The Weaver's Inkle Pattern Directory: 400 Warp-Faced Weaves

The Weaver's Inkle Pattern Directory: 400 Warp-Faced

From expert weaver Anne Dixon is The Weaver's Inkle Pattern Directory--the ultimate resource for inkle weavers. Inkle weaving is a simple technique that offers ample opportunity for experimentation by beginners and experienced weavers. This book provides 400 patterns for loom enthusiasts and is the most comprehensive tool available to weavers.You'll discover:An overview of inkle weaving's history and traditions.Instructions for loom set-up and simple techniques.An astonishing 400 woven patterns--some making their first debut.Illustrated samples and charts.Drafts provided throughout the entire guide. An incomparable guide, Anne Dixon offers all of the tips, tricks, and techniques to these traditional and modern patterns and introduces a bounty of new, innovative designs as well. Inkles can be used for a variety of projects ranging from belts and braces to trims and neckpieces. They can be stitched together to make bags, mobile-phone purses, cushion-covers, table-mats, and much more.Also included is a foreword by Madelyn van der Hoogt, the editor of Handwoven magazine and the author of The Complete Book of Drafting and The Weaver's Companion (Interweave). She opened the Weaver's School in 1984 and teaches weaving workshops throughout the United States and Canada.

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Inkle Loom Design & Construction

Inkle Loom Design &

This is for anyone who wants to buy, design, &/or build an Inkle loom. It will show the weaver what to look for in a loom, as well as modify, repair or build their own. They're great projects for woodworkers since they’re fairly simple & generally forgiving to construct. They make unique & useful gifts that can be made inexpensively with hand tools. I'll explain the basics, design considerations, & include plans/drawings for nine looms, from lap to floor size, along with ideas for others & possible modifications. I recommend the PDF version which I'll email you with proof of purchase.

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Schacht Inkle Loom

Schacht Inkle

The Inkle Loom is a loom every weaver should have. It is great for weaving belts and bands. Inkle looms are great for start-up weaving programs because they require little additional equipment, are easy to use and understand, and are easily stored. The Schacht Inkle loom is built with years of heavy use in mind. It has one open side for ease of warping. The tension bar has an easy grip knob for adjusting the warp tension during weaving. Warps can be up to 4.5" wide and 8.5' long. The Inkle Loom is made of hard maple and left unfinished.

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A Tablet Weaver's Pattern Mullarkey, John, Emerson Holtzer, Marilyn, Hoffman, Luise, W (2007) Paperback

A Tablet Weaver's Pattern Mullarkey, John, Emerson Holtzer,

This is a book containing a collection of threaded-in tablet weaving patterns. This is not a How-To book. On each page is a draft, and a graphic of how the band will look when woven. All of the drafts have one or more graphics of variations that can also be woven by changing the turning sequence or threading of the cards. Lots of instructional books have a few drafts, but what to do after you've explored those? The book begins with patterns with just a few cards and continues to patterns with more than 50 cards. So in these 87 pages are over 200 hundred patterns to explore and weave with some wonderful full page photos of actual woven bands. I hope you enjoy, and please leave feedback if you have the book.

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Inkle Loom Weaving

Inkle Loom

Techniques. Building an inkle loom; Alternative loom plans; Making a shuttle; Shopping for yarn; Warping the loom : a three-color belt; Yarn texture : a choker; Pattern design: tied bodice belts; Color ideas : curtain ties; Dyeing your yarn : a tie-die belt; The Rya technique : decorative bell hangings; Color plates; Projects. Belts for different occasions; A guitar strap; Headbands; A man's tie; An eyeglass case; A belt in leno lace; A campstool seat; Slip covers for a director's chair; Handbags; Pin cushions and balsam bags; Border designs; lothing designs; Wall hangings; A room divider; A hanging that moves; Christmas tree swags; Weaving a wider fabric; Selling your weaving; Glossary; elected bibliography; Suppliers list.

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Inkle Weaving


Inkle weaving - beautiful, yet simple and practical - is one of the most popular forms of weaving today, for beginners and experts alike. With more than 200 black-and-white and 7 color photographs, this complete guide to inkle weaving provides information and instructions on everything from making a small, portable loom at home to working with a wide variety of techniques, including picots, fringes, slits, tabs, Ghiordes and rya knots, to creating individual projects.

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Handwoven Tape: Understanding and Weaving Early American and Contemporary Tape

Handwoven Tape: Understanding and Weaving Early American and

Narrow bands of woven tape were important to Americans in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, before the days of elastic and zippers. This book documents the fascinating American history of handwoven tape and offers patterns and instructions to enable today's weavers to make it. Many Early American households had a tape loom for making the tape needed by the family, and this book offers a discussion of the people who wove tape, the patterns woven, and the types of looms used, along with over 280 color images. The book also gives step-by-step instructions for setting up a tape loom with warp threads, and explains how to weave your own tape. You can weave tape for similar practical uses as our forebears, or to create one-of-a-kind gifts and decorations like key chains, holiday garlands, or lanyards.

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Oak Wood 30 inch Inkle Loom with 3 shuttles. Make up 12 feet Pieces.

Oak Wood 30 inch Inkle Loom with 3

This inkle loom is made from 100% natural oak wood and coated in natural oils. Size is 30 inches long X 15 inches tall with 5 inch pegs. 6 inches of adjustment space with a hand crafted oak knob. This loom can make up to 12 feet pieces. It's great for making straps, belts, trims, sashes, shoelaces, chokers, dog leashes, bands, pieces that can be tied together to form larger projects, and more. 3 shuttles are included with this loom. One standard flat shuttle, one belt shuttle and one tablet weaving shuttle. All are beveled edge and rounded on top. The pegs are set into the loom arms and not attached to them. This aids in strengthening the pegs so that they will not move when tension is applied. The tension bar has a beautiful hand-crafted knob which can be twisted to loosen or tighten the bar when needed. Direct from the manufacturer with a Lifetime replacement warranty. Thanks for viewing our items on Amazon and you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. Custom ordering option in available. All of these items come with a lifetime replacement warranty so if there's ever a problem with your loom or other weaving tools, simply send it back to us and we'll replace it with a new one or give you a full refund. We're a family owned manufacturing business and we...

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Weaving Patterned Bands: How to Create and Design with 5, 7, and 9 Pattern Threads

Weaving Patterned Bands: How to Create and Design

Narrow bands woven in colorful patterns are a centuries-old part of Baltic craft tradition. The double slotted heddle makes patterned band weaving quicker to learn and easier to do, and this is the first book that offers beginners instructions for using it. The craft doesn't involve bulky equipment―all you need can be stored in a shoe box! Learn how to weave these beautiful bands step by step, from the simple 5 pattern threads to the more complex 7 and 9 patterns. Color photographs illustrate the instructions for learning to weave. More than 140 patterns are included, along with principles for planning your own unique designs for contemporary uses such as straps, belts, bracelets, and even handfasting bands. The breathtaking range of colorful bands woven in Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Norway are explored and offer additional inspiration.

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Inventive Weaving on a Little Loom: Discover the Full Potential of the Rigid-Heddle Loom, for Beginners and Beyond

Inventive Weaving on a Little Loom: Discover the

Rigid-heddle weaving is simple to learn, is easy to master, and offers a lifetime of possibilities to discover! Inventive Weaving on a Little Loom covers everything rigid-heddle weavers need to know about the craft, from the basics — how to select a loom, set it up, and get started — to a wide variety of fun techniques that yield beautiful results. Begin by exploring a variety of weave structures, including finger-manipulated laces, tapestry, and color play with stripes, plaids, and multicolor yarns. Then move on to more complex designs and irresistible projects, from pillows and curtains to bags, shawls, and even jewelry. Explore warp-face patterning, weft-pile weaving, weaving with fine threads, woven shibori, shadow weave, and the textural effects you can create with different yarns and with wire and conductive thread. Everything you need to know is here, with fully illustrated step-by-step instructions to ensure success.

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