Lower Back Brace | Lumbar Support | Wrap for Posture Recovery, Workout, Herniated Disc Pain Relief | Waist Trimmer Weight Loss Ab Belt | Exercise Adjustable | Breathable | Women & Men | Black L

Lower Back Brace | Lumbar Support | Wrap

Are you suffering lower back pain? Engaged in a great deal of physical activities at work or at home? Lift and move heavy objects? Spend long hours sitting with limited movement? Muscles and arthritis getting more stiff and sore and longer recovery? Poor posture? Then NeoHealth Waist Support Brace Belt with Double Adjustable Back Belt is the best solution for you.- Perfect for people of all ages and sexes for all kinds of activesWhether you're an elite athlete, weekend warrior, or simply an active parent or grandparent, NeoHealth Lumbar support improve optimal articulation and muscle support for your natural movements and everyday activities such as gardening, cleaning, exercise, golf, fishing, heavy lifting. Excellent for office worker, bus drivers and chauffeurs, heavy manual laborers, sport, fitness, and daily wear.-Effectively and Naturally Features Work NeoHealth waist brace supports stiff and sore muscles and joints while still allowing you to retain your range of motion! It is easily adjustable and comfortable fit without deforming the contour of your body to give stability and support while still allowing your muscles to move, work, and strengthen - for long lasting benefits. - Waist trimmer for weight loss and Waist SlimmerHeats up your core abdominal area making you swe...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: NeoHealth
  • UPC: 688939467530

Nature's Approach Aromatherapy Belted Lumbar Wrap Herbal Pack, Celestial Indigo

Nature's Approach Aromatherapy Belted Lumbar Wrap Herbal Pack,

Nature's Approach Lumbar Belt Pack is the perfect remedy for anyone with back problems. There are many heat and cold packs that can provide relief for a problematic lower back or spine, but only the Belted Lumbar Herbal Pack was specifically designed to be worn while you are resting, sitting, walking or doing just about anything. What makes this possible is its adjustable strap. This strap provides a snug fit no matter what level of activity you choose while helping to evenly treat your whole lower back. This pack can be heated and used to relax tight muscles or it can be frozen for treatment of injury or swelling. Hot and cold therapy (microwave or freeze), Natural aromatherapy, Relief from aches and pains, Use anywhere on your body, Channels for even distribution of heat, Works on lower or upper back, Adjustable belt strap. Aromatherapy Herbal Pack Filling Includes 100% Of Nature's Finest Herbs: Lavende, Peppermint, Spearmint, Valerian Root, Cinnamon, Chamomile, Clove, White Willow, Yarrow, Yellow Dock Root, Lemongrass, Flax Seed (provides moist heat therapy).

  • Color: Celestial Indigo
  • Brand: Nature's Approach
  • ASIN: B0043DUA96
  • UPC: 885535379810

Southwest Technologies LW202 Elasto-Gel Lumbar Wrap, Waist 24"-36" Small/Medium

Southwest Technologies LW202 Elasto-Gel Lumbar Wrap, Waist 24"-36"

Shaped to fit the lower back, this product may be used for hot or cold therapy. The lumbar wrap helps relieve minor Muscular back aches and pains. The tough, flexible gel and 4-way stretch material assures long lasting product performance.

  • Brand: Southwest Technologies
  • ASIN: B000UMGMU0
  • UPC: 745713002025

ACE Contoured Back Support

ACE Contoured Back

The ACE Contoured Back Support wraps your lower back for a supportive fit, wherever your day takes you. Constructed with neoprene-blend materials, this back support provides compression and a contoured fit and terry lining combine to provide maximum support and comfort. Whether you’re using it to support your lower back or act as a waist trimmer, the ACE Contoured Back Support delivers multi-purpose, everyday function.

  • Brand: ACE
  • ASIN: B006BV08SQ
  • UPC: 796793528578

Elasto-Gel Lumbar Wrap L-3XL Waist 36"-52" Gel 27" Belt 4"x24" LW203

Elasto-Gel Lumbar Wrap L-3XL Waist 36"-52" Gel 27"

Elasto-Gel therapy products are made utilizing a tough, flexible high glycerine gel that is covered with a four way stretch material that allows maximum conformity, hot and cold transfer and comfort. Can be used hot or cold and provides moist heat and soothing cold Stays hot or cold for 20-40 minutes Covers are made of a 4-way stretch material for maximum conformity Remains flexible and soft at temperatures as low as 20 degrees Does not leak even if punctures

  • Brand: Elasto-Gel
  • ASIN: B001AKUDJ2

Copper Compression Recovery Back Brace - #1 GUARANTEED Highest Copper Content With Infused Fit. Back Braces For Lower Back Pain. Waist Support Belt and Lower Back Lumbar Wrap For Men & Women. Relief

Copper Compression Recovery Back Brace - #1 GUARANTEED

IMPORTANT - Do NOT Be Fooled By Imitations And Knockoffs! Many companies claim to have copper infused compression garments but when you get them and turn them inside out you may be disappointed to find that the copper content is very low. In fact, one of the biggest brands claiming to have copper infused compression garments actually only has 4% copper content!!! Copper Compression is the OFFICIAL copper compression sleeve provider and we GUARANTEE to have the HIGHEST COPPER CONTENT in our products. 100% GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK! So order yours now by simply clicking the "Add To Cart" button on this page

  • Color: Black, Copper
  • Brand: Copper Compression
  • UPC: 634324794712

Thx4 Copper Back, Waist Compression Brace - Support for Backache, Sciatica, Hernia, Spasms, Spinal Stenosis or Slipped Disc - Adjustable Lumbar Wrap for Pain Relief, Spine Straight and Safe

Thx4 Copper Back, Waist Compression Brace - Support

Are you suffering from back pain, lower back and lumbar pain, back muscle fatigue, herniated disc, sciatica and any other back problems? Do you work with your back a lot ? Thx4 Copper Compression back Braces deserve your needs: -100% high quality copper content, guaranteed by the authentic testing report. - Four elastic supporting springs professionally provide you maximum lumbar support and much safer protection. - High quality elastic Velcro on the sides allows perfect fitness. -Pain relief! Commonly used by people suffering from back pain, lower back and lumbar pain; back muscle fatigue, herniated disc, sciatica, Tendonitis, tendons & joints, and other back conditions!. -More practical and multifunctional. It is designed for daily activities like walking, biking, hiking, workouts, basketball, football and so on

  • Color: Black/L
  • Brand: Thx4COPPER
  • ASIN: B07MX577MN
  • UPC: 747130128449

Best Back Brace Guaranteed - Back Brace Solutions Neoprene Lower Back Lumbar Support Belt Adjustable Compression Fit Back Wrap Men Women Best Braces Lower Back Pain (L/XL Waist Size 34" - 48")

Best Back Brace Guaranteed - Back Brace Solutions

All Back Brace Solutions products come with a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We are so confident that you will feel the difference that we want you to try it out completely risk free to see for yourself! If you are anything less than completely satisfied, we will be happy to provide you a FULL REFUND! No questions asked! Back Brace Solutions sleeves use only the finest materials available on the market. Our neoprene is simply the best. Compression helps stabilize muscle tissue, keeping the swelling of muscle fibers at a micro level. Compression also increases oxygen blood flow to the muscles to aid recovery while reducing swelling. Back Brace Solutions Back Support is comfortable enough to be worn all day while still providing great support and a nice compression to speed up recovery, and reduce soreness of your muscles, joints, and tendons. Click the "Add To Cart" button on this page to try your Back Brace Solutions Back Support completely RISK FREE because you are completely covered by our 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

  • Brand: Copper Compression Gear
  • ASIN: B01M1DG9JB
  • UPC: 792713794894

Vive Lower Back Brace - Support for Chronic Pain, Sciatica, Spasms, Nerve and Herniated or Slipped Disc - Adjustable Lumbar Wrap for Pain Management and Relief

Vive Lower Back Brace - Support for Chronic

Universal Back Brace by ViveErgonomically designed to effectively target lower back pain, the Vive universal back brace supports the lumbar region with adjustable compression, reinforced vertical stays and a removable cushioned lumbar pad. The lightweight, breathable neoprene wrap is nonrestrictive, allowing you to easily move throughout your day. Adjusting to fit most waist sizes, the compression brace attaches with a strong dual fastener system that will securely hold the brace in place without rolling, slipping or bunching.Reinforced Support for Lower Back Pain Relief:Providing targeted support for the lower back, the Vive universal back brace relieves chronic pain and pain caused by sciatica, degenerative disk disease, slipped or herniated disks, scoliosis, spasms and injury. The adjustable compression wrap is reinforced with integrated vertical stays for optimal support without restricting movement. Reduces the risk of reinjury with gentle compression therapy that retains therapeutic heat to promote healing by increasing circulation.Removable Lumbar Pad:An ergonomically designed lumbar pad supplies additional pressure and support to the lower lumbar region, providing targeted relief from back pain. The cushioned lumbar pad is also removable for easy customization. Dual Adjus...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Vive
  • ASIN: B017AD72OQ
  • UPC: 028841241529

Adjustable Lumbar Heating Pad - Hot Pockets - Microwaveable Back & Stomach Wrap - Hot & Cold Therapy - Lower Back Relief (Blue Flowers)

Adjustable Lumbar Heating Pad - Hot Pockets -

Natural and Reusable Hot/Cold Therapy Pack smartly designed to provide Relaxation, Relief, and Refreshment for your body and mind. This pack has special features which give it added value over other heating pads: An elastic strap (fits all) allows you to comfortably apply the pack to your lumbar/lower back area as well as abdomen/stomach area. This is very beneficial because it allows you to remain active around the house, at work, while driving, exercising, or doing other activities and meanwhile the pack is providing you with heat/cold therapy. The heating inserts can be removed out of the pockets in order to wash the fabric of the product. In addition, the heating/cooling element is rice which retains moist heat and cold very well and provides you excellent Heat/Cold Therapy. Lastly, this pack is very simple to use- Heat in the microwave or chill in the freezer. Reuse it over and over again and on a daily basis to sooth your sore and tense muscles, relief pain as a result of muscle cramps, stress, injuries, arthritis, tendonitis, and more. Provide your body with the warmth and comfort it needs to maintain a healthy, natural, and active lifestyle!

  • Color: A. Blue Flowers
  • Brand: Hot Pockets
  • ASIN: B015LSTH5E
  • UPC: 731123627088

UTK Infrared Jade Back Heating Pad, Heating Wrap for Cramps Pain Relief - Far Infrared Therapy Waist Belt for Thigh, Lumbar, Stomach Pain, EMF Free, Auto Off, Smart Controller

UTK Infrared Jade Back Heating Pad, Heating Wrap

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: UTK

Perfotek Waist Trimmer Belt, Weight Loss Wrap, Stomach Fat Burner, Low Back and Lumbar Support with Sauna Suit Effect, Best Abdominal Trainer

Perfotek Waist Trimmer Belt, Weight Loss Wrap, Stomach

We tried all the others and discovered what is really important in an exercise belt: - Designed to work from the smallest waist and to stretch to a 46" waist - Wide enough to cover the stomach area and stay put during exercise- Rounded, double stitched edges for comfort and durability- Thick enough to produce the heat needed to get results and hold it's shape - Blend of quality Neoprene, Nylon & Polyester to form a firm bond with the velcro fastening - So comfortable that you hardly notice you are wearing it - Suitable for left or right handed for everyone to easily wrap, pat & go - Made to last and easy to wash and keep clean HOW TO WEAR PERFOTEK TRIMMER BELT Waist Trimmer should only be worn during exercise for no more than 2-3 hrs at a time. Before you begin exercising, adjust your Waist Trimmer to desired position and wrap it comfortably around your abdomen. The Waist Trimmer can be worn under or over your clothing. HOW TO WASH Before Initial use: Wipe down a Waist Trimmer with a damp cloth. Use a clean cloth to dry off Waist Trimmer or air-dry overnight. After Exercise: Lather a damp cloth with soap and run down inside of Waist Trimmer several times. Then, rinse the cloth and wipe down again until there are soapy streaks left. Use a clean cloth to dry or air-dry overnight. A...

  • Color: Trimmer Belt - Black
  • Brand: Perfotek
  • ASIN: B01HOR711C
  • UPC: 611188538362

Large Flexible Gel Ice Pack & Wrap - Hot & Cold Therapy for Hip, Shoulder, Elbow, Back, Knee - Instant Pain Relief for Injuries, Recovery, Swelling, Aches, Bruises & Sprains - XL 11x14 inches (Blue)

Large Flexible Gel Ice Pack & Wrap -

Are you fed up spending time and money on treatments or medications that don't provide you with effective pain relief?Are you avoiding everyday physical activities or movements that cause pain? PhysioNatural gel ice pack provides a proven treatment for your pain and is an effective way back to a pain free lifestyle.✔ Heal your body faster and naturally with no pain or pills✔ Minimize injuries, inflammation and relieve pain instantly✔ Extremely comfortable and fits all body parts✔ Increased amount of gel, which retains both hot and cold temperatures for much longer✔ Recommended by doctors, physical therapists, sports trainers and athletesThat's why PhysioNatural is the perfect choice for your hot and cold therapy.Don't let the pain control your life. Treating pain with PhysioNatural hot and cold compress is extremely effective for many different types of conditions and injuries.Multi-functional design is recommended for:• Sports injuries, inflammation, sprains, swelling and treatment of soft tissue injuries• Chronic injuries such as: joint stiffness, muscle spasms, and post-surgery recovery• Use on shoulders, upper and lower back, tailbone, belly, hips, stomach, chest, arms, elbows, legs, thighs, and kneesPackage includes: Medical-grade gel ice pack (11" x 14"), n...

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: PhysioNatural
  • UPC: 659682009346

SnowGe 2 Large Hot Cold Ice Gel Pack with 1 Waist/Lumbar Back Belt Wrap Support for Pain Relief (Knee,Neck,Shoulder,leg,hip etc.)

SnowGe 2 Large Hot Cold Ice Gel Pack

You are going to love our SnowGe Brand Hot Cold Ice Gel Pack,made of Comfortable DURABLE NYLON FABRIC and Flexible gel after freezing under 0℉(-18℃),keep long time cold ! Your purchase contains:2 large nylon fabric gel pack,size:5.5" x 12.5",weight approximately 1.00 lbs x2.1 polyester cloth wrap with velcro(to hold the gel pack),size:6.5"x48".1 Belt,can help to fix waist over 46",also can help to fix the wraps on other position such as shoulder,neck or knee etc, size:3"x19.5",can extends up to 30".Easy and quick use for cold or hot applications.Relieves pain and tensed muscles.USAGE: Cold Therapy: put the gel pack into freezer for at least 2 hours or always store in freezer for ready. Apply on the area to be treated with the cloth wrap. Hot Therapy:Boiling water:Boil water and take the pan from the heating plate.Put the pack into the hot water during 8 to 10 minutes.DO NOT WARM THE PACK DIRECTLY IN BOILING WATER WITH PAN ON THE FIRE.Take pack out of hot water and check temperature before use. if pack is too hot let cool down for some minutes before placing into clean cloth wrap and onto the skin.Microwave: Place the pack into microwave directly ,first time for 45 seconds for middle power ,check if pack is hot enough.If necessary heat up each time for 10 seconds at a time. U...

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: SnowGe
  • ASIN: B01N8W8DBL
  • UPC: 612677099678

OPTP Thoracic Lumbar Back Support - Soft Seating Cushion for Car Seats, Desk Chairs, Airplanes, Stadiums & Theaters Providing Complete Sitting Support

OPTP Thoracic Lumbar Back Support - Soft Seating

With much of the population spending extended hours sitting, there's a distinct need for an easy-to-use back support for your entire back. The OPTP Thoracic Lumbar Back Support features an "upside-down T" shape that supports the entire back; not just the low/lumbar region. Recommended for offices, cars, semi-trucks, classrooms, couches, airplanes, buses, tractors, construction equipment, theaters, sports arenas/stadiums and anywhere else you sit for extended periods. Made of soft high-quality foam with a removable, washable Polartec cover and two adjustable elastic straps. Straps contain latex. Measures 18" H x 14" W x 2" D; vertical thoracic pad is 5.5" W.UPC: 793573900159

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: OPTP
  • ASIN: B00I8R81KS
  • UPC: 793573900159
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