Hogan's Hope


Deaf dogs are often mistreated, abandoned, or even destroyed.  Hogan's Hope is the extraordinary tale of a legendary deaf canine hero who, after being rescued from severe abuse, prevailed as he learned sign language and provided the hope of life, not death, for deaf dogs worldwide.  His courage to overcome prejudices and myths continues to provide inspiration to anyone, human or pet, that success and genuine love are truly possible. This valiant deaf dog brings to light that by choosing hope anyone's dreams can come true and the world can be filled with true faith, pure joy, and unconditional love. Hogan's Hope, like the books Until Tuesday and Devoted, shares deep devoted love, loyalty, and dedicated bond between him and his human. It's a heartwarming story akin to that of the #1 New York Times bestseller, A Dog's Purpose, that touches the soul and encourages people to find real love and meaning in their lives despite any challenge. Furthermore, similar to Lucca in Top Dog, Hogan inspires readers to examine their hearts, discover the faithfulness of true best friends, and appreciate the loyalty of our four-legged heroes. By discovering a new world beyond the door of the metal cage, he's similar to Lucy in The Chronicles of Narnia and The Little Prince searching each adve...

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The Chronicles of Fire and Ice: The Legend of the Archangel, Book 1

The Chronicles of Fire and Ice: The Legend

Archangels are extinct and the world is now inhabited by a half-human/half-angel race called Nephilim. But it's been told that one Archangel remains: a child born of fire only known as The Legend. Twenty-one-year-old Nephilim Scarlett Porter is about to start her Angel training at the infamous Blackbell Academy, so she doesn't have time to worry about dreams of mysterious dark angels. The last thing she expected was her dream angel to be Dyston Blackbell or that finding her was part of his mission - a mission Dyston is prepared to fail to keep Scarlett and the secret of who she is safe. But, danger is closer to Dyston and Scarlett than they realize. War is brewing, led by a group of Nephilim called The Lucifites, and they need The Legend to carry out their plans. With the help of their friends, the two must find the leader of the Lucifites and stop his plans for destruction. But will Dyston and Scarlett's love survive what's coming? How far will Scarlett go to save those she cares about the most?


Hogan Family First Last Name Arch T-Shirt

Hogan Family First Last Name Arch

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4 Ikons of the Archangels: No. 3, Sarabande "Raphael the Healer"

4 Ikons of the Archangels: No. 3, Sarabande


Pit Pony: A Diamond in the Rough: Based on the Award Winning Novel

Pit Pony: A Diamond in the Rough: Based

A horse's companionship helps a boy overcome his fears and work in a Nova Scotia coal mine to support his family.

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4 Ikons of the Archangels: No. 4, Toccata "Uriel, with the Fire of God"

4 Ikons of the Archangels: No. 4, Toccata


101 So Bad, They're Good Dad Jokes

101 So Bad, They're Good Dad

A Top 5 Best-selling Amazon Book!*Dad jokes. They make you cringe, they make you groan but the one thing they have in common is they come from dad. Be it during a wedding toast or when introducing your dad to someone you want to impress, dad never fails to insert a dad joke wherever he can.This dad joke book makes a great gift for the dad who has everything and has heard everything. Or maybe you want to buy it for yourself and come prepared the next time dad wants to have a joke off.In any event, 101 So Bad, They're Good Dad Jokes will have your eyes rolling into the back of your head faster than dad can strip to his tighty-whities on a hot summer day!* Week of June 10, 2018

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The Keeper of Lost Things: A Novel

The Keeper of Lost Things: A

A charming, clever, and quietly moving debut novel of of endless possibilities and joyful discoveries that explores the promises we make and break, losing and finding ourselves, the objects that hold magic and meaning for our lives, and the surprising connections that bind us.Lime green plastic flower-shaped hair bobbles—Found, on the playing field, Derrywood Park, 2nd September.Bone china cup and saucer—Found, on a bench in Riveria Public Gardens, 31st October.Anthony Peardew is the keeper of lost things. Forty years ago, he carelessly lost a keepsake from his beloved fiancée, Therese. That very same day, she died unexpectedly. Brokenhearted, Anthony sought consolation in rescuing lost objects—the things others have dropped, misplaced, or accidently left behind—and writing stories about them. Now, in the twilight of his life, Anthony worries that he has not fully discharged his duty to reconcile all the lost things with their owners. As the end nears, he bequeaths his secret life’s mission to his unsuspecting assistant, Laura, leaving her his house and and all its lost treasures, including an irritable ghost.Recovering from a bad divorce, Laura, in some ways, is one of Anthony’s lost things. But when the lonely woman moves into his mansion, her life begins to change...

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Strength for the Moment: Inspiration for Caregivers

Strength for the Moment: Inspiration for

The role of the family caregiver is very rewarding, but being a caregiver can also be physically and emotionally exhausting. Caregivers often feel overwhelmed by their work and the demands of those receiving their care, and these demands touch every aspect of their lives. Still, despite the challenges, millions of family caregivers provide care to many of the 36 million seniors living in the United States. AARP counts 65.7 million caregivers in America today—almost one-third of the adult U.S. population. Strength for the Moment responds to the needs of these special people who give of themselves to help their loved ones maintain quality of life in the home. Combining inspiring stories, prayer and scripture, and practical advice, this book provides much needed encouragement, emotional nourishment, and affirmation.Home care is a challenge, but it can ultimately be a deeply rewarding experience. Strength for the Moment promises to inspire caregivers and helps them face each day refreshed in their thinking and prepared to provide the best care for those they love the most.

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Shadow Warriors


A team of Navy SEALS and a gorgeous bikini-clad DEA agent are assigned to rescue a squad of kidnapped American gymnasts that is being imprisoned in the infamous French prison known as Devil's Island.System Requirements:Running Time: 94 minutesFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: ACTION/ADVENTURE Rating: R UPC: 692865442738 Manufacturer No: T-4427

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4 Ikons of the Archangels: No. 1, Prelude "Gabriel, the Might of the Lord"

4 Ikons of the Archangels: No. 1, Prelude


American Flyboy


Lt. Kenneth Hellman is an American fighter pilot escorting B-24 bombers on a mission over Germany in WWII. After his plane is hit by enemy flak, he is captured and interrogated by one of the most ruthless men in the Waffen SS, Colonel Wolfgang Farber.When two of Farber's men make sexual advances, Hellman is torn between loyalty to his country and acting on his latent homosexual desires; his decision will send him reeling as he faces a world he could never have imagined, one filled with raw, unbridled sex, his deepest core convictions called into question and many narrow escapes from death.After surviving horrendous torture, he is then sent by train to a POW camp in Lamsdorf, Poland. After three days on the train, Hellman arrives at his assigned German POW camp, Stalag Luft VIII-B for captured enemy airmen. His first introduction to POW life is a run in with the unscrupulous Sergeant Heinrich Hitzig who runs a gang of guards inside the camp.Kenneth soon meets Colonel Wilhelm Braun of the German Luftwaffe, the Commandant of the camp, who is smitten with his newest arrival. The German commandant saves the American flyboy from the dreary and abusive life of the typical POW by appointing him his personal assistant and valet.But now, the Russians are closing in on the camp and Kenneth ...

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4 Ikons of the Archangels: No. 2, March "Michael, His Sword and Shield"

4 Ikons of the Archangels: No. 2, March

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Dive into adventure in the sun-drenched Florida Keys with Paul Hogan and Elijah Wood as they have the time of their lives in this action-packed family favorite. When Sandy Ricks (Wood) is sent to Coral Key to stay with his salty Uncle Porter (Hogan) for the summer, he never dreamed he'd become best mates with a feisty, orphaned dolphin named Flipper. In no time, the two new friends become caught up in a series of high-seas escapades and Sandy discovers a whole new outlook on life, in this heartwarming adventure.

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Listening Time (Toddler Tools)

Listening Time (Toddler

";Put away the wiggles. Put away the giggles. Listening works better when your body’s calm and still."; When it’s time for young children to listen closely, this book sets the tone. They discover that it’s important to open their eyes and ears but to close their mouths (";zip it, lock it, put it in your pocket";) so good listening can begin. An award-winning author/illustrator team offers a fresh look at the times and transitions all toddlers face daily, giving young children the tools to handle routines with confidence and cooperation. Part of the Toddler Tools series, Listening Time can be shared before (or during) the desired ";time,"; or whenever toddlers need encouragement with routines. Book Details:Format: Board BookPublication Date: 11/15/2008Pages: 24Reading Level: Age 1 and Up

  • Brand: Free Spirit Publishing
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