Milestone Specialty Herbicide with Aminopyralid for Noxious and Invasive Weeds-Quart 6666085

Milestone Specialty Herbicide with Aminopyralid for Noxious and

Broad-spectrum control of problem weeds, including noxious and invasive broadleaf weeds and sensitive woody plants.

  • Color: Red Label
  • Brand: Milestone
  • ASIN: B006LAJ6P8

PBI Gordon - Ornamec Over The Top Grass Herbicide, Quart - 32oz

PBI Gordon - Ornamec Over The Top Grass

Post-Emergence Control Of Grass Weeds In And Around Groundcovers, Shrubs And Trees - In Landscape Beds, Container Yards And Grower Nursery Fields. Provides Outstanding Post-Emergent Control Of Unwanted Grasses In Groundcovers, Shrubs And Trees. And The Majority Of The Nearly 500 Species And Varieties Of Plants On The Label May Be Treated With Ornamec Applied "Over-The-Top"*. Some Species Or Varieties Of Ornamentals Require That Ornamec Be Applied As A Directed Spray In Order To Minimize Phytotoxicity. Where Can Ornamec Be Used? Examples Include: Evergreen And Wildflower Beds - To Remove Unsightly Grass. Groundcovers - To Maintain Immaculate Appearance. Nurseries - To Remove Grass In The Field-Grown Woody Ornamentals. Ornamec Takes Out Unwanted Bermudagrass Without Injury To Desirable Tall Fescue And Zoysia Turf. There Are Over 30 Grass Weed Species Listed On The Label. You'Ll Find Many Common Types Of Unwanted Annual Grasses: Crabgrass, Barnyardgrass, Goosegrass, Foxtail, Sandbur, Panicum. Also, Few Herbicides Are As Effective As Ornamec Against Hard-To-Control Perennial Grasses. Quackgrass, Bermudagrass And Torpedograss Are Examples. Another Is Johnsongrass Which Is Controlled In Both Rhizome And Seedling Stages. Does Not Control Broadleaf Weeds, Rushes And Sedges. Selectively C...

  • Brand: PBI GORDON
  • ASIN: B00178OB6I
  • UPC: 070251678860

Esplanade EZ Herbicide (Quart)

Esplanade EZ Herbicide

Esplanade EZ is a more sustainable, one-and-done solution for non-selective weed control. Unwanted grasses and weeds that grow into hardscapes and bareground areas can increase risk, reduce the lifespan of infrastructure, and lead to higher labor and management costs. Bayer has developed Esplanade EZ to help municipal managers and other maintenance, parks and public works managers reduce the impact of unwanted vegetation through long-term control and infrastructure protection - saving them time, labor and budget. Esplanade EZ is ideal for use on parking lots, streets, sidewalks, curbs, gravel areas, gutters, guardrails, fences and fireplugs, as well as park paths, fencelines and mulched areas.

  • Brand: ITS Supply
  • UPC: 764966210452

ITS Supply Crossbow Herbicide quart

ITS Supply Crossbow Herbicide

Crossbow is a selective post-emergent herbicide that targets woody plants and brush such as blackberries and poison oak, as well as annual and perennial broadleaves, while leaving grasses unharmed. Crossbow achieves excellent control of woody plants and brush and can be applied by all types of sprayers, from hand-held models to tractor-mounted spray rigs. Except for lactating dairy animals there are no grazing restrictions following the application of Crossbow Herbicide. Crossbow is rainfast within two hours after application. Crossbow specialty herbicide is recommended for control of most species of unwanted woody plants, as well as annual and perennial broadleaf weeds, growing on rangeland, permanent grass pastures, CRP, fence rows, non-irrigation ditchbanks, roadsides, other non-crop areas, and industrial sites. For use on plants in non-crop and non-timber areas only. Not for use on crops, timber, or other plants being grown for sale or other commercial use, or for commercial seed production, or for research purposes.

  • Brand: ITS Supply
  • ASIN: B01M5GJR6K
  • UPC: 764966210476

Polaris Nufarm Herbicide Imazapyr 27.7%-Quart

Polaris Nufarm Herbicide Imazapyr

Polaris Herbicide - 1 Quart (Same as 2 lb formula Arsenal Herbicide) Polaris Herbicide is made by Nufarm. It is exactly the same active ingredient as 2 lb formula Arsenal by BASF. Polaris, however, carries both the Vegetation Management label for land and the Aquatic label for around water! Polaris Herbicide is a broad-spectrum weed control product for the control of several undesirable annual and perennial grasses, broadleaf weeds plus many brush and vine species. It also provides long-term control by preventing re-germination of labeled weeds within treated areas. Due to its chemical activity and low application rates, Polaris has minimal effect upon wildlife habitat and helps alleviate concerns due to vegetation management practices in public areas. Polaris Herbicide (Aquatic) is a two-pound formula liquid, aquatic herbicide for the control of undesirable emergent and floating aquatic vegetation in and around standing and flowing water, including estuarine and marine sites. Polaris AQ improves the quality and value of wetland areas infested with difficult floating, emerged and terrestrial weed species. ePestSolutions also offers other weed control products for pre emergent weed control, non selective herbicides, weed control for ponds and other aquatic herbicides etc.

  • Brand: nufarm
  • ASIN: B00C4Y25GM

Clopyralid 3 Compare to Transline, Reclaim (Quart)

Clopyralid 3 Compare to Transline, Reclaim

Clopyralid 3 Herbicide is manufactured by Alligare for control of broad leaf weeds and woody brush in non-crop areas, forestry sites, storage areas, range lands, and pastures. When using Clopyralid 3 Herbicide there are no grazing or haying restrictions.

  • Brand: Clopyralid
  • ASIN: B0079RNVKI

Trimec Southern Broadleaf Herbicide Quart

Trimec Southern Broadleaf Herbicide

Broadleaf Herbicide for Sensitive Southern Grasses Recommendations For post-emergence clover, chickweed and other broadleaf weed control, especially in sensitive warm-season turfgrass areas on golf courses, residential and commercial lawns, sports turf and park and recreation areas. Designed for high tolerance in sensitive southern turfgrasses. But that doesn't mean it won't control tough weeds anywhere else. In fact, recent research has shown that Trimec® Southern is the most effective amine Trimec complex for clover control. Trimec Southern is formulated with less 2,4-D to accommodate sensitive warm-season grasses, and higher in MCPP to maintain the quality performance you expect from a Trimec complex. This adjustment in formulation is the optimum ratio for knocking out clover. So Trimec Southern isn't just for the south, it's for tough weed control anywhere, especially where clover or chickweed is the primary target. Trimec Southern is intended for use on bermudagrass, zoysiagrass, centipedegrass and St. Augustinegrass and can also be used on cool-season grasses such as bluegrass, fescues and ryegrass¹. ¹Do not apply this product to Floratan St. Augustinegrass.

  • Brand: Trimec

Fusilade II Turf and Ornamental Herbicide Quart SYN1015 Fusilade

Fusilade II Turf and Ornamental Herbicide Quart SYN1015

Fusilade II Turf and Ornamental herbicide is a selective post-emergent herbicide that controls a long list of perennial and annual grass weeds in turf and landscaped areas. Not only is Fusilade II fast and effective, but it can be applied as a spot treatment or an over the top application without damaging ornamental plants. It can also be used to remove bermuda grass from tall fescue and zoysia grass when used at reduced rates. Fusilade II can stand up to rain after only 1 hour of application.

  • Brand: Fusilade
  • ASIN: B0149IBXCC

Liquid Harvest Lazer Green Concentrated Spray Pattern Indicator - 1 Quart (32 Ounces) - Perfect Weed Spray Dye, Herbicide Dye, Fertilizer Marking Dye, Turf Marker and Herbicide Marker

Liquid Harvest Lazer Green Concentrated Spray Pattern Indicator

Lazer Green is a non-toxic concentrated colorant designed to be used with herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. Lazer indicates where application spray has been made for the most accurate coverage. The colorant will fade in time with sun and moisture. Lazer is not permanent and will not stain once diluted. Avoid contact with fabric. Lazer can be removed from skin and equipment with several washes. Directions:Add 1/2 oz.of Lazer to every gallon of spray mixture. The more Lazer you use, the darker your spray pattern. POURING ADVICE- To get the smoothest pour with no mess have the FRONT label pointing towards the sky. You need to pour slowly and closely to your container in a controlled manner. Have both hands on the bottle and allow air flow to enter the spout as your pouring, DO NOT attempt to quickly dump this product in your sprayer or spraying equipment. Slow and steady while pouring this, allow airflow to enter the spout as if you were pouring gasoline. Following these steps will prevent messes and allow you to spend more time spraying and less time cleaning! Cleanup- Mix bleach with water and spray onto the dye, it will clear the dye like a magic trick. Make sure you ventilate the area as bleach can give off a strong smell.

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Sanco Industries
  • ASIN: B0049IE33Y
  • UPC: 768980001232

Alligare Imazapyr 4 SL (Quart)-Compare to Arsenal 4 SL

Alligare Imazapyr 4 SL (Quart)-Compare to Arsenal 4

Imazapyr 4 SL Herbicide is a pre-emergent and post-emergent bare ground herbicide for control of unwanted vegetation in non-cropland areas and aquatic sites. It will sterilize the soil it is sprayed over and nothing will grow for up to 1 year. Imazapyr Can also be used in pastures, rangelands and other listed areas.

  • Brand: ALLIGARE
  • ASIN: B007HUFHI6

Gordons Ornamec 170 Grass Herbicide Quart

Gordons Ornamec 170 Grass Herbicide

Ornamec(r) 170 grass herbicide is a fluazifop-p-butyl formulation designed especially for the maintenance of landscape beds. Of more than 500 species and varieties of shrubs, wildflowers, trees, flowers and groundcovers listed on the label, over 400 may be treated with Ornamec 170 applied as "over-the-top" applications without risk of plant injury*. Over 200 additional species are listed in three groups according to the risk of the plant injury, with directed application recommended. Ornamec 170 emphasizes user convenience by pre-blending the surfactant. The 32 fluid ounce size is just right for mixing in most back-pack sprayers, covering up to 5,000 square feet of ornamental beds, tree wells, fence lines, or other areas where control of unwanted grasses is desired. Ornamec 170 works best if applied when grasses are young and actively growing. Grass growth stops within 48 hours and

  • Brand: PBI / Gordon
  • ASIN: B00MMO6HL8

Sanco Industries Plex Mate Surfactant for Herbicides Non-Ionic - 8 Ounces

Sanco Industries Plex Mate Surfactant for Herbicides Non-Ionic

Get the best results from your herbicides and algaecides by using a surfactant!   Surfactants help stick your chemical herbicides and algaecides to the plant.  Plex Mate will also break down the waxy coating on aquatic weeds to allow more effective penetration by algaecides and herbicides. Our Plex Mate surfactant is used when treating floating and emerged weeds, and surface algae. Plex Mate is available in three sizes: 8 oz, Quart, and Gallon.   Plex Mate works great with: Lawn and garden chemicals Herbicides like Tsunami DQ and Catt Plex Algaecides like Crystal Plex, Algae x and Copper Sulfate

  • Color: orange
  • Brand: Sanco Industries
  • ASIN: B0049ACIX4
  • UPC: 768980138013

Fusilade II Turf and Ornamental Herbicide Quart 

Fusilade II Turf and Ornamental Herbicide

Description and use: Fusilade II Turf and Ornamental Herbicide and weed killer which contains 24.5% the active ingredient Fluazifop which provides outstanding post-emergence control of unwanted grasses in groundcovers, shrubs and trees. Fusilade II moves quickly into the shoots, roots, rhizomes, stolons and growing points of the treated plants. Weed growth is soon arrested, and within a week you'll witness loss of vigor, yellow and or reddening, and eventual death of treated grass weeds. Fusilade II can save you the cost of expensive hand weeding. Fusilade II takes out unwanted grass without injury to desirable broadleaf plants, conifers, newly emerging ornamentals and recent transplants. Some species or varieties of ornamentals require that Fusilade II be applied as a directed spray, in order to minimize phytotoxicity. This weed control product controls and or prevents: Barnyardgrass, Broadleaf signalgrass, large and smooth Crabgrass, Fall Panicum, Field Sandbur, giant, green & yellow Foxtails, Goosegrass, Guineagrass, Itchgrass, Johnsongrass, Junglerice, Praire cupgrass, Red rice, Southern sandbur Southwestern cupgrass, Texas panicum, Volunteer barley, oats, rye, milo, corn, & wheat, Wild oats. Wild proso millet, Witchgrass, Woolly cupgrass, Bermudagrass, Quackgrass, Torpedogra...

  • Brand: Syngenta
  • ASIN: B00C4Y261Q

Surflan Pro Pre-Emergent Herbicide Concentrate, Quart

Surflan Pro Pre-Emergent Herbicide Concentrate,

Save the time and money you're wasting on hand weeding. Liquid concentrate to be mixed for surface application. Active ingredient is oryzalin 40.4. Use for selective control of grasses and weeds. Surflan is naturally orange in color, acting as a spray marker during application. May temporarily discolor sprayed surfaces. May be applied with mulch colorants for revitalized color and weed control. Up to 8 months control of many broadleaf and grassy weeds in: landscape, container, and field grown ornamentals; non-bearing citrus, fruit and nut trees; berries; vineyards, tree plantations. Application rates vary depending on species and length of control. Usually 1.5 - 3 ounce per 1000 square ft. Qt.

  • Brand: Surflan
  • ASIN: B00D9F3GTK

Natures Logix Active Muscle Recovery Supplements with Full Spectrum Hemp Extract 500mg Glutamine Branched Chain Amino Acids Post-Intra Workout - Vegetarian Friendly, 30ml

Natures Logix Active Muscle Recovery Supplements with Full

Natures Logix Neuro Support Drops is a blend of nutrients to support stable moods, mental focus, and healthy responses to emotional stress in already mentally healthy individuals. These nutrients are present in food, but during periods of heightened stress, additional supplementation can be helpful to ensure that the body has adequate amounts to meet its needs. Provides an immediate and noticeable difference with calm, focused energy and clearer thinking. Wake up motivated and ready to tackle the day, get more done, and be in the zone. It has the ability to help our brain to rewire connections and grow new neurons. Plant compounds in hemp such as full spectrum extract, terpenes, plant waxes and micronutrients work together with our own biochemistry to bring about a sense of holistic health. If you are looking for the way of enjoying the pure plant power of hemp, then our Neuro Support with Hemp extract will be the best choice. Since our hemp extract provides vitamins, minerals and plant waxes that are often missing from our diets.

  • Brand: Natures Logix
  • UPC: 689511399621
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