The Techniques of Indian Embroidery

The Techniques of Indian

Introduces Indian embroidery stitches and techniques, and shows examples of quilting, pattern-darning, counted-thread work, whitework, mirror work, metal work, applique, and patchwork

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Shisha Embroidery: Traditional Indian Mirror Work With Instructions and Transfer Patterns

Shisha Embroidery: Traditional Indian Mirror Work With Instructions

Shisha Embroidery: Traditional Indian Mirror Work by Gross, Nancy D. and Frank Fontana

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Indian Basket Weaving

Indian Basket

This work covers all of the basic techniques: preparation of the reed, splicing, introduction of color, shaping, finishing, and more. It also includes descriptions of a great variety of weaves—Lazy Squaw, Mariposa, Taos, Shilo, and others—each accompanied by specific instructions. With over 100 illustrations, this book is an excellent resource for crafters and those interested in Native American Culture.

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Big Book of Indian Beadwork Designs (Dover Needlework Series)

Big Book of Indian Beadwork Designs (Dover Needlework

Over the centuries, Native Americans have used beadwork to ornament clothing and a wide variety of ceremonial and utilitarian articles. Now you can create colorful, interesting designs of your own with this beadwork design treasury featuring scores of Indian motifs: buffalo, kachinas, eagles, feathers, lightning bolts, and more. While many of the patterns appear in color-coded charts for beadwork, others can be used in appliqué and embroidery projects, as patterns for stained glass creations, and in numerous other crafts. Easy-to-follow diagrams enable even beginners to create a striking array of gorgeous authentic motifs that will add rich, ornamental touches to T-shirts, vests, blouses, handbags, belts and headbands, cushion covers, table linens, and many other items. An inexpensive way to create beautiful gifts for friends and family, this user-friendly design book will also introduce you to a time-honored craft practiced for centuries by the first Americans.

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Authentic American Indian Beadwork and How to Do It: With 50 Charts for Bead Weaving and 21 Full-Size Patterns for Applique

Authentic American Indian Beadwork and How to Do

Craftspeople who admire striking Indian designs can now create beautiful, colorful beadwork originated by the Chippewa, Iroquois, Pawnee, Seminole, Winnebago, and other American Indian tribes.This book is a complete guide to this time-honored handicraft, offering step-by-step instructions, clear diagrams, and 71 tribal designs for two types of traditional bead applications — bead weaving and appliqué beading. You'll find fifty versatile designs charted on graph paper for bead weaving and twenty-one full-size patterns for appliqué, including transfer instructions and color keys. Easy-to-follow directions tell you how to construct your own bead loom.Choose from a rich array of motifs rendered from authentic American Indian artifacts found in museum collections — stars, exciting geometrics, sunbursts, exquisite florals, and much more.Beadcrafting is surprisingly easy to learn, offering hours of enjoyment and satisfaction. Follow the charts to weave belts, headbands, sashes, necklaces, and other eye-catching accessories. Use the appliqué patterns to decorate leather, denim, and other fabrics for handbags, vests, blouses…anything that would be enhanced by a touch of distinctive Indian beadwork.With this inexpensive do-it-yourself book, you can create beautiful projects for yo...

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The Technique of North American Indian Beadwork

The Technique of North American Indian

This informative and easy to read book was written by noted author and editor Monte Smith and contains complete instructions on every facet of doing beadwork. Included is information on selecting and buying beads; materials used (and how to use them); an examination of Indian beadwork designs, their development, significance and uses, with special emphasis on tribal differences; step-by-step instructions on how to make your own beadwork loom, doing loom work and the variations of loom work; appliqu stitches including the lazy stitch, "crow" stitch, running stitch, spot stitch and return stitch; bead wrapping and peyote stitch; how to make rosettes; making beaded necklaces; and, a special section on beadwork edging. The book features examples and photos of beadwork from 1835 to the present time from twenty-three tribes. Photos include beaded articles from the Apache, Arapaho, Assiniboine, Bannock, Blackfoot, Cheyenne, Chippewa-Cree, Commanche, Cree, Crow, Flathead, Gros Ventre, Huron, Kiowa, Mohawk, Navajo, Ojibiwa, Omaha, Otto, Piaute, Pottawatomi, Sac & Fox, Shoshone, Sioux, Umatilla, Ute, Winnebago and Yakima tribes. There is also a section of notes, a selected bibliography and an index. A time tested best seller. Anyone interested in the craft work of the North American Indian...

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American Indian Counted Cross Stitch

American Indian Counted Cross

Provides instructions and patterns for embroidery projects using Native American designs from the Southwest, the Plains, the Northwest, and the Eastern Woodlands and Northeast

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Badge Magic Cut to Fit Freestyle Patch Adhesive Kit (4-Pack)

Badge Magic Cut to Fit Freestyle Patch Adhesive

Badge Magic is the revolutionary way to attach badges to uniforms, blankets, vests, jackets, backpacks and other items, and you can do it without sewing or ironing! Our unique ***peel & stick*** patch adhesive has securely attached millions of patches and badges and is guaranteed not to fall off in the wash. Badge Magic is also great for so many other uses around the home and office. Use it to hem pants and drapes, repair holes in sweaters and tents, label your belongings, and so much more!

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Native American Dream - Cross Stitch Pattern: from Brenda's Craft Shop - Volume 8 (Cross Stitch Patterns From Brenda's Craft Shop)

Native American Dream - Cross Stitch Pattern: from

This book contains the cross stitch pattern for a beautiful design of a Native American image. This pattern is easy to follow and comes complete with basic cross stitch instructions, valuable money saving tips that can be used on all you projects, and a color table using the DMC color pallet on a separte sheet so it can easily be photo copied and taken with you to purchase your supplies. Also included is a copy of the image with a graphic overlay to quickly illustrate how each page of this pattern corresponds to the actual project. This pattern when finished will bring years of joy to you or whoever you give it to as a gift.

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November Indian Doll: Plastic Canvas Pattern

November Indian Doll: Plastic Canvas

This November Native American Doll was designed to pay tribute to the Indians and Pilgrims that gave us the Thanksgiving tradition. There is a matching Pilgrim doll, and they set would make your holiday table very festive while remembering why we celebrate. She would also make an adorable gift as a toy for little ones or something special and personal for someone in your life. Doll parts are not included, but they are available for a couple of dollars. If need help finding the doll parts try searching the term airfreshner doll parts. Doll in approx. 8.5" tall when finished. Stitch this plastic canvas pattern using 7 count plastic canvas mesh, and medium weight yarn.Plastic canvas is a variation of needlepoint and other canvas work crafts, such as embroidery. Our patterns are designed to use acrylic or wool based yarns in medium or worsted weights. Because plastic canvas mesh is so rigid, it is perfect for creating 3-dimensional objects such as tissue box covers, small jewelry and trinket boxes, handbags, magnets, dolls, vases, napkin holders, wind chimes and many other types of both decorative and useful items. Dancing Dolphin Patterns have full instructions, and large full color charts. Plastic canvas comes in different colors and with various size holes for different thickness...

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