Having been replaced by robots and drones, veterans Ben Corbin and Sam Garrett go into business for themselves towing derelict vessels and space junk out of the shipping lanes around Mars.Business was good, but a couple of malfunctioning service robots forced them to return to Earth for replacements. Aliens attacked the freighter they’d booked passage on, slaughtering and feeding on the crew and passengers. Only Corbin and Garrett managed to hold their own until they could hide in stasis pods. 200 years laterEarth and her colonies, governed by the Commonwealth of Nations, are at war with a race of aliens known as the Nineteenth. Not with the Gar Rei Jhi who had attacked Corbin and Garrett so many years past. That war had been fought and humans lost. The Nineteenth is a new alien threat whose origins and motives are unknown.What information humans have on this new enemy comes from the uneasy alliance with the Gar Rei Jhi who’ve been fighting an even longer war with the Nineteenth. Though long ago, Corbin and Garrett’s history with the Gar Rei Jhi hasn’t been forgotten. They are to be ambassadors serving at the pleasure of the same aliens that attacked them. Thrust into a new age of engineered soldiers, interplanetary ...

  • ASIN: B07PZ2W8TY

Marine: The Last Empire

Marine: The Last

Newly appointed Marine Lieutenant Joey King is about to embark on his first off world posting to the frontier planet Rhamprox. What should be a simple start to his career is about to erupt into war. It’s a scorching hot barren world inhabited by a hardy and strong-willed people disparagingly known as Prians, many of whom serve the Empire as native troops to fight those who resist. The young officer must not just gain the respect of his superiors, but also the unruly soldiers now under his command.King set out to find adventure, but he’s about to discover how harsh life can be on the frontier. The Pritoris Empire is the largest the universe has ever known. Wealthy, powerful, and far-reaching. Perhaps a little too far-reaching. Violent insurgents resist the Empire, and rumblings of mutiny and war echo through the ranks. King will soon find himself fighting a desperate battle to survive.


The Last Stand of Fox Company: A True Story of U.S. Marines in Combat

The Last Stand of Fox Company: A True

  • ASIN: B008V43OBO

Last Marine Standing (Heroes Book 2)

Last Marine Standing (Heroes Book

Former Marine Recon, Mackenzie ‘Mac’ Jackson has secrets. The things he did for his country, the things he saw, must never be spoken about. Until that is, his team is targeted.A shift in political alliances means one particular mission undertaken by Mac and his Fire Team needs to be wiped from the history books. Starting with the team itself.Forest Ranger, Samuel Larson wants to find the Marines who saved his life. He just wants to say thank you. What he can’t know is that he's walking into a firestorm of betrayal and murder.When Samuel arrives at Mac's place he throws Mac's plans for hiding out of the window. Abruptly Mac has to protect a man that threatens his heart, only this time he can't be sure he will succeed in keeping Sam alive.When the people you trusted turn on you, when you are the last one standing, should you take your secrets to the grave? Or make the murderers pay?Word Count: 54,442

  • ASIN: B00O9418Q8

The Last Marine

The Last

The Last Marine: Book One is author T.S. Ransdell’s vision of a future American dark age where all civilians serve at the pleasure of the government. In this dystopian tale Joel Levine, a journalist/historian for the government, is given the task of creating a history to remind people why the bygone American warrior culture was dangerous to them. To do so, Levine is given Government VIP status to interview the last known veteran of the disbanded United States Marine Corps, Sean Harris, incarcerated for the remainder of his life for murder and treason.What Levine initially sees as a simple assignment turns complicated as an unrepentant Harris challenges Levine’s progressive values and morality. Levine is forced to decipher between propaganda and history of the Sino-American War; and confront his own sense of guilt for his grandfather’s role in the “American Renaissance”.

  • ASIN: B01MZWKA13

Vietnam The Last Combat Marines: The Military and Political Times of the Baby Boomer War

Vietnam The Last Combat Marines: The Military

In this compelling and meticulously researched book on the Vietnam War era, David Gerhardt blends his riveting firsthand experience with documented facts. The result is a historical war memoir offering a comprehensive perspective on one of America's most notoriously divisive eras and brutal armed conflicts. Whether they fought in it, demonstrated against it, or subsisted through the tumultuous times, Vietnam belonged to the baby boomer generation. These historical times were defined with drugs, sex, rock bands, assassinations of public figures, and riots in cities and on college campuses. From the war's politics to the twists and turns of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, this compelling account weaves history and statistics with pulse-pounding stories of survival, creating a fabric of understanding for a nation still trying to reconcile this dark and bloody chapter of America's past. Beginning with boot camp and ending with the postwar brutalities of communist regimes in Southeast Asia, including the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia—led by the evil Pol Pot—this unique account of the Vietnam War years is replete with sardonic tales of "boom-boom" girls, snakes, drugs, and some twisted soldier humor. As part of the last marine combat platoon, Gerhardt is the perfect one to tell it.

  • ASIN: B07M59XRW3

The Last Marine

The Last

When Dax Wyldd, captain of the cargo vessel Fortune's Luck received a distress beacon from a Navy frigate, he knew things would get bad. He didn't expect a slaughtered Navy crew and a xenomorph monster. Rescuing the lone survivor, Marine Sergeant C.J. Ivers, Dax became inexorably drawn into a rescue attempt of the civilian research team at Station K124 on the moon Loki, where the xenomorphs had originated. The rescue mission quickly degenerates into a life and death struggle against terrifying monsters called Ravers, the same creatures that had forced the Huresh underground before wiping them out. As Dax learns more about the Ravers, the struggle for survival intensifies and death stalks them at every turn.

  • ASIN: B071V8CQBN

Last Man Standing: The 1st Marine Regiment on Peleliu, September 15-21, 1944

Last Man Standing: The 1st Marine Regiment on

One of the bloodiest battles in Marine Corps history, Operation Stalemate, as Peleliu was called, was overshadowed by the Normandy landings.  It was also, in time, judged by most historians to have been unnecessary; though it had been conceived to protect MacArthur’s flank in the Philippines, the U.S. fleet’s carrier raids had eliminated Japanese airpower, rendering Peleliu irrelevant.  Nevertheless, the horrifying number of casualties sustained there (71% in one battalion) foreshadowed for the rest of the war:  rather than fight to the death on the beach, the Japanese would now defend in depth and bleed the Americans white.   Drawing extensively on personal interviews, the Marine Corps History Division’s vast oral history and photographic collection, and many never-before-published sources, this book gives us a new and harrowing vision of what really happened at Peleliu--and what it meant.  Working closely with two of the 1st Regiment’s battalion commanders--Ray Davis and Russ Honsowetz--Marine Corps veteran and military historian Dick Camp recreates the battle as it was experienced by the men and their officers.  Soldiers who survived the terrible slaughter recall the brutality of combat against an implacable foe; they describe the legendary “Chesty” Puller, l...

  • Brand: Brand: Zenith Press
  • ASIN: 0760334935

The Last Hero: Book 2 of The Last War Series

The Last Hero: Book 2 of The Last

Earth is reeling. American alliances are shaking. And humanity's enemies rally.For six months after the failed alien attack American Admiral Jack Mattis has been ordered to patrol the periphery to stop more alien incursions.Even though he knows the attackers weren't alien, but grotesque mutated super-humans from the future. A truth world governments publicly deny.And now an American scientist witnesses an experimental super-weapon gone awry at a top-secret genetic lab in deep space, while a rebel veterans group storms a Chinese embassy on an American world. Tensions flare, and the American-Chinese peace begins to fray.Admiral Mattis races to put out the fires, while trying to piece together the mystery of the future human invasion, knowing that failure means not only certain death for him, but for the entire human race.The clock is ticking.

  • ASIN: B0731JCSXX

Fated to the Rogue Wolf: A Werewolf Shifter Romance (The Last Alphas Book 3)

Fated to the Rogue Wolf: A Werewolf Shifter

Sometimes fate has other plans.The two warring packs of Thracos have finally reunited, bringing Hill and Valley wolves together for the first time in generations. As alpha, it’s my job to ensure every tribe member is ready to fight the humans who are determined to eradicate us — even if that includes private training sessions with the most annoying of the bunch.Peace-loving Arlynn hates violence almost as much as she hates me, but no matter how much I touch her during our lessons, I can’t seem to get her out of my system. All it would take is one mind-blowing encounter to quench my thirst for her luscious curves — not to mention rock her world — but she’s as stubborn as she is beautiful. Her loss. I’ve got more important things to think about, such as the fact our species is on the brink of extinction.So why can’t I stop thinking about her?Fated to the Rogue Wolf is the final novel in the exciting The Last Alpha trilogy, a werewolf shifter romance series featuring strong, curvy girls and the sexy wolf shifters who can’t get enough of their BBW mates. (previously published as Thrane's Fated)

  • ASIN: B074TDZ63C

The Last Strike: Book 5 of The Last War Series

The Last Strike: Book 5 of The Last

His son is dead.His ship is dead.His career is dead.But Spectre is very much alive. And with his plans of galactic domination laid bare, Captain James Mattis must gather what allies he can to stop him.Admiral Pippa Spears and the HMS Caernarvon make a mysterious discovery in the wreckage of the USS Stennis, one that could change the outcome of the war. And in the uproar after the assassination of the American President she and Captain Mattis race across the galaxy after the suspected shooter, knowing full well the murder is another of Spectre's schemes to throw them off guard while he carries out his sinister plans.Plans that Mattis and Spears are close to unraveling.The cost of failure is unthinkable: a destroyed Earth and an unstoppable immortal foe.

  • ASIN: B07H724T1B

The Last One: An Orphaned Child Fights to Survive the Killing Fields of Cambodia

The Last One: An Orphaned Child Fights to

"A child 's unvarnished truth...stunning...heartbreaking...wrenching." The more I try to forget, the more the memories haunt me. Imagine that you are six years old. You have lost your father, mother, and siblings within the last year because of war. Imagine making a trip across a jungle infested with landmines. Imagine chasing snakes for food. Imagine a childhood spent taking beatings from soldiers and not being able to fight back. I was barely five years old in April 1975 when my family in Cambodia were forced by the Communist Khmer Rouge to leave our home. In our jungle encampment, among hundreds of other frightened evacuees, my younger brother became ill and died. After our next relocation, the soldiers took my father to build a canal to water the rice fields. He never returned. My older sister was forced to live in a girl's work camp, far away. After I recovered from a deadly illness, my mother died from an illness, in front of me. I was now alone. There was no one. I was six years old. Left to my own wits, I caught and ate flying termites, grasshoppers, crickets, fish, and snakes, anything edible. I was always hungry. Like a starving puppy, I stole leftover bones and sucked the juice out of them. Then, confined in various encampments with thousands of prisoners who were forc...

  • Brand: Brand: Outskirts Press
  • ASIN: 1478712821

The Last Tyrant: Book 6 of The Last War Series

The Last Tyrant: Book 6 of The Last

Change is coming. Legendary American Admiral Jack Mattis, thrown into an unfamiliar universe, must now confront the impossible and do the unthinkable in a place very different from his home. New alliances must be forged in the face of powerful new enemies. Strange technologies may hold the key to victory, or hasten Earth’s demise in all timelines. Change is coming and the howling winds of war at his back will drive Admiral Mattis onward toward a final confrontation. One thing is clear: The future is mutable, changeable, malleable. Or is it? Are Mattis’s and Earth’s destinies set in stone? Dark secrets will be revealed, terrifying enemies unleashed, and through it all, the true face of Spectre looms ever closer.


The Last Champion: Book 4 of The Last War Series

The Last Champion: Book 4 of The Last

Admiral Jack Mattis thinks Spectre, humanity's nemesis, has been defeated. And he sacrificed the USS Midway to do it.Now a US Navy pilot has gone missing. A terrorist group kidnaps a dozen infants. Admiral Mattis's own infant grandson is suddenly and mysteriously ill with a sickness no doctor can--or will--diagnose. No one can piece the puzzle together, until from a derelict future-human ship Mattis finally recovers an actual mutant human, come from the future to destroy Spectre himself.Because humanity's greatest nemesis is not dead--he is only now ramping up his plan for galactic domination. And the pieces he sets in motion will force Admiral Mattis to make the unthinkable choice between saving a billion people, or saving his only grandson and a dozen other infants.Spectre must be stopped.And only one champion can stop him. Or die trying.

  • ASIN: B07D7JD4K9

Love Me 'Til My Last Breath: King of Chicago: Box Set: Books 1-3

Love Me 'Til My Last Breath: King of

Book OneMONEY… POWER… RESPECT…These three meaningful words describe what being a kingpin is all about. Couple that with being the king of a major city and you can’t imagine the pressure. For Amon Rivers, the rise is slow but the money is fast.Starting in the game at the tender age of thirteen, Amon goes from rebuilding his associate’s dying empire, to creating a thriving business that makes millions within a year. Like in many situations, with the money comes the women and with the women comes the problems. Although he is well beyond book smart, his young mind must try to grasp the deep comprehension of love. This is when Ty’Keisha comes in and tips the scales.Just when Amon thinks that he has gotten all his female issues under control, he hooks up with his connect who just happens to be an older woman. She possesses all the qualities he needs in order to make him a leader in this game. He has to have her… With Milagros on his side, Amon is determined to take on the new role as King of Chicago. He knows that it is going to be a worthy challenge but what he doesn’t anticipate is what his first love left behind for him. When feelings begin to fade and skeletons start to fall out the closet, what will Amon do? Will he be able to keep the flames high and still be ab...

  • ASIN: B07SB7T1WR
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