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After being laid off after many years of devoted service for the second time, I knew that God had a plan, and I turned it all over to him. This was a far cry from my reaction to the first layoff. I prayed a lot but was devastated, worried constantly, and my self-esteem was low. God still answered my prayers, and I found another job in the same field the same week my severance pay ended. When I was laid off again after almost eight years, I knew God was in control. Even though I was almost sixty, and the unemployment level was at the highest, I felt Gods peace. I now had the time to stop and smell the roses, as they say. This collection of poems, prayers, and reflections came about from my desire to get closer to God and to try to really listen to what he has to say to me. They were inspired by places, events, people, scripture reading, and meditations. These were all inspiration points that God used to speak to me. In other words, they were inspired by God. My hope is that in sharing my inspirations, others will find their own inspiration points.

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Stand Ye Steady: Songs of Courage & Inspiration

Stand Ye Steady: Songs of Courage &

For the first time ever, the USMA Cadet Glee Club of West Point has been filmed and recorded in the magnificent 100 year-old Cadet Chapel performing 16 specially selected songs hailing the cherished values of America. Stand Ye Steady Songs of Courage and Inspiration ,, was conceived and created by Curtain Call Productions to show support for all the Men and Women who have served and are now serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. Set against the richly paneled Chapel altar and 80 Cadets splendidly arrayed in parade dress uniforms, the performance is highlighted with archival photographs and film footage of our Soldiers from WWII through the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Stirring excerpts from the speeches of Generals Eisenhower and MacArthur introduce 4 of the songs.Joining the Glee Club are two special guests - recording artist Daniel Rodriguez of NYPD fame, gives a rousing performance of his hit Into The Fire and Lea Salonga, Tony Award winner for Miss Saigon and the voice of Jasmine in Aladdin , gives a powerfully moving performance of the Christian music classic Via Dolorosa . Four of the songs, This Christmastide, Jerusalem, Lest We Forget , and On Lone Great Hills feature the Chapel s mammoth organ the largest church organ in the world! With arrangements by world-r...

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Agile Inspirations Planning Cards for Estimation, 6 sets in 1 Deck

Agile Inspirations Planning Cards for Estimation, 6 sets

Each deck has 6 sets for up to 6 Team Members to estimate. The Fibonacci sequence in each set is: 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, ∞, ?, and coffee cup. The cards are printed on high-quality card stock and include a box for additional durability and protection. Agile Planning Cards can be used to play Planning Poker. With the amazing color and design, these cards make it easy to estimate and have fun doing so. The goal is to spark conversation among team members about user stories and reach consensus on sizing. Instructions:   1. Each Team Member holds a set of Agile planning cards.   2. The Product Owner describes one user story and its features.   3. Team Members discuss and ask questions as needed.   4. Each Team Member privately selects one card that represents his or her estimate.   5. Selected cards are revealed at the same time.   6. If there is consensus, this is the estimate.   7. If not, repeat steps 3-5 until consensus has been reached.   8. Repeat for all stories.

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End of the Spear

End of the

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Renderly Yours Scenic Inspirations - Point Judith Lighthouse - set of 4 Ceramic Tile Coasters (cst_202507_3)

Renderly Yours Scenic Inspirations - Point Judith Lighthouse

Point Judith Lighthouse Coaster is a great complement to any home décor. Soft coasters are 3.5" x 3.5", are absorbent, and can be washed. Ceramic coasters are 4.25" x 4.25", non absorbent and come with felt corner pads. Available in sets of 4 and 8.

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I Serve A Savior

I Serve A

Josh Turner's new faith-based album, I Serve A Savior, represents a dream come true for the multi-platinum-selling country star. "I've wanted to record these songs for a long, long time," shares Turner, "and I'm excited about fulfilling that dream." The South Carolina native hand-picked hymns that all hold a very special place in his heart, from songs he has been singing since childhood to those he now sings to his family each night. With his unmistakable baritone, Turner brings new life to gospel standards including Amazing Grace, I Saw the Light and Swing Low plus, Turner adds original songs to the album like the self-penned title track I Serve A Savior, The River (of Happiness) written by his wife Jennifer and his eldest son Hampton, and a new live version of Turner's first big Platinum-selling hit Long Black Train. "Sharing an intimate part of his life with this project," Turner says, "I want others to feel the same inspiration and creativity that I felt, and hopefully make these songs a part of their life."

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Lead Thou Me On: Hymns and Inspiration by BYU Vocal Point

Lead Thou Me On: Hymns and Inspiration by

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Inspiration Point: Love Songs of the 50's

Inspiration Point: Love Songs of the

This instrumental collection of love songs from the 1950s will take you back to those Saturday nights when you could share a chocolate malt for a dime, listen to the jukebox, then sneak away to Inspiration Point for romance.

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Burritos, Inspiration Point, Fork Balloon Sports, Cards in the Spokes, Automatic Biographies, Kites, Kung Fu, Trophies, Banana Peels Weve Slipped on, and Egg Shells Wev

Burritos, Inspiration Point, Fork Balloon Sports, Cards in

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Inspiration Point Troublemaker HAT (Burgundy/Charcoal)

Inspiration Point Troublemaker HAT

FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING! MADE IN THE USA! This cotton twill based custom trucker hat with a pre curved visor and classic snapback is the perfect fit. From Mountain Top to Point Break this one goes everywhere!

  • Color: Burgundy/Charcoal
  • Brand: Inspiration Point
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Inspiration Point Custer State Park, South Dakota postcard

Inspiration Point Custer State Park, South Dakota

With over 2 million postcards of all categories, we have one of the largest postcard offerings in the world. We continue to add new cards every day, but if your requested town or city does is not shown, please use the "contact seller" link to make a direct request. All cards are priced according to view, location and quality condition. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We base our grading on the condition of corners and edges of the Postcards. Grade 1 - Mint Condition These postcards have perfect or nearly perfect corners and edges. Postcards of this grade may be postal used or unused and may have writing on front and/or back. There may be light yellowing from age or from being in an album. Grade 2 - Near Mint Condition Postcards of this grade have light corner and/or edge wear. These postcards are still in nice condition. They may have writing on front and/or back. There may also be light yellowing from age. Grade 3 - Excellent Condition Average condition postcards have more corner and/or edge wear than Grade 2. Corners may have a lot of wear or roundness from wear. These cards may also have a lot of yellowing from age or from being in an album. Very tips of cards may have slight indentations from wear. There are no creases in the card at this grade. Grade 4 - Average Condition...

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West Point Songs of Inspiration [VHS]

West Point Songs of Inspiration

West Point Songs of Inspiration [VHS]

  • Brand: Goldhill
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Ceramic Paring Knife - Best & Sharpest 4-inch Black Professional Kitchen Knife - Latest & Hardest Blade That Doesn't Need Sharpening for Years! Comes with a FREE Stylish Blade Cover

Ceramic Paring Knife - Best & Sharpest 4-inch

Are you tired of having a dull knife?  Tired of having rusty and corroded blades?  Our sleek black blade is extremely sharp right out of the box = less time sharpening. Ceramic is incredibly hard and stays sharp for years of use without the need to sharpen.   Easy Cleanup - Ceramic is non-porous, which means our knives are VERY easy to clean.  A simple rinse and wipe will do it!  This also means odors will not "stick" to it and be transferred to other foods.   Rust-Proof - Ceramic is non-metallic, which means it can't rust!   Extremely light & Well-Balanced - You'll be amazed at how light our paring knife really is.  It's light, but also well-balanced so it cuts through food with ease, while preventing fatigue.   Injection-Molded Handle - Our handles are injection-molded so you don't have to worry about them coming loose.  Our rubberized grip also prevents slipping even when wet.   Free sheath - All of our Alpha Inspirations kitchen knives come with a stylish blade cover/sheath to protect your investment.   Whether you're a professional chef, love cooking for your family or just do some cooking here and there, we know you want and deserve the best! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!  Our 4-inch Ceramic Paring Knife is backed by our manufacturer 30-day mone...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Alpha Inspirations
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La La Land: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [LP]

La La Land: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Composed and orchestrated by Justin Hurwitz, the soundtrack to the critically acclaimed film La La Land is available here on vinyl. Features vocal performances from the film's stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, with lyrics written by Pasek and Paul

  • Brand: Interscope
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