ThermoGem FIR Photon Bio Magnetic Mat - 32"L x 20"W Mini Pad - Natural Amethyst + Tourmaline Jade - Adjustable Far Infrared Heating 86-158°F & PEMF Frequency 1-30 Hz - Red Light -FDA Reg Manufacturer

ThermoGem FIR Photon Bio Magnetic Mat - 32"L

ThermoGem FIR Photon Bio Magnetic Mat is made under the strict quality control of U.S. company by the ten years old FDA & CE registered factoryTop 10 reasons to choose us over competitors1. Buy Directly from the American Company, Trusted Amazon Seller & Qualified Importer. Our family team specializes in online sales to maintain low operating expenses passed on as savings to our customers2. Get the top specs product with an advanced Zero EMF heating system3. No smells or off-gassing. Mesh fabric fixes crystals without glue by artisan sewing process4. Three types of Natural Gems Amethyst, Jade, Tourmaline & Ceramic Tourmaline Hexagons synergy healing powers5. This Mat outperforms ALL previous generations by the two additional functions:660 Nm Red Light for skin & collagen 1-30 Hz PEMF "battery recharger for our sells" with 13 auto programs & manual selection of pulsed magnetism frequency.6. New Safety Feature auto-decreases temperature to 115°F(45°C) after 3.5 hours protecting you from dehydration7. The Mat comes with two FREE covers. Tan 3-D Pad for body support evenly distributes pressure from the mat's hot stones ribs easing sleeping & long sessions. Multilayer Waterproof Cover protects both the top & bottom of the mat from sweat & spills8. Full 1-Year Warranty with free shipp...

  • Color: Amethyst - Jade - Tourmaline - Pemf Bio Magnetic - Photon Red Light - Tan
  • Brand: MediCrystal
  • UPC: 791082943179

Imagine This Paw Car Magnet, Therapy Dog on Board, 5-1/2-Inch by 5-1/2-Inch

Imagine This Paw Car Magnet, Therapy Dog on

Car Magnet- Different Sayings Printed on magnetic material. They can be placed on anything metallic, including mailboxes and refrigerators.

  • Brand: Imagine This
  • ASIN: B0068H99YW
  • UPC: 729173904068

Promagnet Magnetic Therapy Standard Travel Pad

Promagnet Magnetic Therapy Standard Travel

Our Magnetic Therapy Mattress Pads and pillow pads contain powerful ceramic ferrite magnets (manufacturer's gauss rating of 3650 - 3950 per magnet Bio-North negative facing the body). The damask quilted mattress pad fits on top of your mattress and under your fitted sheet to project a north-pole field along your entire body. It has been our experience after 22 years of manufacturing, that Ceramic Magnets create the best sleep environment. Our strategically placed magnets coupled with magnet size allows for optimum performance of magnetic lines of flux to penetrate up into the body. Studies have shown that Magnetic Therapy is suggested to help improve sleep patterns, increase energy levels, improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and is suggested to soothe aches and discomfort. We at ProMagnet make no medicals claims to the benefits of using magnetic therapy. Please note: This product is personal in nature, therefore we cannot accept any returns or exchanges if you have pets or animals or if anyone in your home is a smoker. For non smokers and non pet owners we offer a 45-day money back guarantee. Your return must be received within 45 days from the date of your invoice. Please click on "view shipping rates and policies". ProMagnet offers a one year manufacturing warranty agains...

  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: ProMagnet
  • ASIN: B00I52GADG
  • UPC: 700115328722

Magnetic Therapy Dog or Cat Pet Collar (Large)

Magnetic Therapy Dog or Cat Pet Collar

They may not be able to tell you in words but you can tell when your pet is suffering from muscle and joint pain, stress or anxiety. Our magnetic pet collars are highly effective for keeping your pet pain free and well adjusted. Magnets are sewn into high quality collars in four adjustable sizes. Before ordering it is recommended that you either measure the distance around your pets neck or more simply measure their current collar from the buckle to the buckle hole that fits the pet in order to make sure you get the right size in accordance with the size chart on our web site. •Magnetic Material: Grade 8 Ceramic •Manufacturer's Rating: 4000 Gauss •Surface gauss: 800 Gauss (each magnet) •Penetration: 4" (10 cm) •Polarity: North Pole (-) •Brand: Serenity2000

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: SERENITY2000
  • ASIN: B004FQSCP0
  • UPC: 645947300075

ProExl Copper Magnetic Therapy Dog Collars Made to Measure in Solid Copper with Magnets (22 inches)

ProExl Copper Magnetic Therapy Dog Collars Made to

Our solid Copper dog collars are an effective natural pain relief. The copper collar also has four 1700 gauss neodymium rare earth magnets that will help to relieve the symptoms of arthritis. Copper has been used for medical purposes for thousands of years. The copper is absorbed through the skin and is chelated to another compound that exerts anti-inflammatory actions. It is common for elderly dogs to suffer from arthritis. Certain breeds of dog are more likely to develop arthritis than other breeds, especially if the breed is large such as a German Shepherd or Labrador. Dogs that are overweight tend to develop arthritis due to the extra weight on their joints and conditions such as hip dysplasia and patellar subluxation cause cartilage erosion that aggravates arthritis. We recommend using them alongside their normal collar as copper is not strong enough to use as a lead collar. Common symptoms to look for are: Reduced activity- Limping- Difficulty getting up from a lying down position- Difficulty jumping up on things- Chewing or licking at joints- Difficulty climbing stairs- As these are MADE TO MEASURE you will have to measure your dogs neck and choose the correct size. When measuring please leave 2-3 fingers behind the measuring tape to give a more comfortable fit.

  • Color: copper
  • Brand: ProExl
  • ASIN: B011P09QNA
  • UPC: 646437292597

HealFast Therapy Square Patch Reduces Pain and Swelling from Dysplasia, Tendonitis, Sprains, and Wounds

HealFast Therapy Square Patch Reduces Pain and Swelling

HealFast Therapy Patches are a breakthrough new method for delivering proven electro-medical healing in a safe, convenient patch. PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) is a therapy that has been used for generations to treat swelling and muscle injuries in human. Traditionally the therapy could only be administered in clinics using expensive machines. Now the HealFast PEMF Patch brings that healing to a convenient wearable patch sized for horses and large pets. A primary cause of pain is the swelling of the tissues associated with inflammation. Swelling mechanically disrupts nerve endings producing acute pain, and also in cellular secretion of pain-producing substances, which result in pain in the inflamed region. By reducing the swelling and stimulating sensor neurons HealFast Therapy quickly relieves pain from a wide variety of conditions. How HealFast Therapy Works HealFast Therapy uses modulated radio frequency (RF) to induce a low-frequency electric field in the tissue. Because HealFast Therapy is placed right on the skin, we are able to use a lower energy field than traditional machines. HealFast Therapy units emit a 27.1 MHz RF shortwave modulated at 1 KHz using 100-microsecond pulses. The RF waves create an induced electrical field in the damaged tissue in an eddy pattern ...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: HealFast Therapy
  • ASIN: B002XZY90C
  • UPC: 858513000136

Silver Tails Non-Invasive Dogs and Cats Magnetic Therapy Collar, Small

Silver Tails Non-Invasive Dogs and Cats Magnetic Therapy

These powerful magnetic collars slip right over your pet's existing collar. It is believed that magnets can help increase blood flow to sore or diseased tissue supplying more nutrients and oxygen to affected area speeding the healing process. Potential benefits include: Improved circulation, increased energy and pain relief. Natural non-invasive, safe therapy for dogs and cats. Powerful, flexible 500 gauss magnets. Avaliable in small size.

  • Color: beige
  • Brand: Silver Tails
  • ASIN: B005BV26B4
  • UPC: 883803038605

OMI PulsePad PEMF Battery Powered Portable Local Applicator Pad

OMI PulsePad PEMF Battery Powered Portable Local Applicator

The OMI PEMF Therapy Pad is for professional or home use. Please Note: This device is battery operated only. (4 AAA Batteries Included) What are the primary uses for this device? The OMI PEMF Therapy Pad is used for assistance with a wide variety of health concerns. Some of the most common uses for the Pulse Pad include: Minor Pain Relief, Stress Relief, Reduced Inflammation and Increased Circulation. What part of the body is it used for? The OMI PEMF Therapy Pulse Pad is designed for use with any local body application. How big is it? It measures a little over 6 X 10 inches across in the center. It is soft but not flexible. How strong is the pulse? The OMI PEMF Therapy Pulse Pad provides a field strength between 20 and 30 Microtesla. What waveform does it have? The OMI PEMF Therapy Pulse Pad uses square wave. The pulses from this device are from the applicator side of the pad which provide direct nerve or cell stimulation for specific areas.


BEST Pain Relief Therapy Dog Collar with Magnets for Arthritis & Joint pain Helps IMPROVE HEALTH for LONGER walks - NON INVASIVE and COMFORTABLE Healing BOOST - SAFE Magnetic Pet Therapy - Blue

BEST Pain Relief Therapy Dog Collar with Magnets

BENEFITS:This dog collar is embedded with magnets that may help IMPROVE blood circulation, REDUCE pain, HELP joint pains, and REDUCE inflammation. Meaning more MOBILITY and ENERGY for longer walks and MORE exercise. MAGNETIC THERAPY:Magnetic therapy is an alternative medicine practice that involves the use of magnets to aid the body's natural magnetic fields. The rare-earth magnets in this collar helps increase circulation and boosts healing. Magnet pet therapy is a safe aid for any pet experiencing pain from injuries or diseases such as arthritis. FEATURES:The Adore Pet Magnet Therapy Collar is made of TOUGH and DURABLE nylon material that is meant to last. It's also adjustable, meaning any dog with the size range can ROCK this collar! The NEOPRENE padded backing of the collar was designed to provide an ULTRA-COMFORTABLE fit and feel. WHYBUY FROM US?:We are a small, family-based company in the United States that not only cares and puts you as a top priority, but puts your pets and their well being matter to us DEARLY. That's why we have products such as this, because we care about the life of your dog, and the love you and your best friend(s) share. WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT?:When you order the Adore Pet Dog Collar TODAY,you can expect an even more PLAYFUL and ENERGIZED pup.  ...

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Adore Pet
  • ASIN: B012HQ31GY
  • UPC: 656727778519

Thyroid Support Complex with Iodine - Energy, Metabolism & Focus Formula - Vegetarian, Soy & Gluten Free - 'Feel Like Your Old Self Again'

Thyroid Support Complex with Iodine - Energy, Metabolism

Symptoms of an underactive thyroid may include: Weight gain, depression, dry skin and hair, feeling tired or fatigued, joint pain, aches, pain or stiffness, and increased sensitivity to cold. Zhou Nutrition's Thyroid Support combines ancient wisdom with modern research and includes the following ingredients: L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that plays a key role in the production of the thyroid hormones Thyroxine and Triiodothyronine. Some individuals are unable to naturally produce sufficient levels of L-Tyrosine and must obtain it from outside sources. Iodine plays a vital role in the formation of thyroid hormones. Both Kelp and Bladder wrack provide naturally occurring levels of iodine. Schizandra and Ashwagandha are herbs have been used for centuries in Chinese Tradition. They are thought to have a beneficial impact on individuals with an underactive thyroid. Cayenne is a spice known for its potential benefits in helping to increase circulation ensuring that essential nutrients are effectively distributed throughout the body. Copper, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Selenium and Zinc are essential minerals crucial for the production of thyroid hormones and thyroid function. Vitamin B-12 also plays several extremely important roles in the body, including normal thyroid function. I...

  • Brand: Zhou Nutrition
  • ASIN: B00S8PW6P6
  • UPC: 637769765873

Pet Creations Magnetic Therapy Holistic Dog Collar Medium, Red

Pet Creations Magnetic Therapy Holistic Dog Collar Medium,

Magnetic Therapy is a Holistic Remedy that has been used for thousands of years on humans. It works by orienting blood to it's natural state of a North Pole orientation. This happens naturally in Nature and works to keep us healthy. When we are hurt our blood switches to a South Pole orientation. This allows the blood to move rapidly to specific areas of the body. Blood in it's natural North Pole orientation is properly oxygenated, removes wastes, toxins and increases overall circulation. This system works by having strategically placed Magnetic Therapy Magnets into your pets collar. When blood passes through the Magnetic field it is reoriented to it's proper North Pole orientation. Along with the Magnetic Therapy collar, proper pet care is still required. The Magnetic Therapy collar along with regular bathing, grooming and exercise will substantially reduce Shedding of your Pet, and help Alleviate Chronic Pain which promotes the general Wellness of your pet.

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Pet Creations
  • UPC: 836455003118

OMI Ring PEMF Therapy Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy System Similar to Medithera iMRS Bemer QRS

OMI Ring PEMF Therapy Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field

OMI Ring

  • ASIN: B01HYSJF88

Comfy Brace Arthritis Hand Compression Gloves - Comfy Fit, Fingerless Design, Breathable & Moisture Wicking Fabric - Alleviate Rheumatoid Pains, Ease Muscle Tension, Relieve Carpal Tunnel Aches(Large)

Comfy Brace Arthritis Hand Compression Gloves - Comfy

Improve Hand Functions The Most Natural Way Possible! Put Your ComfyBrace Arthritis Gloves On! Enjoy ... ... a pain free life. ... better finger mobility. ... enhanced movement. ... less constriction and more hand freedom. ... your hands like you should, with the ultimate pair of arthritis gloves. Do not leave anything at chance. Do not let everyday tasks become unbearable, difficult and painful. Gain control over your hands again with these compression gloves. Manage pain without any harsh medications. We've got you covered. Support Your Aching Fingers & Hands! Eliminate Pains & Discomfort! If you feel the need to support your hands when you play tennis, type on a computer, do some gardening, cut veggies for lunch or tidy the laundry, then these open finger tip gloves are here for you. These compression gloves represent the perfect image of ergonomics, easiness and comfort. Just put them on to alleviate pains and keep your joints still. The minimal stitching and excellent craftsmanship make them super comfortable. The elastic, lightweight and soft fabric cuddles your hands just like a pair of custom made gloves! When you are done using, you can toss them in the washing machine and let it do the rest. Worry no more about lost compression, seams coming loose and stitching falling ...

  • Brand: ComfyBrace
  • UPC: 713289446918

Back on Track Therapeutic Mesh Dog Blanket Medium - 59

Back on Track Therapeutic Mesh Dog Blanket Medium

Back on Track Therapeutic Mesh Dog Blanket The Mesh Dog Blanket was designed with all dogs in mind: young, old, hard-working athletes, or the family pet. Every dog can benefit from the natural warmth therapy this blanket provides. Made of a breathable mesh material, the inside is lined with state-of-the-art Welltex fabric containing ceramic powder. The ceramic reflects your dog's natural body warmth and creates a soothing far infrared thermal warmth. This gentle warmth therapy increases blood circulation and may help reduce inflammation, eliminating many of your dog's aches and pains so he or she remains comfortable and active. This blanket is ideal for both prevention and injury recovery. This lightweight blanket may be used during the summer, between competition events, layered under another blanket, after bathing, or when rain has dampened your dog's fur. Lacing at the front of the blanket allows for adjustability, while the attached wrap-around belly strap keeps the blanket in place with opening for a leash and your dog's tail. It even has reflectors on each side for enhanced visibility. Note: Back on Track products are not to be confused with magnetic therapy. Not for use on pregnant dogs. Features: Ceramic powder reflects the dog's body warmth and provides natural warmth th...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Back on Track
  • ASIN: B007ZV5N4U

Simien Tennis Elbow Brace (2-Count), Tennis & Golfer's Elbow Pain Relief with Compression Pad, Wrist Sweatband and E-Book

Simien Tennis Elbow Brace (2-Count), Tennis & Golfer's

Get Some Relief For Your Tennis Elbow Pain! The best elbow brace/forearm band on the market that helps with: - Tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, computer or mouse elbow, rower's or rowing elbow, fishing elbow, pool or billiard elbow, luggage elbow, hammer elbow, weightlifting elbow. - Repetitive stress motion injuries like lateral epicondylitis, elbow tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis. - Amazing armband for Crossfit, weightlifters, basketball, badminton, squash and racquetball players. - Pain relief for elbow hyperextension. Can also be used for construction workers who engage in repetitive arm motions. Superior Value and Quality - UNIQUE - Only product on the market that contains two elbow braces, wristband and an Ebook - AMAZING VALUE - You can't find a better price for a high quality product! - EFFECTIVE - Protects your elbow and forearm from nagging pain. Get your BONUS Ebook with your purchase! GUARANTEED TO LAST or your money back! Get Pain Relief Now and Click "Add To Cart" at the Top of this Page.

  • Color: Original Version
  • Brand: Simien
  • UPC: 820103126229
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