Violin Sonatas 1-10; Allegro; Contretanz; Menuetto (4 CD Pluscore)

Violin Sonatas 1-10; Allegro; Contretanz; Menuetto (4 CD

This complete cycle of Beethoven violin sonatas was recorded during a series of live performances in 1998. Mutter devoted the entire year, together with her partner, Lambert Orkis, to an extensive global tour focused on these works, and the accounts are infused with a sense of cross-connection, expressive freedom, and depth of insight acquired from such prolonged concentration. It shows Mutter in full maturity, commanding the artistic confidence to take risks and imprint her intensely personal signature. Mutter's characteristically sumptuous, caressing tone tends to be overstated for Beethoven's heartily playful turns and mercurial humor in the fast movements of the Op. 12 group, but the luminous beauty with which she phrases the Adagio of the third sonata is just one of many passages (consider, for example, Sonata No. 8's slow movement, as well) of sustained, heart-stopping poetry on this set. The famous "Spring" Sonata gains an added dimension in the context of the passionately engaged performance of its preceding companion/counterpart predecessor (the Fourth Sonata in A Minor). There's a full partnership between violin and piano (too often missing in accounts of these works) that allows Mutter and Orkis to play off each other with full-blooded spontaneity, perhaps at its mos...

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Anne-Sophie Mutter - The Mozart Violin Sonatas

Anne-Sophie Mutter - The Mozart Violin

This 2 DVD set features Anne-Sophie Mutter with pianist Lambert Orkis recorded live in Munich, February 2006. This set was filmed in high definition with 5.1 DTS Surround Sound. Also included is bonus footage from the recording session.

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Beethoven: The Violin Sonatas

Beethoven: The Violin

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LAMBERT ORKIS: George Crumb - A Little Suite for Christmas/Richard Wernick - Sonata for Piano (Reflections of a Dark Light) Cassette Tape

LAMBERT ORKIS: George Crumb - A Little Suite

Record label release, original audio cassette tapes were popular from the 80's through 2004. The playlist for this album can be found on various online sites. Cassette tapes will ship with a new plastic case and the original liner notes and cover art as shown. Any extras that may have originally come with the cassette may be missing. Be sure you have the correct player, this will only play in a cassette tape player. Cassette tapes are the smaller of the audio tapes and can be played in automobiles as well as home stereo units with cassette players. We list each cassette tape individually so you can see the condition of the liner, so there may be more than one product listing for some titles. Cassette tapes are sold based on the playable condition. This means the lettering on the actual cassette may be worn or handwriting on the cassette or playlist.

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Brahms: The Violin Sonatas

Brahms: The Violin

On this 2010 release, Anne-Sophie Mutter, accompanied by pianist Lambert Orkis, shares her up-to-date thoughts on the Brahms Violin Sonatas that have been central to her repertoire from the start of her career These sonatas are among the most intense, emotionally penetrating works composed for the violin Second only to her solo repertoire, chamber music has been for Anne-Sophie Mutter an on-going passion and commitment. Her communion with Orkis's pianism defines musical collaboration at its zenith.

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"Forest for the Trees": Beethoven piano sonatas as integrated cycles: A Monograph

"Forest for the Trees": Beethoven piano sonatas as

Beethoven's piano sonatas have been studied from different aspects. While many previous studies have investigated the internal coherence within individual Beethoven sonatas, this book provides a broad analytic overview of the connections that exist between the sonatas revealing the composer's approach to the idea of an opus as a unified set of several organically coherent works. The study identifies the related opuses, and adduces the ways in which cohesion operates on the macro-level by the investigation of formal design, harmonic and melodic language, affective key characteristics, thematic and rhythmic interrelationships, dramatic character, stylistic congruence, and other methods employed by Beethoven to unify individual sonatas into cohesive sets. Given the remarkable individuality and originality of singular sonatas, it is easy to mistake the “forest for the trees,” so to speak. It is only when one begins to draw back and see a broader vista that the many interconnections between the disparate sonatas become more visible, allowing us to grasp and to understand the individual trees as part of the forest. The analysis should be useful to both performers as well as scholars.

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MESSAGER: Les Deux Pigeons, LISZT (arr. Lambert); Dante Sonata

MESSAGER: Les Deux Pigeons, LISZT (arr. Lambert); Dante

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Lambert: Piano Concerto, Sonata for Piano

Lambert: Piano Concerto, Sonata for

Constant Lambert is perhaps better known today for his strident views on his contemporaries, but he was also a talented composer of delightful, anarchic music, influenced particularly by Stravinsky and Ravel. On this mid-priced Helios series reissue, the Nash Ensemble presents a sampling of Lambert's highly colorful works. This recording, a fascinating selection of pieces by one of the twentieth century's most original and perplexing figures, is a must for anyone interested in twentieth-century music. Many of Lambert's other works are also available on Hyperion.

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Beethoven - Complete Violin Sonatas (Anne-Sophie Mutter)

Beethoven - Complete Violin Sonatas (Anne-Sophie

Ann-Sophie Mutter plays Beethoven's five violin sonatas with pianist Lambert Orkis.

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The Piano & Percussion Arrangement of Ginastera's First Piano Sonata: Alberto Ginastera's Piano Sonata No. 1, Op. 22

The Piano & Percussion Arrangement of Ginastera's First

Widely recognized in Argentina as the nation’s quintessential standard piano work, Alberto Ginastera’s Piano Sonata No. 1, Op. 22 has long been an integral part of recital programs and piano competitions around the world. In recent years, the international percussion and piano communities have used arrangements of contemporary compositions to broaden the repertoire for this combination of instruments. This study sheds light on the details of the process of this arrangement. In particular, what types of percussion instruments were selected based on researching Ginastera’s few orchestral works. In addition, it documents the solo compositions up to the sonata that shed light on his use of the folk dance forms, which are incorporated in the sonata, and reveals how Ginastera uses these components so that interested percussionists can better explore the capabilities of the arrangement.

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Mozart: Complete Violin Sonatas

Mozart: Complete Violin

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First Choice: Beethoven: 'Spring' & 'Kreutzer' Sonatas (Violin Sonatas

First Choice: Beethoven: 'Spring' & 'Kreutzer' Sonatas (Violin

Two of Beethovens most popular violin sonatas taken from Anne-Sophie Mutters acclaimed complete set, with long-time partner Lambert Orkis, recorded in 1998. Mutter is one of the world s most recognizable soloists, Orkis a chamber-music specialist. They have now been playing for 25 years one of the great partnerships.

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Beethoven: "Spring" and "Kreutzer" Sonatas/Anne-Sophie Mutter - A Life with Beethoven

Beethoven: "Spring" and "Kreutzer" Sonatas/Anne-Sophie Mutter - A

Includes Sonata for Piano and Violin No. 5 in F major, op. 24 "Spring" 1. Allegro 2. Adagio molto expressivo 3. Scherzo, Allegro molto 4. Rondo. Allegro ma non troppo. Sonata for Piano and Violin No. 9 in A major, op. 47 "Kreutzer" 1. Adagio sostenuto - P

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The Solo Guitar Works of Sir Richard Rodney Bennett: A theoretical analysis of Impromptus and Sonata for Guitar

The Solo Guitar Works of Sir Richard Rodney

Sir Richard Rodney Bennett (b. 1936) is one of Britain’s most versatile and celebrated composers of the twentieth-century. It is guitarists’ great fortune that he has written two works for the solo guitar. He composed Impromptus in 1968 to prepare him for writing a guitar concerto for the English guitarist, Julian Bream, and he later composed the Sonata in 1983 as a personal exercise to see how far he could expand upon what he had already set forth in the Impromptus. This book presents a study of the two solo guitar works of Sir Richard Rodney Bennett. This study offers a brief survey of previous writings on the two works, the reception of each work, an exploration of his musical language and style, and a discussion of the influences on his style. It also offers an in depth theoretical analysis of Bennett's use of twelve-tone serialism in the Impromptus, and how he departs from strict serialism in the Sonata. In addition to exploring pre-compositional techniques, this study presents analysis of form for each movement and the phrase structures in both pieces. It also brings to light some errata discovered in the Impromptus.

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Mozart: The Violin Sonatas

Mozart: The Violin

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