Balboa Water Group 53189-01 Topside Control Panel with 7-Button

Balboa Water Group 53189-01 Topside Control Panel with

Balboa VL701S Topside Control Panel, 53189-01. Operates 7 Buttons: Auxiliary, Mode, Jet 1, Jet 2, Light, Warm, Cool. This panel replaces all Serial Standard Digital (6-button) products. It also utilizes the phone type connector. The following circuit board(s) are compatible with this topside: 52295-01, 52518, 54175-02, 52320-01, 52076, 54122, 50768, 50759, 51414, 51512, 51536, 54372-03.

  • Brand: Balboa Water Group
  • ASIN: B00M3ZIZ4S
  • UPC: 702082346556

Apollo 11 Digital Spa Controller /Spa Pack / Spa Control Syrtem 2 Pumps, Blower, Circ Pump, Ozone, Fiber Optic Light. 12V Light with Heater

Apollo 11 Digital Spa Controller /Spa Pack /

The Apollo 11 Spa Controller is an economical easy to install complete control system that can be used to up-grade or replace the original control system for most hot tubs. Works with either 120V or 240V spas. The system has three heat modes Standard/ Economy and Weekend to save on operating cost by allowing you to choose whether you want the water hot all the time only on weekends or economy heating. Preset filtering for 2 hours twice a day maintains water clarity. Filter time can be set or use the default time. The system can be plumbed to either the intake or the discharge side of the pump. It is a direct replacement for many OEM systems. If the spa currently uses a 15' heater and the equipment plugs are Amp style this system should be a direct replacement, if not some re-plumbing may be necessary, and the pump cords may require and adapter or to be changed. System is designed to be installed by qualified spa technician. Electrical connections to be made in accordance with state and local codes and in accordance with national Electric Code. Spa must be connected to a GFIC.

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Apollo
  • ASIN: B00BRJ7EI4
  • UPC: 757901702020

Northern Lights Group Balboa VL260 Top Side Panel 4 Button Mini-Lite Duplex LCD

Northern Lights Group Balboa VL260 Top Side Panel

PN55559is an 4-button (Jets, Aux, Temp, Light) VL260 Light Duplex LCD Control panel. It can be used with the duplex spa packs such as the VS501Z, GS501Z, etc.Comes with 7ft cable with 8-pin RJ45 ethernet style connector. Size: 7in wide x 2in high. 1 year warranty.

  • Brand: Northern Lights Group
  • ASIN: B076TH2VXR
  • UPC: 600150970248

Gecko 0602-221022 IN.XE Spa Control System w/o Topside Control Panel or Cable

Gecko 0602-221022 IN.XE Spa Control System w/o Topside

This innovative in.xe Aeware by Gecko spa control system contains available circuits as described below. To activate the circuit, simply remove the colored key enclosures from the field unit, replace the blanks on the new control box with the key enclosures, and plug in the existing cables.Features:High Current Pump 1 circuit, 1 or 2 speed, 120v or 240v, 20A maxHigh Current Pump 2 or HC Blower circuit, 1 speed, 120v or 240v, 20A maxTwo Low Current AC relay-controlled circuits for blower or ozonator, 120v or 240v, 5A maxOne Low Current AC direct power circuit for audio/visual accessories, 120v, 5A max4.0kW heat.wav heater, 2"s tailpieces x 15" lengthInstallation and Instruction manual

  • Brand: Gecko Alliance
  • ASIN: B007VEV39U
  • UPC: 852673916467

Balboa 54218-Z Spa Control System VS510SZ Value Pack Retrofit Kit

Balboa 54218-Z Spa Control System VS510SZ Value Pack

The Value Pack Retrofit kit is based on the Value Series (VS) family of hot tub controls which were designed using Balboa's patented M7 temperature and flow sensor technology. The VS systems have a plastic enclosure to eliminate corrosion and suppress water intrusion. Also, the connectors are built onto the circuit board to minimize wires and simplify service. The Value Pack is meant to be installed by a spa professional who can rest easy knowing he's working with a kit that is known for reliability, ease of installation and serviceability.Retrofit Kit 54218-Z Includes:5.5kW heater with Balboa's patented M7 technology (no pressure switches)Spa Control System 54371-HCPanel Model - Serial Standard: Panel Dimensions (in) 7.35 x 3.26 (cm) 18.67 x 8.28Other Parts Included - Cords, Bezel, and one LED light assemblySupports (but does not include):2 speed pump (120V/240V)1 speed pump (240V)Blower (120V/240V)Ozone Generator (120V/240V)Spa Light (12V/12W) Features & Benefits: Replaces failure-prone mechanical pressure/flow switch Can be plumbed to either suction or pressure side of pump 120/240V convertible powerCustom plastic enclosureM7 flow/ temperature sensorsRigorously testedUS & Canadian safety approvals

  • Brand: Balboa
  • UPC: 852673916245

Gecko Alliance BDLYE5K200 Y-Series Spa Control

Gecko Alliance BDLYE5K200 Y-Series Spa

This product is the simplest, most flexible solution when itcomes to supporting even the most complex array of spa add-ons and options.The Y series offers the kind of simplicity that makes for agenuine top-of-its-class product. It is the natural choice for anyone who wantsan easy-to-understand multi-application solution.Features:Built in Heater ProbesProgrammable by Key PadSelf Diagnostic & Solid State Water Flow DetectionWiFi Ready with use of the in.touch (0608-521012)Amp Plug Ready

  • Brand: GECKO
  • ASIN: B00UNB7Q7G
  • UPC: 637509124724

Balboa 30-200-3238 Topside Kit, Mini Oval VL200 Plus Overlay, 53238

Balboa 30-200-3238 Topside Kit, Mini Oval VL200 Plus

SpaGuts Balboa Topside kit for balboa's heat jacket systems, 4-Button mini oval VL200 model with LCD display. OEM part number 53238. This topside control panel only works with Balboa Heat Jacket Systems. Button configuration: Warm, Cool, Jets, Light. This topside panel uses a phone-type connector, 8-wire, with 7ft cord. This topside panel is also a replacement option for the following topside panels (Verify Button Layout): 53636, 53280, MAS25, 52361, 407012 Topside Panel with Overlay 407016, 407014, 52267-01 (No Overlay; Verify Button Layout), 53636 or 53644 MVP240 or VL240 (No Overlay; Verify Button Layout), 163742 (No Overlay; Verify Button Layout), 55472 (Clear Trim, No Overlay; Verify Button Layout)NOTE: A standard 53676 mini oval topside with a 11393 overlay will be provided.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Balboa
  • UPC: 753610478881

Balboa 10-175-2002 Spa Controller Kit, VS510SZ, 54218-Z

Balboa 10-175-2002 Spa Controller Kit, VS510SZ,

SpaGuts The Balboa Spa Controller VS510SZ Kit is configurable. Internal component circuits are setup to work with your existing pumps, blower and ozone, so you don't have to do any internal wiring. OEM part number for the kit is 54218-Z. This controller operates on 220V (requires 4-wire service). The VS510SZ controller is equipped with M7 technology which allows the heater to be mounted either on the suction or discharge side of the pump. Controller Dimensions (Approx): 12" L x 11" H x 4.5" W. Heater Dimensions (Approx): 15" L x 2" Diameter. Topside Panel Dimensions (Approx): 7.25" L x 3.25" W. Topside Cover Plate Dimensions (Approx): 8.5" L x 3.5" W. This controller kit is also a replacement option for the following control systems: 54371HC1, 54371-01, 54344-01, 58-138-2050, BAL54218, 9790-010, 3-70-0803, 3-70-0931HQ, CS6230B-UZ-WP, 54371HC3, KT-UNIVCC, 54757 (model K211D4K, 4.0KW), 55196 or GSV500SZ (New System will Not support Silent Sentry Lights).

  • Brand: Balboa
  • ASIN: B07JKZ5CC6

Dimension One Spas Hot Tub Upper Control Panel Display 01580-0001 Easy to Read Display for All D1 Reflections and Bay Series Spas

Dimension One Spas Hot Tub Upper Control Panel

Face Width: 13-1/4". Uses 4 Pin Connector & 6 Pin for Optional Remote. This Unit is Compatible with all Domestic & Export Gecko MSPA-MP models. Overlay Options: AI #3-05-7023 / MFG #01560-350 (All 2 Pump D1 Spas); MFG #01560-351 (Triad II & Seville); MFG #01560-368 (LFX California or Dupree Bay); MFG #01560-305 (Sarena & Lotus Bay). Replacement Option For: MFG #01710-1006; MFG #01710-1004; MFG #01560-1010; MFG #TSC-24-AD-NO-SPW-D13; MFG#K-24.

  • Brand: Dimension One Spas
  • UPC: 000158000013

Balboa 30-200-4665 Topside Kit, Lite Duplex Digital, 54665

Balboa 30-200-4665 Topside Kit, Lite Duplex Digital,

SpaGuts Balboa Topside kit with 4-Button lite duplex digital LCD, model VL401. OEM part number 54665. Button Configuration: 4-Button (Jets-Light-Cool-Warm).This topside kit is a replacement option for the following part numbers: 58-138-1032, 3-60-0094 (No Overlay), 58-355-4190, 34-0226A, 3-00-8058 (LED Version), 58-138-1044 (LED Version), 54664 (LED Version), 52274 (Verify button layout to match), TS500 (ThermoSpas).NOTE: A standard 52424-01 lite duplex digital LCD topside (Panel Balboa E4 Supdup No O/L VL401) with 11885 overlay will be provided.

  • Brand: Balboa
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