SunPatio Outdoor Grill Griddle Cover Support Pole, Patio Table Cover Support Pole, Rustproof Dome Prop Rack, Prevent Rain or Snow from Collecting on Grill and Patio Furniture Cover, 12-inch High

SunPatio Outdoor Grill Griddle Cover Support Pole, Patio

Why Choose SunPatio Support Pole? ▶ For Griddle Grill Covers: Traditional griddle grill cover will rest directly on the oil coated griddle surface, which will be messed up. Besides, rain will penetrate through the seams of the cover and ruin your griddle grill. SunPatio Support Pole will prop up the griddle grill cover, keep it from touching the oily griddle top, prevent water from pooling and debris from accumulating on the cover, increase airflow, help to reduce inside condensation and keep your griddle always dry. ▶ For Outdoor Furniture Covers: When your outdoor furniture is covered, the large flat surfaces of low points on the furniture covers will collect water, snow, ice and debris. SunPatio Support Pole will elevate the cover, repel water and debris, and create better airflow between the furniture and cover. Why Not Airbag/Air Pillow? 1. Airbag need inflate with extra air pump. SunPatio support pole is very easy to assemble in seconds, no tools required. 2. The height of airbag is fixed, SunPatio support pole is adjustable, the height is easy to be adjusted to 12" and 20" height, or 28", 36" high and more, depending on the quantities you purchase. 3. Temperature affects air pressure which expands or lowers airbag pressure and adding air regularly is required to retu...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: SunPatio
  • ASIN: B07FW38DT4
  • UPC: 794604821214

Prep Solutions by Progressive Microwave Food Cover and Colander

Prep Solutions by Progressive Microwave Food Cover and

Tired of cleaning up splatters in the microwave? Then the Progressive International Microwave Food Cover is your answer. The high dome fits over bowls or plates to contain splatters in the microwave. Not a fan of uni-tasker products? This Microwave Food Cover has multiple functions, flip it over and it can be used to rinse produce or strain pasta. For over 40 years, our mission has been to create innovative kitchen tools and gadgets that make food preparation fun and fast while inspiring culinary creativity. From our thinstore™ collapsibles to our sophisticated PL8™ line, our dedication to providing quality products supported by superior customer service continues to drive our creative development today. At Progressive International, we continually strive to understand the needs of today’s cooks. Our team includes talented, energetic and passionate people committed to reimagining the kitchen. We strive to pass our passion on to our consumers through our thoughtfully designed tools, layered with our avid desire to go beyond the expected.  Our philosophy is simple: offer stylish designs complimented by no-nonsense functionality. We understand the kitchen is the heart of the home, where families and friends connect.  Our ongoing mission is to provide exceptional kitchen esse...

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: Progressive International
  • ASIN: B007XNMEK6
  • UPC: 735343303982

Progressive International PS-56C High Dome Microwave Food Cover, 10.25 inches, Clear

Progressive International PS-56C High Dome Microwave Food Cover,

Keeps your microwave clean and splatter free with this Prep Solutions by progressive high dome microwave food cover. It features steam vents to prevent overheating, raised finger grips and a cool touch handle for easy lifting and removal. This 10.25" diameter microwave food cover fits over a variety of dishes (up to 10") and contains splatters to keep your microwave clean. Just flip this cover over and it can be used as a colander to rinse fruits and vegetables or strain pasta (up to a 3.75-Quart Capacity). the convenient non-stick surface makes cleaning quick and easy! it is made from high heat polypropylene, is BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: Progressive International
  • UPC: 078915058553

Classic Accessories Veranda Ceramic Grill Dome Cover, Large

Classic Accessories Veranda Ceramic Grill Dome Cover,

Veranda collection by classic accessories offer maximum protection with style. The dark splashguard hides stains and water spots while high-flow air vents protect furniture from mold and mildew. Water-Resistant undercoating keeps the rain from penetrating, ensuring that your furniture stays high and dry. A convenient draw string hem affords a tight, custom fit while large padded handles make removal and adjustment of your cover convenient and hassle-free. There is a 3-year warranty guaranteeing replacement if damaged by dry-rot, the sun, or mold and mildew.

  • Color: Pebble
  • Brand: Classic Accessories
  • UPC: 052963020182

Household Essentials KROSNO Handmade June Covered Cake Stand, 11" diameter, Clear

Household Essentials KROSNO Handmade June Covered Cake Stand,

KROSNO June Covered Cake Stand is a spacious, handmade raised cake stand with a flat dome lid. The stand is beautiful in its simplicity. An simple, elegant pedestal supports the 11-inch, smooth platform that artfully displays your cake. The platform is oversized and has a hand-cut, scissor-cut rim. The dome is tall enough to accommodate multi-layer, frosted cakes. The dome handle is a large flat disk attached to the flat top of the dome. Straight sides meet the stand for a beautifully finished display. The simple elegance of the stand ensures that the cake is the centerpiece. The stand and cover accentuate your dessert, making it that much more tempting and irresistible! Perfect as a bridal gift or for a housewarming, this cake June Covered Cake Stand is an elegant piece of glassware that make a house feel like home. And it turns every cake you bake into something truly special. June Covered Cake Stands are made by premier Polish glassmaker KROSNO. With elegant design and artisan craftsmanship, KROSNO makes the finest handmade glassware, and has done so since 1924. NOTE: Glass may vary slightly from dimensions listed because each piece is handmade. This is a mark of craftsmanship, evidence of the high-quality and care that go into every single piece of KROSNO glass.

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: Krosno
  • UPC: 070693950357

Blackstone Signature Griddle Accessories - 12 Inch Round Basting Cover - Stainless Steel - Cheese Melting Dome and Steaming Cover - Best for Use in Flat Top Griddle Grill Cooking Indoor or Outdoor

Blackstone Signature Griddle Accessories - 12 Inch Round

This basting cover is the perfect addition for any outdoor chef. Use the Blackstone 12″ round basting cover to quickly & easily melt cheese on hamburgers or Philly cheesesteaks. Steam vegetables & create an oven like environment to reduce cooking time. The heat resistant handle will stay cool to the touch. Perfect for use on a griddle or grill.

  • Color: Original Version
  • Brand: Blackstone
  • ASIN: B06Y6H4ZL6
  • UPC: 717604178003

Yield Lab 7 Inch Propagation & Humidity Vented Domes (5 Pack) - Hydroponic, Aeroponic, Horticulture Growing Equipment

Yield Lab 7 Inch Propagation & Humidity Vented

5 Pack of our Yield Lab 7" Propagation domes are lightweight, easy to use, and made for clones and seedlings Made from high-quality clear plastic, these domes have adjustable vents so you can easily control the temperature and humidity of your cuttings' environment. Domes are 8" high and are compatible with standard 10" x 20" trays. Quantity: 5 Size: 10"x 20.75" x 7" Material: Plastic Stands up to repeated uses

  • Color: Dome
  • Brand: Yield Lab
  • UPC: 762931897646

Carlisle 251207 Shatterproof 12" Cake Cover / Dome, 6" High (Pack of 6)

Carlisle 251207 Shatterproof 12" Cake Cover / Dome,

Carlisle clear covers display desserts and pastries. Dishwasher-safe acrylic is sanitary and helps keep foods fresher longer. Pedestals create height and maximum visibility to foods displayed. BPA free. Made in USA. Clear color. Measures 11.62-inches diameter by 6-1/2-inches height.

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: Carlisle
  • ASIN: B008QYL484
  • UPC: 077838062999

Gourmia GML9930 Collapsible Microwave Cover - Dome or Flat Bowl and Plate Lid - Prevents Food Splatter, Keeps Oven Clean - Expands from 1" to 3.5" High - Perforated for Ventilation - BPA Free

Gourmia GML9930 Collapsible Microwave Cover - Dome or

In today's day and age, a microwave has become a staple in every kitchen setup. The power to easily heat your food is such a convenient luxury that has changed our dining habits for the better. However, there are many clear and present risks and inconveniences that come with microwaving food if you don't fully prepare for them. That's why Gourmia is upgrading the way you microwave your food with the Collapsible Microwave Cover! PRODUCT FEATURES Made from Silicone Material Expand To Use As a High Dome Lid Specially Designed Steam Vents Prevents Soggy Food Collapses Flat for Easy Storage Can Be Used As a ColanderBETTER TASTING LEFTOVERSWe've all been there before - placing our leftovers in our microwave only to have them come out completely damp and not as great tasting. That's because as food is microwaved, the steam builds onto your food and makes them moist. Unlike other microwave covers, ours come with specially designed steam vents that allow your food to breathe so sogginess is greatly reduced. This gives your food a much fresher taste so they taste just as good the second day as the first.EASILY EXPANDABLEWhether it's a plate or a bowl, our microwave lid provides you with the ultimate protection for any container you're eating from. The dome shape of our lid is great for pla...

  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: Gourmia
  • ASIN: B07G8PG228
  • UPC: 816425023612

Mondi MONDIG100 MONDIG10 Greenhouse, 7", Clear

Mondi MONDIG100 MONDIG10 Greenhouse, 7",

Regulates air flow with two adjustable vents that allow you to adjust temperature and humidity, guaranteeing better results for the garden. Heavy-duty 7" vertical design fits tightly onto standard 10 x 20" flats, reducing moisture loss, while giving more cubic volume for plants. Measures: 7½" H x 11" W x 21¼" L.

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: Mondi
  • UPC: 638104640909

Simply Genius (6 pack) Large and Tall 17x17 Pop-Up Mesh Food Covers Tent Umbrella for Outdoors, Screen Tents, Parties Picnics, BBQs, Reusable and Collapsible

Simply Genius (6 pack) Large and Tall 17x17

These attractive pop-up food covers prevents flies, mosquitoes, and other insects from getting to your food. The 17" x 17" dome tent design is large enough to cover most plates & dishes. They're collapsible, reusable, and perfect for picnics, BBQs, & all manner of outdoor feasts.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Simply Genius
  • UPC: 841933113463

Cuisinart CMD-108 Melting Dome, 9"

Cuisinart CMD-108 Melting Dome,

Don't waste time waiting for your cheese to melt, grab a Cuisinart Melting Dome and get grilling! The structure of the Melting Dome allows heat to concentrate under the dome and cook your food more evenly. You will also get a wonderful smoker flavor as the melting dome will trap the flavors trying to escape your meal and circulate them back around, adding to that great grilled food taste. Fast melting cheese, better tasting meals, what more could you ask for. Features: 9" diameter|Stainless steel|Concentrates heat to cook evenly|Infuses smoker flavor|Dishwasher safe

  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: Cuisinart
  • ASIN: B00T06WEZY
  • UPC: 817096012745

TableCraft 12" Plastic Cake Dome Cover and 13" Stainless Steel Plate Set

TableCraft 12" Plastic Cake Dome Cover and 13"

Serve your favorite pies, cakes and more with TableCraft's Cake Plate and Cover Set. Traditional design features a durable Stainless Steel plate and plastic cover with metal handle, allowing you to keep your desserts fresh while providing an attractive display.

  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: Tablecraft
  • ASIN: B003WXU1ZG
  • UPC: 885188791311

Home-X Domed Vented Microwave Cover

Home-X Domed Vented Microwave

Pass on the plastic wrap and paper towels. Cover your food for microwave reheating with our convenient domed lid. It's vented all around and has a stay-cool recessed handle for easy lifting. High enough to cover a plateful of leftovers without smashing the mashed potatoes. And it fits perfectly over soup bowls as well as small glass and ceramic containers. A greener way to cover food, it does away with wraps. Made from dishwasher-safe polypropylene. About 4½" high by 10½" in diameter.

  • Color: Translucent
  • Brand: Home-X
  • ASIN: B015HPJ6ES
  • UPC: 852682972249

Humidity Dome 6" Tall Extra Strength, 10 Pack, Propagation Seed Cloning Lid Vented for 1020 Tray Seed Starting Germination

Humidity Dome 6" Tall Extra Strength, 10 Pack,

Exclusively designed and sold by Bootstrap Farmer, the only humidity domes you will ever need. Understanding that farms are NOT a place for fragile objects, we decided to produce these trays for our own farm based off our own dissatisfaction with the flimsy and brittle quality of the other trays available online and in the big box stores. Tired of wasting money and putting more plastic into the landfills, we decided to produce trays that were thicker, could carry more weight and withstand even this farmers abuse. We are a small family farm in Eastern NC where we grow our own produce for a farm-to-food truck concept. We grow lettuce, kale, chard, microgreens, tomatoes, peppers, onions, you name it. We'd love to know what you've got yourself into, so feel free to contact us to chat about it! Key Features: Extra Thick Clear Plastic Propagation Dome 5.5 inches high (11.43 cm) 6 inches including handle Adjustable Vents for Air Circulation if desired Handle on top for Easy removal These are meant to be reused over and over, season after season. They are perfect for microgreens, wheatgrass, fodder, and germination of seedlings. Ideal choice for hydroponic, hobby and commercial growers. These will fit on top of any standard 1020 flats and cell trays, including our super durable flat and ...

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: Bootstrap Farmer
  • UPC: 045923992230
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