Fun Rat Pack Refill/Attachments- Fits Wildcat, Da Bird, Cat Catcher and Da Bee Poles and Wands

Fun Rat Pack Refill/Attachments- Fits Wildcat, Da Bird,

The next step in the evolution of "mouse" style attachments is here! We removed the metal pin, the plastic tube, the glued on parts and ink! They now have a leather core and leather ears that go though the core and do not come out or fall off from normal play! This fun Rat Pack bundle comes with a Mouse attachment, Rattie attachment and Fisher attachment! THREE great attachments that fit the Go Cat Cat Catcher and Da Bee wands, Go Cat Da Bird poles and Flying Frenzy poles. Three fantastic attachments to interact with your kitties for play and exercise. Regular play sessions using these 3 attachments is a good outlet for instinctual hunting behaviors and encourages exercise to keep your cats healthy and alert. ***Colors and size/shape may vary from images as they are natural material and hand made. *** As with any product please supervise your pet's use of these toys. Inspect products often for rips or tears and remove toys if damaged. *** Wand/Rod/Pole is NOT included and REQUIRED to use this attachment. We recommend the Go Cat Cat Catcher or Da Bee wand, Flying Frenzy pole or Da Bird pole. *** These attachments are meant for use on interactive wands and poles ONLY and are NOT intended to be used off the pole or wand. Do NOT allow your cats to eat any interactive pole/wand...

  • Color: Assorted
  • Brand: CoolCyberCats
  • ASIN: B00E4WNS9K
  • UPC: 858834002482

Bird and Bee Pack Refill/Attachment (Finch, Gila and Bee) - Fits Wildcat, Da Bird, Cat Catcher and Da Bee Poles and Wands

Bird and Bee Pack Refill/Attachment (Finch, Gila and

We took 3 of our most popular bird/bee attachments and bundled them into a single pack. You one each of a House Finch bird, Gila Woodpecker bird and Buffalo Bumble Bee attachments and all work with the Wildcat, Da Bird, Cat Catcher and and Da Bee cat toy poles/wands (not included). Each is made with Deer hair, Buffalo hair and or Sheep wool, soft Deer leather and feathers (birds only). We do not use dyes or markers. Each will activate your cat's hunting instinct. Cats go crazy with these birds and bee refills.The Buffalo Bumble Bee comes with soft Deer leathe winds in either white or black (random) and unline the small feathers other manufacturers use for the wings, these won't come off as easily and cats love the soft feel!All are made with the materials securely fixed to a soft leather strip running through the middle (no metal or plastic core). The birds are about 3 inches in body length plus tail feathers and the bee is about 2-1/4" long plus soft leather wings. The connection to the wand/pole toy on the birds is via a strong braided cord loop on the front under the leather beak and another on the top behind the head so you can attach it either way and on the front of the bee!Every cat has an inbuilt natural hunt instinct and need to hunt to lead a happy fulfilled life. Regul...

  • Brand: Big Sky Cats
  • ASIN: B075CC29KR

Petlinks Refillable Catnip Cat Toys

Petlinks Refillable Catnip Cat

The natural oils in catnip trigger a burst of playful energy in most cats, usually followed by a mellow period. Catnip will attract your cat to Lil' Creepers providing hours of stimulation.

  • Brand: Petlinks
  • ASIN: B009LHXBA4
  • UPC: 786306496272

ZippyPaws 3-Pack Squeaky Replacement Burrow Toys for Dogs, Medium, Mice

ZippyPaws 3-Pack Squeaky Replacement Burrow Toys for Dogs,

These 3-pack toys can be used to replace worn-out critters from any Zippy Burrow Interactive dog toys. Each toy includes 1 squeaker. For supervised play only. Not for large dogs.

  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: ZippyPaws
  • ASIN: B009PEZ5RK
  • UPC: 818786011222

Go Cat Catcher with Mouse Refill

Go Cat Catcher with Mouse

The Go Cat Catcher with Mouse Refill includes everything you need to keep your cat happy and active with a teaser toy they'll love This package includes both the original cat teaser toy of a mouse dangling on a wire attached to a flexible wand that makes it easy to exercise your cat. The mouse at the end of the teaser toy provide a realistic hunting experience to coax your cat's natural instincts. The Go Cat Catcher with Mouse Refill also includes a second mouse toy to attach to the toy in the event of an excessively exuberant cat. Each toy is handcrafted in the USA to ensure its quality. Your cat will love to chase this Cat Catcher Mouse, so order a pack for your feline friend today Key Features: Includes both Cat Catcher teaser toy and Refill Mouse Fun way to provide exercise for your kitty Handcrafted in the USA

  • Brand: Go Cat

ALL FOR PAWS Flutter Bug Refill Pack (6packs)

ALL FOR PAWS Flutter Bug Refill Pack

AFP Flutter bug: The AFP Flutter bug is a whole world of fun for your curious kittens. Your cat will havehours of fun playing with this little shiny butterfly that keep flying awayunder his paws. This ultimate exercise stimulator will push your cat to moveand exercise therefore reducing his stress. Your cat will be healthier and happier.  With a little motor inside, the Flutter bug has a sturdy stand and a little butterfly teaser toy that is attached to a wire and rotates in a circular motion to entice cats to play. Simply press the small green button on the base of the unit to make the little purple butterfly move around. As the butterfly starts to move, itwill shine and glisten in the light, acting like a teaser for gaining your cat's attention.   Made from durable and scratch-resistant plastic, this toy is bound to keep your cat up on all fours engaging in active playtime.    ProductSpecifications:  Non-slip base: 9.8*9.8*3.1 inches, 25*25*8 cmButterfly plastic interface: 1.2*1.2*0.6inches Steelwire:9.5inchesButterfly: 5.3*2.8inchesPower: 3*AA battery needed(not included)

  • Brand: ALL FOR PAWS
  • ASIN: B075JN394Z
  • UPC: 713189740093

Cat Toys Assorted Pack 20 Pieces Contains Interactive Wand Teaser Wand Refill Ferret Toys Crinkle Balls Furry Mice Ball with Bell Catnip Toys Rattle Mouse,These Colorful Toys will Drive Your Cat Crazy

Cat Toys Assorted Pack 20 Pieces Contains Interactive

Yangbaga Cat Toys Variety Pack This is a good collection of popular cat toys at a low price. When you get a new kitten or cat or add one to your family, it gets expensive buying different toys to figure out which ones the new cat will like. Or if youown more than one cat, you may trouble with their different toy preferences and don't know which type of toy to buy. This variety pack is mean for solve your problem. The pack includes a selection of furry mice, rattling, bells, squeaky, feather, crinkle balls, sisal balls, catnip toys, teaser wand and colorful foam ball. Your cats will be active for a long time and I am sure you will be entertained by watching them. Package Contains: 4×colorful Crinkle balls 3×rattle furry mouse 1×colorful sisal mouse 1×funny squeaky mouse 3×cage balls with bell 2×sisal balls 1×catnip feather ball 1×Cat Teaser Wand with feather attachment 2×different wand attachments 1×rainbow ball 1×catnip pillow Note: Only the pillow and furry ball are filled with catnip

  • Color: multi - color
  • Brand: Yangbaga
  • ASIN: B076HJ5T4P
  • UPC: 758762755163

KONG Purple Mouse & Frosty Grey Mouse Catnip Toy, Cat Toy, 2/pack

KONG Purple Mouse & Frosty Grey Mouse Catnip

KONG created these safe, high-quality toys without elastic, strings, mylar or exposed bells. As a bonus, you can open the patented "hidden" closure and refill the toy with our potent catnip.

  • Color: Assorted
  • Brand: KONG
  • ASIN: B0006L2M0Y
  • UPC: 763034721128

MorePets 14 Premium Natural Interactive Cat Toys Variety Pack Teaser Wand Toy Set Mouse Fish Feather

MorePets 14 Premium Natural Interactive Cat Toys Variety

10 different styles premium quality cat toys at your choice including teaser wand, softball with feather, balls, fish with ribbon tail, strawberry, rats, buckets, ball teaser with ring hanger, crab teaser with ring hanger, flower teaser with ring hanger (teaser with ring hanger also can serve as teaser wand refill if the ring removed).

  • Brand: MorePets
  • ASIN: B077Y2S19R
  • UPC: 747880237101

Mrwan 21 Cat Toys Kitten Toys, Tunnels, Balls, Mice Toys, Feather Toys, Refillable Catnip Toys with Extra Catnip for Refill for Cat Kitty Kitten

Mrwan 21 Cat Toys Kitten Toys, Tunnels, Balls,

Product description What's in the package? 2 Way Cat Tunnel * 1 Catnip Cats Fish* 1 Silvervine Chew Stick * 5 Catmint * 1 Crinkle Balls * 4 Rainbow Ball * 2 Plush mouse * 4 Cage Mice * 1 Golf ball * 2 The Benefit Of Cat Toys That You Might Not Know About: Cat toys can Burning off extra energy from your kitties - Cats born active, especially kittens, they all like playing games. With bright color and jingling sound, GDPet cat toys are designed to distract and keep your cats occupied. These toys are small enough for cats to chase and carry around and fun enough to keep your cats busy for hours; save your furniture from your cats paws by giving them some real toys to have fun. Bonding with your cats by playing together - A superb choice to ease the nervousness of a new cats. By playing with your cats with different toys, you get to know them better and you cats will thank you for bringing them so much fun If you like our product, please share your experience with other customers. We welcome the feedback! If you are not 100% satisfied in our service or product quality, please contact us for rectification. We would love the chance to make things right for you!

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Mrwan
  • ASIN: B07BDGZJ71
  • UPC: 646040917740
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