Lily Pad Fountain Sprays up to 15 inches

Lily Pad Fountain Sprays up to 15

This solar pond fountain includes everything you need, is self contained and needs no installation. It will give you many years of joy.

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Smart Solar
  • ASIN: B0009JDL8U
  • UPC: 840594015123

Superdream Artificial Realistic lily pads Floating Scenery lotus Pods for Pool Decoration Aquarium Fish Pond Water Decorative (Pack of 6, 40 30 20 18 15 10cm)

Superdream Artificial Realistic lily pads Floating Scenery lotus

These are incredibly realistic lily pads. They are perfect for your goldfish pool. The fish love to hide under them and they look very natural. • This Floating leaves will add beauty to any pond, fountain, pool, or even bathtub. • Good pond leaves and great for providing shade for your fish. • Fade-resistant and non-toxic, this Lotus leaves are perfect for your pond. • Each piece is Handcrafted with very realistic finishing. • This floating leaves decoration can last for years in both Salt and Fresh water conditions. • Colorfast in tank, durable and easy to clean.

  • Brand: superdream
  • ASIN: B07261Q7GW

Solarrific G3039 Floating Solar Fountain on a Lily Pad

Solarrific G3039 Floating Solar Fountain on a Lily

No battery or electric wires needed. This product is easy to use, just place it on the water and it will automatically start working within 3 seconds under full, direct sunlight. This floating fountain will add natural beauty to any fish pond, swimming pool, or large water container. It will attract birds and also help create water movement to prevent insect growth, such as mosquitoes. Minimum maintenance required with no maintenance cost such as battery replacement. Additional attachments are included for more options of different water shapes.

  • Color: G3039 Floating Solar Fountain on a Lily Pad
  • Brand: Solarrific
  • ASIN: B00EEEI9N8
  • UPC: 811594013396

Beckett Corporation Solar Lily Lights for Pond

Beckett Corporation Solar Lily Lights for

Beckett Corporation's Solar Lily's add cover by day and provide simple LED lights on each pad by night. No operating costs. Charges by solar power during the day and lights up your pond at night. Provides great evening ambiance to your pond or water feature.

  • Color: Multicolored
  • Brand: Beckett Corporation
  • ASIN: B00G93ZW5U
  • UPC: 052309721674

Solar Powered Floating Lily Pad Water Fountain

Solar Powered Floating Lily Pad Water

  • Brand: Xiong's Trading
  • ASIN: B01GP7NEC2
  • UPC: 674845614557

pond boss DLILYSOL40 Solar Floating Lily Pad fountain

pond boss DLILYSOL40 Solar Floating Lily Pad

The pond boss solar floating lily pad is an eco-conscious approach to providing additional aeration into your pond. The kit is easy to install, 100% energy efficient and operates at no additional cost. The integrated 1.3 solar panel on the top of the lily pad captures the power of the sun and transfers the energy through the pump. The water is pushed through the top of the fountain via any of the four included nozzle heads to aerate your water.

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: pond boss
  • UPC: 871980004544

KelKay F1214107 Ceramic Frog and Lily Pad Bird Bath Fountain

KelKay F1214107 Ceramic Frog and Lily Pad Bird

Ceramic Frog & Lily Pad Bird Bath Fountain . All Kelkay easy fountains are self contained, with no need for a permanent water supply. They are easy to unpack and assemble needing no tools. All fountains come with the appropriate pump and most have safe low voltage LED lights. Most Kelkay fountains are exclusively designed by Kelkay ensuring the consumer has a truly original product. The Bronze Reflection assortment is an elegant and affordable alternative to foundry bronze, sculptured and hand finished to reflect the luster and beauty of bronze. The Stonetouch assortment is hand finished to reflect the texture, color and tones of real stone giving an authentic finish. The Natural assortment of fountains are designed to capture the beautiful detail of wildlife creatures, natural rock and stone. The Statuary assortment brings old world charm to any garden or courtyard. This charming collection of ornamental figures are very popular. The contemporary collection brings a modern twist on classic and elegant designs.

  • Brand: Kelkay
  • ASIN: B00S7ZTQP0

Nature's Garden Lily Pad Metal Fountain, Green

Nature's Garden Lily Pad Metal Fountain,

This tasteful water lily fountain pays homage to nature in earthy shades of russet and aged verdigris. The water cuts a flowing path over the curve of its leaves, filling the room with the delightful euphony of a woodland stream. Its deep, natural colors will bring an elemental sophistication to any room, richly accompanied by the neutral tones of the smooth stones. This fountain will look lovely amongst your indoor plants or in a study. Pick one up as a comforting get-well gift, or uplift the ambiance of your home office with the classic beauty of the water lily.

  • Brand: Nature's Garden
  • ASIN: B00U16VUNY
  • UPC: 763038441039

Pond Plants Decor Floating Water Lily Flowers Pads

Pond Plants Decor Floating Water Lily Flowers

It's the first day of summer. The birds are chirping, the sun is out, and the new water feature in the front of your house provides a tranquil setting. The pond is a beauty, however, the pond is missing one thing. That one thing is the NAVA deal Artificial Floating Flower , which adds vibrant colors and grace to the pond. Our floating flower lotuses are made of soft, flexible and durable Ethylene-vinyl acetate, that does well in any climate. They are a beautiful decor to add to your garden, patio, bird bath or even interior spaces. Great for special events like bar mitzvahs, confirmations, anniversaries, weddings and for the holidays. Our product is designed for multi-purpose use and can be used in both salt and freshwater features. In water features that have fish, it is common for the fish to use them for shelter. You can even use them for bouquets and hair decoration. There is no limit to what these artificial flower can do for you!

  • Brand: Noble Wolf
  • ASIN: B06ZZ51N4Q
  • UPC: 634746916587

Solar-Powered Floating Lily Pad Fountain

Solar-Powered Floating Lily Pad

Aerate your pool or pond by simply drifting this solar-powered fountain across the surface. In direct sunlight it will send a continuous, gentle spray into the air at heights up to seventeen inches.No wiring or operating costs are involved! Plastic design comes with three different fountainheads. Powered with an integral solar panel and low voltage pump with filter.

  • Brand: Wind & Weather
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