Indonesian Idioms and Expressions: Colloquial Indonesian at Work

Indonesian Idioms and Expressions: Colloquial Indonesian at

Indonesian Idioms and Expressions is a collection of Indonesian expressions, including proverbs, slang, quotations and acronyms, that offers a commentary on their origins, as well as insights into Indonesian culture, customs, and history. The book is an informal compendium designed to be both educational and easy to read. There are four parts in the book, and the chapters hit on various linguistic themes, among them wisdom, characters, animals, food, slang, family affairs, and politics. Entries include the expression in Bahasa Indonesia, a translation, an equivalent expression in English, and an explanation if necessary. The idea is to learn about Indonesian through the texture and content of its language, rather than the headlines—often bad ones—that tend to dominate perceptions of the vast country.

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Ripple Rosso (M, Terracotta)

Ripple Rosso (M,

Johari West shirts are made from 100% high grade Indonesian cotton and have top stitch detail on the collar, shoulders, and sleeves with monogramed Johari West buttons. The Johari West Hawaiian or tropical style designs are produced using stamps that are approximately 8 to 10 inches' square that are applied by hand in a repeating pattern. To obtain the specific color, each shirt goes through several hand dying and open air drying techniques that are centuries old and have been passed down through the generations on the islands of Indonesia. Due to the high level of individual hand craftsmanship involved in producing the shirt, the color and print may vary from the main picture. We believe that one of the true advantages of wearing a Johari West shirt is knowing that all shirts are individual with no two shirts being exactly the same.

  • Color: Terracotta
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Body of Evidence

Body of

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Happy Forever Cross Stitch Figure, Indonesian dancing 3

Happy Forever Cross Stitch Figure, Indonesian dancing

Happy forever cross-stitch kits are 11ct stamped, high-end and 100% accurate pre-printed cross stitch kits,You don't have to read the chart because each printed graph has symbols and color blocks. It's much easier more fun and faster to finish. Full stitch usually use 3 strands of thread, Back stitch use 2 strands of thread, and the threads all have the line numbers of international standard, if you ran out of the thread, you can almost find it in Walmart, even not, please contact us anytime. Kit includes: Fabric, Enough thread, Needles, Colorful chart standby, Instruction in English & Chinese.

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KidSpeak Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese & Korean Language Tutor for Beginners

KidSpeak Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese & Korean Language Tutor

The Fun and Easy Way for your Kids to learn a Foreign Language Through Immersion! Mulitimedia learning with video-game like animation and sound. 3 levels of difficulty to keep it challenging. Your child will learn over 700 words and expressions in PInyin with Simplified Chinese and use these vital language skills! * Greetings * Types of Clothing * Fruits and vegetables * Numbers * Animal names * Dates and times * Colors * Parts of the body * Everyday items * School supplies * Sporting goods * Weather terms * Correct pronunciation * Alphabet & word recognition * Understanding simple sentences * KidSpeak is a language-learning breakthrough that makes learning a foreign language easy for kids of all ages. Your children will love the delightful combination of enjoyable animation, fun activities, and interactive games, puzzles and songs that make up this award-winning educational software program. It's the perfect way to get your kids started with learning Chinese! Piniyin and Simplified Characters For ages 5 and up. System Requirements Windows: Windows 98, 2000, XP, or ME 8 MB available RAM. Apple Macintosh: OS 7.1 up to OS 9. OSX not supported without Classic environment (Only works on non-Intel Macs, all Macs sold since 2006 have used the Intel processor).

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Searched Word


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Removable Wall Mural | Self-Adhesive Large Wallpaper,Cute Graphic Print of Figure with Mythic Animals in Boat Ancient Story Lion Sea,Home Decor - 66x96 inches

Removable Wall Mural | Self-Adhesive Large Wallpaper,Cute Graphic

Surfaces and Precautionary Measures: We strongly recommend that the material is stuck on a flat, smooth, clean and dry surface for best results.If you have a textured wall, it would help to work the mural into the pattern of you wall with a blow dryer on medium to high heat; until you can see the texture on the surface of the mural. This ensures that the mural's adhesive has full contact and support to the wall.  Basic installation tips: Step 1. Wipe down your wall with a dry lint-free cloth, remove all dust. The cleaner the wall the better the results.  Locate the first panel indicated as #1 on the left side of these instructions. Step 2. Lay panel face down on a flat surface. Peel the banking paper down about six inches from the top edge exposing the adhesive. Crease the banking paper edge sharply to keep it out of the way during installation.  Step 3. Align the graphic on the wall and use your fingers to tack on the graphic into place. Step 4. Use a dry towel and begin methodically brushing with firm pressure from the center of the graphic to the left edge and then to the right edge. Start at the top of the graphic and move down. Step 5. Continue to brush from center out as you make your way down the graphic. Step 6. Pull the liner down as needed to expose more of the adhe...

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Jiahong Pan Decor Paper Cling Decals Sticker Tie Dye Indonesian Oriental Motive with Morphing Spotted Murky Shapes Wallpaper Sticker Background Decoration L23.6 x H15.7

Jiahong Pan Decor Paper Cling Decals Sticker Tie Dye

Features: 1.Enhances the aquarium's natural beauty 2.May be trimmed to desired shape and size 3.Hides water stains 4.Cover the back of your Vivarium or Aquarium, with this high quality one sided background. 5. 3D HD picture with bright colors. Self adhesive, easy to paste. Durable materials. Picture smooth without wrinkles.

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Hengshu Yoga, Outdoor Patio Curtains Waterproof with Grommets,Woman Figure in Ethnic Style Costume Praying Culture Religion Enlightenment Grace, W108 x L108 Inch, Multicolor

Hengshu Yoga, Outdoor Patio Curtains Waterproof with Grommets,Woman

Outdoor Curtains Pattern Description: Yoga,Woman Figure in Ethnic Style Costume Praying Culture Religion Enlightenment Grace,MulticolorOutdoor curtains work best in warmer climates, offering shade and bug protection. Besides, impress your friends, family and guests with this Extre Wide Indoor /Outdoor Grommet Top Blackout Curtain Panels.These simple yet elegant panels are a nice finishing touch to any outdoor extension of your home.FEATURES. Water Proof,,UV RAY Protection, Light Control,Thermal Insulation. It is weather-resistant, making it safe for outdoor use.Wide compatible. Outdoor Curtain Panel can be hung not only in a bedroom or a living room, but also outside to decorate a porch, patio or sun room.Meanwhile, these panels provide a real sense of separation & privacy which benefits both yours and your neighbors.Hide an ugly view.

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Tarolo Rectangle Tablecloth 60 x 84 Inch Colorful Ancient African Pattern Ethnic Carpet Aztec Figure Tribal Indian Mexican Folk Batik Boho Table Cloth

Tarolo Rectangle Tablecloth 60 x 84 Inch Colorful

Ideal Rectangular Shape Accommodate the majority of buffet and dining room tables with a perfectly oblong cover. Whether indoors or outdoors, dress up your folding tables for a dash of decorative elegance. Affordable & Hard Wearing Don't waste money on junky disposable tablecloths. These pretty covers are available in convenient sizes and won't fade, tear, or pill after repeated use. Use for kids' parties and other fun.Bring practical elegance to all your common surfaces with the Polyester Tablecloth. Cover any table with stylish sophistication. Our tablecloths offers chic, affordable flair for every holiday party or dinner. Enjoy hassle free cleanup with strong, durable, wrinkle and stain resistant polyester.Great for Buffet Table, Parties, Holiday Dinner, Wedding, birthday, holiday, and Sunday dinner get-togethers & More.

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