Big Train Dragonfly Blended Crème Frappe Mix Honeydew 3.5 Pound Bag

Big Train Dragonfly Blended Crème Frappe Mix Honeydew

The name Big Train was chosen by the founding partners in 1991 because it stood for a thriving enterprise that symbolizes strength and constant motion. Big Train has evolved to become a global brand that stands for consistently delicious easy to prepare beverage mixes. The foodservice market leader in Blended Ice Coffee and Chai beverage mixes, Big Train’s product portfolio now includes over 200 diverse products, the most complete in the industry. Big Train keeps moving forward, always in search of the next revolutionary drink that’s as delicious to drink as it is easy to make

  • Brand: Dragonfly

Unican - Milkita Melon Milk Candy Net Wt. 4.23 Oz

Unican - Milkita Melon Milk Candy Net Wt.

Unican Milkita Melon Milk Candy in 3.2oz (90g) pack. 30 individuallt wrapped candies / bag. Delicious soft milk candy with strong melon flavor. Rich in Calcium Product of Indonesia.About Unican:Unican Milkita is a new-generation candy with a soft, and chewy texture and the highest milk content in the world, uniquely mixed with fruits or chocolate. It contains 38% Real Milk, with Calcium to support fine bone health, less sugar and is low in fat makin Unican Milkita a fun, healthy and delightful refreshment for kids and adults.Unican Milkita brings you a new taste treat that will have you asking for more. It starts as a hard candy yet, after a few seconds in the mouth, becomes soft, chewy and lusciously creamy. And because Unican Milkita is low in fat and contains Calcium, you can feel good about eating this terrific candy.Unican Milkita comes both in individually wrapped candies and lollipops. Check it out and enjoy the thrill!

  • Brand: Unican
  • ASIN: B00251VAGK
  • UPC: 882095222679

Honeydew Blended Crème Mix by Angel Specialty Products [3 LB]

Honeydew Blended Crème Mix by Angel Specialty Products

This honeydew powder tea mix makes the same sweet and creamy milk tea drinks you'll find at 5-Star bubble tea shops, restaurants, cafes, and boutique beverage shops around the globe. The best part is that this mix lets you make your own hot or iced drinks right from the comfort of your own home. With Angel Specialty Products' instant 3-in-1 powder mix, the only thing you have to add is water and ice!

  • Color: Green
  • ASIN: B07DP6S1V2
  • UPC: 857385006178

Honeydew Boba/Bubble Tea By Buddha Bubbles Boba 10 Ounces (283 Grams)

Honeydew Boba/Bubble Tea By Buddha Bubbles Boba 10

Ingredients: Honeydew powder, creamer and sugar. What is Boba? Boba Tea, also known as Boba or Bubble Tea is a Taiwanese, tea based drink which often contains tapioca, known as Boba, or Tapioca Pearls at the bottom of the cup. These Boba are sucked up through an extra-large straw and are chewy, kind of like a gummy bear. It is unclear exactly when or who invented Boba, but we do know where, Taichung Taiwan sometime in the 1980's. Most Boba / Bubble tea recipes contain a tea base mixed with fruit or milk. Some popular flavors are: Honeydew Melon, Taro and Matcha Green Tea Latte. The Boba is served most often cold, sometimes hot, and blended like a smoothie or shaken like a cocktail. There are hundreds of variants of the drink, the most popular Boba / Bubble Tea drink is milk tea with tapioca pearls. There are also variations of Boba, mostly with the color being or dark brown. The Boba has a very mild sweet taste. Some shops also add flavored gelatin, also called jellies, to the bottom of the cup. The newest type of Boba are called "popping Boba", pearl sized beads filled with fruit flavored syrup, that pop when you bite them. Boba shops are popping up all over the world. One Boba drink will set you back about $4.00 on average. Quality will vary from shop to shop, but at Buddha Bub...

  • Brand: Buddha Bubbles Boba
  • ASIN: B00WJ0KY5A
  • UPC: 646437090476

Possmei Flavored Syrup, Honeydew, 5.5 Pound

Possmei Flavored Syrup, Honeydew, 5.5

Taste this premium concentrated juice. Mix various flavor with different ice cream or bubble tea will definitely enhance your flavors of drinks. Serve boba using authentic flavors, importet from taiwan. Go purchase it today

  • Brand: Possmei
  • ASIN: B00C9I8OT0
  • UPC: 885175002925

Tea Zone 2.2 lb Honeydew Powder

Tea Zone 2.2 lb Honeydew

Tea Zone honeydew powder (2. 2 lbs. ) Tea Zone honeydew powder is an original premium powder mix great for making smoothies, Milk teas, flavored Milk, and various blended drinks. With many natural flavors to Select from, Tea Zone premium powders are securely sealed and designed to be resealable after opening to maintain the quality of the powder. To ensure uncompromised and sanitary usage, powders should be store in a vacuum sealed power container and always use a dry, clean powder scoop.

  • Brand: TEA ZONE
  • ASIN: B00XLP6B04
  • UPC: 815812011775

Amoretti Premium Syrup, Honeydew Melon, 25.4 Ounce

Amoretti Premium Syrup, Honeydew Melon, 25.4

Nothing says summer like sweet, ripe honeydew melon, and no syrup says sweet, ripe honeydew melon like Amoretti Premium Honeydew Melon Syrup. Manufactured exclusively in Southern California from natural ingredients with no artificial flavors or colors, no artificial sweeteners, and no high fructose corn syrup, Amoretti Premium Honeydew Melon Syrup is the go-to syrup for all of your summer drink recipes. It’s richer and more concentrated than our competitor’s products, so Amoretti Premium Honeydew Melon Syrup will give you the same delicious flavor as two or even three times the amount of other brands! Now, Amoretti will be the first to admit that the vast majority of our customers buy Amoretti Premium Honeydew Melon Syrup for one reason only; to duplicate the taste of a world famous coffee house’s Green Tea Latte (hot) and Green Tea Frappé (cold), and it does this impeccably. Our customers overwhelmingly praise our syrup for its ability to provide the honeydew melon flavor required to create an identical drink at home, at a fraction of the cost of the coffee house beverage! But that doesn’t mean that Amoretti Premium Honeydew Melon Syrup is a one-trick pony. Amoretti Premium Honeydew Melon Syrup is renowned for its ability to bring out the amateur mixologist in us all, a...

  • Brand: Amoretti
  • ASIN: B00A66S0M8
  • UPC: 719416133331

Qbubble Tea Honeydew Powder, Green, 2.2 Pound

Qbubble Tea Honeydew Powder, Green, 2.2

Drink mix for bubble tea

  • Brand: Qbubble
  • ASIN: B00CSPML52
  • UPC: 696859275357

Vivaloe Honeydew Flavor Aloe Beverage All Natural Aloe Vera Juice, 16.9 fl. oz./500 ml, 12 Count

Vivaloe Honeydew Flavor Aloe Beverage All Natural Aloe

A luscious combination of aloe vera juice and honeydew juice. Made with fresh cut whole aloe vera pieces. Lightly sweetened with pure cane sugar and natural fruit juices.

  • Brand: Vivaloe
  • UPC: 845163008483

Hint Water Honeydew, (Pack of 12) 16 Ounce Bottles, Pure Water Infused with Honeydew, Zero Sugar, Zero Calories, Zero Sweeteners, Zero Preservatives, Zero Artificial Flavors, Zero Artificial Sweetener

Hint Water Honeydew, (Pack of 12) 16 Ounce

Despite living in a city focused on great tasting food and healthy living, San Francisco’s Kara Goldin was amazed that she couldn’t find a delicious and refreshing drink for her or her kids. Not one that didn’t have any diet sweeteners, sugars or other “functional” stuff added to it, anyway. So, since plain water didn’t always quench that thirst for tasty refreshment, Kara created Hint. The idea behind Hint is simple: Pure spring water + a splash of natural flavor. By taking nature’s original refreshment as the main ingredient and enhancing it with just a splash of delicious natural flavor, Hint is a refreshing alternative to sodas, juices and other sweetened drinks without the empty calories or diet sweeteners. Hint. Water Made Tasty.

  • Color: N/a
  • Brand: Hint
  • ASIN: B001HTL2QE
  • UPC: 745839818234

Nutiva USDA Organic Unflavored Premium 32-Ounce MCT Oil, Keto & Paleo Friendly, 100% Non-GMO Organic Fresh Coconuts, Vegan & Great in Coffee, Smoothies, Salads

Nutiva USDA Organic Unflavored Premium 32-Ounce MCT Oil,

Nutiva Organic MCT Oil, made from non-GMO, USDA certified organic fresh coconuts, contains concentrated MCTs - medium-chain triglycerides- called capric acid and caprylic acid. These MCTs are health-promoting, saturated fatty acids. They are easy to digest, provide energy, can support healthy metabolism, are burned by the body for energy, and may improve cognitive functioning. When used in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise, consuming MCT oil can support healthy weight management goals. This naturally extracted, pure oil is the perfect energy and wellness boosting addition to vegetarian, vegan, whole food, paleo, ketogenic, and gluten-free diets. Unlike non-organic ‘Pharmaceutical Grade’ oils that use a high temperature chemical fractionation process, Nutiva uses a patented USDA certified-organic process—not chemicals and hexane—to produce a clean, light coconut-flavored MCT oil with no harsh aftertaste. Nutiva MCT Oil is made from 100% organic virgin coconut oil, and contains no ‘filler oils’. At Nutiva, our role is to produce and promote organic, nutrient dense superfoods that are good for you and good for the planet. Social and environmental responsibility is a core part of Nutiva’s culture and business. From sourcing organic products, to obtaining fa...

  • Brand: Nutiva
  • ASIN: B06Y4GY1VD
  • UPC: 692752108907

OliveNation Honey Dew Melon Flavor, 4 Ounce

OliveNation Honey Dew Melon Flavor, 4

One of the most popular melons, the honey dew is grown around the world. Our Honey Dew natural flavor Blend can be used for baking, beverages (including beer and wine) and ice cream. One teaspoon of this extract is sufficient for your typical cake or cookie recipe. This flavoring is sugar-free and gluten-free.

  • Brand: OliveNation
  • UPC: 842441102796

Yogi Tea - Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy - Supports Elevated Mood and Energy Levels - 6 Pack, 96 Tea Bags Total

Yogi Tea - Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy -

Smile with Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy Yogi Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy tea combines herbs traditionally used to uplift the spirit, including Ashwagandha and Shankhpushpi, with an invigorating blend of Assam Black Tea and Yerba Maté to help provide energy.* Notes of Lotus Flower and Tangerine add sweet, floral and fruity flavor. Uplift your spirit with a spirited cup of Yogi Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy tea, a bright and flavorful blend that's sure to leave you smiling. *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  • Brand: Yogi
  • ASIN: B008QN0CJM

Manukaguard Manuka Honey Table Blend Honey Dew Plus, 17.6 Ounce

Manukaguard Manuka Honey Table Blend Honey Dew Plus,

Table Blend: for a daily good heath regimen. 75% Honey Dew Honey + 25% Manuka Honey. Daily nutritional boost. Supports gastrointestinal health. Nutritious balance of antioxidants. Oligosaccharides for probiotic activity and prebiotic function. Stored Energy. 2X's as sweet as sugar. Zero antimicrobial activity. Probiotics can be continued.

  • Brand: ManukaGuard
  • ASIN: B00HZJ28WW
  • UPC: 858631002203

Classic Guava Hard Candy - 12.3 Oz

Classic Guava Hard Candy - 12.3

  • Color: Color
  • Brand: Hongyuan
  • ASIN: B000J0N1CK
  • UPC: 778894264821
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