L'Italia a tavola-Kiwi jam 9.5 oz

L'Italia a tavola-Kiwi jam 9.5

This jam is made from kiwi puree with no added pectin or preservatives. It goes great on any breakfast bread, with crackers, or even soft cheeses.

  • Brand: L'Italia a tavola
  • ASIN: B07G8R2GM9
  • UPC: 719104423546

Cantaloupe Kiwi Jam

Cantaloupe Kiwi

This combination of cantaloupe, kiwi and vanilla has a fulsome taste that brings remembrance of creamsicles

  • Brand: Not Your Momma's Jams, Marinades & More
  • UPC: 040232572586

Mrs Miller's Amish Made Kiwi Strawberry Jam 9 Ounces - 2 Pack

Mrs Miller's Amish Made Kiwi Strawberry Jam 9

This jam features the classic combination of strawberries and kiwi to create a sweet spread that is perfect for topping fresh baked breads, muffins and bagels. Drizzle some of this jam on top of a scoop of ice cream or frozen yogurt for an extra special sundae.

  • Brand: Mrs. Miller's
  • ASIN: B0087RXYLA
  • UPC: 688943362050

Yummium Kiwi Spread, Homemade Natural Fruit Preserve, Free from Artificial Preservatives, Color and Flavors - 225 grams

Yummium Kiwi Spread, Homemade Natural Fruit Preserve, Free

Yummium's 100% Natural Kiwi spreads are handmade with the choicest table grade fruits, sulphur less sugar and lemon juice. Each 225 gm bottles contains more than 50% of Kiwi. This handcrafted gourmet jam contains all natural ingredients; no preservatives, no chemicals, no added colours and no added flavours. About BrandYummium is a brand of 100% Natural Bottled Food Products from Konkan Kitchen founded in 2015 to solve the problem of an allergic child of the founders. All our products are free from added chemical preservatives, colouring agents, stabilizers, flavouring agents and only use Fresh table grade Fruits (more than 50% in a bottle of Jam!), Lemons, Sulphur less Sugar and Whole Spices & Condiments (powdered in house from the A1 quality ) which gives the taste of bottled nature in all of our variants among Spreads and Jams, Pickles and Syrups

  • Brand: Yummium
  • ASIN: B07JB4W13G

Possmei Kiwi Concentrated Jam

Possmei Kiwi Concentrated

This concentrated fruit jam is commonly used for making bubble tea slushes, smoothies, juices, and teas. With real fruit pieces, these jams are perfect for not only blended drinks, but also popularly served as toppings on ice cream, frozen yogurt and shaved ice. It's so fruity that you can actually see the fruit chunks! Want to make a smoothie or taste that actually tastes like real fruit? Try this item today. Brand: Possmei Container size: 9.9-lbs

  • Brand: Boba Tea Direct
  • ASIN: B008K2G39C

Yummium Handmade Kiwi Spread - 100% Natural Fruit Preserve, Free from Artificial Preservatives - 225 GM

Yummium Handmade Kiwi Spread - 100% Natural Fruit

Made with 66% Superfruit green Kiwis, the fruit with the highest per gram Vitamin C Content, this is a delight for old and young with breakfast or just a snack or even a dessert topping.Konkan Kitchen is a 100% natural fruit product manufacturing company. We manufacture 100% Natural fruit spreads, hot sauces and pickles. We are constantly innovating with new products and experimenting with all that nature and the farmer can bring to us while we bring to your home the best natural products. Our commitment to our customers is that our products are 100% natural, there are no artificial chemical preservatives, color or flavor added to any of our products packaged in environment friendly glass bottles.Konkan Kitchen aims to serve natural fruity goodness to customers, uncorrupted by artificial ingredients. Their recipes have been perfected by numerous iterations in their food grade kitchen and each project is a unique foray into serving their customers the best.Based out of our FSSAI certified kitchen, we proudly declare that the only ingredients that you spot in our kitchen is fruit, Sulphur less sugar, lemons, spices and condiments. Even the fruit that we procure is table Grade A fruit and not pulp. Quality inputs and hand processing have helped our products build loyal customers and...

  • Brand: konkan kitchen

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, 49 Flavors, 2-lb Stand-Up Pouch

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, 49 Flavors, 2-lb Stand-Up

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans are a delicious, colorful treat that’s fun to eat. These gourmet jelly beans come in 49 of your favorite Jelly Belly flavors. Savor one flavor at a time to experience the true-to-life taste of each Jelly Belly bean. Or, experiment by combining flavors in a Jelly Belly Recipe to create an entirely original (and delicious) taste. Jelly beans are the perfect candy for parties, gifts, giveaways or to enjoy all by yourself. Flavors include A&W Cream Soda, A&W Root Beer, Berry Blue, Blueberry, Bubble Gum, Buttered Popcorn, Cantaloupe, Cappuccino, Caramel Corn, Chocolate Pudding, Cinnamon, Coconut, Cotton Candy, Crushed Pineapple, Dr Pepper, French Vanilla, Green Apple, Island Punch, Juicy Pear, Kiwi, Lemon Drop, Lemon Lime, Licorice, Mango, Margarita, Mixed Berry Smoothie, Orange Sherbet, Peach, Piña Colada, Plum, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Red Apple, Sizzling Cinnamon, Sour Cherry, Strawberry Cheesecake, Strawberry Daiquiri, Strawberry Jam, Sunkist Lemon, Sunkist Lime, Sunkist Orange, Sunkist Pink Grapefruit, Sunkist Tangerine, Toasted Marshmallow, Top Banana, Tutti-Fruitti, Very Cherry, Watermelon and Wild Blackberry. Each one of these jelly beans is just four calories, so you can enjoy them guilt-free. All Jelly Belly Jelly Beans are also gluten free, peanut ...

  • Color: Assorted
  • Brand: Jelly Belly
  • ASIN: B000FDOSN2
  • UPC: 071567837484

Sparkling Ice, Strawberry Watermelon Sparkling Water, with antioxidants and vitamins, Zero Sugar, 17 FL OZ Bottles (Pack of 12)

Sparkling Ice, Strawberry Watermelon Sparkling Water, with antioxidants

Luscious strawberry and sweet watermelon make quite the pair. In fact, we think they’re getting married!

  • Brand: Sparkling ICE
  • UPC: 016571950873

Habanero, Kiwi Fruit and Manuka Honey, New Zealand's Favorite Waha Wera Green Hot Sauce (salsa picante verde)

Habanero, Kiwi Fruit and Manuka Honey, New Zealand's

Kaitaia is New Zealands last major town before reaching the very Northern tip of New Zealand. Kai is Maori for food - and Kaitaia means ample food. Just 15 minutes from Kaitaia, the warm waters of the South Pacific wash into a golden beach bay and there sits New Zealand's hottest crop, 5 acres of organic chili peppers. When these chilies are at the height of their maturity and the red color is at its most intense, they are plucked off the knee high bushes, sorted, washed, finely milled and mixed with organic sea salt. The chilies are then sealed in barrels with air locks to undergo a quasi-fermentation process over the next few years. This process effectively removes all the sugars in the fruit, and releases the volatile oils locked up in the peppers cell walls. When the resulting mash has reached its optimum level of maturity, it is mixed to an ancient Mayan recipe, and bottled. This is pure Kaitaia Fire. Now people make all sorts of claims to justify their addiction to things hot and spicy. One thing is certain however, a good healthy dose of chili sauce heightens the awareness of any given moment by disrupting normal thought patterns and attention spans. Everyday cares and worries are forgotten as all the senses are focused on the site of application, and the body begins to...

  • Brand: Kaitaia Fire
  • ASIN: B00MWUC78Y
  • UPC: 721864991401

Ball RealFruitTM Classic Pectin - Flex Batch 4.7 oz.

Ball RealFruitTM Classic Pectin - Flex Batch 4.7

Ball RealFruit Classic Pectin makes great tasting traditional jams

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: Ball
  • ASIN: B004U8R0NS
  • UPC: 014400710650
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