L'oreal Paris Visible Lift Blur Foundation, 202 Classic Ivory, 1.3 Fluid Ounce

L'oreal Paris Visible Lift Blur Foundation, 202 Classic

Now a makeup that blurs the look of lines, wrinkles and uneven texture. While it delivers the anti-aging benefits of Visible Lift. For a fresh, smooth youthful finish you'll love. And not a flaw in sight.

  • Color: 202 Classic Ivory
  • Brand: L'Oreal Paris
  • ASIN: B00L77Y2VI
  • UPC: 071249279816

Life Extension Super Omega-3 (Fish Oil) EPA/DHA with Sesame Lignans and Olive Extract, 240 Easy-to-Swallow Softgels

Life Extension Super Omega-3 (Fish Oil) EPA/DHA

The health benefits of eating cold-water fish are robust, yet concerns remain about contaminants found in wild and farm-raised fish. This should not stop consumers from including fish in their diet, as the longevity advantages of consuming cold-water fish instead of foods like beef are substantial. A recent study found that even vegetarians that include some fish in their diet fare better than strict vegetarians. An advantage to higher EPA and DHA fish oil concentrations is smaller sized omega-3 capsules. The addition of this new Alaskan-derived fish oil to the Super Omega-3 supplement group enables the same high-potency EPA/DHA to fit into slightly smaller capsules for easier swallowing. From supporting heart health and brain function to balancing the inflammatory response, there is no debating the broad-spectrum benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. There are hundreds of fish oil supplements on the market. Only one incorporates lifesaving findings to provide omega-3 and olive fruit extracts, along with sesame lignans, in a family of formulas called Super Omega-3. The International Fish Oil Association (IFOS) is an independent organization that tests fish oils to determine their overall safety and quality. A Five-Star Rating indicates fish oils have been tested to meet strict standar...

  • Color: ...
  • Brand: Life Extension
  • ASIN: B006P4B43W
  • UPC: 737870198628

Your Life in Christ: Foundations of Catholic Morality

Your Life in Christ: Foundations of Catholic

(© 2008) The Subcommittee on the Catechism, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, has found that this catechetical high school text is in conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic Church and fulfills the requirements of Core Course VI of the Doctrinal Elements of a Curriculum Framework for the Development of Catechetical Materials for Young People of High School Age.Your Life in Christ: Foundations of Catholic Morality focuses on the essential message of Christ's moral teaching, the importance of love of God and neighbor. The text covers the major points from the "Life in Christ" section of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, pulling together these elements by developing nine essential steps for living a Christian moral life in the Catholic tradition. These steps include:Understanding the nature of being human

  • ASIN: 1594711232

Head Games


  • ASIN: B01K99C7AM


  • Brand: Spectra
  • ASIN: B000FC1PWA

Life Extension Super Omega-3 Plus EPA/DHA With Sesame Lignans, Olive Extract, Krill and Astaxanthin, 120 Softgels

Life Extension Super Omega-3 Plus EPA/DHA With Sesame

Researchers have long known the benefits of the omega-3 fatty acids found in the Mediterranean diet, but now a new branch of research is showing surprising results: omega-3 fatty acids from different sources have complementary benefits throughout the body. As part of our OMEGA FOUNDATIONS line, Super Omega-3 Plus EPA/DHA with Sesame Lignans, Olive Extract, Krill & Astaxanthin provides omega-3 fatty acids from krill oil and fish oil, which together have been shown to provide enhanced support for your cardiovascular system and your brain. Dietary studies suggest that most Americans consume too many pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids relative to the omega-3 fatty acids that are a major component of the Mediterranean diet. Both fish oil and krill oil provide omega-3 fatty acids to help restore the omega-6/omega-3 balance. Research has also shown that consuming omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil results in more rapid uptake into plasma triglyceride and platelet phosopholipids, which provides targeted benefits to the cardiovascular system. Similarly, the omega-3s found in krill oil are incorporated more rapidly into the red blood cell phospholipids, which are quickly absorbed into brain cells. With a natural lemon flavor added to improve taste and palatability, this formula provides b...

  • Color: ...
  • Brand: Life Extension
  • ASIN: B00JPD5ZJ4
  • UPC: 737870198819

An Intentional Life: Five Foundations of Authenticity & Purpose

An Intentional Life: Five Foundations of Authenticity &

We hunger for greater purpose and the chance to create positive change in the world. Yet finding that purpose can be difficult in a culture which sometimes discourages meaningful engagement. Fortunately, the transformative practice of intention can help us discover a radically different, deeply rewarding way of life that fosters meaning and purpose. This book is an invaluable guide to intentionality, and offers simple, essential tools for uncovering the most authentic version of you. Comfortably straddling Western psychology and Eastern contemplative traditions, Dr. Lisa Kentgen has helped hundreds of people remove obstacles and make deep and lasting changes. Here, she lays out a groundbreaking method for accessing insight and prompting positive transformation in everyday life.An Intentional Life approaches the question of how to live most authentically in ways both pragmatic and deep. Filled with memorable accounts from Kentgen's work with clients, as well as with helpful exercises and reflections, it articulates a transformational path traveled by practicing intention in five foundational areas: awareness, reflecting, choosing, acting, and allowing. By developing specific practices in each of these core areas, you can direct them to become powerful tools for living.

  • ASIN: B07DPVD8X7

He Who Gives Life: The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit (Foundations of Evangelical Theology)

He Who Gives Life: The Doctrine of the

This comprehensive theology of the Holy Spirit examines and explains the role of the third member of the Trinity.

  • Brand: Crossway Books
  • ASIN: 1581347928

Foundations Angel in Your Life Stone Resin Figurine, 9.25"

Foundations Angel in Your Life Stone Resin Figurine,

Enesco’s Foundations collection illustrates uplifting messages of hope and encouragement inspired by family, faith, and home. Sculpted in timeless styles, these gifts celebrate treasured moments and loved ones. Sometimes angels make appearances in everyday life, sometimes they do so through you. The Angel in Your Life is an artfully designed figurine displaying peaceful elegance in lace textured resin. About Us: Enesco is committed to BRING JOY EVERY DAY. The premier global destination for high-quality giftware, and home décor, our prestigious family of brands includes: Department 56 Village, Gregg Gift, Foundations, Jim Shore Heartwood Creek, Disney Traditions by Jim Shore, Disney Showcase Collection, Disney by Britto, Designs by Lolita, Our Name Is Mud, and many more.

  • Brand: Foundations
  • ASIN: B01MY9BGJ7
  • UPC: 045544928571

Life of a Ghost

Life of a

  • ASIN: B001PE2U3K
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