MAJESTIC PURE Arnica Sore Muscle Massage Oil for Body - Best Natural Therapy with Lavender and Chamomile Essential Oils - Warming, Relaxing, Massaging Joint Pain Relief Support - 8 fl. oz

MAJESTIC PURE Arnica Sore Muscle Massage Oil for

Majestic Pure 100% Natural Sore Muscle Massage Oil is a wonderful blend of essential oils, crafted to soothe sore, tired muscles. Designed for easy absorption, the oil's natural scent helps melt away tension. Perfect for a relaxing massage, while leaving skin feeling nourished and hydrated. SAFETY WARNING: Rub a very small amount on the inside of your elbow area to test for any allergic reaction before use. Avoid contact with eyes, keep out of the reach of children. If pregnant, consult with your health care provider before use. This product is not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

  • Brand: Majestic Pure
  • ASIN: B07HQ4Q4GY
  • UPC: 850000192645

Ylang Ylang & Ginger Massage Oil - 100% All Natural Ingredients - Ylang Ylang & Ginger Sensual Body Oil Made with Essential Oils - Great For Muscle Relaxation, Stiff Joints & Deep Tissue

Ylang Ylang & Ginger Massage Oil - 100%

New York Biology's 100% Pure & Natural Ylang Ylang & Ginger Sensual Massage Oil. Great For Couples Massage And For Pain Relief From Sore Muscles. If you're looking to unwind after a hard day look no further than New York Biology's line of amazing relaxing massage oils. Our oils are specially designed with you in mind. Whether it's as a luxurious gift for the one you love, or for couples, massage therapists, or as a treat for yourself, you can be assured that each ingredient is quality sourced and blended with love. Our all-natural silky and lightweight formula helps soothe, calm and hydrate the skin. Perfect for massage therapy or casual at home massages. Our Sensual Ylang Ylang & Ginger Relaxing Massage Oil is: - Cruelty-free ingredients - Paraben and sulfate free formulation - Preservative free Our Sensual Massage Oil Are Also: - 100% Pure & Natural - Made using the highest quality ingredients. - Great for aromatherapy or sensual body massages. TRY YOURS TODAY!!! MADE IN THE USA in our FDA approved cGMP facility our Ylang Ylang & Ginger Sensual Massage Oil does not contain any paraben, sulfates, and is cruelty free.

  • Brand: New York Biology
  • UPC: 708088296420

Moisturizing Herbal Massage Oil, 8 fluid oz (237ml)

Moisturizing Herbal Massage Oil, 8 fluid oz

Balance your skin with Moisturizing Massage Oil - Our herbal massage oils incorporate potent ayurvedic herbal extracts to take the benefits of the traditional ayurvedic massage a step further. For example, there's heart-leaf sida for dry skin, deodar cedar for sensitive skin and hemidesmus indicus for oily skin. Your skin, the largest organ in the body, reacts to a number of factors - diet, stress, cosmetics and the environment. Help keep it nourished and balanced with herbal massage oils especially formulated for individual skin and dosha types. Organic sesame oil base.

  • Brand: Maharishi Ayurveda
  • ASIN: B00B28JYJW
  • UPC: 010415151976

Refresh Massage Oil with Eucalyptus & Peppermint Essential Oils - Great for Massage Therapy. Stress Relief & All Natural Muscle Relaxer. Ideal for Full Body Massage - Nut Free Formula 8.5oz

Refresh Massage Oil with Eucalyptus & Peppermint Essential

Refresh Massage Oil by Brookethorne Naturals has been carefully formulated using only the highest quality, all natural ingredients - the result a top of the line massage oil! This expertly blended oil is the perfect texture and consistency for massage and will leave your skin hydrated and healthy. Great for sensitive skin!Ideal for at home use as well as professional use. Works well with all types of massage therapy & with massage tools, rollers, balls & more.Made in the USA - Paraben & Preservative Free - Not Tested on Animals.

  • Brand: Brookethorne Naturals
  • ASIN: B07746DP1H
  • UPC: 646437756860

Herbal Select Body Therapy Massage Oil - Half Gallon By Biotone

Herbal Select Body Therapy Massage Oil - Half

BIOTONE Herbal Select Body Massage Oil, 1/2 Gallon - Enjoy a remarkably satiny glide that doesn't leave any unpleasant oily residue with this blend of specially selected vegetable oils. So finely textured, it envelopes the skin in a veil of velvety smooth, silky-light moisture. Active botanical extracts include Arnica to stimulate circulation, Hawaiian White Ginger to relieve soreness, Bayberry to tone and cleanse, and Violet to calm. Gel-textured feel without oily residue. Arnica, Hawaiian White Ginger, Bayberry and Violet Leaf stimulate circulation, relieve soreness, soothe and calm. Great glide over dense body hair.Key Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Sesame Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Apricot, Active Botanicals of Arnica, Hawaiian White Ginger, Bayberry, and Violet, Aloe Vera Oil, Paraben-Free Glide Guide Modalities: Swedish Massage, Chiropractic, Hot Stone MassageProperties: Nut-Oil Free, Paraben FreeShelf Life: 12 monthsCaution: All oils and gels regardless of brand, can be combustible. Use caution when laundering linens that have been exposed to oils and gels. Oil and gel products are potentially combustible when exposed to heat in the dryer. Consult dryer manufacturer's guidelines for drying linens that have been exposed to oils and gels.

  • Brand: Biotone
  • ASIN: B00NVUD1B6
  • UPC: 702458937104

Natural Body Oil for Dry Skin and Massage for All Skin Types with Lavender, Pure and Light Moisturizer For Women And Men With Organic Jojoba and Apricot Oil, Ora's Amazing Herbal

Natural Body Oil for Dry Skin and Massage

Anoint and moisturize your skin in Bliss. Read our ingredients, they are simple and divine. Effective and light botanical oils scented with essential oils of lavender, clary sage and vetiver. This oil was developed by request from our friends who love our Blissful Earth Body Powder and wanted more of this scent.

  • Brand: Ora's Amazing Herbal
  • UPC: 603051098899

Shankara Soothing Body Oil - Cooling & Uplifting Massage Oil - Ayurvedic, Herbal Daily Moisturizer - pH Balanced, Rich in Essential Oils, Vitamins & Antioxidants - Suits All Skin Types - 30 ml

Shankara Soothing Body Oil - Cooling & Uplifting

A Specialty Formulation for Sensitive Skin A trip to the beach or a dip in the chlorinated pool - many things can leave your skin exposed to burns, irritation or inflammation, not to mention dehydration. But worry not - a formulation to help you look after your skin is finally here: Shankara Soothing Body Oil, featuring Sunflower Oleic Oil, Grapeseed Oil & Almond Oil, along with a mix of soothing herbs, aromatic essential oils & vitamin oils. Ayurvedic, Herbal & pH Balanced Shankara Soothing Oil features a natural & Ayurvedic formula, balanced to moderate all three Doshas, especially the Pitta Dosha - a precursor of increased acidity & sensitive skin. This body oil offers thorough skin hydration with a cool, soothing effect tailored for sensitive skin. Its light texture allows easy absorption into your skin, leaving no greasiness behind. More Than Just a Moisturizer We've made conscious efforts to render this body oil full of vitamins, nutrients & antioxidants. A mix of aromatherapeutic essential oils impart a subtle yet long-lasting fragrance, while vitamin-rich oils & plant-flower extracts infuse much-needed coolness. Regular application also allows you to benefit from anti-aging properties of natural antioxidants. Getting the Most out of Shankara Soothing Oil For overall skin ...

  • Color: Soothing Oil
  • Brand: Shankara
  • ASIN: B0722HQ4VH
  • UPC: 712971628939

Sensual Massage Oil with Relaxing Lavender, Almond Oil and Jojoba for Men and Women - 100% Natural Hypoallergenic Skin Therapy with No Artificial or Added Ingredients - USA Made by Honeydew

Sensual Massage Oil with Relaxing Lavender, Almond Oil

100% Natural Sensual Body Massage Oil The highest quality sensual oil for the most intimate moments, Honeydew Products offers a 100% pure essential and carrier oil blend which results in the perfect natural Sensual Body Massage Oil. Use for massages and aromatherapy to invigorate the senses with a unique combination of oils which provides the perfect absorption rate to ensure an intimate, residue-free massage. Our 100% Natural Sensual Body Massage Oil -Made with 100% pure & natural ingredients -Composed of Therapeutic-Grade Jojoba, Almond and Lavender Oil -Perfect for Men & Women -Sensually invigorates all senses -Natural moisturizing and skin-enhancing benefits -Great for aromatherapy or body massages -No residue buildup or greasiness -Free of silicones, additives or artificial fragrances -100% satisfaction guarantee Honeydew's 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee Honeydew Products Sensual Massage Oil is guaranteed to enable the highest level of therapeutic sensuality a massage oil can offer - fully guaranteed. Rest assured that your purchase is backed by a 100% money-back, no-questions-asked refund policy, which is upheld in full conformity by all authorized distributors.

  • Brand: Maple Holistics
  • ASIN: B019FW8PA0
  • UPC: 806802699639

2 Pack Ginger Oil for Lymphatic Drainage,Vamotto 100% Pure Essential Oil, Natural Body Massage Ginger Oil for Swelling,Skin and Relieve Muscle Soreness 30ML

2 Pack Ginger Oil for Lymphatic Drainage,Vamotto 100%

Ginger Massage Oil, Extracted from ginger root, ginger oil benefits you by relieving swelling & pain by its warming and anti-inflammatory properties. FEATURES: 100% Pure Natural Essential Oil Decreases swollen glands after surgery or injury and inflammation Reduces adipose tissues & fat cells, Stimulates expulsion of waste products & toxins SPECIFICATIONS: Active Ingredients: Grapeseed Oil, Hedychium Coronarium Oil, Mineral Oi, Volume: 30ml, For external use only How to Use: Step 1.Select a small amount of scar to remove the oil,point 2-3 drops in the palm, easy to use Step 2.Essential oil of a single point, the affected part, gently massaged,Massage until completely absorbed Step 3.Facial treatment:Take 2-5 drops of essential oil of added toner or lotion or cream for daily face care Step 4.Hair care:5 drops into the water to wash the hair, or toss in the shampoo and conditioner used in, or directly to Scalp massage DIRECTIONS: Massage oil 1-2 times daily, focusing on areas around neck, knees and armpits if necessary. Apply after a warm bath is recommended. Package Includes: 2pc X Ginger Oil

  • Brand: Vamotto
  • UPC: 788000736630

Relief Arnica Massage Oil - Great for Sports & Athletic Therapeutic Massage - All Natural - Arnica Montana for Sore Muscle Relief. Contains Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Grapeseed & Essential Oils 8.5oz

Relief Arnica Massage Oil - Great for Sports

Relief Arnica Massage Oil by Brookethorne Naturals has been carefully formulated using only the highest quality, all natural ingredients - the result a top of the line massage oil! This expertly blended oil is the perfect texture and consistency for massage and will leave your skin hydrated and healthy. Arnica has been used for many years a homeopathic remedy to reduce swelling and relieve muscle pain. This body massage oil provides sore muscle relief, making it perfect for sports massage and therapeutic massage in athletics. Tired, stiff muscles have met their match with Relief Arnica Massage Oil. Click the "Add to Cart Button" now and finally get some relief from muscle pain! Product not intended for internal use. Do not apply to broken skin.

  • Brand: Brookethorne Naturals
  • UPC: 646437756839

Weleda Rosemary Conditioning Hair Oil, 1.7 Fl. Oz (Pack of 1)

Weleda Rosemary Conditioning Hair Oil, 1.7 Fl. Oz

At Weleda we know that traditional wisdom can prove well-founded, so to us an oil treatment is just what your hair and scalp need. Massage a few drops of this intensely conditioning oil into the scalp, or into wet or dry hair while styling, to add shine and intensively nourish dry hair and split ends. With invigorating rosemary oil, clover and burdock root extracts, it gives a deep conditioning treatment that makes hair more manageable.

  • Brand: Weleda
  • UPC: 885611941511

Fractionated Coconut Oil USA Premium Therapeutic Grade 16 Ounce Liquid Carrier Oil for Aromatherapy Relaxing Massage and Diluting Essential Oils with Pump and eBook

Fractionated Coconut Oil USA Premium Therapeutic Grade 16

Fractionated Coconut OilOur fractionated coconut oil Includes a lifetime manufacturer's warranty and satisfaction guarantee . Safe for adults kids baby dogs cats and children, this large 16oz bottle of base oil starts out as cold pressed coconut oil and is then steam distilled and refined to be a tool for aroma therapy. Used with essential oils in a solution for a diffuser for soothing couples massage increasing the shelf life of valuable organic essential oils moisturizing hair in the shower making soap or simply finding serenity in relieving dry winter hands and skin . Made from the whole nut of the coconut tree, the meat is dried and the essence squeezed into a extra virgin raw oil . Now the oil is exposed to heat and steam to separate the fatty acid chains . The completely saturated chains the MCTs are collected . These are soft to the touch and carry nutrients deep into the layers of the skin like our body did when we were young . More than just a high quality oil at a low price with an adorable label Invivo Essential is about value quality integrity and caring . We believe in harvesting what nature has made living peacefully on earth and giving back . You're going to love this oil in a glass roller bottle . Just dilute your favorite essential oil roll it on your skin to ...

  • Brand: Invivo Essential
  • UPC: 096962489267

Khadi Natural Herbal Ayurvedic Rose and Geranium Body Massage Oil (210 ml)

Khadi Natural Herbal Ayurvedic Rose and Geranium Body

Go for Herbal Body Massage Oils to increase the tonal value of your skin and improve blood circulation. Presenting Khadi Natural's exclusive range of Body Massage Oils that are made from herbal essential oils and suitable for all types of skin. Suitable for all skin typesRelax, rejuvenate, revive and refresh your tired muscles with this herbal formulation enriched with the goodness of rose and geranium. This multi-oil natural massage oil is very good to relax your tired muscles after a long and tiring day of work. It's a well-deserved treat for your body. Let yourself drown into the aromatic scents and watch your stresses melt away. Luxuriously Handmade with Essential Oils Filled with the goodness of glycerine, vegetable fats, and natural essential oils, Khadi is a fine blend of luxury for your skin. Handmade and carefully put together, we ensure no chemical traces and thus are proud of a 100% natural product. Each essential oil has specific benefits. These exotic fragrances along with the benefits of herbs and oils recommended in Ayurveda are ideal for beautiful, healthy skin. How to use Apply to the body and massage deeply into your skin. Very effective for muscle pain and acts as a natural reliever. Use as often as required. 100% Vegetarian & Cruelty-Free We take meticulous e...

  • Brand: Khadi Natural
  • ASIN: B00FZH9Z4K



Usage: Bathing: Add 8-10 drops oil into warm water, wait 15-20 minutes, then you can step into the water. Foot massage: Apply the oil to the foot, Repeated massage to the oil is been absorb, then dry your foot with a towel Hot compress: Add 3-6 drops oil into hot water, then soaked a towel and squeeze out the water. Apply the towel to the body part you feel uncomfortable, when the towel cool down, repeat the step several time, you will fell comfortable. Body Massage: Apply the oil to skin, Massage to the oil penetrate and the skin get red, then dry the body with towel. ingredients: Grape seed oil, Ginger extract, Natural lubrication Attention please: For external use only, Do not take oral. Inconvenient for those who are allergic to this product. Sealed preservation, Keep out of reach of children.


Tea Tree Hair and Body Moisturizer, 10.14 Fl Oz

Tea Tree Hair and Body Moisturizer, 10.14 Fl

Imagine a moisturizer so versatile that it could be used for skin and hair. Award-winning Tea Tree Hair and Body Moisturizer is a leave-in conditioner, after-shave cream and body lotion all in one. Enriched with jojoba seed oil, tea tree oil and peppermint, it leaves hair and skin feeling silky smooth and smelling fantastic.

  • Brand: Tea Tree
  • ASIN: B002FJ11UW
  • UPC: 890815449053
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