, especially since Gods are supposed to be invisible to mortals...

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Black Hawk: The Story of a World Class Helicopter (Library of Flight)

Black Hawk: The Story of a World Class

"This story tells, in clear detail, how Sikorsky Aircraft developed, tested, modified, and produced one of the most successful helicopters in the world. Written by the man considered to be the father of the Black Hawk, Ray Leoni explains how Sikorsky used innovative designs with the right advanced technologies to meet the Armyís stringent specifications for aircraft performance, survivability and reliability. With its creative Black Hawk design, Sikorsky won an uphill, highly-contested battle for one of the worldís largest helicopter programs which reestablished the company as a leader in the world community of helicopter producers. Black Hawk variants have been put in service by every branch of the US Military and by over 24 countries around the world accumulating over 5 million flight hours. Through its combat service in the campaigns of Granada, Panama, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq, the Black Hawk has demonstrated unprecedented mission versatility and survivability and proven itself to be an outstanding war-fighting machine that will serve for a half century or longer. In the best tradition and vision of Igor Sikorsky, Black Hawks are performing world-wide rescue and humanitarian missions saving countless lives and providing relief from natural and manmade disasters to thou...

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Black Cat 2-1: The True Story of a Vietnam Helicopter Pilot and His Crew

Black Cat 2-1: The True Story of a

In the Vietnam War, 2,197 helicopter pilots and 2,717 crew members were killed. Black Cat 2-1 is the story of one pilot who made it home and the valiant men he served with who risked their lives for the troops on the ground. Bob Ford invites readers into the Huey helicopters he flew on more than 1,000 missions when he and his men dared to protect and rescue. For those whose voices were silenced in that faraway place or who have never told their stories, he creates a tribute that reads like a thriller, captures the humor of men at war, and resounds with respect for those who served with honor.

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Alexander Patton relies on a cocktail of antipsychotics and opioids to chase away the comorbid schizophrenia and addiction that have plagued his psyche for the better half of a decade. When his day-to-day life is disturbed by what appears to be a glitch in the universe, Alexander knows better than to trust what he sees and hears and writes it off as yet another hallucination. But while reality is rarely as it seems, Alexander's perception of it may not be as ludicrous as he -- and everyone around him -- may think.

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GUTS 'N GUNSHIPS: What it was Really Like to Fly Combat Helicopters in Vietnam

GUTS 'N GUNSHIPS: What it was Really Like

Guts 'n Gunships has maintained a top spot on the Amazon bestseller page since 2015. It reached the number one spot for all of non-fiction on Amazon, and was ranked number eleven for all Kindle books. It was a #4 bestseller on the Wall Street Journal bestsellers list and was listed on USA Today's bestseller list as well.Straight from college, to the US Army, to command pilot of a four-ton gunship with a four-man crew in Vietnam. From college chess games to a game of life and death. It was surreal to say the least. In this book I pour my heart out and bare my soul to tell you what that was like, from basic to Vietnam and back.SynopsisIn the summer of 1967, Mark Garrison had dropped out of college at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois, just before entering his third year. He had run out of money and had to work for a while. These were the days before the lottery and the draft soon came calling. In order to somewhat control his own future, he enlisted in the U.S. Army’s helicopter flight school program. Little did he know that this adventure would be the most profound experience of his life.Garrison flew hundreds of missions for the 119th AHC, stationed in the Central Highlands at Camp Holloway in Pleiku, Vietnam. He was awarded twenty-five Air Medals, four campa...

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19 Minutes to Live - Helicopter Combat in Vietnam: A Memoir by Lew Jennings

19 Minutes to Live - Helicopter Combat in

"19 Minutes to Live" illustrates the incredible courage and determination of helicopter pilots and crews supporting those heroes that carried a rucksack and a rifle in Vietnam. Over 12,000 helicopters were used in the Vietnam War, which is why it became known as "The Helicopter War". Almost half of the helicopters, 5,086, were lost. Helicopter pilots and crews accounted for nearly 10 percent of all the US casualties suffered in Vietnam, with nearly 5,000 killed and an untold number of wounded. Lew Jennings flew over 700 Air Cavalry Cobra Gunship Helicopter missions and received Three Distinguished Flying Crosses for Valor. This memoir describes first-hand the harrowing experiences of helicopter pilots and crews in combat operations, from the far South to the DMZ, including the infamous Ashau Valley, Hamburger Hill, LZ Airborne and others.

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Jumping from Helicopters: A Vietnam Memoir

Jumping from Helicopters: A Vietnam

In 1967, at age nineteen, John Stillman—refusing to wait for the draft—voluntarily enlisted in the Army to aid his fellow countrymen in one of the most opposed involvements in our nation’s history: the Vietnam War. Quickly falling in love with the rush of being a paratrooper with the 101st Airborne, he believed his service would honorably help the South Vietnamese protect their country from the ruthless communist North and their Southern allies. But once in the volatile jungles of Vietnam, the merciless hunting and killing of the enemy, constant threat of landmines and booby traps, ambushes that could easily backfire, and deaths of his comrades made Stillman question how any man—if he survived—could ever return to his life as he’d known it.Written with John’s daughter, Lori Stillman, Jumping from Helicopters is a vivid and moving memoir that unearths fifty years of repressed memories with stunning accuracy and raw details. Interwoven with the author’s own journal entries and including thirty-five photographs, it is a story that will open your eyes to what these brave young men witnessed and endured, and why they returned facing a lifetime of often unspoken unrest, persistent nightmares, and forced normalcy, haunting even the strongest of soldiers.

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Ups and Downs: Recollections of a Vietnam Helicopter Pilot

Ups and Downs: Recollections of a Vietnam Helicopter

I flew through the Vietnam War in the cockpit of a helicopter, hauling troops in combat assaults and anything else that would fit on a Huey cargo deck. Helicopter crews were asked to do many things in Vietnam and I did most of them, albeit to a lesser extent than my peers. My involvement was further enriched by time spent in the nerve center of a combat aviation battalion. I returned home with a trove of personal recollections- some grim, some angry, some humorous and many unique to my experience. To these, I have added tales of events that occurred in college ROTC training, flight school and post-Vietnam army service. Taken together they offer a complete picture of a brief, but compelling military career, filled with ups and downs.

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Without Parachutes: How I Survived 1,000 Attack Helicopter Combat Missions in Vietnam

Without Parachutes: How I Survived 1,000 Attack Helicopter

This book straps the reader into the cockpit with an attack helicopter pioneer as he recalls three years of Vietnam combat and a quarter century of flying Army aircraft. He arrived in Vietnam in 1964 and volunteered to join the worlds first attack helicopter company. The Utility Tactical Transport Helicopter Company (UTT) had deployed to Vietnam in 1962. It came equipped with the U.S. Armys brand new UH-1 Huey, a helicopter originally designed as an aerial ambulance. The crews, not happy with a passive combat role, began experimenting with ways to strap guns on their aircraft and attack the enemy. Through a deadly process of trial and error the pilots pushed their machines to the edge. Mistakes were made, crews were lost and lessons were learned. These lessons evolved into combat tactics and became fondly known as the 12 Cardinal Rules of Attack Helicopter Combat. Upon joining the unit the author learned about the rules. He studied them and on his first day in combat, developed his own 13th rule. Over his ensuing three years in Vietnam, the rules, especially the 13th, helped him survive over one thousand combat missions. This book provides the reader with a cockpit level view of dozens of those missions and describes several additional near disaster situations encountered by the ...

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German Helicopters (Schiffer Military History)

German Helicopters (Schiffer Military

Among the makers of these unusual aircraft were Focke-Wulf, Flettner and Wiener-Naustadter.

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Vietnam War Army Helicopter Nose Art

Vietnam War Army Helicopter Nose

Vietnam War Army Helicopter Nose Art brings to light over 250 recently recovered Vietnam War photographs from Army aviation veterans. The vast majority of these photographs have never before been published, with them all capturing that quintessential and unmistakable American war custom of embellishing one’s assigned aircraft with personalized markings. Each is accompanied by a caption containing data particular for each featured image: helicopter name, unit, serial number, photo date, photo location, crew names, artist name, photo contributor, and anecdotal information.Against a backdrop of censorship, political correctness, and military directives to the contrary, in-country Army helicopter nose art flourished in Vietnam, and the failure to acknowledge this archetypal convention in any study of Army aviation history demonstrates a lack of respect for the personal cost of conflict.Although ‘Iron Butterfly’ may not be as well-known as ‘Memphis Belle’ or ‘Enola Gay’ from World War II, it nonetheless carried its crews into battle with just as much passion for life and sense of duty as its predecessors. We all know the ugly politics of that war; these pictures show us the human side of it.

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