Morris The Donkey - Desktop Note Pad, Note Dispenser and Pen Holder, for Memo, Notes, Bock of 140 Blanks, Black/Red / White.

Morris The Donkey - Desktop Note Pad, Note

Your loyal desktop companion.Morris the Mule - or Horse, you decide! - stands ready to help when you need to dash off a quick reminder note for yourself, or tell your officemates where you're at. It stores 140 compact 3.5" sheets, just right for a line or two. Or you can stack some 3x5" note cards, along with a couple of pens or pencils.Never miss or misplace a reminderThe head is a handy clip, like a clothespin. Squeeze the ears, slip your note into the mouth, and Morris will keep your notes where you can't miss them.Add a pop of fun to your workplace and dayYou're in your office, and you're working. That doesn't mean you can't add some amusement to your environment. Keep the "fun" in functional, and pop Morris into your cart right now!

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Monkey Business
  • ASIN: B002QXPG94

The Ashtray: (Or the Man Who Denied Reality)

The Ashtray: (Or the Man Who Denied

In 1972, philosopher of science Thomas Kuhn threw an ashtray at Errol Morris. This book is the result.   At the time, Morris was a graduate student. Now we know him as one of the most celebrated and restlessly probing filmmakers of our time, the creator of such classics of documentary investigation as The Thin Blue Line and The Fog of War. Kuhn, meanwhile, was—and, posthumously, remains—a star in his field, the author of The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, a landmark book that has sold well over a million copies and introduced the concept of “paradigm shifts” to the larger culture. And Morris thought the idea was bunk.  The Ashtray tells why—and in doing so, it makes a powerful case for Morris’s way of viewing the world, and the centrality to that view of a fundamental conception of the necessity of truth. “For me,” Morris writes, “truth is about the relationship between language and the world: a correspondence idea of truth.” He has no patience for philosophical systems that aim for internal coherence and disdain the world itself. Morris is after bigger game: he wants to establish as clearly as possible what we know and can say about the world, reality, history, our actions and interactions. It’s the fundamental desire that animates his filmmaking, w...

  • ASIN: 0226922685

Bone Dry DII Burlap Body Jungle Friends Squeaking Pet Toy, 1 Piece Morris Monkey Plush Toy for Small, Medium and Large Dogs

Bone Dry DII Burlap Body Jungle Friends Squeaking

Bone Dry loves pets! Because we love pets, just as you do. DII create Bone Dry Burlap Jungle Friends Pet Toy just for your four-legs friends. Our jungle friends collection of squeaking dog toys is a great way to bond with your furry pal. Buy one or a pair today to make tails wag and dog owners smile. These squeaky dog toys provide comfort and satisfies your dog's natural urge to chew. Encourage your dog to chew on our DII Bone Dry jungle friends pet toys instead of your furniture and belongings. Strengthen the bond between you and your pet Perfect for your pooch to entertain themselves or a bonding experience with you and your pet. Soft and squeaky, these plush dog toys are sure to please your pup. For small dogs and big dogs alike, these cute and funny plush dog toy Guaranteed to bring you and your dog hours of fun. Makes a great gift for your four legged family member! These toys are perfect for a game of fetch or great as a comfort toy for your furry friend. With 6 jungle characters mix and match of 1 piece set or 2 pieces set to choose from in different toy styles our DII Bone Dry toys provide fun and excitement to any playtime, and we know your fury pals will love to get a birthday or Christmas gift for one of these squeaky toy! So Many Great Options To view more Pet T...

  • Color: Morris Monkey
  • Brand: Bone Dry
  • UPC: 738215381941

Tadpoles Animal Pals Rolled Sherpa Blanket, Morris Monkey, Dark Brown

Tadpoles Animal Pals Rolled Sherpa Blanket, Morris Monkey,

A new animal pal for your child to cuddle. This ultra-soft sherpa microfleece blanket rolls to create a cuddly pal for both on-the-go and at home. Conveniently sized at 24" x 36", the blanket rolls and fastens with a button closure to easily convert from blanket to friend and back again. 100% microfleece polyester. Machine washable.

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: Tadpoles
  • UPC: 082072590863

Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll - Nintendo DS

Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll - Nintendo

The popular and acclaimed Super Monkey Ball series of comes to the Nintendo DS with the latest installment Super Monkey Ball: Touch and Go! Use the DS touch screen to play Super Monkey Ball in a whole new way by controlling the ball directly with your stylus. All of the most popular features of the highly addictive Super Monkey Ball series return for Touch and Roll with 100 puzzling new stages and two new party games for up to four players! The new party games support the DS Download function letting up to three friends play along with you even if they don't have their own copies of Touch and Roll.FeaturesThree main single player game modes feature 120 Challenge Mode stages in ten worlds with two bonus worlds to be unlocked. In addition Super Monkey Ball: Touch and Roll includes a Practice Mode to let you freely replay stages you've finished in Challenge Mode and a Replay Mode that lets you save your favorite moments to show to your friends.Six party games including classic Super Monkey Ball favorites Monkey Race Monkey Fight Monkey Bowling and Monkey Golf. Two new games are exclusive to Touch and Roll: Monkey Wars and Monkey Air Hockey.All party games support up to four players and allow you to play as either a boss or a normal player.Monkey Wars and Monkey Air Hockey support DS...

  • Brand: Sega
  • ASIN: B000C4088S
  • UPC: 010086670059

Elliot and Buttons Mum I Love You Captioned Morris Monkey Cuddly Gift

Elliot and Buttons Mum I Love You Captioned

ELLIOT & BUTTONS PLUSH STUFFED TOY GIFT Gorgeous Elliot and Buttons Monkey : 'Mum I love you' The perfect gift for any special Mum. Part of the lovely 'Elliott and Buttons' range. A great gift idea. Measures 9" Great quality, good value, see more great gifts and cards in the shop!

  • Brand: Elliot & Buttons

Elliot and Buttons Love You Morris Monkey Cuddly Toy in Scarf

Elliot and Buttons Love You Morris Monkey Cuddly

Elliot Friends for Christmas - 6inch sitting Morris the Monkey Cuddly Toy wearing a winter scarf and mittens with the message 'Love' embroidery on tummy

  • Brand: Elliot & Buttons
  • ASIN: B004B7N4P6

Morris Costumes Tom Arma Monkey 4T-5T Toddler

Morris Costumes Tom Arma Monkey 4T-5T

great halloween costume

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: Unknown
  • UPC: 013019130835

Duchess of Windsor: A Woman Who Stole a King's Heart

Duchess of Windsor: A Woman Who Stole a

  • ASIN: B078FZM14R

2016 Hot Wheels THE BEATLES Yellow Submarine Morris Mini 4/6

2016 Hot Wheels THE BEATLES Yellow Submarine Morris

new in package- 2016 Hot Wheels THE BEATLES Yellow Submarine Morris Mini 4/6

  • Brand: Hot Wheels

Morris Refill - blank non sticky notes set of 3 - each with 140 blank non sticky refill note (total 420 papers).

Morris Refill - blank non sticky notes set

  • Color: white
  • Brand: Monkey Business
  • ASIN: B004O8E60Y



The mouth moves when you talk, making for a believable disguise

  • Color: Black/Brown
  • Brand: Zagone Studios
  • ASIN: B0011IRU76
  • UPC: 878876000475

The Human Zoo

The Human

A must-read for anyone who has ever wondered why people do what they do, from the popular author of The Naked Ape.This study concerns the city dweller. Morris finds remarkable similarities with captive zoo animals and looks closely at the aggressive, sexual and parental behaviour of the human species under the stresses and pressures of urban living.‘Compelling and absorbing...Morris is concerned with the tension between our biology and our culture, as it is expressed in power, sex, status and war games’ New York Times

  • ASIN: B0031Y9DQE

Morris Costumes Ketchup Squirt Red

Morris Costumes Ketchup Squirt

When you squeeze the bottle, strings are ejected and gives a real fright. Easy reloading for reuse.

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Morris
  • ASIN: B001BXXOV2
  • UPC: 741545014175

Morris Costumes Nose Sponge Clown Red

Morris Costumes Nose Sponge Clown

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Morris
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