4M Earth and Moon Model Kit

4M Earth and Moon Model

Understand the Moon's lunar orbit with the 4M Earth and Moon Model Kit. Study like a real astronomer and build and paint your very own 3D earth and moon model for display in your science room, or living room, or bedroom. Turn out the lights to watch this cool science craft glow in the dark. Find out all the scientific fun this kit can offer. Learn about the Moon's phases, lunar eclipses and more. This kit includes an Earth model with geographical relief, Moon model, a stand with rotating arm, paints, and a brush. 4M products are made to stimulate, entertain, and educate young minds. Recommended the ages 3 and up.

  • Brand: 4M
  • ASIN: B000296MXI
  • UPC: 885760094779

Sun Earth Moon Orbital Model with Light, Kids Solar System Model Astronomical Science Educational Kits

Sun Earth Moon Orbital Model with Light, Kids

  • Brand: SHM-F
  • ASIN: B07R17X2YV
  • UPC: 723668836766

MagiDeal Sun Earth Moon Solar System Orbital Model Educational Planetarium Project

MagiDeal Sun Earth Moon Solar System Orbital Model

Description: - 100% brand new and high quality - DIY your own sun earth moon orbital planetarium model with this creative kit - Multiple moving axis on this gear driven model to demonstrate daylight, night, seasons, solar eclipse, lunar eclipse and phases of moon - Base has the months of the year along with the season and 24 solar terms - A great kit to encourage children to explore solar system, while being creative and using their imaginations to have fun - Material: Plastic - Size(LxWxH): Approx. 43 x 20 x 28 cm / 16.93 x 7.87 x 11.02 inchSpecification: - Note: Before you start the demonstration, please remove the wire on the the sun model, push the button, the sun will be lightPackage Includes:1 Set Sun Earth Moon Orbital Model Kit

  • Brand: Unknown
  • UPC: 759108433394

aikeec English Solar System Sun Earth Moon Orbital Planetarium Model with Light Kids Educational Geography Map Popular Science Astronomy Demo

aikeec English Solar System Sun Earth Moon Orbital

How to Use: 1.Insert thicker rod of the Sun into the center of the pedestal. 2.Insert narrower rod of the Sun into the handle near the edge of the season disk. 3.Turn the switch on to light up the Sun. 4.Rotate the handle counterclockwise. NOTICE: Do not rotate the handle backward or you may damage the unit. Caution: 1.Do not drop or give strong impact or vibration to the product as it may cause damage. 2.Remove batteries when not in use for an extended period of time. Make sure to store batteries separately. 3.Please dispose of used batteries according to the local regulations in your area. 4.Be careful so you do not injure your fingers. They may get pinched between parts. Package Includes: 1 Set Sun Earth Moon Orbital Model Kit

  • Brand: aikeec
  • UPC: 723668834496

Educational Insights Geosafari Motorized Solar System Science Kit

Educational Insights Geosafari Motorized Solar System Science

It’s 2-in-1 fun with the GeoSafari Motorized Solar System, complete with 8 planets, the sun, star dome, and Earth's moon! Set up the solar system to see Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars rotating slightly faster than Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, just like they do in space. Turn off the lights and project a planetarium-style star show on the ceiling for the ultimate in-room space experience! Includes a night-light with an auto shut-off feature and guidebook packed with facts for curious explorers!

  • Color: Multi-colored
  • Brand: Educational Insights
  • ASIN: B01MT47ZWF
  • UPC: 086002052872

Mighty Wanderer Space-ial Solar System Model Scaled for Both Size and Distance Including Sun/Planets and Earth/Moon Models

Mighty Wanderer Space-ial Solar System Model Scaled for

It's hard to comprehend the distances and size differences between objects in our solar system. Most models contain detailed planet representations at the expense of true sizes. The Space-ial Solar System kit contains two models that are truly scaled versions of our celestial neighbors. The first consists of our Sun (roughly the same size as a baskeball, soccer ball, or kickball - easily replaceable if need be) and nine planets within clear plastic bags. The chosen scale is such that Mercury and Pluto are represented with tiny balls you can barely see while keeping Jupiter to a walkable distance (140 yards/128m) from the Sun. The second model includes a 6-inch Earth and an accompanying Moon. With this kit, you and a group of students or friends can walk a good portion of the solar system with little more than a football field and gain an understanding of the vast spaces between planets, the challenges of space travel, and an appreciation of how much we have already achieved. You'll also have fun watching people's eyes widen with their newfound perspective when you show them the TRUE sizes and distances within our solar system.

  • Brand: Mighty Wanderer
  • ASIN: B07L16FDM5
  • UPC: 860000834308

NWFashion Modle Show Earth/Moon/Sun Function Model Student Education

NWFashion Modle Show Earth/Moon/Sun Function Model Student

  • Brand: NWFashion
  • ASIN: B07C219KYH
  • UPC: 606829267268

LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309 Outer Space Model Rocket for Kids and Adults, Science Building Kit (1900 pieces)

LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309 Outer

The meter-high LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V is the perfect model rocket to both display and role play with. Packed with authentic details, it features 3 removable rocket stages (first, s-ii second, and s-ivb third) a launch escape system, a command and service module along with the Lunar Lander and Lunar Orbiter to recreate a rocket launch and splashdown landing. There are also 2 new-for-june-2017 Astronaut minifigures and 1 microfigure for role-play recreations of the Moon landings. This building toy includes an informational booklet about the manned Apollo missions and the fan designers who created this educational LEGO Ideas set. Builders have the option to horizontally display the Saturn V model with the 3 stands.

  • Brand: LEGO
  • ASIN: B071G3QMS2
  • UPC: 673419292177

2001 Moon Bus

2001 Moon

MOE2001-1 Moon Bus Space Odyssey Plastic Model Kit MoebiusThis is a Moon Bus from Space Odyssey.For ages: 15 and upFeatures:One plastic modelDetailed cabin and five figuresIllustrated instructions with paint guide.Skill Level: 3Scale: 1/55Requirements:AssemblyPainting

  • Brand: Moebius Model
  • ASIN: B002PH1B1S
  • UPC: 895137001361

2001 space odyssey Moon Bus Model Kit Photoetch Set

2001 space odyssey Moon Bus Model Kit Photoetch

Moon Bus Model Kit Photoetch Set. Moebius Models has answered the call and re-released the classic Moon Bus model by Aurora! Photoetched from 0.010" bright brass, this PE set includes: -116 precision parts! -Replacement pieces for many of the "soft" kit details. -Upper constrol consoles for inside the cockpit. -Replacement side rails measured directly from the same kit piece used in the original filming miniature. -The little know window area grab handles. -Replacement handles for the cockpit area - makes filling the nearby seam easier. -Drilling guides to make mounting the grab handles easier and more precise. -Interior window frames that make masking and painting easier. -Piping for the rocket nozzles. -Scale-appropriate high gain radio antenna.

  • Brand: VCSHobbies
  • ASIN: B007WTRRH6
  • UPC: 610098933205

Revell Germany Apollo Saturn V Rocket Model Kit

Revell Germany Apollo Saturn V Rocket Model

For thousands of years humans looked up and wondered, but it wasn't until 1969 when the Saturn V that humans finally discovered what was on the moon. The Saturn V itself was a massive rocket over three-hundred feet tall. It was designed by the same minds that had developed the V-2 to rain death on London, now bent to peaceful purposes. No space vehicle before or since has been capable of transporting humans beyond low Earth orbit. Kit features a model Saturn V with launch pad, structured surface, detailed Lunar module, three figures and full decals.

  • Brand: Revell of Germany
  • ASIN: B00G7G4EPI
  • UPC: 736126890903

Fascinations Metal Earth Apollo CSM with LM 3D Metal Model Kit

Fascinations Metal Earth Apollo CSM with LM 3D

The Apollo 11 moon landing required two spacecraft- The lunar module (LM) and command service module (CSM). Once in lunar orbit, the two would separate so the LM could land while the CSM waited in orbit. After launching from the lunar surface, the LM's ascent stage would rendezvous and dock with the waiting CSM, then the astronauts would transfer back into the main spacecraft and head home. It sounds nearly impossible but that's the way it was July 20, 1969.

  • Brand: Fascinations
  • ASIN: B07G3KXGT4
  • UPC: 032309011685

Bandai Hobby HGUC 1/144 #215 Moon Gundam "Moon Gundam"

Bandai Hobby HGUC 1/144 #215 Moon Gundam "Moon

The “forbidden side of the universal century” that leads to “mobile suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack” is coming to the HG Series line-up!  based on a story concept that led to the creation of the hit series "Gundam unicorn", "mobile suit moon Gundam" Is being written by writer harutoshi Fukui, with mechanical design by ippei gyobu who did a number of "Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans" And "reconguista in G" Mobile suits. The Moon Gundam, a suit that was part of the development lineage to the infamous Sazabi is fully represented with its moon shaped psycho plate. The Psycho plate can be unfurled by unfolding the backpack arm and can be separated as well as combined with the mobile suit.  articulation gimmicks in the knee showcase immense mechanical detail.   Set includes a beam Tomahawk, beam rifle, psycho plate, butterfly edge x2, and display base. Runner x18. Instruction manual x1.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Bandai Hobby

Famemaster 4D-Vision Saturn V Rocket Model 1:100 Scale 26117

Famemaster 4D-Vision Saturn V Rocket Model 1:100 Scale

The mighty Saturn V rocket boosted the Apollo 11 spacecraft on its historic mission to the moon, and it's carefully reproduced in this highly detailed 1/100 scale model. Standing 43.5" tall, the 4D Saturn V Rocket Model gives you a "fourth dimension" with transparent panels that let you peek inside each of the three stages plus the Apollo spacecraft at the top. The Saturn V Rocket Model has 180 parts that snap together, with no glue or painting required. Includes display base and easy-to-follow instructions with fascinating facts about the Apollo missions. Detailed 1/100 scale Stands 43.5" tall Transparent panels along one side let you see inside 180 parts snap together Large, easy-to-follow instructions No glue or painting required Includes three stages pf the rocket and the Apollo 11 spacecraft (with command module, lunar module and three astronauts) Includes black display base.

  • Brand: Fame Master
  • UPC: 079545855352

Fascinations Metal Earth Apollo Lunar Module 3D Metal Model Kit

Fascinations Metal Earth Apollo Lunar Module 3D Metal

Was a two-part spacecraft used to carry a crew of two from lunar orbit to the surface of the moon and back. The descent stage served as the launch pad for the ascent stage plus it housed the landing gear, engines and fuel needed for landing. Six such craft successfully landed on the Moon between 1969 and 1972.

  • Brand: Fascinations
  • ASIN: B00JMQR448
  • UPC: 032309010787
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