Magickal Protection: Defend Against Curses, Gossip, Bullies, Thieves, Demonic Forces, Violence, Threats and Psychic Attack

Magickal Protection: Defend Against Curses, Gossip, Bullies, Thieves,

Having a run of bad luck or feeling cursed? Are you under attack from a bully, a harsh boss or a mean partner?Magickal Protection can shield you from all kinds of psychic attack, mental cruelty and physical violence. It will stop curses, psychic attack and remove all supernatural dangers.You can protect your self, your home, your money, your work and your loved ones, with a series of simple rituals. If you are afraid of violence, robbery, random accidents or personal attacks, make yourself safe with magick.Whether you are dealing with a vicious relative, a subtle aggressor or a truly malicious enemy, this magick can bring you authentic safety.Even if magick is new to you, everything you need to know is included in these pages. Magickal Protection is perfect for beginners, while giving advanced protection to experienced occultists. This angelic magick is completely safe, doing harm to none, but keeping you free from danger.Acclaimed author Damon Brand works with the powerful Gallery of Magick, revealing the most practical secrets of magick.He says, 'There are thousands of reasons why this book can work for you, keeping you safe from strange psychic dangers, or preventing something as ordinary and deadly as a random road accident.'You will discover how to:Use the most powerful bani...

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Wealth Magick: The Secrets of Extreme Prosperity

Wealth Magick: The Secrets of Extreme

In his popular Magickal Cashbook, author Damon Brand taught readers how to attract money in moments. In Wealth Magick, he reveals the closely guarded secrets of the super-rich.The entire operation is made safe by three omnipotent angels who oversee the angels and demons that help you attain your desires. If the thought of working with demons makes you squeamish, try Magickal Riches instead.This book is designed for those who want to focus on long term wealth creation. It is not designed for those in desperate poverty, but for those who can afford to turn their attention to wealth. As you can see from the reviews, it works for those who put the time and effort in, fearlessly. If you are afraid, or unwilling to make the commitment, it's probably not for you.Damon says, 'To be clear, and for the sake of complete honesty, I am not super-rich, but I am extremely wealthy compared to where I was in previous years, and compared to my childhood I feel like a billionaire. To me this is extreme prosperity, because I never have to worry about money, I get to do everything I want to do, go the places I want and own the things I've always dreamed of having.'How rich you become is up to you.Wealth Magick concentrates the best magick into a series of workings that will enable you to attrac...

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Magical House Protection: The Archaeology of Counter-Witchcraft

Magical House Protection: The Archaeology of

Belief in magic and particularly the power of witchcraft was once a deep and enduring presence in popular culture; people created and concealed many objects to protect themselves from harmful magic. Detailed are the principal forms of magical house protection in Britain and beyond from the fourteenth century to the present day. Witch-bottles, dried cats, horse skulls, written charms, protection marks and concealed shoes were all used widely as methods of repelling, diverting or trapping negative energies. Many of these practices and symbols can be found around the globe, demonstrating the universal nature of efforts by people to protect themselves from witchcraft.

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Magickal Attack: Silence, Bind and Crush Your Enemies With The Art of Occult Warfare

Magickal Attack: Silence, Bind and Crush Your Enemies

Let magick set you free from the people who bring you down. Difficult people make life unbearable. Whether you're dealing with a cruel boss, a bully or a gossip, you need freedom and peace. With the dark magick in this book you can silence, bind and curse the people that have made you unhappy. People are jealous, petty and cruel, and their mean-spirited actions are holding you back. Use magick to be untouched by the heartless. The eldest member of The Gallery of Magick, Gordon Winterfield, has a lifetime of experience dealing with troublesome people. He says, 'You can turn the other cheek, but why should you? It is your divine right to remove people who get in the way of your true will.' Using angels and demons, Magickal Attack gives you a fast, safe way to take control of those who try to run your life. Winterfield goes on to say, 'If you have courage, you have the opportunity to use magick to go on the attack and silence those who would spread lies; bind those who would spread malice; crush those who would do you harm.' The magick presented here is unique. Derived from tradition and refined in the furnace of experience, these dark workings have never been made public before. Without any complicated ceremonies, Winterfield has developed a magickal system that gets your comm...


Praesidium: A Handbook of Magical Defense and Protection

Praesidium: A Handbook of Magical Defense and

A modern grimoire featuring historical English folk magic, powerful charms, ancient prayers, and effective praxis. "Praesidium" means defense, protection, and aid when translated from Latin, and that is what this book of magic is about. Within Praesidium the reader will find rituals, spells, charms, prayers, and methods which spark the imagination and tap into the power of the mind. These works of magic range from simple to complex, and ancient to modern. They are collected from a variety of pre-existing magical methods, and original material from Austin Shippey's personal grimoire. Praesidium teaches the art of the clay image, the witch bottle, the protective circle, candle spells and protective charms, cleansing, binding, and unique magical charms which you won't find anywhere else. Includes:-the signs and symptoms of a curse-the energy and feeling behind a curse-the clay or waxen image and its creation-circles of protection and banishment-the witch bottle and its creation-written and spoken charms for protection-the use of spiritual baths for cleansing-the making of holy water-how to consecrate a magical knife or "athame"-recovering from harmful magic-binding an enemy and restraining them from causing harm-sending a curse back to the person who cast itand more.For the averag...

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Magical Rituals for Protection

Magical Rituals for

This is a book of easy-to-do spells to obtain protection. These traditional rituals and information have been used by practitioners for many generations. They have helped scores of people to protect themselves from everything.

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Sigils and Talismans of The Gallery of Magick: Printed Sigils and Talismans For Magickal Workers

Sigils and Talismans of The Gallery of Magick:

This book contains over 115 sigils, seals and talismans, from the following Damon Brand books: The 72 Angels of Magick, Magickal Riches, Magickal Protection and Magickal Cashbook. It is only of use to you if you are familiar with these works. Please note that it does not contain images from all Damon Brand books, but only the four mentioned above.Each image is printed on its own page (with nothing on the back), so you can use them easily in rituals.You can photocopy the images, use them directly in the book or even cut up the book and use the sigils in your magickal work. Images that contain color - such as the red central seal on the seventy-two angelic sigils - have been printed with color. The Master Money Talisman from Magickal Riches is also presented here in color.This book is not essential for students of Damon Brand, but was requested by many readers, and should be thought of as a luxury for those who want high-quality, physical copies of the images.

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Occult Magick: Cast Spells for Protection, Prosperity, Health, and to Attack your Enemies

Occult Magick: Cast Spells for Protection, Prosperity, Health,

Occult Magick is a system for crafting powerful spells that will transform your life, your actions, and your self into their most potent versions. It can be used to attract wealth, maintain health, provide protection, and unleash devastating attacks. Drawing from a blend of witchcraft, chaos theory, hermetic rituals, and indigenous sorcery this book is your manual for no-nonsense results based magick.You will discover:Mechanics of wielding magickMagickal Zones that reveal the occult forces at work in our livesSpells of Prosperity, Protection, Healing, and AttackSecrets of Black MagickA formula for the creation of your own spellsInsights into sacred space, ethics, servitor creation, and moreThis book has been created to serve you as a guide and a tool on your journey through this magickal life, please consider this my contribution to the enrichment of you as an occult force in your own right.


Magickal Servitors: Create Your Own Spirits to Attract Pleasure, Power and Prosperity

Magickal Servitors: Create Your Own Spirits to Attract

With servitor magick you create a spirit using your mind, heart and soul, to serve your deepest needs. Servitor magick is used to attract money, love and luck, inspire art and writing, encourage loyalty and passion, increase popularity and fame, and repel curses and attacks.Magick will make people see you in a new light. It can protect you, end bad luck, open new opportunities and direct change in whatever way you want. If you have a need, it can be served through magick. This is the most personal magick, and it can reward you with extreme pleasure, and the ability to attract prosperity in all areas of your life. There are countless books and free websites that will tell you how to create a servitor. This book contains two major secrets discovered by The Gallery of Magick. These secrets are embedded within the fabric of this process. The magick is designed to be easy for beginners as well as experienced occultists. All you need is an open mind and the willingness to work with the instructions. You will be pleasantly surprised by the way reality yields to the power of your magick. You will discover: * How to create spirits that are easy to contact and effortless to command. * Servitors that grow and change with your needs. * Magick for long-term, repeating results. * S...

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Magic Tree House Boxed Set, Books 1-28

Magic Tree House Boxed Set, Books

The #1 bestselling chapter book series of all time celebrates 25 years with new covers and a new, easy-to-use numbering system!This boxed set is the ultimate gift for any Magic Tree House fan. When Jack and Annie discover a mysterious tree house filled with books, they never dream that it will take them on exciting adventures around the world and throughout history! The story begins with Dinosaurs Before Dark, when Jack and Annie are whisked back to the prehistoric past. With a total of twenty-eight adventures, kids will never get tired of traveling the world and completing missions with their new friends Jack and Annie.   Books in this set include: Dinosaurs Before Dark (#1), The Knight at Dawn (#2), Mummies in the Morning (#3), Pirates Past Noon (#4), Night of the Ninjas (#5), Afternoon on the Amazon (#6), Sunset of the Sabertooth (#7), Midnight on the Moon (#8), Dolphins at Daybreak (#9), Ghost Town at Sundown (#10), Lions at Lunchtime (#11), Polar Bears Past Bedtime (#12), Vacation Under the Volcano (#13), Day of the Dragon King (#14), Viking Ships at Sunrise (#15), Hour of the Olympics (#16), Tonight on the Titanic (#17), Buffalo Before Breakfast (#18), Tigers at Twilight (#19), Dingoes at Dinnertime (#20), Civil War on Sunday (#21), Revolutionary War on Wednesday (#22), T...

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The Overstory: A Novel

The Overstory: A

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21 Spells for Protection: A Magical Reference for Personal Security (21 Spells Series Book 2)

21 Spells for Protection: A Magical Reference for

Continuing in the tradition of the original "spell book" texts, Boudica presents us with the second book in her 21 Spells Series, combining story, spellwork and personal experience. Concentrating on spells for protection this time, Boudica focuses on individuals who find themselves in need of various kinds of security. Boudica combines the practical mundane work with that special magical push to make the situations a little bit safer, a bit more comfortable or extraordinarily secure. Among the spells included are how to protect your pets, how to create personal magical sigils, home and office protection, blending protection oils, basic cleansing spells and how to deal with psychic vampires. Boudica works not just with pagans but also with others of various spiritualities, so the workings are diverse and will fit nicely into any spiritual belief system. These are spells most people can do easily. We do the mundane to protect our homes, our family and friends and our jobs, but this is not always enough. Adding a little magic and some intervention from our gods can be just the extra you need to feel safe and secure in many situations.


Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

Harry Potter And The Order Of The

  • Brand: Arthur A. Levine Books
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Protection Spells: Clear Negative Energy, Banish Unhealthy Influences, and Embrace Your Power

Protection Spells: Clear Negative Energy, Banish Unhealthy Influences,

Banish bad energy, ward off unpleasant people, and defend your stuff, your spirit and your space with this spellbook focused specifically on protection.With over 100 spells for protection and defense, and a glossary of protective symbols, stones, and other objects to keep on hand, this book can help you cleanse your room and cast out old negative energies, put a protective and peace-preserving bubble around yourself as you ride the bus, deflect grumpiness and negativity from people you work with—and so much more!

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The Magical Shield: Protection Magic to Ward Off Negative Forces

The Magical Shield: Protection Magic to Ward Off

Neutralize the forces of darkness with holistic security magic Protect yourself against psychic attacks, energy vampires, curses, and bewitchments. The practices in this book will work no matter what your personal beliefs or convictions. With creative approaches to extremely powerful magic, these easy-to-read teachings will show you how to work with: Sigils Mantras Mudras Rituals Spiritual allies Protective entities Bodily awareness Habits Negotiation Self-assertiveness Mental models You don't have to commit to any specific religious or philosophical beliefs in order to conquer the negative energies and intentions that exist in our world. Simple to apply in everyday life with no previous experience necessary, these techniques will help you grow your spiritual awareness and develop powerful protection for the mind, body, and spirit.

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