Aven 17010 Adjustable Circuit Board Holder

Aven 17010 Adjustable Circuit Board

The Adjustable Circuit Board Holder is ideal for clamping PCB for soldering, desoldering or rework. It features 2 adjustable grips on a retractable stand to accommodate various board sizes up to 198mm wide and up to 4mm thick. The adjustable clamps allow the PCB to rotate 360 degrees and stay set in any position. The base of this rigid metal stand features four rubber feet to ensure stability.

  • Brand: Aven
  • UPC: 766955340485

uxcell 9x15cm Double Sided Universal Printed Circuit Board for DIY Soldering 2pcs

uxcell 9x15cm Double Sided Universal Printed Circuit Board

SpecificationsFeature : Double-SidedDimension : 90 x 150mm / 3.54 x 5.91 inch(L*W) Hole ( row x column ) : 67 x 97Material : glass fiber FR-4Thickness : approx. 1.6mmHole Pitch : approx. 1.27 mmHole Diameter : approx. 0.6 mmMounting Hole Diameter : approx. 4 mmColor : Green Basic,Silver Tone Package content:2 pcs x Universal PCB Board

  • Brand: uxcell
  • ASIN: B07FK6BKM2

uxcell 12x18cm Single Sided Universal Paper Printed Circuit Board Thickness 1.2mm for DIY Soldering Brown 2pcs

uxcell 12x18cm Single Sided Universal Paper Printed Circuit

SpecificationsDimension : 12x18 cm / 4.7x7.1 inch (W x L)Hole ( row  x column ) : 60 x 44Material : FR-1 94HB bakeliteMetal:CopperedThickness : approx. 1.2mmHole Pitch : approx. 2.54 mmHole Diameter : approx. 1 mmMounting Hole Diameter : approx. 3 mmColor : brown basic,brown tonePackage content:2 pcs x Universal PCB Board

  • Brand: uxcell
  • ASIN: B07DJY2RH9

Adjustable PCB Printed Circuit Board Soldering and Assembly Holder Frame / Rotisserie, spring-clamp, with rotation-lock

Adjustable PCB Printed Circuit Board Soldering and Assembly

PCB Frame This frame will hold standard PCBs between 2 clamps for easy assembly and soldering. The rotisserie setup allows the board to be turned without removing it from the spring-loaded clamp, but it can also be locked using the set-knob. Simply insert the PCB and rotate it to have the component side up, insert one or more components and then just rotate the board in the rotisserie, solder the components and rotate it again to place additional components. There is no need to remove the board between each round because the clamps allow for easy rotation (which can be locked down). The unit will accomodate boards of varying width by moving one or both of the uprights along the bar, all the way up to 9 inch wide PCBs.

  • Brand: Zhongdi
  • ASIN: B01709B0PW
  • UPC: 724716211030

PanaVise 333 Rapid Assembly Circuit Board Holder

PanaVise 333 Rapid Assembly Circuit Board

Circuit Board Holder, Base Type Weighted, Jaw Width 5/16 In. , Max. Opening 12 In. , Throat Depth 6-3/16 In. , Jaw Face V-Grooved, Jaw Material Cast Aluminum, Material Composite, Swivel Angle 360 Degrees , Overall Length 12-1/4 In. , Overall Width 14 In. , Overall Height 20-1/2 In. , Features (8) Rotating Adjustment Positions at the Head, Six Positive Lock Positions in the Vertical Plane and Variable Height Adjustment, Notches to Hold Small Parts

  • Brand: Panavise
  • ASIN: B000SSR8FY
  • UPC: 729315333008

Atwood 93865 Potted Circuit Board with Fuse

Atwood 93865 Potted Circuit Board with

Water Heater Repair parts. Potted Circuit Board. With Fuse.

  • Brand: Atwood
  • ASIN: B0007XU4EC
  • UPC: 019372803720

Drillpro Mini Micro Hand Drill Bit with 10 Twist Drills Rotary Tools

Drillpro Mini Micro Hand Drill Bit with 10

Features For aluminum Hand Drill hobby Mini wood hand drill chuck for jewelry tool micro twist bit Precise, Accurate and Efficient Suitable for wood, plastic,rubber,model and others material to drilling hole. Do not fit steel, iron,stone,such hard things Perfect for Drilling Wood,Jin Gang,Linden,Horn,Amber,Olive,Walnut,Plastic and other materials. Specifications Material: Aluminium Alloy Size£º Color £ºBlack Chuck Clamping Range:0.3-3.2mm High precision,can clip 0.3 -3.2mm drill bit. 10pcs Mini Twist Drill Bits Material: High Speed Steel suitable for PCB, crafts, jewelry, watch making Mini Micro Drill Bit Set Pcb Hobby Micro HSS High Speed Steel Straight shank Twist Drill Bits Mini Drill Bits,Electric Drill Power Tools Package included: 1 X Hand Drill 10 pcs wist Drills

  • Brand: DRILLPRO

Tabiger Soldering Iron Kit 60W 110V-Adjustable Temperature Welding Soldering Iron with Tool Carry Case

Tabiger Soldering Iron Kit 60W 110V-Adjustable Temperature Welding

Why do you choose us: 1.Tabiger welding soldering iron kit comes with adjustable soldering iron, solder wire, 5 interchangeable soldering heads, desoldering pump, anti-static tweezers, Y stand, and sponge. The soldering kit is an excellent kit for home use, hobbyists, DIY solderers, enthusiasts, novice, classes. 2. There are 5 interchangeable soldering tips to match all your soldering needs. 3.The tool case can avoid getting hurt by these sharp tools. How to solder: 1.Prepare solder and soldering iron; Specially, it's necessary to keep the tip clean, which should be coated with solder. 2. Please wet the sponge before using. 3. Use the soldering iron to heat the weldment, such as PCB leads and pads, and keep the weldment heated evenly. 4. When the temperature is high enough, put the solder wire close to the joint, the solder will melt and flow freely. 5. Please remove the solder wire when the tin is enough. 6. Take away the soldering iron in a direction approximately 45°and power off. 7. Don't pull the soldering iron tip outward and use it in that way, which will shorten the heating element life. Specification  Work voltage: 110V Power: 60W Temp range: 200 ~ 450℃ Tips model: 900M series Tweezer: ESD-15, length 4.7 inches Y stand: steel Desoldering pump: plastic and aluminum al...

  • Color: 11-in-1
  • Brand: Tabiger
  • ASIN: B01H1IFT54

KESTER SOLDER 32117 24-6040-0027 60/40 Stand, 0.031" Diameter,"44", 1.5"

KESTER SOLDER 32117 24-6040-0027 60/40 Stand, 0.031" Diameter,"44",

Kester ""44"" 60/40 Solder Rosin ""44"" Is A High Activity Ra Core Flux Designed For Excellent Instant Wetting Action, Even On Nickel Surfaces. Although ""44"" Is A Ra-Based Material, The Residues Are Non-Corrosive If Not Cleaned. Per J-Std-004, ""44"" Is Classified As Rom1 Flux.• Type: Wire• Alloy: 60/40 (60% Tin, 40% Lead)• Description/Function: Wire Solder• Diameter: 0.031" (1.57 Mm)• Core Size: 66• Contains Lead: Yes• Package Type: Spool• Weight: 1 Lb Also Available In Diameter Size 0.062"".

  • Brand: Kester Solder
  • ASIN: B00068IJPO
  • UPC: 768249061861

MG Chemicals 422B Silicone Modified Conformal Coating, 55 ml Bottle

MG Chemicals 422B Silicone Modified Conformal Coating, 55

Ideal for high temperature environments. Silicone Conformal Coating (422B) is a flexible finish product that provides a protective coating for printed circuit boards against moisture, corrosion, and thermal shock. It protects and insulates electrical and electronic components and assemblies, including generators, motors, transformers, relays, and solenoid coils. For spraying, liquid can be thinned using M.G. Thinner Cleaner. Thin up to one half part thinner to one part coating. Best results will be obtained by applying to thoroughly cleaned and dried parts or materials. It is essential that surfaces be free of any trace of grease or organic substances. At room temperature, the product will tack free in approximately 5-7 minutes, and full cure will be achieved in approximately 48 hours. Curing may be accelerated by applying moderate heat with either a convection oven or infrared lamps. We recommend curing in a convection oven at 65 degree C for one hour, but other temperature and time combinations can work well. Heat curing will improve the physical strength of this coating. ROHS Compliant.

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: MG Chemicals
  • ASIN: B008O9YIV6
  • UPC: 785525284240

Malibu 600 Watt Power Pack with Sensor Photo Cell and Weather Shield for Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Spotlight Outdoor Transformer 120V Input 12V Output 8100-0600-01

Malibu 600 Watt Power Pack with Sensor Photo

The Malibu 600 Watt Power Pack is a high-quality transformer built to withstand harsh outdoor elements. The Malibu 600 provides safe and steady power for up-to twenty standard 30-watt light bulbs. Malibu transformers are able to reduce household electrical current output from 110 volts to a much safer 12 volts output, providing a safer more practical electrical current level. Malibu transformers are easily installed making it perfect for do-it-yourself projects.Malibu transformers come with a digital reading, automatic timer, and clock controls facilitating easy light automation. Our transformers range in power from 45 to 900 watts.Total watts of light bulb * number of light bulbs = Minimum transformer size.A standard bulb requires 30 watts of power. If you have 10 30-watt bulbs needing power, you will need at least a 300-watt transformer30-watt light bulb * 10 light bulbs = 300 minimum transformer size.We recommend purchasing at least 100 watts more than your calculated minimum transformer size. Once you discover how easy it is to install/complete lighting projects, you may wish to add additional lights using the same transformer. We have a wide selection of high-quality lighting products and it is amazing how much your outdoor space improves after installation. Please browse th...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Malibu C
  • ASIN: B0057ZOSGU
  • UPC: 859794006206

10Pcs PCB Print Circuit Board Carbide Micro Drill Bits 0.3mm to 1.2 mm

10Pcs PCB Print Circuit Board Carbide Micro Drill

Zuela drills are perfect for delicate drilling through hard materials for model engineering, jewelry repairs, craft, archeology and scientific laboratory work Ideal for drilling through PCB, printed circuit boards. Because, printed circuit boards require a tough micro drill and our tungsten carbide drills range will outperform similar HSS drill bits. Specifications: Material: Carbide (tungsten steel) Diameter: 0.3mm/0.4mm/0.5mm/0.6mm/0.7mm/0.8mm/0.9mm/1.0mm/1.1mm/1.2mm Shank Diameter: 3.175mm Total lenght: 38mm Fit for: PCB drilling machines, engraving machine, CNC and high precision special drilling equipment. Quantity: 10 pieces Summary of Features: Large drill bit chip space, chip resistance,Chip smooth, small drilling heat, reduce smear. Drill has a large scraps discharge space,little resietance and smoothly during the scraps dischange. Using high quaility materials and fine grinding process makes bit more sharp cutting edge,reduce cutting force and broken drill and improve the quality of hole wall. Cutting edge strictly symmetrical: beneficial and efficient cutting, avoid offset drilling. Carbide PCB CNC Drill Bits replacements for your CNC machines and any Handheld tool: Dremel, Jewelry. Package Includes: 1x Case (0.3-1.2mm) Drill Bit

  • Brand: Couldnt find
  • UPC: 522241115522

Soldering Iron Kit Electronics 60W Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron, 5pcs Soldering Iron Tips, Solder, Rosin, Solder Wick, Stand and Other Soldering Kits in Portable Toolbox

Soldering Iron Kit Electronics 60W Adjustable Temperature Soldering

Note: 1. When the soldering iron is plugged in for the first time, there will come out a smoke from the tip end. The smoke will stop in a short while and a smoke would never come out again. 2. The soldering iron stand which comes with this kit, gives you the PROTECTION from those nasty accidents, Protection from burnt fingers and protection from causing a fire by simply placing the solder iron on the stand when you need a break. 3. For prolonging service life, please switch to the 200°C model when not using it temporarily and don't let the soldering iron stay at high temperature all the time. 4. Just be careful of a few of the tools such as the scissors, knife and the tips- they are very sharp and easily get you hurt. You'd better keep it somewhere kids can't reach. Package Included: 1*Soldering iron(110V 60W)          1*Solder wire 1*Desoldering pump 1*Solder wick 1*Stand 1*Rosin(solder paste) 1*Copper wire 1*Scissors(Wire Cutter) 1*Screwdrivers(electric pen) 1*Insulation tape 1*Knife 1*Cleaning sponge 1*Plastic carry case 2*Anti-static tweezers  5*Mutiple soldering tips 

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Tabiger

SRA #312 Soldering Flux Pen Low-Solids, No-Clean 10ml - Refillable

SRA #312 Soldering Flux Pen Low-Solids, No-Clean 10ml

This is the first environmentally friendly Flux Pen that can be refilled for a cost effective flux solution. Superior fluxing ability with Instant wetting Made in the USA This flux is free of any halides, resin, or rosin. This flux was designed for soldering high quality electronic printed circuit boards (PCBs), such as, through-hole, mixed technology, and surface mount assemblies while eliminating the need for a post cleaning operation. Residues are Non-Corrosive and Non-Conductive. If removal of the residue is needed then it can be cleaned with warm water. Flux conforms to IPC-ANSI-J-STD-004, Type ORL0. This Product is RoHS Compliant

  • Brand: SRA Soldering Products
  • ASIN: B008OC0E5M

OMorc Desoldering Wick, Solder Sucker & 2 Solder Braid (2.5mm Width, 3m Length) - Desoldering Vacuum Pump Solder Removal Tool

OMorc Desoldering Wick, Solder Sucker & 2 Solder

Get the solder off and replace them with newer ones, which it is very common when soldering, so this solder sucker and solder wick will be your perfect companion to suck the solder away effectively. Suck the Solder Away Easily The solder sucker measures 7.48"X0.79", which will fit your hands perfectly no matter if you are left-handed or right-handed. With metal body and high pressure vacuum, this desoldering pump can help you suck the solder away effectively. Clean the Solder in Detail 2.5mm wide, 1.5m in length and 0.4oz in weight, the solder wick can clean the solder in some small or hard to reach areas. No clean flux, oxygen free copper wire. It will be a great accessory to remove the extra solder. How to Use the Desoldering Pump Step 1: Press the plunger down until it is been locked and you will hear a click; Step 2: Make the tip of the soldering iron to the solder joint and allow the solder to become fully liquid; Step 3: Move the tip of the pump next to the molten solder. Move the iron out of the way and immediately cover the liquid solder puddle with the pump's tip. Pull the trigger; Step 4: Repeat this process if necessary. How to Use the Solder Wick Step 1: Place the wick over the solder you need remove and then just push the heated soldering iron tip onto the wic...

  • Color: Sliver
  • Brand: OMORC
  • UPC: 797646222674
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